Guerilla Black Gets 9 Year Sentence For Credit Card Fraud

(AllHipHop News) After pleading guilty to several federal charges stemming from the theft of over 27,000 credit card numbers, Guerilla Black now knows the maximum amount of time he could be locked behind bars. Black was sentenced to 110 months in prison (a little over 9 years) with an additional five years of supervision after he is released.

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Black (born Charles Williamson) was convicted of buying the card numbers from the computer hackers David Schrooten and Christopher Schroebel. Schrooten was sentenced to 12 years earlier this year. Schroebel was sentenced to 7 years in 2012.

The West Coast rapper was facing up to five years in prison for conspiracy and computer fraud charges, 15 years for a device fraud charge, 30 years for a bank fraud charge, and a minimum 2 year sentence for an identity theft charge.


  • Kapo aka Omni P

    Damn, First


    Credit card fraud is played out

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      it aint played out we are in the cyber age victimless crimes is where its at … but man i tell you the price you pay you are better off murkering off a few folks lol and moving a few pounds of whateever lol

      • TALK_BOSS

        Are u saying identity theft is a victimless crime?

  • Executive

    Wtf did he expect?

  • dfwricwil

    Now you wonder why Barney’s called the law… LOL! Had a friend who did the same sh!t with debit cards and credit cards and his a$$ is locked up. SMH!!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      did he get a similar amount of time ??

      • dfwricwil

        Nope. Since rehabs or a big cash cow for the judges here in Dallas he told them he was on drugs so they gave him I think 14 or 18 months fed with rehab included and a fine. They wanted to give him 15 yrs but he played the “I need help with drugs” game. lol.

    • Thats what I am saying, these black people make it bad for all of us.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        not me lol well when it comes to getting to this money …. but these deceitful men ouchea making hard for an honest bro ………….. ladies been lied to so much they do know the truth when they seee it … forceing a good bro to have to mask as a bad bro just to get by lol

      • dfwricwil

        Check this article out below. lol!

        Dallas identity thief convicted after eating debit card to conceal tax fraud.

        An identity thief from Dallas has been convicted of collecting millions of dollars in fraudulent income tax refunds.

        Ogiesoba City Osula, 37, was arrested in 2011 after police in a Cincinnati suburb caught him with $300,000 in cash and money orders, as well as numerous debit cards, one of which he ate to conceal evidence, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

        Osula was convicted of 16 counts Friday after a nearly weeklong trial and will be sentenced at a later date.

        Four accomplices have pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges in the fraud scheme and will also be sentenced later: George Ojonugwa, 32, of Garland; Eseos Igiebor, 43, of Richardson; Ebenezer Legbedion, 42, of Lagos, Nigeria, and Evelyn Nyaboke Haley, 34, of Dallas.

        Authorities say Osula used stolen identities to file electronic income tax returns and claim millions of dollars in refunds; millions more were claimed but never disbursed. The refunds were then credited to stored-value cards or deposited in bank accounts set up with the stolen identities.

        The feds say Osula was arrested in Ohio in November 2011 after he and Ojonugwa met with the leader of a similar operation there. Inside the vehicle they were parked in, police found $300,000 and many debit cards. Osula ate one of the cards as he waited to be questioned, the attorney’s office said.

  • Stay Phokus

    sucks for the 3 fans he has

    • hoeyuno

      2 of them were involved in the scam. the 3rd is uncounted for.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        LOL !! good 1

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    YOUR BETTER OFF SELLING MARY JANE !!!!!! MANE dont mess with tthem cards …. the money trail is way to much documented and as everyone is seeing the charges behind it if you get caught is astronomical !!!! damn homey !!!!!!! if you gonna go out should of went all out giving ya all into this music … the worst that could had happen is you go broke !!!!!!! better than doing a dime in prison!!!!!

  • 7yoyo7

    Credit card fraud = 2nd degree murder

    • PhilTheGreat

      Killing someone’s credit is like killing someone. You can’t do much without credit these days. And fraud on your account is a beech to fix.

  • king sodomy

    tryna gimmie 57years face a be them tattooed tears

    • no parole or probation, now this is a young man’s summer vacation.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        u a snitch!

  • The Legendary Troll

    BETTER STOP PLAYIN WITH ME SMOKEY!!!!! lookin ass nigga

  • Shit Just Got Real

    smh credit card fraud is that type a game where you grab yo handful and get out cause you gonna get caught red handed if you keep tryna steal from the same pot a gold

  • Dorothy Henigan


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  • LuckyP

    credit card scams, that was for the faggots

    • Slick Blak

      HOW? He was getting mad money like a dope dealer minus the dope dealer years.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        agree and imo its actually for smarter criminals who just want to get money without harming people … credit card companies will be sure you get your money back … and no one was hurt in the process … it just sucks that the charges are so trumped up its crazy … but its alot of money @ stake … cc scams and ponzi schemes can make you an millionare asap !! lol i would be down but that potential time aint worth it lol i’lll just keep working my gig and take risk @ openning my own bizness when i get to that point ……… i need constant elevation no road blocks lol

      • Bodie

        you “lol” like a bitchh too much

      • LuckyP

        How was CC scams for the faggots?!? All forms of thievery is some hoe shit thats how

  • See this is the perfect example of why these stores are now constantly racially profiling black people….They been watching him for years in a sting operation the whole time…Now it’s effecting innocent black people in Barney’s and Macys.

    • dfwricwil

      Real talk.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      oh we killed that credibility long before this incident lol … i still remember the days of going to the local market …. watching chicks go in skinny and come out fat lol ………….

  • nastinupe

    Hey Guerrilla Black… Ricky Rosay thinks that you’re a faggot lol.

  • southside4lyfe

    Coming to you soon the real interview on Guerrilla Black…..Rapper Buy Day .Dun Dun Dun….computer hacker by night…..GTFOH. He need to just kill hisself shoulda sold drugs

  • MrNoName2K

    Nigga shouldve gotten more.. F*ckin with peoples credit and credit cards man thats the type of sh*t that people go pop they brains out over..especially in times like these..

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      are you serious ?? its all digital money .. @ the most they got a little embarrassed @ the checkout machine and spent a little time on the phone with customer service …. i had it happen to me 2 times so far … lost some time but didnt losse any of my personal money

      • MrNoName2K

        well the time they take to investigate that sh*t aint petty either.. just sayin tho, one thing you dont to is mess with peoples money.. thats instant ass whoppin

  • Sean Taylor

    …… while rapist, molesters, shooters and murderers get less time.

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