Hotstylz Drop Eminem Diss Song “Rap Fraud” As Response To “Rap God”

(AllHipHop News) Chicago rap group Hotstylz felt a certain way about Eminem using their “Lookin’ By” flow in his The Marshall Mathers LP 2 single “Rap God”. The trio decided to drop a diss track aimed at Slim called “Rap Fraud.”

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On the song Krazee, Meatball and Raydio G borrow some of Em’s signature flows and voices as they spit lyrics like, “Hey, my name’s Marshall and I’m addict. I steal people sh*t without giving them credit… why they mad? Cause we one-hit wonders, but your greedy a** had to go take that one hit from us.”

Listen to Hotstylz’s “Rap Fraud” below.

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  • Casor_G


  • ccwaterbound32

    i can’t even front i thought this shit was gonna be wack but i got pleasantly surprised.

  • 313Hiphophead

    They still weak

  • brotha_man

    em would eat these dudes

  • Juan Spin Serrano

    They do this to gain some media now. They just want em to say their name…fckin faggs

  • Eli Pinilla

    He was showin u stupid fux respect cuz the whole point of the song was to use every double time flow possible and that was one of them….

  • True_Fan

    This was hot, but the stans will go on the defense.

  • king sodomy


  • Reblogged this on HUEY mix wit RILEY.

  • Executive

    They will get themselves lyrically dismantled.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    This was pretty good. None the less they will be decimated by Em.

  • Arbitr^rY^KonST@nT

    these fukboys took that the wrong way completely…showin they really dont know hiphop culture….#LOST

  • TheAfroRican

    This sh** is hilarious. Too bad they didn’t put that same energy into their own music.

  • Ayinde NinjaBoi Nurse

    Why not just sue him? I’m not Stanning but you know Em is gonna destroy you once you take it to the music route… c’mon son!

  • This is Ice Cube type dis track (Ice would take tracks from those he dissed) but there is too much comedy on here. doubt they will get a reply my Em.

  • jd

    Them being mad that Em aint call them is like Raz B and Mike Vick being mad Hot Stylz ain’t call them for using there names in the song. Stop it.

  • TruthSerum

    the chances of Eminem caring enough to respond – 0%

  • Go Boy Gryphie

    I’m from chiraq……n these dudes make us look horrible,this whackery will make me diss they asz

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  • they could of at least record it better..

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    If Em aint laughing at these clowns, he could destroy them with 8 bars. Or he could unleash Slaughterhouse on them.

  • Paully O’Brien

    Man these dudes givin chicago a bad name, knowin Em would destroy them without trying…

  • ccwaterbound32

    all i got out of it was em aint pay them.

  • ONE

    Damn, almost forgot about these n*ggas. This sh*t was wack they should bw glad Em of all people decided to make them at least kinda relavant again

  • I remember these guys did a song with Young Jock….they don’t want it with Em, at all

  • J Quest

    This dude said he’s gonna sufficate Eminem with a plastic bag from Walgreens. LMFAO!!! Real hip hop battle

    • TruthSerum

      He would get shot and killed by security before he even got within 100 feet of eminem lol

  • $31339281

    shoulda tried to remix a joint with Em, clearly he heard ya shit & was inspired- now yall career look pathetic. 1 hit wonders throwin disses at relevant cats to make a come back

    • AlbertoRipRon

      ayo, get off your knees and stop “servicing” Em.

      • $31339281

        want your spot back hungh ha

      • AlbertoRipRon

        that was weak…

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  • hiphopstruth

    lmao its one thing to try and dissrespect a legend….if your on the same status……unfortunately for you bums…your not….by the way…next time..stay on beat… yall suck.

  • they not ready but it is getting them a buzzz i say smart bc i never heard of til today lol

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  • soyhiphop

    ok look back than your song gave u 15 minutes of fame be glaad somebody worldwide famous like eminem did that. maybe u will get some itune downloads so thank him and go back to sweeping floors

  • King Solomon

    Jay-Z got Ethered by Nas. Eminem got Ethered by Mariah Carey. That Hot Stylz shit was funny as hell.

    • golder1

      JayZ didnt get ethered by Nas. Nas lost that battle because his feelings were real hurt. Nas baby mother spoke on how Nas was shook over that verse. How did Carey ether Em. Em simple did what he alwasy did made fun of a fucked up situation. He fucked Mariah than she didnt want to deal with him. Cold Stylz should be happy he heard their song and is giving them a little 15 mins of fame. And noone owns a style because that style they didnt develop

      • JimJames29

        This debate was settled over a decade ago, to be precise: at the exact moment Nas said ‘How much of Biggie’s rhymes is gonna come out your fat lips?’. Next

      • golder1

        That verse didn’t decide shit. Jayz give big ups yo Big when mentioning him in his music. They were actually friends. Big didn’t really like Nas .Big stated that Nas would listen to his rhyme and then rewrite his to try and match his. He didn’t respect Nas but respect Jay because they record alike. Next nigga!

      • kevin williams

        Oh yeah HOV got FLAAAAAMED

  • Mother fuckers will do anything they can to try and be relevant again haha call him an addict Eminem has admitted to that haha hotstylz my ass how u gonna come at someone whos been multi-platinum multiple times haha lames! and i hope there hoping for a reply from EM cause he wont do it there soft and shit!

  • JimJames29

    Why are yall so mad at this? I can’t be mad at it. To me it’s funny as sheeeyt. They are horrible rappers obviously but great classclowns. Some good jokes on there. That line about the bag of c*ke is great. It doesn’t sound like they’re mad, they just used the opportunity to get some shine and crack a few harmless jokes, on some D12 sh*t.

  • unobserved

    what songs the beat from at 1:45?

  • AlSween


  • Randy

    these guys fuckin suck lol and these bitches wouldnt last a day near 8 mile you fuckin posers lol I’m white live in Detroit and i got more street cred then these 3 shitty rappers lol go back to collecting welfare and leave rapping to the real rappers you little bitches

  • 89107

    When I first read this title I was like “who?” But I had a feeling this was coming sooner or later. They should be thankful that the legend even used they old as flow. They just mad because their name wasn’t mentioned in the song with the legends Em was naming.

  • 89107

    It sound like they recorded this with a old ass cell phone.

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  • Whofarted42

    It took you this long to say and come up with a diss track that’s only entertaining to you and your crew. .nigga. next..dumb nigga