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Drake Releases 10-Minute Video For “Worst Behaviour” (VIDEO)

Drake is ready to show the world what him on his worst behavior  behaviour looks like exactly. After previewing the video at a recent tour stop in New Orleans, he unveils the full 10-minute plus video for Nothing Was The Same‘s “Worst Behaviour”on his October’s Very Own website.

The video was co-directed by Director X and Drake, shot in Memphis and Atlanta and includes cameos from Drake’s father Donnie Graham, Juicy J and Project Pat of Three 6 Mafia. Near the end of the video an alternate version to Drake’s Jhene Aiko collaboration “From Time” was featured.

Check out the full “Worst Behaviour” video:

  • ImaFoolBoy

    Dope video

  • Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Drake or nothing, I don’t really rock with em but I actually like a few of his rap songs..never liked when the lil nigga sings and s*** but bruh be looking very comical with his hip hop moves…lmao you can tell that boy was a Disney kid..tryna look hard but bruh b looking so out of place. I guess the vid was cool tho but man that nigga need to get a “hard nigga simulation disc” that shit and redo the video..lmao.

    • lmao

    • game213

      Why don’t you like when drake sings? don’t you like r&b music or you don’t like rappers that sing? Or you think he is a bad singer? just curious, of course you don’t have to like it but just wondering why, cuz in my opinion he makes good r&b music when he sings

      • You know what bruh that’s a good question…I really cant pinpoint it, I just don’t dig his singing. Don’t get me wrong I like R&B occasionally cuz a nigga cant take rap 24 7 but his singing aint my cup of tea…

      • game213

        so you pretty much dont like him singing for no reason?

      • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

        sounds like he just don’t like his singin and u want the man to get scientific about it…these Drake niggaz man damn!

      • game213

        haha scientific? how scientific can it be to say why you dont like something, it aint rocket science bro.
        Just say you hating just to hate, you can do that too

      • I just dont think he sounds hetero….ya digg..nutn major..lmao

      • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

        Maybe he doesn’t like his singing voice. Maybe he likes more range…people don’t have to like Drake bruh. I personally think he isn’t a good singer at all and can just hold a note good enough to pass by. He writes well though, but I’d rather someone else sing what he wrote. This is why I’ve never bought or played a Drake album more than once…just personal preference. He’s a dope rapper but I can do without the monotone singing shit.

  • ShaStud

    Good Vid. hostage -media.c om

  • Video was excellent but… Why my mans refer to Drake as ‘Papi’ at 5:30? Hmmmm….

    • Stephanie J. Munn

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      • Blaq_Boi

        Easier to sell ass on a Mac Book? It’s that retina display ain’t it?! Ayt.

    • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

      He was talkin bout his pops

      • Nah bruh I think he was taking about “Champagne Papi”.

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  • Blaq_Boi

    Yet another disappointing rap video with no plot and that doesn’t live up to the song. Love how it starts with his dad an em though.

  • therealjjohnson

    Man what?!? I wonder why he was trying to look so tuff in this video. Even his hood scences seemed forced. Children looked all nice and friendly in the video…I know they were going for the gritty “poor” look but I don’t think they did it. Why all the faces? And who rocks high top air ones with the straps? Well…he is from candana. Maybe they gotta different style.

    Video was terrible. Not only was it not funny, drake is the only one who mouth matched the words of the song. How do you out our a video and not sync the mouth movements with the music? All his fathers were off. Corny video, doesn’t match th song, forced tough guy stuff, just laughable.

  • Sean Power

    call when release a short version not watch no 10 ins rap video Nword your not MJ stop try make short film

  • Drake is doing a terrible job of selling us that “hood Gangsta” image….Save it for the real thugs.

  • Ryan

    What he thinks hes 2pac holding kids in a rap video ugh this guy man….YOUR FROM CANADA you aint hood.

  • Ryan

    Probably the dumbest video i ever saw

  • It just dawned on me that even if we do/don’t like the song/video, MAYBE the guy REALLY feels like that? It might not be believable to some of us perception wise but isn’t perception SUBJECTIVE anyways?

    9enTerActiVe .com


    Well ur all missing the IRONY of “Worst Behaviour” / I think this is Mr. DRAKE’s best art. (He) is actually/probably sympathising with his (Father?) and his embattled “black” better half. At least, I hope he REALISES his ‘blackness’ is indeed, his better half (!) …

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