DMX’s Bankruptcy Filing Thrown Out Of Court Over Inconsistencies; Wife Says Rapper Spent $40 Million

(AllHipHop News) Legal issues continue to dog rapper DMX, whose bankruptcy filing was just thrown out of court.

The rapper has been prohibited from filing for bankruptcy for another 18 months, meaning he is exposed to almost $1.8 million worth of debt owed to creditors.

According to the presiding judge, DMX has failed to provide accurate information about his financial status.

The judge cited the rapper for providing inconsistent documents and untrustworthy information regarding his financial affairs.

DMX’s wife Tashera Simmons was recently interviewed on The Breakfast Club on New York’s Power 105.1 to promote her new book “Finding Tashera,” which details her relationship with DMX.

During the interview, Tashera revealed that DMX had earned and spent over $40 million during the course of his career.

At one point, the rapper was shelling out over $100,000 a month in miscellaneous expenses, including credit cards.

“He used to spend recklessly. When I told him I didn’t want to be with him anymore because of all of the stuff that was going on, he said ‘well I’m gonna see how you’re going to live without any money’ and I thought he was playing. I called the accountant and said ‘the mortgage hasn’t been paid’ and she said ‘you got to take that up with your husband.’ Only because I had a stash that I put away is the only reason I refuse to kiss his butt to take care of me.”

DMX’s representatives said they are working with the rapper to book more shows, as well as resolve his issues with his passport, so he can take advantage of an international tour.

Check out the interview below (finances are discussed at 22:20):

  • RapItUp

    Lol Charlagmane stupid as hell “Yea I would probably do it again on accident, but that’s it.” Haha

  • Dadon850

    No way in hell DMX getting a passport! Dude been arrested at least 500 times!

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  • Well, it’s true we all know that X is a bum a$$ crackhead…At this point he is a liability, he spent all his money and want to file bankruptcy, thats not how the world works, pay your bills like everyone else….He has so many kids all over the place not thinking about his childrens future or having financial security when he gets older, I mean the man is loose and obviously don’t care about anything or anyone. I have no respect for artists who throw away a golden opportunity to become a leader in this world…We have so many young talent in the streets who are dying to get just a taste of something like DMX’s successful career.

    • Iggta

      And he didnt? What you know about his life & his demon? Eaaaasy to be on the internet talking about what someone else should be doing. Does he have issues & should he be more responsible? Absolutely. Still, he has demons since his childhood & even post that. Money does not erase none of that, it actually makes it worse. More wolves, more problems, more snakes and the list goes on.

      Stop talking like you a know it all and that everybody has to live up to what you think they should. Worry about your own life. Talking like DMX wasnt one of those kids “dying just to get a taste of a succesful career” too. Just like theres a billion who want a 9-5 like yours, so can they talk about what you need to be doing?

      • Dadon850

        Man DMX is a 40 something y/o crackhead who is trying to skip his responsibilities by filing bankruptcy. Take dude d!ck out ya mouth and put a rock in his pipe! Smh

      • DJ7

        It’s the Amerikkkan way…why all the finger pointing when black folk adopt the practice???

      • These people always make it seem like because you are a celeb you are exempt from your resposibilities….I am sorry but to sit here and defend a guy that blew 40 million and not want to face the rest of his responsiblities by filing for bankputcy just shows how some people think. Get the fu$k up and fix up your life, a grown ass man that can’t hold his own, and want tax payers to fit the bill, o hell no. You all can continue to support this fool, I refuse to hold my tongue.

      • What I know about life and demons you ask? I know alot about that, I have my own and I handle it responsibly….I am not even going to discuss anything back and forth with you about a CRACKHEAD.

  • Executive

    It was all good when the money was flowing in! You find out who the snakes are when the money’s gone. These rappers need real friends around them, like a person that’ll tell them buying this $50,000 watch ain’t a good idea for example type of friend, too many yes men will only help your downfall.

    • His wife?

      • Executive

        Wife, family or friends muthafucka.

      • His wife was warning him.

      • Sean Taylor

        Yeah riiiiiiiiight. While saying but buy me x, y, z. She was all quiet when she was along for the ride bit now that the money train is gone she’s airing him out.

      • Yeah, but any baby momz / wifey is going to beef about smoking bricks of crack.

        All in all, I think she was a good wife to X.

      • ZUBU

        Bro, I concur she was a relatively good wife to him, but she use to get high with brotha X (her mom aired them both out years ago) I think she got clean X has not. I think she wrong for putting his biz out there. IJS

      • Exactly…especially the last line, but birds of a feather, flock together, if he’s smoking, she probably was too.

      • Blaq_Boi

        Bullshit was she warning him, ugly ass female like her probably spent most of her time doing her utmost to make sure when he does leave her, she’ll be covered financially.

      • Of course, but how can you blame her for that????

        I remember this chic I was with, when I would run out of burn, she’d pull out like 3/4 of an onion that she pinched from my stash & she didn’t even burn, she was just looking out….of course I wouldn’t have run out if she wasn’t pinching, but……

    • Tbone

      i dont think nothing is wrong with buing a $50000 watch aslong as you have the money to cover it. i wouldnt buy a 50000 watch if i only had a few hundred thousand but 5-10mil you should be ok

    • Rita V. Jefferies

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  • scullyson


  • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug

    Damn that woman’ face is hard on the eyes.

  • Abdelmajid Ibn Allal Bouloum

    charlemagne is sick ofcourse its incest its here grandfather ofcourse there blood …stupid

    • RapItUp

      Try again..

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  • Blaq_Boi

    B*tches got no loyalty. I don’t care what dude did, no woman should step out and air sh*t this personal. And if she was genuinely doing it for “closure” and to “find herself”, why cash in on it?! This that sh*t!

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  • MrNoName2K

    She a lame ass b*tch for that. Im sure that money wasnt looking all that bad when it was sliding through her fingers too…

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