Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Kendrick Lamar And Schoolboy Q Fighting?

Hmmmmmmmmm..this is a questionable rumor. I mean VERY, VERY questionable but since it deals with the crew of the moment, TDE, we gotta talk about it. This comes from another “crew” in media, which is MediaTakeOut so take it for what you will. Below is the math:

November 12, 2013: You know how they say that it’s ALWAYS A WOMAN that breaks up a great group . . well it look slike it might be happening AGAIN.

According to the streets Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q – both leading members of the “Black Hippy” movement in hip hop – have ISSUES. Word is that Schoolboy Q started messing around with some ASIAN GIRL that Kendrick was seeing . . . and Kendrick is ALL IN HIS FEELINGS over it.

This may have something to do with the EMOTIONAL TWEET that Kendrick sent out this weekend – where he blasted “friends” for being “unappreciative. ”

Kendrick needs to stop being so SENSITIVE . . . SHEESH!!

Their words, not ours. I find this particularly interesting, and not in a good way, because Kendrick supposedly clowned Drake for being sensitive.

And there you have it.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • BIG M

    gay rappers

    • Lil B’s 13th Disciple

      This article isn’t about drake.

  • Lil B’s 13th Disciple

    So many flaws with this article, I’ll be here all day to point them all out but anyway, why would ya’ll call kendrick sensitive if one of his homies/best friends hooked up with a girl he was seeing? Shit makes no sense, drake was sensitive for responding to a verse that wasn’t a diss and taking it the wrong way in interviews, but Q a snake if this story is true.

    • $18592567

      but Q a snake if this story is true.

      You ever listened to Snoop Doggy Dogg, Nate Dogg, Dogg Pound, Dr. Dre, 2Pac???

      These hoes is free agents bruh…

      • Lil B’s 13th Disciple

        Q has self control as well IF this story is true its both the hoe and puffys fault I fail to see why they label sensitive cause if it was one of your niggas who did that shit you would be pissed at both of them.

      • $18592567

        The only way K. Dot could be upset with Q is if ‘that was his main squeeze’ or if ‘Q knocked off any of his broads and kept it on the under’… Other than that any nigga getting mad at they boy because of a hoe is sad…

        I hope it’s just a rumor…

    • Weedras

      It ain’t nothing new the Kendrick is a sensitive dude ain’t a thing wrong with that dude’s human its ppl who act like being sensitive is a weakness that’s the problem…

      • Lil B’s 13th Disciple

        Well I don’t know about the kendrick being sensitive thing, that sounds inaccurate to me, but belong sensitive is not a good trait in someones personality at all, it’s something that needs to be eradicated, NOT tolerated, kids are cruel so if a person is sensitive, they will have a hard childhood and also will suffer in the “adult”world, sensitivity is not something to be embraced, at all. And drake is a GROWN ASS MAN, he’s making stupid money, why the hell should he care what kendrick says to the point he does several interviews throwing shade and allegedly throws diss’ on the languag smh.

  • Opposite Of Everyone

    “it ain’t no fuuuuun, if the homies can’t geee-e-e-eee-e-et nonnnne”!

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  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    If you believe anything MTO says, there is a bridge in San Francisco I would like to sell you.

    • Executive

      For how much?

      • Crenshaw on my shirt


  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    you know the rule yo chick chose …. i just hope he aint getting mad over no chicks … @ the level they are @ they def come a dime a dozen even asian chicks ijs ..

    • Dhz30

      damn even asian chicks!?

  • jd

    Yoko Ono.

  • junj03

    Eminem MMLP 2 #1 779,577

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    I’d take it as she failed the test – and KL was done a Favor – I’d want to only spend monies on a Loyal woman – btw I’ve never even heard of schoolboy Q, let have his broke ass

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      How can you be a Kendrick fan and not know the camp he is associated with? They are always riding with dude man SMH.

  • Jayson C Williams

    Understand all the playa rules and what everyone is saying BUT.. If that was his main jawn, and he was feeling her, Q should of fell back.. On the other hand… KL has to step his g up & it ain’t no funnnn if the homies can’t haveeee none! *If this is even true.. I

  • John Q. Public

    I don’t believe it…. but if there was a girl seeing Kendrick, she would be dumb as hell to mess around on him with Q…. financially speaking
    That being said this site rumors are getting worse and worse

  • Sean Taylor

    Um can someone tell him his “W” is upside down.

    • Karen A. Smith

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  • Listenup

    Asiain females that like black guys are not to be trusted get you a asian that only like asians and white guys same for mexican and white women game 101

    • Crenshaw on my shirt

      Asian females that like black dudes can take some dick. That’s the kind of females I like.

      • Charter

        Downside: They take ALL the dick they encounter.

      • Crenshaw on my shirt

        That may be true, but a ho is gonna be a ho regardless of race. Just put a rubber on, get a nut and keep it movin.

      • Charter

        Beating the Yankees > Beating the Cubs
        Think about it.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      Who wants an Asian female that has been with a white guy? Not me that’s who, plus white guys are creeps when it comes to Asian girls, and very they are nasty. They have these chicks doing some of the foulest shit.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      But if I get an Asian that only likes whites and I’m black, how do I win? lol.

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Then again, I wouldn’t put it past Q. He from Hoova and those niggas are grimey

    • jubilee shine

      52 & Vermont all day

  • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

    He was always soft. Not surprised.


    “No matter how pretty she is, you never liking my girl”–Jay Z

  • J.C.

    they’ll stir whatever hype necessary to promote Oxymoron lol

    • DJ7

      Smart man…that’s all this is

  • Ike’s Mood

    it was a shock to both of their systems seein how this was the first FEMALE that they had sex with…

  • iamwhoiam

    Man, Mediatakeout is GARBAGE!! They’re the National Enquirer of the Internet!! They take small bits of info and turn it into breaking news. Let’s not let the same thing happen on this site.

    • Immortal

      Too late

      • iamwhoiam

        True…but we still here smh…

      • JondoE303

        Know what I’m sayin Bwahahahahahahahaha

      • Yeah that ship BEEN sailed. LOL

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  • brotha_man

    jealousy has no friends

  • Damn at least put a pic of the tweet like MTO did to help validate the “rumor”.

  • richard_b_hard

    That asian chick must have good ass sashimi !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Obi Won

    1) If that was Kendrick’s main joint then thats foul.
    2) Q looks, acts, and SAYS he’s a foul dude so it should’ve been expected (listen to Schoolboy Q’s “My hatin Joint”)
    3) IF the broad let Q hit, then Q did Kendrick a favor.

    Even though they might be crew and “say” they brothers, and even though Kendrick’s the most famous and getting the most money, he’s still the good kid, so them niggaz are going to try to piss on him any chance they get.

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      Real facts!

    • Yeah Kendrick clearly never listened to My Hatin Joint if this is true and he’s actually takin it as a shock.

  • Mr.CPT

    THIS SHIT AINT TRUE!!!!!! Them niggas way titer than that.

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    I think it is the other way around if you have really watched any of Schoolboys interviews he sounds jealous I mean really jealous of Kendrick. He stated he is his own man and not under K.DOT. He always talks that he is just as nice. I never really like Q because of his attitude. He seems like a fake nigga. That gang shizz don’t mean you real. He comes off insecure as hell. I would drop the nucca and let him shine on his own. This news is not surprising.

    • Carlos

      I agree, the other dude ab is mad salty over Ken dot being that nig right now, you can tell cuz he complained about the magazine cover saying ken lamar and black hippy. He said he would leave group if ppl keep doint that. But to tell you the truth alot of ppl dont know black hippy and if they know about them is becuase of Kendrick popularity, so they need to relax, be happy their homey made it and ride his coatails. I been listening to Kendrick since the section 8.0 before he made it big, and anytime i mention black hippy to someoen, they never heard of them, then i say, “ist the group Kendrick used to be in”, then they know who im talkin bout.

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        That was the article I read but was trying to remember. Yeah you know what I was talking about then. You read it! Kendrick is a real humble dude I mean outside of the booth. The other members including ab soul are all biter insecure cats. They seem to whine all the time. Again if it was me I would be like yo why are you guys hating on my success and lyrical abilities you cats are nice also but don’t be insecure back stabbing me when we are supposed to be homies. Kendrick drop those lames and keep Jay rock he is the only real cat riding.

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  • DesignatedH8R

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