Freeway Ricky Ross

EXCLUSIVE: Freeway Ricky Ross Addresses Recent Drug Dealing Rappers Comments & Jay Z’s Barneys Statement

(AllHipHop News) Freeway Ricky Ross’ recent comments about Jay Z’s drug dealing past made headlines as a diss to the legendary emcee’s street credibility, but Ross reached out to AllHipHop to address what he felt many had missed in the message he was trying to convey.

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During a recent interview with The Murder Master Music Show Ross said, “I was just reading on the airplane the other day in Vanity Fair with Jay-Z in it talking about that he sold crack. I was just reading it and it was so corny. These dudes just don’t keep it 100.”

To clarify his point the former head of a $600 million drug empire wrote in a statement:

I feel like my Esquire story starts laying things out more honestly, than the Vanity Fair piece on Jay Z. The game is real, and you’ll lose more than you win. If you sell drugs there is no rap career waiting as an exit strategy, you will either go to jail for a long time or end up dead. The kids deserve to know that, so they realize there’s better options.

Ross also goes on to share his thoughts on Jay’s public statement concerning the Barneys New York racial profiling incidents:

I read the Jay Z comments on Barney’s asking why he’s being judged, you’re being judged because that’s what comes with basing your career off the D Boy game. The game is give and take with those around you. It’s not enough to comment about Barney’s profiling when you sell products to the people possibly targeted. People that look like people you grew up with, and that are in your family. We know the reality of this country in regard to race. You stand up for them immediately when it comes to something as sensitive as racial profiling. You have to have context of American history that this profiling is happening and be honest, and demand the people you partner with to be of the type that treat your people fairly.  This is the big problem of the high-end luxury these rappers talk about and have our children hooked on for status. They are not in our interest as a community, and often as seen in the profiling case they look down upon us as customers. As I said in my Hip Hop Can Heal piece on Huffington Post:

“At my height I did not make hundreds of millions to belittle those around me, this is what elitism has driven rap into becoming. A tool to marginalize the have-nots as rappers say what they invented, how they will protect it and how your less than for not being in the same class. The goal cannot be to have large sums of money to marginalize your fans with diamonds they don’t have, clothes they can’t afford or cars they have not seen.”

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  • Shit Just Got Real

    I couldn’t say it anymore better

  • Casor_G

    So then what did he make millions for?

    • Broadway

      just because your objective to acquire as much wealth as possible means you’re using it show off or making someone else feel bad… A lot of dude with a million in the bank and are driving toyotas and living in modest houses…

  • Homegrown Chicks

    It’s haterism!

    Many of these people are falling for the white man’s media
    tricknowledgy. The methodology being used here by the media is
    misdirection, the same as a good magician would. Barney’s is going to
    make their money with or without Jay-Z, and I would bet that the amount
    of revenue brought into their store by our people is infinitesimal. All
    major corporations are “racist”. All major corporations of note that
    have existed for a long period of time were started by former
    slave owners. Jay-Z just nullified his partnership with one of these
    alcohol companies recently due to “racism”. This is not to say that
    people should suffer indignities or disrespect, but racism is a policy
    of all major corporations.

    This entire story is a media manipulation to take the attention off of
    Barney’s and place it on Jay-Z. It works because black people are
    usually easily confused due to their inherent jealousy.

    • 1SOFLO1

      It is like playing chess, what better moves do black people have for Barney’s to pay attention? We all know that will only happen, if their bottom number take a hit. That would be a big statement if he walks away.

    • ThatBostonMan

      You make some good points but not all of them are racist. A lot of old corporations are but some of them are not run by old people and are changing their tune.

    • Montezuma1

      The end.

    • Broadway

      Too be honest why do you think Barneys is concerned about the retribution of the Black community? Why even bother to misdirect? 99% of their sales aint coming from the community….

      And trust, they have no reason to care when Jay aint saying shit. The only way you’ll see change is when the people at the top start demanding it… Hence why people upset at J

      • Obi Won

        I don’t think its just blacks, I think its just greed in general. A pig will eat until it vomits, then go back and eat its vomit. A lot of these rappers get respect when they start rapping. Most nobodies that got some attention and will do w/e it takes to keep the attention going, even if it glamorizes buffoonery or a temper tantrum. It’s still early but Jay is about business. He could easily break business ties and say “this is for blacks all over the world whose been profiled” but that’s not business. People do business with the KKK as long as its good business. Doesn’t make it right but that’s the f’d up M.O.E. mentality going on today.

      • SBRon

        To borrow from the subject at hand: “We don’t believe you, you need more people!” There are exponentially more people on the “bottom” than there are on “top”. If/when enough heads unite, even the Jays of the world will have to ride the wave of change or drown!!!

      • Broadway

        I agree there exponentially more people on the bottom however we still seem to get the shaft because we aren’t together… We need unity and when I say that we’re not just talking about this particular situation. Unfortunately I’m not opportunistic as it seem most people’s concern is about themselves and only themselves.

        I think this is where multiculturalism works against america. There is no empathy for our fellow citizen. We don’t even believe healthcare is a universal right in this country and its a damn shame.

      • SBRon

        Yep! Not to mention the level of self-hatred…Gotta stop killin’ people who look just like us!!! “That’s psychologically, historically & spiritually sick!”

      • In such a BLATANT case of racism, Barney’s ALSO runs the risk of losing favor with rich, white liberals, e.g. Celebs who support causes, entertainment industry execs, fashion industry, rich democrat donors, etc.

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  • Obi Won

    I see where Freeway Rick is coming from, but this is most peoples mentality after they rose to fame, then the empire gets shut down. Maybe prison helps the error in ways and now he wants to speak of the ills of the “glamorization of selling drugs”. But this is after the fact that families have been destroyed, the money has been made. Freeway has to understand Jay-Z doesn’t care about no little black folks in marcy or any hood, he’s on top, that’s the hustlers mentality. As long s the people with money keep buying upscale ish in that store, money keeps those private jets full of gas. I do sense a bit of hate, but at some point Freeway Rick has to understand he was that same dude at one point.

    • ThatBostonMan

      It’s not the hustlers mentality to not care about the community. All success, fame and wealth comes from a community and if you don’t respect that you’ll usually lose everything you earned.

      What goes up most come down, and while it’s possible Jay Z can stay on top for his lifetime it’s not just about his lifetime. His children and their children will inherit his wealth and it’s very hard to maintain multigenerational wealth without community support.

      • Obi Won

        That’s probably why the story always goes down the drain. Between people dead or locked for Life, the focus on the community is lost.

    • True…He is talking all this now beacuse he is a failed drug dealer…If he was still doing what he was doing back then, he would have been on the other side of Hip-Hop providing the drugs, guns, and Whores to all the rappers.

      • Science-Is Fiction

        you should read more about his story. thats actually the opposite of what happened to him and what he was doing with his money. he always lived in the hood, and always put the drug money back into the community it came from. that doesnt excuse his behavior or put him on some moral high ground, but i dont think he was ever in it solely to make millions and buy cars and shit. that wasnt really his personality.

  • JG

    you sold drugs for years (most of which is sold to other blacks and poor Latinos). now you want to throw people under the bus cuz you need money. #Pussymove

    • 1SOFLO1

      He was a very giving person, from what I’ve heard/read. So he earns the right to speak on it. He has a point, With fame come responsibility, these rappers need to start making a stand.

      • JG

        so you feed people crack for 10 year and giving out 100 turkeys on Thanksgiving will even things out I guess. You right 1SOFL01, I aint from NY but im sure Jay Z aint never gave back to his community.

      • True…All they see is money, someone can ruin their whole family and cut you a check, then that makes it okay…These dudes on this site are on 1.

    • Dee Moe

      The reason he was loved in hood is because he kept the parks, community centers and gyms open. He paid the bills there also he donated to the schools heavily. I’m not condoning what went on but I know as a young boy growing up Freeway really made sure we was straight. It wasn’t until after he was in jail the hood spun out of control he gave bangers jobs and made them agree to not commit violent crimes. So yes the people on drugs cost families but no different from all the prescription drugs Amerikkka has us on now. Dude realized he was a gov’t pawn then now he wants to change.

      • Not all money is good money….Killing half the neighborhood then trying to donate and fixing it up means nothing…Not everyone choose to live off drug money..Believe it or not there are tons of black people who make good money the right way and they are donating and helping the community the right way.

  • Montezuma1

    I’m done. Ricky stop lying about how much money you made to boost your relevance. That’s what these artists do. Where are the forfeitures and what is the total amount seized? Prosecutors blatantly exaggerate transactions to enhance their own profile for taking guys down. If you want to make change start by telling the truth not by perpetuating the myth of a black drug lord. You made a couple dollars but you were a PAWN not even a Knight much less a King. Everyone knows on wholesale transactions you may see as little as $500 per kilo depending on the market at the time. The money is in volume. There’s a difference between gross and net. Stop the nonsense. Expose the drug game for what it is. A trap. Your focus on hip hop is almost obsessive. You’re +50yrs old. You’re from another era. One where men had some honor and integrity. Conduct yourself accordingly and cease with this rap nonsense because that’s what it is. You got a bigger and better story to tell than the one you’re pushing.

    • @Real_SirJamie

      He’s not lying.

      • Dat Dude

        ya dig! People think they know but they don’t. He hurt the game, BADLY. If u had anything to do with the streets, you’d know.

      • Montezuma1

        Show me the money.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        His money went into businesses he owned and real estate and things like that. Show you the money? YOU go try to google top secret C.I.A. documents and how they flipped this mans bread and turned all of his businesses into something else. The people he was dealing with aren’t the type to leave loose ends or have information that can be looked up on “bing” or any other search engine.

      • Broadway

        Im not saying he wasn’t getting caked up… but 600 million and you still slinging…. Please thats the dumbest shit i heard…How you expect someone to make that type of dough and you just a reseller for all intent and purpose…

        Anyway I still don’t think it takes away from what FRR was saying…The truth of the matter is there is money to be made with drugs but the odd is stacked so high against you it aint worth it…FRR just dont want everybody trying to rap or sell drugs. Get a real 9-5.

      • OSBKE3000

        direct quote .. your words

        “but 600 million and you still slinging…. Please thats the dumbest shit i heard…How you expect someone to make that type of dough and you just a reseller for all intent and purpose…”

        u have no idea how dumb that shit sounds

        u another “don’t know” tryin to speak on it as if u knew .. plus I don’t kno if u really understood Freeways words .. but whatever ..

      • Broadway

        And you was homies accountant right? Nah you get you info off hood dvds… negroooo plz…

        If he made anything close to what he was saying, why would he stay in the game? FRR wasn’t cultivating the shit… FRR wasn’t importing the shit… He wasn’t touching 600 milli let alone 100 milli.

        And just so you understand the context of my comment… It had to do withe “look at me king” who believes he actually saw 600 milli

      • OSBKE3000

        I don’t normally call people idiots .. except for Dior .. but ur a fukkin idiot .. I always tell people “learn about it, read about it, educate yourself” but I don’t think u can do that

        GO CHECK THE FACTS .. not bullsh!t people say .. I go to the source not fuk heads like u

        here’s FACTS .. not from me but from those who KNEW

        FEDERAL PROSECUTORS said …….

        Between 1982 and 1989, federal prosecutors estimated, Ross bought and resold several metric tons of cocaine. In 1980 dollars, his gross earnings were said to be in excess of $900 million – with a profit of nearly $300 million. Converted roughly to present-day dollars: 2.5 billion gross, and $850 million in profit, respectively.”

        OAKLAND TRIBUNE later reports

        According to the Oakland Tribune, “In the course of his rise, prosecutors estimate that Ross exported several tons of cocaine to New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, and made more than $600 million in the process between 1983 and 1984.”

        maybe u never heard of IRAN CONTRA SCANDAL

        there’s a reason Ricky couldn’t just walk away .. and u were sayin .. cuz I’m sayin STFU

      • Mitchell Patterson

        I don’t know if you ever dealt with them people but if you have you should know that they are the LAST mfs you should believe when it comes to figures. They will catch you with a bird and tell the press with a straight face they just seized a million dollars worth of cocaine.
        Only reason I even commented is RR said out of his own face it was $400 million when he got caught. Maybe he’s adjusting for inflation. It doesn’t take away from the message, though.

      • OSBKE3000

        I can’t reply to your other post so I’ll do it here an leave it be

        so ya did some math you must be feelin pretty smart an didn’t think I could have a response to all that math ……

        but what you’re tellin me is everyone’s slingin kilos an there are no nickle, dime or dubs or eighths or quarters or half bags … everyone is buying kilos an slingin em as straight kilos …. that is what u implied ya know …

        so lets take a kilo and add some cut .. ever hear of doubling up cuz nobody could be smart enough to try an double their profit .. well if you have time read below cuz it squashes your theory .. one other thing you failed to calculate … the inflation on prices if you gota go from Cali to Ohio or Florida (it’s gona cost u more if I gota get em to Florida – JayZ)

        1: Cultivates, harvests and sells dried coca leaves to clandestine labs at a price of from $1 to $3 per kilo.

        2: Extract cocaine from the dried coca leaves and sell pure cocaine to the wholesaler at a price of $3,000 per kilo realizing a profit of approximately $2,500 per kilo.

        3: Directly sells or smuggles the kilo of pure cocaine to the distributer for a price of $18,000 per kilo realizing a profit of $15,000 per kilo.

        4: “Cuts” the cocaine and sells pound quantities to dealers for $10,000 per pound (50% pure cocaine) realizing a profit of $22,000 from the original kilo he purchased.

        5: “Cuts” the cocaine and sells ounce quantities (30-40% pure cocaine) to the pushers for $800-$1,200 per ounce, realizing a profit of $10,000 from the pound he originally purchased

        6: May “cut” the cocaine and sell gram (spoon) quantities to users for $50-$75 per gram realizing a profit of $1,000 from the original ounce he purchased.

        The original 100 kilos of dried coca leaf that it takes to produce 1 kilo of pure cocaine costs approximately $200. The kilo of pure cocaine will eventually be worth over $200,000 when sold to users in 25% pure gram quantities.

        1 oz. of Lactose added to 1 oz. of 100% Cocaine = 2 oz. of 50% Cocaine

        2 oz. of Lactose added to 2 oz. of 50% Cocaine = 4 oz. of 25% Cocaine

        2 oz. of Lactose added to 1 oz. of 100% Cocaine = 3 oz. of 33.3% Cocaine

        3 oz. of Lactose added to 1 oz. of 100% Cocaine = 4 oz. of 25% Cocaine

        4 oz. of Lactose added to 1 oz. of 100% Cocaine = 5 oz. 20% Cocaine

        you failed to properly calculate

      • Broadway

        I appreciate and respect your thorough response. I was actually really upset after i saw my response was removed and I thought you would not see it…

        Now with that said, I’m not going to debate any topic regarding inflation because in my mind it has no relevance when we can’t agree on what FRR really made.

        Also at his height I seriously doubt he was bothering to nickle and dime it. He was a distributor and it would’ve taken forever to move 100s of killos a week that way. In addition, he certainly had employees and had to pay bribes which will surely eat into your profits.

        In addition from what I’ve read, and by no means am I an expect Cocaine was much more pure in those days and wasn’t until recently with all the cutting that we seen the price of coke drop. Thus I’m led to believe he probably wasn’t cutting it.

        Anyway at the end of the day, unless you have access to super sensitive files from the CIA and DEA we are both just speculating. All I know, as someone who got caught up, I know how them FEDs will do you dirty. I personally witnessed them weigh my plants, including root and soil when determining how much I stood to make. They also said I was seeing $5500/lb which is crazy. Maybe online in fantasy world but when you are moving weight you never see anything close to that.

      • OSBKE3000

        FYI allhiphop doesn’t allow u to post links … that’s why it got deleted but I would be mad as sh!t to put in that work on a comment and not see it post

        in all honesty FRR said some of the numbers were exaggerated but when u run a 42 city drug empire (of which they sold “ready rock” and guns as well) $600 mil isn’t far fetched at all in my book …. the problem is because not everyone can be a drug kingpin like FRR people think it’s all far fetched … but again we’re not talkin ur local neighborhood pusher we are talking 42 cities that FRR was selling drugs and guns in …. 400 kilos a week? Originally charging $60k a kilo then went as low as $10k per kilo ……

        but you’re right we can only speculate …. but you can’t call it based on your personal experience cuz my personal experience says I was a CAREER criminal for years and never was arrested …. not once …. so my experience says you can get away with anything but that’s not reality for everyone

      • Montezuma1

        Flipped HIS bread? Thought it was Blandon and the Contras bread. lol. 600mil in businesses and real estate? Sure. LMAO!

      • No he ain’t

    • OSBKE3000

      that’s just a bunch of hate from someone who could never be that .. u know nothing of street life Montezuma1 and your idiotic rambling only confirms this

      • Sorry I think you are the fool in the situation…You and you’re “street life” need to get off welfare and stop smoking blunts…Becuase it really have you on here thinking that defending some ex-con is something that everyone should be doing.

      • Broadway

        Its hard when thats all you know… all you see… We at a disadvantage from the start…

        Thats why you need to respect what Ross is saying…

        Why you think people get into selling drugs? Because they think it will provide them material wealth and there is many opportunities out here for kids growing up in the hood. Ross is tellin’ em to get that legit 9/5 career.

      • OSBKE3000

        see .. a lil too emotional

        boy I work an buy my “medicine” in bulk .. probably spend more on herb a month than u do on ur monthly bills LOL ..

        defending an ex con? PLEASE SHOW ME WHERE I WAS DEFENDING HIM .. fukkin bish

        go back read what Montezuma1 wrote an then read my response ..

        I was simply sayin Montezuma was as emotional in his response as you are

        here’s a line that reflects what I’m sayin

        “if business is a mind then that ninja pimpin got it” – Lupe “Hurt Me Soul”

        I bet that went over your head .. is Lupe condoning pimping?? just answer that one question .. is he?

    • DollasTX

      not for nothing – but i watched a documentary on forbezdvd not too long ago where he admitted that what he pocketed was NO WHERE NEAR his reported NET WORTH – and he explained how he was by no means the RICHEST or WEALTHIEST at his time –

      true the numbers are more than likely exaggerated – and im sure that goes for most of the cartels/empires – everything falls under the umbrella – the whole war on drugs is a complete HOAX

    • Yup and thats all he is doing which is “boosting his revelance”…He is a failed drug dealer who is leeching of Hip-Hop, because Hip-Hop is the only place where people really think that he is some kind of hero.

    • ZUBU

      Bro I was listening to you until you said he only made $500 per kilo?? Bro you don’t know nothing about the game, true any biz the money is in volume, but no way in hell he didn’t make several thousand off each kilo he sold, don’t speak on things you have never been involved in, you on the outside looking in!

      • Montezuma1

        I never said what he made. I said when you wholesale you you can make as little as $500 on a kilo. That adds up when you move thousands of kios at a time but you wouldn’t know that if all you deal with is 125 or a big 8. You don’t have an idea who you’re talking to. My convo was WAAAAAAAYYY over your head. Now get back to crack peddling cause that’s all you know.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    i realize as i get older how mentally dead black people (by design) have become. it easy to kill the messenger
    but this quote……..”At my height I did not make hundreds of millions to belittle those around me, this is what elitism has driven rap into becoming.” is the same thing that questlove said in his new book and the reason behind the video the roots had when they spoofed the whole “hip hop” imagry. i think the song is what we do…………..but if ur a hip hop head then you know the video

  • ThatBostonMan

    He makes some good points.

  • This dude is a failed drug dealer, all of a sudden he wants to speak and give advice to successful people.

    • @Real_SirJamie

      There is no such thing as a successful drug dealer. All of them fail. That’s the point. Jay isn’t successful off drugs.

      • Yes most rappers started off as drug dealers. Jay is one of the most successful….Irv Gotti and Ja Rule (Murder Inc) just got busted for doing the same thing that we are speaking about. Am I the only one on this site who live in the real world?

    • Dat Dude

      ???Failed drug dealer! What/Who is a successful drug dealer?…a dead one? There isn’t a man/woman today that has made a longterm life of selling drugs and didn’t get caught or isn’t dead. I’m assuming your idea of success is the latter. I’m not a negative guy but shut the hell up. That sounded stupid as hell. It takes more than u can imagine to be ruthless drug lord then find it in yourself to change and give a positive opinion on the game and life in general…even after you’ve been caught. He’s just pointing out these fake wannabe ex drug dealers gone rappers are frontin and he’s keepin’ it 100 bout how shit really is. Somebody gotta speak out bout YOUR favorite rappers fakin’ the funk…why not the king pin of the game. Obviously he’s the right man for the position. If anything he was asked a question and answered. They took his context outta originality so it can draw heat. That’s exactly what it did…got everyone spittin’ fire.

      What would you possibly know bout the street game or rap game? By your comment, very little. Think before you speak…ya dig!

      • A failed drug dealer is a drug dealer who generated 600 million, got locked up, then released at or about age 50 with nothing to show for it. All he can do is try to sue a successful rapper by claiming that he stole your name….Believe it or not Jay-Z is a successful drug dealer who used his illegal ways of making money into a SUCCESSFUL business, who is now the king of New York, has one of the most highest paid R&B chick in the game and been on the top of the Forbes top 10 for the last 5 years…Do I really need to expain more…Maybe you all should stop thinking about how much money these people are/where making and think about who and what they are in society TODAY.

      • DAMN you stay on Jay’s pole like no other, give it a rest. Braggin on what he’s done like it benefits you in some way. Ol “Gimme a J! Gimme a A! Gimme a Y! What’s that spell??”-ass dude…

      • You first need to catch up on the conversation…You are about 6 hours late…This is old now…Work on you’re language skills before you jump into intellectual conversations.

      • Your* Oh the irony. And pardon me for not checkin AHH til before I went to bed cuz I had much more constructive things to do with my day. So not only are you the one in charge of what people’s comments can and can’t be about, but you get to set time limits on when people can reply to some shit too? Girl stop.

      • And since you wanna talk about some “think about who and what they are in society today”, Freeway Rick today is a man realizin the error of his ways and how he was used as a pawn in somethin MUCH larger than himself, and is tryin to do what he can to make that right. He ain’t a drug dealer no more, “failed” or “successful”, and he did his time for his wrongdoings. But soft niggas like you like to sit on your lil pedestals and act like the man ain’t allowed to grow and do better, just cuz YOU say so. You don’t know his situation that set him down that path in life so who are you to judge? Everything about your vibe suggests you came up as some Carlton Banks-ass nigga who knows absolutely nothin about what you’re tryin to condemn. Am I condonin the actions of the 1980’s Freeway Rick? By no means. But do I understand he’s a lot older and wiser in 2013 than he was then, and wants to keep others from fallin into the same trap he did? Absolutely. Can’t tell you frail niggas shit though…

      • Stop talking to me and respond to the topic…Why is that so hard for you?Pay attention

      • Don’t even mind him fam, dude STAYS with some ol moist shit to say. You can tell by his comments on this article and others that he has a complete disconnect with what’s really goin on out here.

      • I know you’re type, you are going to piggy bank off every comment that I post, untill people start to notice you…Get a life looser.

      • LOL You got me twisted homeboy, ain’t nobody got time to be e-stalkin your feminine ass. I been seein the bitchassness in your posts for a hot minute now just like everyone else on here has, I just happened to be bored enough last night to speak on it. Matter of fact, ain’t you Mixmaster Dior or some bullshit from the old boards, same nigga everyone used to go in on for postin the same lame duck shit you post on here now?? And didn’t I read somethin on here about it bein confirmed that you don’t like coochie? That in itself explains VOLUMES about why you move the way you do on here. And for the record, I’ve given my stance on Freeway Rick on here enough that I don’t feel the need to keep sayin the same thing over and over again. I’ll “get a life” the second you stop pollutin the boards with your moist energy, deal?

      • All that typing, and you don’t have time? lol….You are funny.

      • I said I don’t got time to be followin you around on here, READ fool…LMAO and smdh. Lemme get this straight though…so before postin on AHH, one should 1) Run the content of their comment by Dior first to make sure it meets his standards; 2) Make sure any replies are posted within an acceptable time frame for Dior; and 3) Make sure their comments are no more than a set length, a length which is to be determined by Dior of course. LOL Man get you pompous ass outta here and get over yourself homegirl.

      • ZUBU

        Brotha X, LMAO you lit that nigga up, word is bond!

      • You don’t have nothing to say but agree and piggy back off everyone else….Do you have a brain? Can you at least try to respond to the article and not directly to anyone else who have something logical to say?

      • My bad, I wasn’t aware my comments had to follow Dior’s guidelines, I’ll do my best to change that JUST for you. *facepalm*

    • OSBKE3000

      lol “failed drug dealer” .. I don’t know how someone can say a $600 MILLION drug dealer has “failed” .. Dior what’s ur background? what did u fail at if it wasn’t selling drugs … do tell .. u missed the message of what Freeway Ricky was saying

      • I don’t have to read or support ANYTHING that a big time DRUG DEALER has to say….You all really think that someone who assisted in destroying our communities (past or present) should be honored in ANY kind of way….Thats that black mentality. You can continue to speak good about someone who probably gave you’re mother crack and had a crack baby, that is sitting here talking smack on AHH.COM today.

      • OSBKE3000

        gawd damn .. pull ya skirt down B

        “our communities”

        chances are u ain’t doin nothin to HELP ur community but maybe posting on Internet sites makes u “feel” like u doing something

        when did I speak good of freeway??? u all emotional u not even reading comments in context u gettin me mixed up wit these other comments and then giving me an emotional response

        u a lil too feminine for me to argue wit

      • I don’t care how you feel about me….At the end of EVERY article there is a comment section, this is what this site is for…Don’t be mad because you can’t engage into an intellectual conversation.
        I work for the board of elections I am the reason why my peers vote……I personally signed up 350,000 first time voters during the Presidential election..And that’s just one thing from a list of others things that I do for my community…Your turn what are you doing for your community?

      • OSBKE3000

        I’m gona answer both your comments to me here and leave it be …… I won’t care what you comment back but trust an believe it will be emotional and totally off subject never answering a question below but claiming I can’t have or engage in an intellectual conversation … Dior you’re a self absorbed

        1st – DEEP INTEREST??? homie u respond to EVERYONE who has a diffence in opinion to you on this site, EVERYONE and some was just sh!t talking with no point just an emotional response check ur resume ….. so don’t act like you’re that important … but I’m the one who can’t have an “intellectual conversation” ….. who can when people say your a crack baby or welfare? where’s the intellect there???? I laugh

        2nd – my ONLY question was ……. SHOW ME where I spoke good of Freeway Ricky because you said

        “You can continue to speak good about someone who probably gave you’re mother crack and had a crack baby”

        all I asked was you show me my comment THAT WAS ALL I ASKED an u gave me the above response, but I’m the one who can’t have an “intellectual conversation” … I laugh

        3rd – when did I tell you that YOU CANT COMMENT on these sites? please highlight my comment ……. again emotional response but Im the one who can’t have an “intellectual conversation”???

        4th – u sign people up to vote …. that’s helping the community??? .. no doubt u should be proud of that (u should) but here’s something to think about …. I don’t vote

        what I do happen to do for my community is organize youth sporting events and help feed my community during summer BBQs at the community pool … all for free on my weekends, when I say ORGANIZE I coordinate the fundraiser and get the volunteers to sign up

        not to mention I help the youth get jobs, not help them find work, but literally get them the interview and make sure they land a job ….. so while you’re out collecting votes and then forgetting about those people … I’ve got people who when I’m walking thru the grocery store come up to me an thank me for what I did for them 3 years ago … and though I don’t even remember all the people they sure as hell remember me

        I know u won’t read everything cuz your job makes you so important but that’s the difference between me and you … while you think you’re doing something I’m actually doin the work first hand …. you and I are nothing alike .. it’s funny how you answer one question out of all the ones I asked but it shows me how SELECTIVE you’re intellectual grasp is … I’m in my community they know me .. little kids look up to me an wana hang out with me .. old folks know me an respect my work .. plus I got a regular job as a head of a department for a corporation ……. but I’m on welfare an my mama was a crack head according to the gospel of Dior

        you’re pathetic

      • I read the first sentence and stopped…I really don’t care dude…Whatever….I didn’t come to this site for you..This internet thing has room for everyone, you make it seem like there can be only one person who can comment and interact. You turned this article into one big ghetto a$$ sideway street fight. I promise it won’t happen again with you and me…You can go pick an internet fight with someone else.

      • OSBKE3000

        LOL …….

      • ZUBU

        Doir you sound white or a nigga that don’t like being black. Get off homeboys nuts with that bullshit He spit real ssshittt at you argue with intelligence

      • ZUBU

        Word bro!

      • Mitchell Patterson

        Quick Math: 350,000 in 2 years is roughly 500 people a day. Even if everyday all 500 people were lined up at your office and you worked non-stop without talking or checking ID, you couldn’t get them registered in under 2 minutes apiece – so that’s 16+ hours a day.

        If you’re talking about phone calls, or in person canvassing, that would decrease the amount of people per day considerably.

        If you’re talking about you spammed a bunch of people on facebook and you’re taking credit for every reg in your district that’s hardly “personally signing up 350,000”. Congratulations on your effort, whatever the real number was, but you ain’t gotta lie Craig!

      • DollasTX

        are you part of the PROBLEM or the SOLUTION …

        them 2g’s for $30 YOU copping every other day is keeping the local DRUG DEALER on –

        im just sayin doe

      • You don’t have to respond to my comments….But I see you take time out of you’re busy day to read and address EVERYTHING that I say on this site…So you have a deep interest in my comments….You can’t stop me from responding to anything on this site, HOW SILLY DO YOU LOOK TELLING SOMEONE TO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT IN A COMMENT SECTION OF A WEBSITE? #THESEFOOLS

      • He don’t look any sillier than you do tryin to tell people what their comments should pertain to. Pot, meet kettle.

      • I am sorry but I will continue to read EVERY ARTICLE AND COMMENT on this site….You can continue to be a distraction…If that’s what you come here for then, do you.

      • What the HELL did that have to do with my comment?? LOL You’re tellin fam he has no right tellin you not to comment, then turn right around and act like you got the right to tell niggas what they can and can’t post about. You’re a real piece of work, lemme tell ya. You prob. smack your lips when you talk huh?

      • OSBKE3000

        funny thing is he made that up

        I asked him to show me where I said he couldn’t post on here … he can’t cuz I never said that … he made it up out of thin air an the funny thing is you can read thru posts it don’t take but 10 minutes to read thru the comments but he will claim I can’t have an intellectual conversation but he obviously can’t read

        but like u know he’s a lil feminine and gets his panties in a bunch instead of replying to what was posted his mind fabricates a story and runs with it

      • A LIL feminine?? Fam, if that cat gets any more feminine he’s gonna have to start carryin tampons around with him 7 days outta every month. I feel sorry for his father, shit’s gotta be tough. I peeped that you never actually said that too…that’s when you know a nigga’s argument’s losin cabin pressure, when the Go-Go Gadget Arms come out and start reachin for any and everything they can.

      • OSBKE3000

        word ^^^^

    • DollasTX

      NICK MINAJ is that you?

      • It’s funny how you sit there and make fun of Nicki Minaj a chick that never killed or harmed anyone, but instead you glorify a man that pumped drugs, guns and violence in our communities back in the day….You are truely a product of you’re environment.

      • DollasTX

        WRONG! Show me where i glorified any of the ill’s of the hood or life in general!

        i just like getting on your case because you seem overly effiminate and prolly have “MANtasies” about letting NICKI MINAJ shove hot curling irons down your esophagus >>> but that’s just my OPINION – i’m sure NOBODY else feels the exact way – SMH

      • Come on dude, let’s talk about the topic at hand…You and I don’t know each other personally…You really need to stop shunning people away from this site….It’s silly a lot of people come in here to engage with others about artists and to get updates about their favorite artists and new music, not to be fighting back and forth like we are in high school……I am sorry that you dislike me because I read and comment about everything….I just never thought that there would be people in this world upset about another individual who reads, and can comprehend with anything that is going on in society.

      • DollasTX

        shunning people away from the site or just YOU … and believe you ME the SITE does its own BEST WORK when it comes to shunning people/visitors/guests/members away from the site … DONT PUT THAT KARMA ON ME! i dont even know you to dislike you – i only know your comments which makes it easier to discredit whatever the phuck it is you choose to comment about

        outside of that, TOUGHEN UP NIGGAH – and GOD BLESS!


      • OSBKE3000

        Dior don’t make sensible arguements … he got his nose in the air cuz he on the board of elections and thinks he’s doing something by signing up voters …… this dude ain’t real ….. he got an air about him that real mafukkas don’t like

      • Nah it’s her hairdresser.

  • speedy37

    I agree with this nigga,im from bk fck Jay-z.

    • johnblacksad

      says a lot about you…

      • DollasTX

        i know you are a JAY fan BUT

        can you argue with the above statement ???

      • johnblacksad

        “it’s Roc La Familia, says a lot about you if you’re not feelin us”
        -Hov (Pound Cake)

        lol… no argument here, I was just quoting

  • CD Smith

    i agree with everything he saying

    • onehunglo

      first of all you can’t be trusted, round faced niccas are always schemin

  • Mongo Slade


  • PhilTheGreat

    I don’t enjoy artists rapping about drug dealing like it’s candy land either, but I knew myself not to just do what someone was rapping at me. Lol this guy is trying to give advice to make amends for all the lives that were changed and lost directly or indirectly by the things he did??? Meh.

  • kixxxers

    All be singing along to that Sh!t ..

    Jaguar Ferrari Switchin 4 Lanes – Top Down Hollerin out money aint a thing – Ya’all wanna floss with Us!

    Preach it FRR!

    • Broadway

      and they Jaguar Ferrari be rented while they say it…

  • johnblacksad

    “But your use-to’s, has-beens
    Ragging bad about all the new dudes
    Talking tough on the Youtube
    About what you use to do
    But that’s old school to the new crew
    They doing numbers like Sudoku
    They’re the new you
    And it’s damn near inevitable
    They’ll experience deja vu too
    Fight and you’ll never survive
    Run and you’ll never escape
    So just fall from grace
    -Young Hova Da God Mc (Fallin)

  • digitallife

    It’s amazing how what he said went over folks head where they turn around and call him a failed drug dealer..the gem in what he said isn’t about himself its about how we the audience are cattle for lying azz people who scream on record about being black until it’s time to support something for the improvement of the black experience in america and how they don’t care unless they can profit from it. I bet ya’ll if Jay-Z had been arrested at Barney’s a lottttt of people would be signing another tune.

  • David Gonz


    • SBRon

      “David”, please tell us you’re a female passing time on your dude’s computer…?!

      • David Gonz


      • SBRon

        You’re a funny “dude”, I think?!? In my uncle’s basement we don’t judge other dudes on how they look!!! (Especially when it was COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to the thread)…

  • $18916246

    I think The REAL RICK ROSS, heart’s is in the right place. Jay-Z was never the drug dealer Rick Ross was. Mr. Ross does need to just address his imposter in person and however that has to go down. He’s coming after the rapper’s one time boss and associate attempting to defame Jay as if his references mean anything. Jay unlike Mr. Ross re-invented his street persona and became one of the biggest black business men in the music industry. He’s a boss within his chosen craft, that’s it. Not a leader of the black community. We need to address these issues in our local communities. I would not drop my business dealings with Barney’s just to please the same n*gga minded black people who often think nothing of the much needed black family structure,self respect, and do little to support one another once success is associated with a black person’s name. We still suffer as crabs in a barrel, and many ignorant black people dislike Jay for being successful, maturing and producing a child with his wife. Black people understand what Jay is doing, n*ggas want nothing more than to undermine progress.

    • Yup, I AGREE…I personally don’t like all of Jay’s music, but he offers us soooo much more than music…And at the end of the day I just think that it’s typical for common black folks to hold successful blacks folks accountable for the racism that they experience in their lives…If every successful black person stepped down from their position for every racist slur that was sued in the form of hate in this world, we won’t have ANY successful role models…Black folks need to understand what it means to be personally accountable for the decisions they make and the situations that they get into…Not meaning “every black man for himself” but being a LEADER in handling your own situations will always allow others to FOLLOW and support for the good of the cause.

      • DollasTX

        oh yeah what is he offering SOOOO MUCH MORE of than?

        for real doe – no need to catch feelings – im curious to know what the so much more is

  • onehunglo

    rick ross shouldn’t talk he always sounds like a girl cryin, just be quiet and let the myth rock

    • Jayson C Williams

      Thats that nigga shit he talking about. Truth is truth no matter how it’s delivered! We shit on our own because they’re rappers and they’ve made it? Come on what happen to real shit real street dreaming? Wanting to make it and bring the whole neighborhood with you! Yea it’s far fetched but it’s better than saying to someone, that they aren’t shit because their belt doesn’t have damier patters on it.. Ijs

      • golder1

        That niga aint talking truth. He is talknig HIS truth. Jayz doesnt say selling drugs will lead you to a rapper career. He simply said music saved his life, it gave him another route other that selling drugs and thiers nothing corny about that. Jay-z never claimed to selling drugs like Freeway. Their situations are totally different. Freeway needs publicity so he comments on everyones situations that dont concern him. And racial profiling goes on everyday and its not alwasy the fault of the company. You have assholes everywhere and instead of jumping to comclusions, it is smart to get all the facts. Saying when ever someone blacks jumps up and yells racism then you should automatically drop what you are doing and protest with them is bullshit. 3rd Jay-z isnt making any more of the deal with Barney’s Department store, its all going to charity

      • onehunglo

        that’s that round faced nucca talk……………….so be quiet basketball face

      • Probably reasonable doubt was Jay’s best delivery. But it was 1997
        so it was another age. He was not bragging about being a drug dealer at all. The whole album was inspirational for young Hip-Hop entrepreneurs.

      • Nick G

        I cram to understand your assessment? just for the sake of scholarly debate enlighten me?

      • onehunglo

        as long as you have jews and other ethnicities owning all the commercial and residential properties in your neigborhoods blacks will always live impoverished and in slums. Blacks allow money to be sucked out of their neighborhood economies instead of capital circulating,think about it,do you know ONE other race that allows outsiders to suck the wealth out of their communities?unlike others, blacks rarely work in the communities the live in because they are not part of the commerce chain,they don’t own any of the commercial properties,retail stores,food and beverage chains ect. the buildings always fall into disrepair and with vandalism rampant because the landlords are jewish owners who work as a collective and have no care whether the buildings they own turn into crime ridden,graffiti scared,hellholes,THEY DON’T LIVE THERE or have kids who look like the tenants kids,they are simply interested in sucking the rents out, do you think a multi unit apt building is ever without heat in winter in a jewish or white neighborhood? never,It would be unthinkable,frankly after trying to contact the landlord for a period of time they would then call the police,I assure you they don’t give a thought to using the oven. A jew will sweep up leaves if they are in his home driveway,But he let’s graffiti stay on his storefronts and doesn’t replace store signs that are grimy and dingy from being 40 years old because he doesn’t care, he collects rents from the indian or Spanish storeowners and that’s it. you’ll kmow when the first real black leader comes along because he will be speaking of ECONOMICS , he won’t be some ego driven protester doin crazy shit who the establishment then takes in to quiet his shit and give him a television/radio format from time to time when some race issue comes up,of course by this time he is hired as a “race expert”by the networks and print media outlets quote him or publish his thoughts on the issues but at this time he has been neutered and is careful what he says and NEVER addresses black collective economic and social issues that would have to be layed at the feat of the same establishment class that took him in to shut him up

      • arob

        I think there are very few people reading this thread who have the reading comprehension skills to understand your comment. While the main point of your comment is (let’s be honest) based conjecture (as mine will be also :)), it does describe a very real possibility. There is a lot of evidence that the CIA was involved with FRR’s drug empire. Sadly, any potential hard evidence was lost when Gary Webb “ended his life”. How did FRR get out so early? Why hasn’t FRR been gunned down by a gangster trying to get street “cred” since he’s been out? One possibility is that he perhaps made some sort of “agreement” with his former partners to keep some topics (the kind you bring up) off the discussion table and use other issues to distract the public from the questions that really need to be answered.
        …And then again, maybe Freeway Ricky Ross doesn’t know the answers to those questions either.

    • Nick G

      If people with his experience dont talk, then the world will keep producing people like you.

  • steveakers

    Powerful Statements he came with that trill…

  • Emilione

    All those years in jail, freeway ricky ross had time to think and analyse. I dont respect what he did to get in jail, but i respect his experience more than any rapper talking about the drug game ever. Also, to me, he is very true on the we-got-it-you-dont mentality in rap today.

    • Say it again for these Simple-Simon niggas on here who act like a man has no right to grow as a person…unless it’s their favorite rapper of course.

  • Real talk.

  • Interesting article.

  • great post

  • ZUBU

    Freeway Rick The Real OG!

    • onehunglo

      seem pretty soft to me, iwono

      • ZUBU

        SOFT?? You must not know nothing about Freeway, I’ve been aware of him since the early 90’s. I use to go to Los Angeles back in the day frequently, I knew homeboys who knew Freeway personally, good or bad the brotha was a legend in LA.

      • onehunglo

        I meant you.

      • ZUBU

        LOOK LIL Boy, I’m soft because I said Freeway Rick is the Real OG?? That somehow in your childlike mind makes me soft? Boy shut up when grown folks are talking. Before I have my adult son come whoop yo ass.
        Lil Boy I know about Freeway because I was out in LA back in the day making moves, getting paper. Back when your sorry assss pappy was trying to get your mammy to give hime some of that stanky asssss puuuussy, You lil crack baby.
        The grown folks on this board we don’t talk shhhittt to each other, we don’t always agree, but we always respect each other. Young boy I hope you only do this dumb shhhiiittt online, cause in the streets you will get yo lil asssss smashed!

  • THEguyWHObonedURmoms

    this dude ricky sound like a hater

    • king joe

      no he’s not a hater, but he is speaking the truth, something most people in this world wouldn’t know if it slapped the in the face

    • Nick G

      He sounds like an educated brother. You sound like a Jay z Dick Ryder.

  • onehunglo

    he stepped to rick ross with his hand out before he filed that lawsuit, Rick ross shook his ding dong at him,THAT’S why his feelings got hurt.

  • Az1@tik-blkmn

    Truth triumphs falsehood. Thing is the truth hurts. OG rick is doing the right thing.

  • FNG

    Real Rick Ross is a joke he cia his self he snitch his self he told when he went to the fed’s now look at him dry snitching on jay z

    • @Real_SirJamie

      You obviously don’t know what dry snitching, OR snitching really is.

      • FNG

        yea i do he bring old shit up let the police do they job stop talking so much …

  • Lyon

    Look at some of these stupid black males commenting. Products of the glorified hood culture that corrupts young Americans. This man is literally the epitome of hood culture. 600 million off drugs. He’s giving honest and truthful criticism. You guys should be aware that spouting the word ‘hating’ at every opportunity is just keeping you politically correct.

    • n n

      He’s a bit misinformed I know a few drug dealers that made money and got out. And how do you think the Kennedy dynasty started thru prohibition. It is a ending to drug dealing if you want one.

      • arob

        I can understand you’re point. I think for the most point, you’re right. But this man is speaking from experience, and his experience was, as you pointed out, selling the better part of a billion dollars in drugs on behalf of the CIA. When that is your hustle, there certainly are only two ways out: jail or death.

  • @Real_SirJamie

    Jay Z and Beyonce have done benefit concerts for the NYPD, while they were stopping and frisking every Black person in NYC. So, why be surprised he isn’t taking a stand against Shop & Frisk? Did you see him at any of the Stop & Frisk protests? Case closed.

    • onehunglo

      THINK ABOUT THE WAY JEWS are portrayed in any network television sitcom/movie or Hollywood film, ALWAYS either the victim or hero,or the compassionate wise person in any situation,NOW think about the way blacks are portrayed, JEWS know the power of film/tv to shape popular culture and the beliefs viewers have.THE IGNORANT BLACK PERSON BLAMES “WHITE PEOPLE” THE INTELLIGENT BLACK PERSON KNOWS “JEWS” ARE THE PROBLEM

  • Seriouslyfolks

    The CIA USED THIS MAN TO SELL CRACK in order to BOTH stifle our communities and fund their ILLEGAL war with the Contras in Nicaragua while selling Iran weapons at the SAME TIME. He is at the very nexus of what all of these rappers dream and fantasize about on records. He was one of the key players in the neutralization of the Revolutionary Power-base in our communities. He served his time, and now he wants to SPEAK THE TRUTH to SHAME THE DEVIL and UN-poison the minds of the youth in order to help atone for his past sins. I THINK WE SHOULD ALL LISTEN TO HIM. Period.

    • Rah Da Alkaholic

      could not have said it any better. He worked for the devil and lived to see the light…not many can say that

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    as long as yall know that 95% of rappers that talk that life were basic street corner hustlers, only less than a handful were called an under boss to a king pin.

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