Kanye West Wants To Be 2Pac Of Fashion; No Longer Promoting Louis Vuitton

(AllHipHop News) The man who use to describe himself as the “Louis Vuitton Don” says he no longer has any interest in being associated with the luxury brand. While speaking at Power 106’s Big Boy Neighborhood, Kanye West further expounds on his issues with high fashion including why he will not work for LV again.

“If I had the opportunity to design for Louis Vuitton now I wouldn’t, because the prices are just too extreme,” said Kanye. “I don’t want to use my message to have kids saving up that much to be a part of what the ideas are. That’s the problem to me with luxury.”

Kanye has expressed in the past his desire to break into fashion as a serious designer, but according to the Chicago artist he cannot get the backing from industry insiders to make it happen. He claims once that does occur he will be the GOAT of fashion like he considers 2Pac the GOAT of Hip Hop.

“I would say more like Tupac is the best rapper of all time. I tell you one thing in clothing, as soon as I get it, I’m going to be Tupac of this. I will be Tupac of this,” said Ye.

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Watch Kanye’s full Big Boy interview below.

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33 Responses to “Kanye West Wants To Be 2Pac Of Fashion; No Longer Promoting Louis Vuitton”

    • DiscoverDior.com

      But then again his own brand looks like a bunch of homeless rags…I personally don’t think that Kanye is stylish, he is not really a fashionista in my opinion….I have never seen Kanye West wearing something that I would jump up out of my seat to google and purchase….He needs to rap and produce and stop it with all this hype.

  1. Obi Won

    I wonder were Air Yezzy’s aka Back to the Future Nikes, so much b/c of Nike or Kanye.
    Them shoes didn’t even get a consideration for purchase. If Kanye feel so strong about that he should holla at Master P and put a twist on P. Miller gear or bring back and Jazzy up FUBU. If he’s so confident in his vision.

      • Obi Won

        I was saying the way everyone laughed at FUBU and P Miller gear, he could find a way to make it cool. I’m waiting to see a miracle from the dude

      • EDOGZ818

        Barney’s sells a plain white Tee for $70?

        Starbury sneakers were a power move, $20, but the kid spends $350 on a belt?

        Ye’ dresses like a gay homeless person.

      • Bodie

        Them starburys were trash!! They was worth 20.. A real Basketball player aint gon hoop in those

      • Bodie

        The look and feel of them felt like Payless.. Kids aint paying 300 for js.. 160 at the most, but $20 for some sneakers thats going to last a week? You get what you pay for

      • EDOGZ818

        Yep & what are they getting?

        What I mean is, what is the value of supporting your own?
        IE: Barney’s belt

      • Pirate7x

        I bought a bunch of Starbury’s, they looked dope and were comfortable. Styles that chicks & bros were sweating, real talk. Lasted for years before I gave them away. I don’t play ball but if Stephon could work it, so be it.

        Folks so brainwashed they believe you gotta pay a yard for decent shoes. What were Wilt, Bill Russell & Dr. J wearing?

      • Obi Won

        Damn $70, I can get a good 15 for that!!! && F that 350 belt ish too
        Lol @ Ye dressing like a gay homeless person.

  2. DiscoverDior.com

    I get what he is saying, but like I’ve always said when rappers endorse products they put an expiration date on everything…So my point is if he endorsed LV now he is walking away from it, why would any other brand or his fans take him and his endorsements seriously…..Kanye need to really make up his mind what he wants to do, this back and forth business is confusing his fans….And if he is claiming to be so original, why is he ALWAYS trying to be like someone else Micheal Jackson, Tupac, Jay-Z, I am confused about this guy kanye.

    • Jayce Cabell

      Its not about trying to “BE” Michael Jackson, Tupac, Jay-Z. He is referring to the Impact these people have made on culture from MJ’s Moon Walk, to 2Pac’s Thug Life, to Jay-Z Rocafella. He wants to be historically iconic, and not just for rapping, because he realizes that its only a specific demographic he is reaching. Everything before Yeezus is what people talk about. But everything Kanye been saying lately eludes to giving control back to the People. which i never thought i would be commending him for, cuz im not a kanye fan by any means.

      • DiscoverDior.com

        But it still doesn’t make sense–Kanye West is mainly a rapper, we know him for his RAP music….He is also a producer, but at the end of the day how are you famous for being a RAPPER but you want to get credit for being a Fashion Designer….Basically Hip-Hop opened doors for Kanye and he is acting like it’s never enough…..LV been a luxury brand for so long, why is he acting like he didn’t know that…They probably put him in his place and now he is bitter.

      • Jayce Cabell

        nah what the man is saying is this: more than ever wanting to produce, rap, or be a fashion designer, he wants to be a power player in culture as far as the way that you perceive the world around you. All the people he always mentions impacted american culture greatly. Kanye wants to do the same, many times over, through many mediums (Producing, rapping, fashion design)
        I dont think kanye ever acted as if the doors didnt open because of hip-hop. he just wants to do more, now that he is a position of power & influence throughout the world. Of course he knew LV was a lux brand. and he talks about it all the time. AGAIN, since the inception of Yeezus. his whole mentality has been about bucking the system. changing the scope of the game

  3. Mr. Starr Vision

    People really do need to pay attention to what Kanye says vs How he says it…He drops alot of jewels but niggaz be too caught up on tryin to say some stupid shit on social media for likes/up votes vs Showing other ppl that they get what he’s Saying and that it Does Make Sense…All of these followers keep screamin an Illuminati and Stupid shit don’t even know what its suppose to be, just think it makes them sound cool and it doesn’t…theres nothing wrong with having your own brain and saying that i was influenced by some of the things that someone else said…thats how a brain is suppose to work dumbasses

      • Jayce Cabell

        he’s right. and you have to understand what hes truly saying in that sentence. im not a kanye fan, but stop trying to bash every word that comes out the niggas mouth christ.

      • DiscoverDior.com

        Maybe it’s because we don’t believe him….Kanye didn’t get what he wanted from them so now he is bashing–LV been high priced ever since it came out…He did’t just realize that now did he?

  4. Sean Power

    kanye come with another BS interview how much does sell his shoe far ? how much was selling white tees for this summer ? this kanye being better cause they wouldn’t give him what he wants

    spoil kid cry again he know if tell come make kanye LV brand he would

  5. DiscoverDior.com

    I am still trying to find out what the tupac of the fashion industry would be like…It doesn’t make sense to me…Kanye seems to want credit for everything, and fail to realize that he is just a producer/rapper…..Own it and stop trying to take credit from everyone else.

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