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Chris Brown Facing Probation Violation Investigation For DC Incident

(AllHipHop News) Chris Brown may not be out the woods yet. While the felony charges in an alleged assault in DC were reduced to misdemeanors, TMZ is reporting that the Los Angeles County Probation Department has launched an investigation into the Washington case to see if Brown violated his probation.

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Apparently L.A. investigators contacted DC police about the matter and will give a report to the presiding judge in Brown’s previous assault case. If it is determined that Brown did violate the conditions of his probation the singer could still face up to four years in jail.

Brown is currently on five years probation after accepting a plea deal in the 2009 assault of his then girlfriend Rihanna.

  • Damn! He was about to get off probation.

  • Guest

    He will be okay…..And if he goes to jail, he kinda need to take a break anyway. I am not saying that he should be arrested but it’s due time for CB to escape the real world and have no connection to social media, fans, music or even his own cars. Trouble seems to always follow this dude.I just hope that he doesn’t get in trouble in there too.

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  • I’m sorry but at the end of the day,who is going to sit there and let Chris Brown send them to the hospital? I feel like they sometimes they go over board with these stories….Imagine me sitting their letting Chris Brown beat my ass, yeah okay.

  • wow this dude gonna get violated after one crime while on probation, I know niggas that caught multiple charges on probation and don’t get violated. thanks to the media everyone is out to get him. not saying he’s innocent but there are people who do way worse and beat charges but you can thank the media for a speedy process

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