Hip-Hop Rumors: ROCKY STRIKES, Sylvester Stallone Calls Papz N***er!


Sylvester Stallone

Sly Stallone must have gotten hit in the head too many times from Clubber Lang and Apollo Creed! Why? This MF went on a rant where he called a Black paparazzi a N***ER!!!!!! Here is how it went down according to TMZ!

Sylvester Stallone had some harsh words for a paparazzo in Beverly Hills Thursday … grousing, “This f**king n***er here, this f**ker.”

Sly was leaving Caffe Roma with a friend. They were followed by a group of photogs. Sly then hurls the racial epithet. It comes at 7 seconds into the clip.

The video is a little difficult to hear, but as Sly turns the corner and looks over his right shoulder — back at the paparazzi — you clearly hear him use the n word. A little later in the video, you hear a female photog say to Sly, “Why the racial slurs?”

There were African-American photogs shooting Sly at Caffe Roma, but it’s unclear if the epithet was directed at them.

Sly Said…
“F**king N***er”
“F**king Ass**le”
Sly’s rep tells TMZ, the actor DENIES using the N word. The rep says Sly is insistent, he said, “F**king Ass**le.” The rep says the woman in the video who says, “Why the racial slurs?” was NOT talking directly to Sly. The rep says the photog made the comment so she could pump up the value of the video.

I hope not! I’d hate to stop watching Rocky after all these years. Give Mr. T and Carl Weathers their money or put them in “The Disposables” or whatever that movie is called!!!!!

Oh yeah…Rumor has it there is another Rocky flick in the works and, guess whow is reportedly anchoring it? A N***ER!

Michael B. Jordan is rumored to be playing in a new Rocky movie as Apollo Creed’s grand son that wants to box. I wonder who will make him a champion?

F**K you SLY! Say sorry and give those guys their just do!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • DJ7

    No surprises here…I mentioned in a previous post that AHH oh so kindly moderated…behind closed doors, ain’t sh*t changed…to the movers and shakers of the world…a nigga(er) no matter how you pronounce it…is the same now as were before…to think otherwise is beyond naive and truly irresponsible

    • ZUBU

      Word Bro, no surprises here!

    • StupidHipHopStuff

      Real talk. Everyone knows its the same word just spelled differently, and has the same connotations.

  • loco_en_el_coco

    A rant really? You’re gonna over hype this guy basically saying something under his breath and call it a rant? You can barley hear what he actually said man, people are so quick to jump on the racial bandwagon. Just like calling someone a fag is automatic homophobia right?

    • StupidHipHopStuff

      Yeah people are WAY to sensitive, mostly the newer generations but people in America in general want to be the victim. This is a non story in all honesty, lets say he said it, how is this news? Dudes Italian, they are known for disrespecting black people so its not a shocker Stallone deep down thinks this way. I think you’re right that they are gonna make this story way more than it is, and i’d bet hes going to eventually have to apologize to Sharpton or someone prominent in the black community. On a side note do black people really feel better or care if lets say Kramar apologizes to Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Be honest does it mean anything to you (black America) cause to me it would be a non issue because apologizing to one person doesn’t mean shit to me.

      People think way to highly of actors, 95% are dumb as all hell, they just have the looks that the audience like. Leading men/women that is, really good actors like Paul Giamati will forever be a bit player because he isn’t (according to women i know) good looking. I don’t get the looks being so important, as long as they don’t look like a bridge troll or they got punched by Meth then shouldn’t their acting be the important issue. If the ladies need eye candy go read one of those chick oriented magazines with good looking guys (whatever their version of playboy is ). Its like 1 in 1000 that you have a good looking actor who can act really good, most of the time its one or the other. Sylvester to me has neither but he must have appeal to women or how did he get so many movie roles. Rocky and First Blood are the only movies in my opinion that were good and he was the lead. Maybe another rocky too but the first one is the best by far.

  • Immortal

    If there is a Rocky reboot and this time a black man is going to be the reason behind it, I say cool, but wasn’t this done already when Rocky was mentoring Tommy Guns with the fake Don King? Sometimes you should know when to leave a dead horse alone.

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  • jondubock

    calling a pap the N word is an understatement….

  • brotha_man

    i bet some black dude gave him a pass to say it all the time *looking at money mayweather*

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  • Sean Power

    where is the video ? he call the paps a n word and the paps have no video ? sound shake

  • wickedjones

    this sh*t is starting to get old.

  • RichFromBX

    where’s the video? who’s to say this douche just didn’t like the way Sly was treating him and thought what better way to get back at him but to hit with the modern day witch hunt – this is the type of sh!t that allows real racism to lurk and wreak havoc on the low…these days people are so PC over the top that someone just has to say you said “ni&&ger and it becomes fact – there’s nothing anyone can do to save themselves even though their innocent. It’s like when a chick screams rape, you’re done…it’s impossible to come back from it – you’re innocent but for the rest of you’re life you’re always going to be the guy accused of rape.

    this type of bullsh!t just waters down actual and oppressive racism – another way the media just distract what really’s going on.

  • 1hiphophiphop


  • TruthSerum

    You are the type of Emo douche who would stop watching a movie because the person who portrayed the character is an idiot. Cornball, I bet you still listen to R. Kelly records even tho you know he molests little girls tho

  • If you glance at this rumor from the front page the headline text reads: “Guess who is calling US n***er now!” If Illseed indeed wrote this who is this US you speak of? The Hip Hop community or…? Could have swore you said you weren’t black.

    • StupidHipHopStuff

      Wouldnt surprise me if Illseed wasnt black. He writes bullshit articles/headlines full of lies or just plain bad journalism all the time. Cant trust anything on this site especially stuff written by illseed. I mean the “staff” seemingly cant figure out how to use spell check because most articles have lots of mispelled words, shouldnt have any i mean the word is f*cking underlined in red when you spell it wrong and you have to hit one button to fix your spelling.

  • dehova

    Not to give him a pass but why does black America use this? I keep hearing the argument that it’s to take power away from the word but it’s not a word that has helped us in any way. And by us I mean black people.

    • atle fjeldstad

      The funny thing is that u can`t take away the power of the word if u react to the word when someone says it.. And another thing people don`t take into consideration is that the white men on top stole black peoples rights to use it freely. Don`t really care about what sylvester stallone do either.

    • StupidHipHopStuff

      I dont get it either. Im not black so i dont have much insight into it cause i dont use the word because 1.) i pretty much dont use racial slurs, 2.) had good parents so i knew from the start the N word is something you never say no matter the context, and 3.) if you were gonna use a racial slur the N word is by far the worst and most offensive because of the history associated with the word, shit like cracker is stupid no white people should be offended by that. I dont even really get the origin of cracker (or the N word either, im guessing its just a variant of Negro maybe?). Some of the “racial” slurs are just not racial slurs, like jew or jap. To me thats just someone being to sensitive and looking for a reason to get offended. I also agree with you about the taking away the power of the word concept is bullsh!t. It hasnt taken away the power of the word, and black people are offended (rightfully so) the same as they were 30 years ago with regards to the N word, ger or gga.

      • dehova

        LOL I laugh as I am really starting to believe there are white folks more concerned with black equality than certain black folks. It’s like, Fat Joe and Pun saying the N word, not batting an eyelid. J Lo says it, uproar.
        IF Stallone said this, it’s no more love than when you got rappers over here (UK) like Giggs saying “ugly black gollywogs”. I keep hearing shit about reclaiming Hip Hop. That would involve getting rid of all that is bad for us. The glorification of these drug sellers who commit a double sin by spending the majority of their money (in appearance anyway) on buying expensive European cars.

      • Corey Corbin

        The word cracker had two origins. Old southerners(white) once had a political party called The Cracker Party. The second was used by slaves in reference to shorten the term “whip cracker”. So in using it you are really calling a white person master! Just like the word “honky”. When white men started having sex w/ black women more frequently they would never get out if their cars to pick them up, they would just “honk” their car horns. So blacks would start saying your honky is outside to get you. If we as blacks knew where the terms originated we wouldn’t use them! Just a history lesson

  • TheGreatGazoo2012

    The way blacks were/are treated in this country and looked at as less than the word carries different connotations. The n word was used to disparage educated and non-educated blacks. There is racial ignorance towards every race but none more than the black race. When mostly uneducated people are driving popular culture ie blacks and hip hop (I’m not saying all blacks in hip hop are uneducated I’m just saying a lot of blacks in hip hop are) they use the word because they’re brought up using the word or they use it to “take away it’s power” only someone uneducated would believe that to be a valid way to deal with a derogatory and demeaning word. When other races demean themselves like we do and allow everyone to use racial slurs against them because they’re just words then maybe I’ll consider thinking about not taking the word so seriously. Everyone knows better. You wouldn’t talk to your grandmother or your mother in a certain manner out of respect and that same respect needs to be given to everyone else you come across

    • StupidHipHopStuff

      Some real knowledge there. The thing about rappers being uneducated, i agree but its also a weird aspect of being a rap artists that higher education is bad, or at least not a positive thing. Like how 2 Chainz went to a good college but dodges the question and seems ashamed of it. Rich Boy went to a pretty good school and was a Engineering major, that takes brains man thats not bullsh@t degree. Its not like communication you cant skate by you really gotta actively study and learn ALOT to be able to hang with the higher level engineering classes. David Banner is one of the few rappers i can think of that seems proud he went to college, and doesnt try to hide the fact. You can tell hes a smart guy too, every interview or segment i’ve seen with him you can tell hes a deep thinker with well thought out opinions. I know Kanye went to college but he obviously dropped out, plus he was doing a music degree which isnt a degree you have to be very smart, just musically inclined which he obviously is.

  • Darrell Robertson

    What’s funny is that he doesn’t even know that he has the blood of black moors running through his veins.

    • Papi Peligro

      Shakes head. So did Hitler.

    • StupidHipHopStuff

      But if you believe in evolution its pretty accepted the first human like being to exist started in Africa and migrated around the world. So in a less direct sense everyone has “black” or more accurately African in their blood. If you believe in Adam and Eve then who cares cause your prolly ignorant (not saying you do im just saying the people who adamantly believe that is factual history).

      • Darrell Robertson

        I agree. That’s why for example I hate when people say things like most blacks have native American/ indian ancestry. shouldn’t it be the other way around, like native Americas/ Indian have black/ African ancestry instead

    • Sampson General

      Or, even funnier, maybe he DOES know. Hence, he’s entitled to say it, what with ‘nigga’ blood in his veins.

  • Papz do anything for money. So they don’t have a video.
    Guess they are angry Sly didn’t welcome them to take
    his photo.

    • scullyson

      Your reaching.

      • Just tired of the same old media trick
        to stirr up black man’s emotions.
        it’s like feeding animals. You throw in
        some random food and they all fight
        each other for the crumbs.
        Those media guys sit back and just
        laugh every time their trick still works.

  • Sean Taylor

    Google the headline and you will find the video on youtube / tmz. Too bad it looks to be filmed with a video camera from 1986. I couldn’t make out anything he said in that video.

  • How can I be mad? I’m black, but when I put myself in his shoes I’d say the same thing. “Thiiis n*****gga! Leave me the f*ck alone a** hole! I’m trying to EAT!”

    • Bumpy Johnson

      why “nigga tho”

  • James Jones

    Im a nigga – shes a nigga- wouldnt u like to b a NIGGA too!!

  • black

    Even if that is what he said, can’t make it out for sure, so what. News flash, that’s what they call all of us.

  • $21384666

    Lol nigs

  • C. Black

    That shit played out, stirs absolutely NO emotion in me whatsoever. Who cares? Swear folks give white folks waayy too much power. Folks need to start brushin these folks lil corny name callin off ya shoulders man. Is that shit stopping ya family from eatin, destroying the roof thats over ya head, next time you hear that word, look at em with the blank poker face and just shake ya head on some ” you know you pitiful right” type shit and keep it movin, hopefully hoppin in ya new 2013 cts rubbin that shit in.

    • God Body

      I kinda gotta admit you do have a point. It is pitiful rather than hurtful.

      • C. Black

        I swear mayne, I hear some shit like that and look at them fools like “foolish mortal” I be on some arrogant shit man I aint gonna lie, lots of them lack the supreme energy that I know we already have, so the shit iiterally does not get any reaction whatsoever from me mayne.

      • Sampson General

        What an ego. Supreme energy, lol. You think you special?

        Get some supreme punctuation in there, foolish mortal.

      • C. Black

        I don’t really think fam, I know. Two different things. I love you too though. Wish you much success.

    • gratayua506

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  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Honky just being a honky

  • Prohaska

    Exactly some bitch ass shit just shake your head ignorance is bliss always remember that and who is more mature as well

  • Blaq_Boi

    We walk around calling white people all sorts of mess… Do you know what they do? They keep walking and keep making that paper. Black folk lets get off this victim train cause at worst, most of our generation can’t even relate to the pain associated with that word so why do we become so up in arms at this sh*t? If it’s so hurtful then why are we in clubs singing along to songs with these words in em? If anything we should be up in arms about how easy we find it to use profanity towards our women, the mothers of our children. GET OFF THAT VICTIM SHIT!

    • BlackIntelligence

      This is not true. If an international black star supported by white money said “F these jewbags” he would be blackballed and never be allowed to work for another 20 years in hollywood. IE Arsenio Hall.

      It’s not being a victim. It’s called not tolerating disrespect from other groups no matter how little or small. If you let the small things slide it always lead to bigger things.

      IE The bully in the schoolyard calls you a punk and you don’t do anything then the next day he is taking your lunch money. This is basic psychology.

      Whether you like it or not racism means we are at constant psychological warfare with other races on a MACRO level.

  • Obi Won

    Families are destroyed by drugs, Population of men are locked/getting locked/will get locked up, AIDS rate is high, Young kids are still dying in neighborhoods NATIONWIDE, and we talking about the “N” word!! (in my Iverson practice voice)
    F that old azz dude keep it moving we got much bigger problems.

    • BlackIntelligence

      Does this mean we shouldn’t address other issues that come up? We are dealing with those issue as well. There are over 40million black people in america,

      MOST are living relatively okay. They are not dying or being destroyed by drugs. Don’t buy into the media. I’m in black neighborhoods all throughout America and they are just fine. Kids are playing, parents are working, and the environment is peaceful.

      There are certain areas with high crime which generally is due to high poverty and will fix itself over the next 10 years as new entrepreneurs open up the new wave of businesses in these areas. IE detroit, Chicago.

      • Obi Won

        Trust me Cuzzo, I’m not saying 40 million blacks are struggling or are in piss alleys, but right now there is still a large push of ACTION being done towards minorities keeping them down. Worrying about being call the N word is the least of the worries.
        What neighborhoods have u been too?!?! The environment isn’t peachy all the time. I don’t need media when I can just go outside or look at the local news that has a dramatic story back to back to back. Again I personally feel like its more to worry about than entertaining some Old Rich White guy for calling a paparazzi the N word. People are still going to support his movies and he’s still going to be known as a legend
        Minorities have to take care of home first instead of dwelling on the pebbles bouncing off the Giant.

  • Weedras

    If you ain’t mad at hearing your fellow black man throw the word around and say its a term of endearment then don’t get upset when its used as it was intended to…. hypocrisy

  • DollasTX

    You gold-teeth-gold-chain-wearin’, fried-chicken-and-biscuit-eatin’, monkey, ape, baboon, big thigh, fast-runnin’, high-jumpin’, spear-chuckin’, three-hundred-sixty-degree-basketball-dunkin’ titsun spade Moulan Yan. Take your PHUCKIN’ pizza-pizza and go the PHUCK back to Africa