ESPN’s Skip Bayless: We Need To Kill The N-Word + Says Rappers Contribute To Problem

 It is absolutely silly, and unproductive to have a funeral for the word “n*gger” when the actions continue– Eban Thomas on Nas’ “Project Roaches”

(AllHipHop News) For centuries the word n*gger and its derivatives have been a point of contention amongst minority groups and White Americans. After Los Angeles Clippers player Matt Barnes sent out a tweet using the term, ESPN’s loquacious First Take host Skip Bayless wrote an editorial on announcing his stance on the N-word: he wants it dead.

During Wednesday’s  (November 13th) contest between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder, Matt Barnes was ejected for getting into a physical altercation with Serge Ibaka after Ibaka shoved Barnes’ teammate Blake Griffin. In response to his ejection, Barnes declared he will no longer defend his teammates and used some choice language (blurred out the N-word):


This was not the first occurrence of the N-word being used by athletes and thusly publicized this year. White Philadelphia Eagles’ Riley Cooper was caught on camera saying he will “fight every n*gger here”. Miami Dolphins’ Richie Incognito called fellow teammate Johnathan Martin the N-word through text messages and Warren Sapp has even stated that Incognito once called him a n*gger.

According to the opinionated Skip Bayless, the constant use of the N-word by celebrities, particularly rappers, may have a damaging affect on the psyche of young Americans:

God help us if today’s rampant use of the N-word – by rappers and athletes and movie-makers black and white – is subliminally signaling to white kids that it’s somehow OK to view black people in remotely the same way many of this country’s forefathers did: as subhumans mostly suited for enslaving and serving a superior race.

Bayless ended his lengthy editorial with one simple request: “I wish the N-word would die.”

This was not the first time someone has tried to kill the N-word. In 2007, members of the NAACP held a “funeral” for the N-word.

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  • dee

    rappers are to blame? what people fail to realize is they was saying nigga back when the beetles was out they act like the word nigga came out when hiphop started

    • Live Well

      True but Hip Hop commercialized the term to the point where it is a part of popular culture. It used to be a word used within black culture to counter the power of white supremecy. When you give it back to white people to use freely, you startin all over.

      • JondoE303

        Richard Pryor was really the one to popularize the term bacc in the day

      • dee

        i agree and people have forgotten about that

      • stealth

        Then he came back from Africa and announced he wouldnt use it any more. See Richard Pryor “Here and Now”. Look I use the word too but I’m not gone sit up here and defend the use of the word though.

      • Live Well


      • brotha_man

        stepped out of darkness into the light.

        “Blind leading the blind”

    • johnblacksad

      if you think about it, ever since slavery, I don’t think there were ever a moment when the n-word was not used…

      • dee


      • stealth

        But in what context was it being used. I dont think my grand parents generation was referring to each other as niggas ! I know you dont believe that neither.

  • It is absolutely silly, and unproductive

  • Dubz

    N*gga and N*gger is as different as there, their, and they’re…it isn’t the same meaning…context isn’t the same…no need to get offended.

    • Live Well

      It don’t work exactly like that. Any form of the word is offensive if somebody is offended by it. You gotta know who you can say it to and around. You can’t offend people and then be like, “I don’t mean anything by it so get over it”. Nah…

      • Dubz

        I agree with that, If it offend the person you are talking to then don’t use it towards them, that goes with any word not just the N word…but if I’m having a conversation with someone I know, don’t interrupt me talking about it offends you…I’m not talking to you…so mind your business.

      • Live Well

        True indeed.

      • brotha_man

        so if two skin heads are using offensive language one should not interject if their interacting amongst one another? what if children are around? not judging just asking

      • dee

        children been around hell we was children hearing offensive language that dont mean we all turned into criminals because of words its about your household and how you was raised

      • brotha_man

        well! thats going real well in chicago

      • dee

        whats going on in chicago dont mean all those kids are criminals believe its a good portion of those kids that would love to get out that situation in chicago

      • brotha_man

        but their being force fed the leftovers from hoover, real rick ross, etc …trust i was one of those kids, father and mother both fiends, still gone. the only reason i made it out, was the military and college. the kids dont want to be criminals, but its most of them are blind and misguided. I lost 5 of my homeboys (we were all 14- 15 years old) in one summer (true story) 2 were killed, one turned to heroine and crack( i damn near shed a tear, every time i see him pacing the streets asking for change, shit gave him the mind of a 5 year old, we still talk every now and then about growing up-he str8 up homeless, i aint seen him in a couple years now), 1 shot his homeboy over money, the other shot an 11 year old girl doing homework (stray went through the kitchen window, during a drive by). that was my breaking point and got out even if it meant enlisting. my point is if the streets are raising the kids….lost nation

    • thewordsmithmusic

      Any offensive name needs to get the FFF or of main stream media. Rapers first.

    • Sean Power

      you think it is but it’s not

    • JondoE303

      I used to think that too but that’s the reason that you have all these other races thinkin that it’s ok for them to use the word so freely

      • Dubz

        Are you upset because they are using a word we (black people) would like to reserve for just ourselves or are you upset that they are using it in a negative way?

    • brotha_man

      just like ye rocking the confederate flag. we are being sold the same product under different names and packaging

      • Dubz

        You’re describing the rap game with that comment…where rappers can package up the tragedies of the hood into music and sell it like crack to the masses that feed off it, dream about it, or wish they somehow could live it and survive….I could never see something wrong with turning a negative into a positive.

    • Immortal

      Man there is no difference in either one of them. And context doesn’t matter. Our forefathers fought and died to stop the use of it, but we (to include myself at times) still continue to use it. It’s not right to call another N*gga, nor is it right to have someone call me n*gger. We all laugh at the skits from Chappelle, jokes from Hart and Williams, but in the end, are we laughing at them, with them, or AT ourselves? IMO I think it’s the third one, because in the end, use of the word in any form means the jokes on us.

  • Live Well

    99% of the shit Skip says is crazy but I respect this point.

  • johnblacksad

    I wish the N-word was never born…

  • wickedjones

    I agree. Im tired of hearing it and ppl making excuses to use it. We use to use it privately, now we got all these rappers saying it and this fool matt barnes saying it on social networks. gtfu

  • eddieknucks

    I am guilty of using it. I am trying to stop. When I get the urge I say ninja. It’s crazy but it helps. The other day something happened to strengthen my resolve. My son, who is biracial had some friends over for the weekend. His friend brought over a copy of the new GTA. I did not allow my son to buy or play this game because of its content. Needless to say,two in the morning I hear” nigga this and nigga that” shoot that nigga and so on. I got out the bed and found they was playing that b.s. It opened a great discussion on the origins of the word and the fact that my son has heard me say the n word millions of time. I felt like the biggest hypocrite in the world and explained that for the past year I have been trying to detox myself from the word. We all need to put it to bed if we don’t want others saying it. It’s not cool anymore.

    • JondoE303

      I agree with you 100 percent it is hard to stop when you grew up around everyone using the word around you but we have no one but ourselves to blame at the end of the day it’s our choice whether to use the word or not I also try to use the ninja substitute and it does help a little

  • He is right. Dunno why it every time must be a white person to speak up,
    so we are listening. it’s stupid to use the word. It doesn’t make us look
    any better or smarter. So let’s leave it for good.

    We don’t need to identify ourselves as “black slavery product”.
    Since I’m African and my family were never slaves and my white
    family name comes from my white father, there is no logic here
    to identify with any of this. If we are slaves, we are all slaves to
    the system. Willie Lynch is now in action used by banks and
    corporations using media and mass psychology to govern us
    all. No matter what color. If you don’t obey you find yourself in
    trouble which you can’t imagine. No matter the color.

    First of all be yourself. Not color, race, religion, culture.

    Be yourself. And love yourself.

  • 84stickupkid

    Neva . Ignorant . Gettin . Goalz . Accomplished

  • killa


  • John Q. Public

    f what an athlete says… I see ppl on fbook and twitter refer to their 2 and 3 year old kids as their lil niggas. if u start callin a kid nigga before he can talk what u think gunna happen

    • anemia716


  • dee

    In the words of Charles Barkley ” I use the word nigga and Im going to continue to use the word”

  • ranfan

    That nigga Bayless need to hush lol. But seriously I respect his opinion and we all know that he’s right. People been saying the exact same thing for years. Just wont go away. It comes in handy in rap lyrics though I admit

  • Celz

    Mind ya business nigga

  • brotha_man

    I hate the word, my brothas and sistas use it, i choose not to. I grew up around cats saying. but I was in NC one summer during my Junior year of high school, me and my cousin was driving back roads and got lost, my great great grandfather was a sharecropper and was giving some of the land…so this was some old black outdate town. but we got lost and once we realized we were in the middle of what looked like some white supremacist retreat it was too late. thought we were gonna lose our life. went back and told my uncle (RIP) he had stories for days on the black and white conflict…shit was crazy being from St. Louis u see racism, but nothing like what we saw in NC.

    Reading Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison (gift from my sixth grade teacher) changed my life forever along with other trials in my life as a youngin

    • Invisible Man, that’s the Real Deal Holyfield right there. If cats ain’t knowin they better get familiar.

      • brotha_man

        you already of my favorite books

    • Eli Pinilla

      I was in Charlotte NC a few year back. And im chillin with some coworkers about to go to the far part of town for some work stuff. Forgot the name of the town, but when I told him we was goin there, dude was like “f*ck no”!!! I mean, ol boy got shook. Said they throw bottles at them, try to jump them. Harrase them, just everything. Racisim is real and there are certain parts of this country where its still 1920 and shit. Same with alabama. Some people told us too be indoors before 6 if you were black unless you wanted trouble….

      • brotha_man

        I think old heads call towns like that sundown towns….better indoors before the sun goes down.

  • stealth

    He’s absolutely right though. I been Watchin my use of the word every since I moved to Austin and heard how much these young mexican cats use it. Its like every other word coming out their mouth is nigga.

  • stackzscrilla

    Nigga Please…..

  • I used to use the word nigga more than any nigga in the world in my younger days..I honestly had one older guy that I used to look up to, he sat me down and made me realize how much i actually used the word, he explained to me how the word was offensive to people and the whole nine about the word. I naturally looked at him like “whatever nigga” and went about my business but started noticing my overuse of the word. I have since weened myslef off of the word to a certain extent but I hate when I hear a white person use the word because back in the day in STL we would whoop a white boy for even mouthing the words. Here it is 2013 and Im in Florida and these wiggas use the s*** like its cool. S*** aint cool in my opinion and i let it b known but its so rampant that I believe it has become too mainstream to eradicate it from our vocabulary. As black people we took the word and tried to turn it into a positive but what gave other races the right to do so. I realize now that it aint ever positive in a sense.

    • eddieknucks

      I’m feel the same way. I used it constantly.

  • StupidHipHopStuff

    How would you go about banning a word? First its unconstitutional, second how do you enforce it. Also shit doesnt have anything to do with Skip Bayless. Hes thought out and has a point, but its not up to him or any one person. On a different topic that nivolves Bayles; Richard Sherman (Seahawks corner, best cover cormein the game or tied with Revis), Sherman destroyed Skip,Sherm’s a funny dude and the best trash talking football player whos playing now. Shit last season he got in a fight with 3 different players (Steve Smith, a Red Skin Offensive line player, i think the center, punched Sherm after the Skins got destroyed in the NFC first round, the game where RG III got his knee messed up.

    • Bruce Leeroy

      Slow down son. Next time try to formulate a complete thought before u just start typing shit.

    • brotha_man

      not banning, just protesting. get people to agree on dropping the word from vocab

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  • brotha_man

    we are being sold the same product under different names and packaging

    • golder1

      You will never be able to delete that word from people vocabulary. Skip is not the rihgt person to deliver this message in the 1st place. And white people using this word is a choice and blaming it on black people using the word as an excuse for them to use it sounds like an argument of a child. We all are blessed with free will and whie people understand what is acceptable and what is not. 2nd people give this word to much power. Skip is using this word to give a a platform to speak and gain a little more visibility in the media. He really doesnt care about the use of this word.

  • Charter

    Agree or not… How ironic is it that white folks think they can dictate what is and is not allowed to be said among black people… WHITE people need to stay out of the discussion all together.

    • brotha_man

      this effects them too. we have to live with one another. you must admit the sh*t is confusing. you got incognitio for the Miami Dolphins be made an Honorary Brotha which allows him to use the N-word in his tight nit group of “brothas” but black people get mad when its leaked that he said it in public…… explanation needs to be made on how yall (exclude myself, cuz i dont use the word) want the word defined. cause some say its a term of endearment, but ive heard it used in the context of hate among brothers and sisters

    • dee

      thats what barkley said on air

    • Prince Morgan

      But at the end of the day that word is offensive to a lot of African Americans and frankly it is a lack of intelligence and form of self hate to continue to use it in my opinion. However, based on the comments we seem to be more offended that Skip, a White man said we should stop using that word. So would it be better coming from a African American? I don’t think believe that his intent was to “dictate” anything but rather expressing an opinion as we all do. Sometime we as African Americans read more into things then what there really is. To suggest that whites or anyone not of color should not discuss the use of that word is like saying if you are not a female you should not discuss women’s issues or if you are not a homosexual you should not discuss or be offended by prejudice against gays. You’er not African American or whatever is not really a valid argument, especially if a good point is made by that person. The fact that he was white does not make what he said any less true.

  • Nukirb

    Atypical of our people we can’t agree on anything. Whenever we don’t take care of our own white people in their arrogance do it for us. We gotta wake up.

  • RIV

    Hot-head barnes….

  • I’m as guilty as the next man of sayin it, gotta try and curb that shit cuz of the younger generation I’m tryin to bring forward that looks up to me, that there ain’t a good look. Cuz fukk a context, in all reality the shit’s harmful no matter how you slice it. It’s easy to say “Fukk that nigga, I’ma beat that nigga’s ass”…replace that word with “brotha”, and the shit don’t even SOUND like it goes together. Think about it…when we referred to each other as brothas instead of niggas, wasn’t all this self-genocide goin on, wasn’t no Chiraq-type shit poppin off. Soon as we all became niggas and the shit was cool, that’s when the value of a Black life dropped amongst ourselves. So even when it’s used as a “term of endearment”, subconsciously it still has those degrading undertones to it and has a much more detrimental impact than many realize.

    • eddieknucks


  • Elayorx El

    Well, coming from someone who once stated publicly that he was, “proud Blake Griffin was born from a white mother”, I can’t really put much weight on too much Skip Bayless has to say, and to think, I actually thought he was cut from a different cloth before his BG comments. When that type of downright, foolish racial pride is dead, and buried, maybe then we can work on getting rid of cavalier usage of disparaging racial epithets. Besides, so-called Blacks are probably one of the few groups on the planet, as quiet as it’s kept, that everyone else wants to be like. This has been going on for eons, and even when Blacks are not at their best, people still want to be like them. Other races are unable to flip words in other ways, because they probably are just not capable of doing it. I’m not saying that makes it ok though. Trust me when I say that the current usage of that word is the last thing the Ancestors are flipping in their graves over. Trust, and believe!

  • Truth Powell

    new age political correctness is scaring me.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Word!!! I cant stand this pc shit. People to stuck in their feelings. I think it has to do with the softening of this generation and the influence gays have had in the past 10 years.

      • Truth Powell

        Like seriously, who the eff is Skip Bayless to speak on killing the N–word??? All these people and their pc self righteous causes. Some people are trying to mold this country into a pc facist state.

  • billabongin00

    This is only the ice monkeys (white people) problem, they don’t have their own culture to criticize cuz they’re too busy stealing and critiquing our culture.


    (pronounced net-jer.” Now prounce the word “nigg..” and the word “net-jer,” and one sees the clear connection. N-g-r (Egyptian;pronounced en-jer) = God/N-t-y-r (Egypt; pronounced net-ger) = God.

    Know your history NIGGODS.

    • John Q. Public

      that’s sum dumb shit u just wrote