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EXCLUSIVE: Kool G Rap & Necro Share Their Thoughts On Drake, Big Sean, Lil Wayne & Mainstream Radio

(AllHipHop Features) Kool G Rap and Necro released their new joint LP Once Upon A Crime today. The 18-track album covers the themes of mafia tales, street life, and murder. The duo (known collectively as The Godfathers) also use the project to take a few shots at contemporary rap music like on the track “Heart Attack” where Necro spits “rap is full retards in leotards trying to be hard.”

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During a recent interview with AllHipHop, the leader of “Death Rap” expounded on that sentiment and even referred to a couple of young emcees by name.

“I don’t really have a problem with Drake because I understand what he’s doing,” says Necro. “It don’t really affect me, but if people think that’s real Hip Hop then they’re mistaking R&B for Hip Hop. Drake to me is R&B. He’s not Hip Hop.”

Even though he’s not willingly to categorize the Young Money entertainer as Hip Hop, Necro is understanding of Drake’s musical approach. The Brooklyn producer/rapper was less forgiving of G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean.

“I don’t hate on [Drake]. There are particular artists I really don’t like. Like Big Sean, he makes me sick,” stated Necro. “Drake, I get what they’re doing, but I don’t think they’re doing anything better than what we do. It is what it is. It’s pop. It’s like a sequined outfit. It’s ‘YMCA’, and we’re Curtis Mayfield.”

Kool G Rap provided his thoughts on mainstream rap and the influence of radio programming on the masses. In his view, the music played over the airwaves is structured to leave people ignorant.

“Statistically the I.Q. level in this country dropped. So that’s either by natural event or done by design. I think it’s done by design,” says G Rap. “Radio is only embracing a certain type of sound. It’s intentional to keep us dumbed down. There are certain elements that don’t want a public capable of critical thinking.”

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“Let’s keep it real. Hip Hop when it started came from a certain style of person. Then it went corporate, made a lot of money, and then started losing its soul little by little,” adds Necro. “When it’s corporate you’re going to be told by some dude that don’t know nothing about it that you have to change it. I don’t want that dude’s opinion.”

G Rap and Necro do at the very least respect the artistic perspective and drive of a few major label artists. For G, he recognizes the rappers that are keeping street rap alive, a style he helped establish.

“Rick Ross is still spitting from a street perspective. He might do it over a different kind of track sometimes, but if you listen to what he’s saying he’s talking about the drug game. It’s still that street element,” points out G Rap. “If you listen to Lil Wayne he’s doing the same thing. That particular style hasn’t died unless you’re willingly to say Meek Mill is not relevant. Pusha T is not relevant. Rick Ross is not relevant. Lil Wayne is not relevant.”

Necro may not be a regular listener to Wayne and Cash Money’s music, but he admits that he can’t knock their hustle. As a follower of Hip Hop he acknowledges Wayne’s decade long run in the game.

“I’m not a hater of Lil Wayne, because I’m aware of Wayne’s come up. I’m aware of Wayne starting as a little kid that Baby picked up on the street at like 13. So you’re talking about dude that put in at least a good 10 years,” Necro says. “I respect big time what Cash Money did, because I’m a hustler and those guys are the pinnacle of hustling. I got respect for those dudes. It’s just not like I’m a huge fan of their music, but I’m not a hater of their music either.”

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To purchase Kool G Rap & Necro’s Once Upon A Crime visit www.necroproduct.com or iTunes.

Watch the video for The Godfathers’ “Heart Attack” below.

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  • Julio

    hatin old ass rappers not getting radio play, so now they gotta throw shots

    • i saw your comments, all of them negative like your whole life hater

  • GQ

    these niggas look dusty… ol sears off the rack ass suits…

    I couldn’t tell you what’s played on the mainstream radio though, haven’t listened to that shyt in almost 10 years.. Ni99as got too many options to care whats on the radio

  • Jonathan Bacher

    at least not afraid to call names

  • water_ur_seeds

    G Rap one of the greatest to ever pic up the mic, pre ordered this joint awhile ago, seems they talked about this collabo for yeeeeears bout time its finally dropped…

    Necro put in mad work in this game since the early 90s, him and Bill hustled hard…

  • David Gonz

    g raptor 5 all time easy….. and necro had some hits back in the day … but I’m not feeling this combo. they sound tired..

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  • Guillaume Pilon

    necro is cool

    but why he feel to d1ck ride ymcmb

    • Tony G.

      he respects the hustle..thats dickriding???..come on bro

  • $18592567

    Kool G. Rap in my top 10…

    Big Sean is annoying imho…

    Drake not being hip hop… That’s when I’ve got to bounce.

    Drake ain’t the coolest rapper to ever do his thing, but he’s absolutely a major part of our hip hop community. Disputing that makes you look crazy.

    It cracks me up how a white boy can say “Let’s keep it real. Hip Hop when it started came from a certain style of person. Then it went corporate, made a lot of money, and then started losing its soul little by little,”. I totally accept white people as full on members of hip hop culture (none of that guest stuff over here), but it’s funny how dudes like Necro will try to say who’s hip hop based off their own criteria. Why make it harder for cornballs? They face enough challenges.

  • jondubock

    im sure r&b artists doesnt think the nagger is r&b either…

    • Tony G.

      he’s closer to r/b than hip hop

  • Delly

    That’s there opinion. My opinion is that they old asses is irrelevant hating ass wack juice rappers. I fucks wit Sean don and Drake(not so much). Them old niggaz need to get some life insurance before they families cant afford there funerals.

    • Tony G.

      these “old” rappers as u refer..(shows ur age)…Kool G. Rap is always mentioned in the lists of greatest rappers of all time..Drake or Sean will never be mentioned…respect the culture and the history..its idiots like u that are the reason the game is BS and watered down like it is today.

      • Flex

        and its idiots like you that us young folks call haters cuz your stuck in the past and don’t wanna give the new guys a chance and and honestly i dont even know who the hell kool g rap is but i know ugk jayz nas wu tang ext ext. and they all give mad props to drake so say what you want but those are hip hop arist and they seem to think highly of these BS watered down rappers as you refer..(shows how much you know).

      • Brian Foster

        ” i dont even know who the hell kool g rap is”… If you don’t know the topic, you shouldn’t join the conversation. That’s the textbook definition of ignorance.

      • ursocalledgod

        give these new guys a chance? lol they give the real thought provoking artists a chance. not these pop artists. put it like this all those mcees you named that have done something will still be around another 20yrs. can you say that about some of your favorites of today? definitely not drake or big sean. that music has no staying power.

    • ursocalledgod

      BIG SEAN..REALLY? come on kid. Drake is cool but hes an pop artist or better yet an R&B artist with a few raps. if you think thats hip hop you have no idea what it really is. btw Big Sean is the wackest rapper since soulja boy real talk and im from the D so this aint no out of town diss shit.

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  • Immortal

    I’m feeling this. Gives that old school NY feel, and the rhymes feel right. Whoever said NY isn’t holding it down must still be on some radio ish. No Driding here, just enjoy good music. I’d like to get hold of that Ill Street Blues hat. On the video tho, fellas you could’ve done better. Why show yourselves on can am’s riding in circles in a parking lot? Didn’t get that at all. But again a solid from two of the best.

  • TruthSerum

    Necro is a great producer but on the Mic he’s the most obnoxious/annoying rapper I’ve ever heard. Had Godfathers been a Necro produced G Rap solo album instead it would have been great but Necro as a MC is so bad that I’ll never listen to this again.

  • Tony G.

    Its funny that when vet rappers have an opinion and it doesn’t coincide with the youngsters or the mainstream then its considered hating..which is one of the most overused words ive ever heard in my life…Kool G will always be considered one of the greatest ever..just becuz people don’t feed into the BS yall like doesn’t mean they are hating..it means they have an opinion. Where they lost me was co-signing bum ass RR as street……but hey..thats their opinion too..

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  • Marieee

    I’m a fan of old school hip hop, Whodini, ATCQ, Nas, Eric B. & Rakim, etc you name it, but I do listen to Drake as well. He’s one of the few artists out today I can actually stand listening to. I think Drake gets a lot of negativity, I seriously think he doesn’t deserve disses like that when there is much worse out there. Is he the best? No, but he really isn’t the worst either. I don’t put him on a level like I would Nas, Biggie, 2PAC, Rakim, and Ice Cube but I also don’t think he deserves all the hate he gets. My opinion though.. Soulja Boy? GARBAGE, Big Sean? GARBAGE, Tyga? GARBAGE.

  • 2 spitters!!! I wish they could come up with a “COMMERCIALLY ACCEPTABLE” joint tho. I’m guessing… by CHOICE they DON’T want to. It would be cool to see them shinin’ in the MAINSTREAM. They might not be 20 something anymore but they can STILL spit it. At least G Rap isn’t one of those dudes that got whack with age. He sounds better RIGHT NOW than a lot of YOUNG kats rappin’ in the mainstream. #TRUTH.

    Necro is from my old Hood and I’ve seen him MURDER a cypher several times, some time ago. I always wished he would make it BIG (because I’ve seen him put in work for a LONG time and he was a Cool dude). He has done GOOD for himself tho.

    Being OBJECTIVE I’ll say this…

    I don’t particularly subscribe to this style of music anymore but I’ll STILL show LUV off G.P.


    9enteractive .com

    9e: Vol. 1 feat. ANTi & SHIFTY LEE

    or google

    datpiff ANTi & SHIFTY LEE

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