Hip-Hop Rumors: Alleged Side Hoe Might Mess Up Future’s Future!


What is the deal with these side piece chicks? So, that’s what’s up now? We all know that Ciara and Future are happily engaged. And we know that Future has been able to rise able most of the BS in his pursuit of happiness. BUT, it seems like somebody from his past (or present) is trying to get some attention.

So, there is some chick named Jessica that says in the near future Future is going to do something special for her birthday. That day is supposedly Nov. How do we know? She tweeted it.

Jessica ‏@_ImGorJess – “Can’t wait to see the suprises my baby has set up for my birthday ☺ #November4th”

So, I totally wouldn’t know what this chick was talking about if not for the replies from the chicks following her. In fact, if not for the people that follow her, I wouldn’t even know who she is! Basically, they are saying this his Future’s side chick to Ciara. My question is, how does a side jawn so brazenly put herself out there as a home wrecker? Back in the day, that would be a tough question to answer….nowadays…not so much. The opportunities are ENDLESS!

Funny thing, Ciara has already kinda answered this.

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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