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Hip-Hop Rumors: Alleged Side Hoe Might Mess Up Future’s Future!

What is the deal with these side piece chicks? So, that’s what’s up now? We all know that Ciara and Future are happily engaged. And we know that Future has been able to rise able most of the BS in his pursuit of happiness. BUT, it seems like somebody from his past (or present) is trying to get some attention.

So, there is some chick named Jessica that says in the near future Future is going to do something special for her birthday. That day is supposedly Nov. How do we know? She tweeted it.

Jessica ‏@_ImGorJess – “Can’t wait to see the suprises my baby has set up for my birthday ☺ #November4th”

So, I totally wouldn’t know what this chick was talking about if not for the replies from the chicks following her. In fact, if not for the people that follow her, I wouldn’t even know who she is! Basically, they are saying this his Future’s side chick to Ciara. My question is, how does a side jawn so brazenly put herself out there as a home wrecker? Back in the day, that would be a tough question to answer….nowadays…not so much. The opportunities are ENDLESS!

Funny thing, Ciara has already kinda answered this.

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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45 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Alleged Side Hoe Might Mess Up Future’s Future!”

  1. Chris

    These 2013 side b*tches ain’t sh*t. What did the Rock say? Know your role and shut your mouth. Words every side b*tch should live by.

    • Truth Powell

      The real question is why is Future asking bitches to marry him if he’s not ready to commit and settle down? He’s the sucker, not the side piece.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        cause in all honesty aint no points in doing it the right way so i dont blame em alot of times yall force us to do dumb ish like that so we can live sad but true …. a man cant really commit till he lives … cause evidence right here is proof … this is what happen to alot men even regular ole joes (not all cause some are just greedy cause they can be, #cough mayweather lol) … you got ya whole life trying to get some but most are bsing you finally get one and decide to wife her cause aint too much action poppin off anyway … as soon as you lock in now out of knowwhere the chicks are now responding to you …. now since you been with the same woman and never gotten to really experience before commiting … now you really gotta stay strong to resist TEMPTATION that you never recieved before and its something youve been wanting ……… yes we should be strong …. but @ the end of the day i dont knock a dude especially if HES been with the same woman … i blame ya chicks like i said WHY YOU SIDE PIECING WHEN ITS ALOT OF SINGLES GUYS OUCHEA NEEDING THAT LOVING …. and like i said you could help someone actually enter into a long blissfull relationship or better yet you could get in one yourself without causing some turmoil @ the sametime …….goint out on the limb and doing all of that instead of doing the REVERSE ……. they utilize a MANS THIRST FOR SEX to break up a good relationship …………………………… sad but truuuuuuu lol

    • Immortal

      My thing on this is, everyone knows Ciara is about as bad a jump off as Christina Millian. Why would a hoe marry a hoe? Nothing will come of this until he pulls a Dream and drops her ass on the curb with a bus pass to wherever she came from. I just think Ciara is fcukin for beats, and it’s not going to last; they never do. But I wish them the best. I still have Ciara in my top 30 “I’d hit it list”.

  2. CooL_KiD_305

    damn she pretty i may not have future money but best believe i’ll show her a good time on her b-day!! y’all feel me!?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      your def on point especially as a rich man … even more bad idea imo for any woman to marry a rich man especially if shes looking for a commitment …… oprah only been with steadman all this loing cause she got a regular dude … she didnt go out and get a guys who in the public eye and have millions of woman crushing over him on a daily bases ..imo unless your beyonce and even then its sketchy i mean jayz was is approach 50 not 30 cause im sure things would be different … but yeah you want a man that wil commit … get a man who has no commitments …. most men arent players so they aint hard to find … you just need to stop looking @ the guys in your face and look @ the guy who is too scared to approach but is staring from a far … thats the guy who has everything going on but a woman and you would have a better chance @ having a commited relationship with him for the longterm … then the guy who you know already f*ck 2 of your girlfiends has 2 baby moms and is always on fb and instagram posting pics with diff females on a weekly bases …..

  3. Pirate7x

    Ciara knows the “Hollywood Rules” when it comes to hoez it’s just the side chick trying to gain attention; I will agree for the first time with Illseed that “the opportunities are ENDLESS!”

    Being they are engaged she’ll want to keep her rep protected. But she actually needs to take a page from couples more successful than her & Future (Will & Jada, Denzel & Pauletta, shoot even Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee spoke of their “agreement’ in their book) and chill with the frontin’ about absolute rules on ‘infidelity’.

    In the biz like civil life there is fluid rules and drop that “Southern belle” BS ha, I’m in ATL and there ain’t a place in the USA where more side cutty is being split. There are whole neighborhoods of side-pieces here like anywhere else, ain’t nuthin’ new. Just be quiet Cici and maybe you’ll get to raise some babies in the Future.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      its all depends if shes ok with side pieces then be quiet but if she aint and for some odd reason she thought future would be the first entertaner in history to be faithfull … shes needs to woman up and drop dude like a bad habit …… staying will only mean your giving him and any woman the greenlight to potential come inbetween herself and future ……………………………………. but like i said these woman need to step they game up … it aint that scarced ouchea its alot of GOOD single men ouchea stop it with this BS

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      aint nothing better than new coochie when will chicks get this thru
      thier brain !! you cant trap a man with your coochie cause it can never
      be new again now its old pu$$y and it really get old if that old pu$$y
      comes with alot of baggage thats bearing on a MAN !!!! …. if you
      trying to trap a man for the long team you gotta grab his heart and soul
      …. ijs look @ the history … there aint a chick in history that
      outlast thier man … men that are in the position to do ish like that
      anyway lol like Eddie Murphy and Prince and Rkelly lol @ all they old wives on TV
      … they still look great but they are no longer thier younger selfs and they got dropped like a bad
      habit and these dudes basically brought some new hoes to use up lol sadily other females
      dont have sympathy for each other or love that is ….even tho they are
      alot of SUPPOSE good pu$$y getting passed around and no one … from
      rhianna to trina to halle berry to staci dash can seem to use them
      goodies to lock down a long term situation …. if it really were all
      about beauty and pu$$y these girls would have been shackled longgggggg
      ago …. the more a man has sex with a woman the more he stops thinking
      sex and starts to see the REAL YOU !!!!!!! and alot of times THATS A
      SCARY SITE !!! something most men dont even think about cause we cant
      see past BUTT and TITS !!! and a PRETTY FACE !!!!!!!!! that is until we
      bust that NUT and we actually start to SEE FOR THE FIRST TIME lol

      • chrissy

        Men have baggage too, though. But, women usually compromise and try to give a man that she just gave some to, a chance. This changes as women get older, though cause nobody has time for bullshit. I think younger men could stand to compromise and be open minded a little instead of staying fixated on placing women in neat little categories though. However, for the longest time I couldn’t understand why players and entertainers choose big booty, fake, gold digging hoes or loose women over beautiful, classy, wise, educated, and professional women (not women who have turned whoring and their own sexual objectification into a profession, like kim kardashian). I do now: hoes who only care about money are easier to dominate and control because they are living for the love of money. They have nothing else….no self esteem, career, goals, independence, morals, self-respect. All they have is their man, his status, and his money, and that’s much easier for men who have limited time to deal with than a real woman who doesn’t need him.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        sometimes you gotta look @ who they are dealing with … ball players … very busy guys with an hectic schedule … imo ball players dont tend to link up with beautiful, classy, wise, educated, and professional women … becuase they are just as much on the move as the celeb or sports player … + they prob have more morals as far as interaction goes … them thirsty chicks you named that celebs and sports player usually end up with because those chicks are thirsty and chances are throwing themselves @ these guys … and with the kind of schedule these guys have they dont really have the time to compromise or to be a little more patient to wait to get @ one of the more sophisicated ladies who may not be as accessible as these thirsty groupie chicks … but im with you i dont see why these guys just dont be patient or take the initiative to get @ the professionals or females that move with more integrity … sometimes i think its cause they dont have too … they are stable and financially WAY UP … so for the most part i think they just see woman as someone to have sex with and to have kids with … and in all honesty in light of that i wonder why woman throw themselves @ this guys wether it be thirsty or mature …. they all give it up to a sports player …. most women who are financially up there as far as being a celeb or maybe an RNB singer do the same thing …. they date sports players or other entertainers or other foriegn billionares (eve) … which i dont get …. cause its hard to find a broke to average guy that will be loyal … what kind of loyalty do you expect from someone who is a millionare and travels nationally ……… ijs ……. all in all i hate to sound one sided … but for a man to settle with an AIR head chick … it doesnt matter imo cause a man is suppose to provide and hold the house hold down financially ……….. so he can carry on his life with a bum bitch if he pleases …………….. but for a woman to carry a man …………… lol ijs …… but to each his/her own ……………… if you got the $$$$ baby do you but dont complain about that dead beat LOL …….

  4. Vic Sage

    I really don’t see anything about Manara that’s overwhelming other than the fact that she looks like a transgendered dude..” Fck it sue me..Cause that’s real talk!!”

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      she prob is… i mean any chick gotta either have some real heart or be a freak of nature like ciara cause ciara aint no little girl by anymeans …. shes damn near half man her self size wise …. so any chick with the heart to do this is probably a man lol ….

    • chrissy

      With those keen and petite facial features? No indeed, not. She is very built, though. She still don’t look like a dude to me.

  5. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    ” My question is, how does a side jawn so brazenly put herself out there as a home wrecker?” …………….. uhhhhhhhh DUHHHHH for FAME … every chick on instagram is reaching for it … if it aint via drama its via exposing breast and booty ….

  6. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    sn: @ the end of the day WTF is wrong with chicks like this is she slightly retarted ?? ijs she acting like it aint NO SINGLE bros ouchea thats doing it if not bigger than future !! i mean imo hes engaged to ciara putting yourself in the middle of THAT is A DOWN GRADE IN ITSELF RIGHT THERE !!??!!

    • DollasTX

      yeah right … women are territorial and possessive not to mention there is a wedding on the line (every female fantasy)

      • DollasTX

        now you just being silly and argumentative my man … imma let you have it!

        hence the title …

        Hip-Hop Rumors: Alleged Side Hoe Might Mess Up Future’s Future!

      • Live Well

        LOL Nah, I’m not tryna be difficult. I’m just pointing out the fact that a ring and an engagement don’t always end in a wedding. For some, it’s just a symbol of intentions.

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