Maino & Trinidad James Speak On Leaked Phone Conversation (VIDEOS)

(AllHipHop News) The issues between Trinidad James and Maino came to a head this week when a private conversation between the two rappers made its way online. During the phone discussion Maino made it clear that he felt Trinidad needed to apologize for his recent comments about Southern rap running New York.

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VladTV caught up with both Maino and Trinidad to get their responses to the leaked convo. When asked for his thoughts about the private phone call becoming public Trinidad says he is not surprised it was released.

“When you’re in the industry and you understand it for what it is that ain’t nothing new,” replies Trinidad. “Whatever the reason – whoever, if not him – put that out there for, I hope it does what it’s suppose to do for them because it don’t do nothing for me.”

After reiterating that he never meant to disrespect NYC, the Atlanta rapper shares that he is not into arguing over social media.

“I’m not about any type of  Twitter beef. I’m a real n***a,” said Trinidad. “The industry is different than real n****a life, so things get handled differently.”

In his interview, Maino responds to the audio becoming public by saying, “It could be worse. That’s a conversation. Things could go to other places.”

Maino also shares his opinion that Trinidad never offered a real apology for the comments directed at his hometown.

“His apology wasn’t an apology. It was, ‘I’m not apologizing because I don’t believe in apologies because I was speaking the truth’,” said Maino. “You came out of your truth when you offered n****s to the tar.”

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Watch both interviews below.

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  • RichFromBX

    dude doesn’t owe anyone an apology, wtf does he have to apologize for, having an opinion?

    • rob rob

      He stated his opinion. But think about it. These days or even back in the day when NY was really poppn, could a NY rapper go to any other city talkn that NY runs your city in Hip Hop? Hell No!!! A local or even a rapper from that city is gonna feel the need to address that and even approach a dude for talkn reckless.Real talk. Then if that NY rapper got effd up in that city then dudes would be talkn that “he should’ve known better” BS. Well that $h!t goes both ways homie!!!

      • RichFromBX

        and that’s why motherfvckers are still getting shot over the dumbest sh!t – so what, someone says some shit, unless they do some sh!t then let’em go on with that. I mean, if you’re at a show and someone speaks like that and you a rapper, go eat’em on the mic if you think you nicer – to catch dude off stage and whip is a$$, what did you prove? Okay, you beat his ass – still doesn’t change the hip-hop point of view of their city being nicer than yours. Unless, you believe the violence is a part of hip-hop? which then you can’t blame when others have the negative view they do on the culture.

  • Casor_G

    6 minutes of Maino talking loud on the phone…

    In the words of Webbie “Stop all that talking and walk it, If you going to serve me , then serve me….. you and them other two ninjas is duck, duck, goose”

  • RayNal

    Yall know damn well Maino a goon, so why is we even having this convo about this shit.

    • StupidHipHopStuff

      Latest way to create press or interest in his career? Cause hes not getting spins or selling records based on his music. So im guessing they want to bank off the gangster image, but in this case it sorta went nowhere cause Trinidad James wasnt punked. Realistically he should of never recorded it, and if he did (which he obviously did) then when the call goes no where dont release it. I mean there is no way anyone is dumb enough to think anyone other than Maino recorded the convo right?

  • black god

    I like maino but he acting real lame, you trying to shine off Trinidad james?

  • Montezuma1

    All the NY haters always got something to say. When anyone talk shyt about NY it’s NY fell off. Pac did it and he’s god. Let somebody from NY say something and the rules change. Maino punked James the way 50 punked Buck. Some people talk a lot of noise in public and kiss azz when nobody’s looking. Let’s keep it 100. James is a coon. A porch monkey. The type of black image white execs are comfortable with and like to push. I don’t see him as a “Southern” artist I see him as a buffoon. True indeed there seems to be a steady flow of minstrels coming from Atl but French Montana shows we got them everywhere. Hip Hop is a shell of what it once was. In large part because of all the crab in a barrel thinking and actions that started in Cali and is now trying to take hold in the south. Good music is good music and one hit wonders like James should be thinking about retirement from music because it’s right around the corner. People like TJ run hip hop alright. Ran it right into the ground.

    • regal84

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but that crab in a barrel stuff didnt come from Cali…It came from NY, even 50 and Jay say NY is full of snakes and crabs that only look out for themselves..when the West came on the scene, there was sooooo much hate from NY media and artists, just due to the fact that another region was getting shine…”Bow Down” from Westside Connection was the # 1 record in the country without getting ANY spins in NY…..ZERO!!!! what does that tell you about who the crabs REALLY are???

      • Montezuma1

        50 and Jay? And they’re the authority? lol You don’t live in NY. The generalizations are the tools of uninformed, inexperienced people who see the world through a very narrow corridor. No one from NY even acknowledged other regions to so much as disrespect them. Do your history. Even wack Hammer came out dissing Run-DMC. LA gangsta rappers were forever complaining about not getting love in NY like desperate housewives. I specified LA gangster rappers and not all Cali rappers. It’s a fact that the same black on black violence made popular in LA gang culture found its way into the music by the same ignorant sambos. NY artists were just doing them. This whole regional thing is an exploitation of the inferiority complex long held by some people for various reasons. “NY” in their simple mind was always the standard to top and it doesn’t take much for them to believe they’ve lived out their fantasy.

        What artists like NWA did and now some artists in the South do is simple. They conform to the most vile stereotypes of blackness that make white people comfortable in their arrogance. “Look at the dumb ni99as. Thank god we’re not one of them.” That is the legacy of those particular acts. What the “Bow Down” mentality rappers brought to the table is modern day “Buck Fighting.” Only a true idiot could be proud of that.

        Quick to tell fellow blacks to bow down while wearing knee pads for Jimmy Iovine, Jerry Heller, Bryan Turner, and the rest of the white boys those particular West Coast artists prostituted themselves for. Where are they now? What good did it do? All washed up bums still holding onto NY hate. A bunch of self-hating minstrels.

      • atle fjeldstad

        You say that new york didn`t even acknowlegde other regions.. Isn`t that the same as disrespecting? New york seem so narrow-minded.. Besides going to war for a city, is like taking a piss to make your bed warmer.. and who says new york rappers havent been on they knees sucking industry dick from day one?

      • Montezuma1

        It’s not disrespecting. We started rap and it took well over a decade for anyone else to catch up where they had to be acknowledged. Bottom line is NY rappers were literally ahead of other areas because they were doing it LONGER. For some reason people get insulted by this fact. Eventually people caught up. Ras Kass, Dre 3000 and Eminem are proof. Unfortunately, they’re members of an elite group of lyricists and look how long it took for them to emerge. People say Scarface but I don’t put him in the same league lyrically as the aforementioned 3. Seems to me nobody wants to earn respect and recognition. They feel entitled. That’s the biggest problem with the whole anti-NY hate in hip hop. Making matters worse are the white execs who upon realizing the NY standard wasn’t necessary to MAKE MONEY systematically lowered the bar so anyone can do it in the name of commercialism. There are far more ignorant people in the world than educated, informed ones so all that deep talk people like Public Enemy and others were attempting was no longer needed. KRS made an album called Sex & Violence 20yrs ago that addressed this very point. And yes, NY rappers had their issues from day 1 but it pales in comparison to what we have today. They at least tried to promote positivity. It’s just that negativity turned out to be more popular. You should also know NY was far more violent in the 80’s and early 90’s than anywhere famous for gangsta rap. The difference is NY artists didn’t pretend to be from that life until the other fakers showed how profitable pretending to be a gang banger, killer, drug dealer is.

        Hip Hop has a sort of lyrical “bell curve” to make the influx of intellectually challenged fans and artists feel at home. This was done all in the name of profit. The fact the dummies are winning is cause for concern not celebration. Now being an ignorant loser is en vogue.

      • Elayorx El

        DAMN!!! Top Comment!

      • jiggy nigga

        the last part i dont agree with but im from ny and yeh ny fell of because ny rapperes beefed too much, thats how we fell off same way cali fell off too

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  • maino is being too sensitive,plus why the hell did he record the phone call?(nigga put reverb on the vocals) i guess he thought he could punk trinidad james or make him seem like a b!tch on the phone and expose it to the public to boost his own image..lame sh!t

    • StupidHipHopStuff

      pretty much agree with you 100%. Publicity move by a bum rapper whos not selling records, and is insanely sensitive for being a man over 30 or however old his ass is. He shoulda just left it alone, who cares about Trinidad James or his thoughts on NY, same way the south could care less about how NY/East coast rappers think about the south and southern hip hop.

  • odan

    Maino didn’t punk Trinidad, he out talked him…..All that ra ra shit, and Trinidad still didn’t apologize… what, kill all dis bullshit…..Let it go, Dude ain’t scared!!!

  • johnblacksad

    after all this public back n forth, Maino ain’t gon do sh!t… at least directly… the hip hop police is real and they will pin him with the quickness…

    • Maino will take the summons for putting hands on a dude.

      He’s off parole, so don’t doubt that he won’t touch ‘ole boy.

      • StupidHipHopStuff

        Hes still a convicted felon, not like just being off parole puts you back to square one as far as future cases go. Maino hopefully isnt dumb enough to go at Trinidad physically, its to stupid of a reason to waste energy and possibly money/years in prison.

    • jiggy nigga

      son he cant come through ny period, its not maino hes suppose to worry about, he cant go through any borough in ny without getting touched. yall worrying about maino, hes not the only problem, im from bk seen this shit happened too many times,

  • odan

    We need to stop motherfuckers like vlad tv, from instigating too….Fact

    • DJ7

      Was about to say the same thing…he won’t be satisfied until someone gets hurt or someone else pays his punk a$$ another visit…whichever comes 1st is in the air b.u.t. I also lay blame on these media happy rappers that can’t seem to stay away from this chump adding fuel to the flames.

      • odan

        U right homie

    • $18592567

      Vlad is the worst… One day he’s gonna get smacked up (oops I think that happened already).

      • StupidHipHopStuff

        Wait what is the story. I gotta know who smacked vlad? I would love to see that, that smug SOB needs to get hit. I dont get how that site could afford anyone a living. Videos have like 500-10 k views, how much could you get from advertisers? Its cheap as shit too, you see a series of interviews from one dude appear over a 3 month period in which he has the same clothes on at the same location for every one of them. Like for instance any of Lil Duvals videos, hes on the couch with that black clothing on. They must get someone and ask them a bunch of boring ass questions and split them up so they drop over a 2 – 4 month period.

      • $18592567

        In 2008 he got caught up talkin’ smack about Rick Ross’ past CO duties and one thing led to another… Next thing you know he got duffed out by the Bawse’s entourage. VLAD sued for and won 300k…

    • Montezuma1

      Ni99as need to not be so quick to speak on the next man and point fingers. If I’m an artist all I got to talk about is my art. This is what happens when fools stray from the script. All that moron had to talk about was his album that’s never coming out and he would’ve been good.

  • John Q. Public

    Maino losing his street cred with this hoe shit he pulled.

    • rob rob

      How’s he losing street cred. Maino keepn it 100!!! NY rappers can’t go no where talkn bout NY runs that city in hip hop based on radio spins w/o being approached by a local or to. Then dare someone to object to his statement? So why should NY take that $h!t. Maino a real dude. ASAP Rocky and all these young Ny rappers who fuks with TJ doing shows w/ him and all should’ve set that nucca straight foreal.

      • John Q. Public

        He secretly recorded a phone call and put it on the internet. That’s sum middle school girl shit.

      • Charter


      • StupidHipHopStuff

        Exactly. And on the vlad tv interview about the convo Maino doesnt say he didnt record it, and looked like he was guilty as shit of doing that when the subject came up. But realistically how could a private phone call get recorded? Either the dude calling or the dude picking up recorded it. Why would Trinidad James have all his phone calls recorded? Maino was hoping to get press and props from NY fans but it backfired because he did a bitch move and TJ wasnt shook. Dudes over 30 yet acts like a middle school kid, grow up. Rappers are sneaky bitches man, secretly recording conversations what the f&ck. Maino should worry about selling records and not about what some rapper said a bout NY.

      • Tell-it-like-it-is

        i would think because recording a phone convo that basically went nowhere is a gay as being in a twitter beef. real ppl don’t say shit tell they come face 2 face with who they need to speak with.

      • rob rob

        Dude obviously don’t know Maino. That convo happen after TJ left NY. Maino will approach any nucca he has a problem with (Face to face)check the resume! The one thing I will agree with is recording that convo was beneath him. Still… I stand by my dude!!!

      • Tell-it-like-it-is

        so my question is why did maino wait to call him after he left NY? TJ made it pretty clear where he was gonna be. I aint saying maino is a punk cuz dudes been through some shit, but he pulled some weak shit with this one. Especially after he called out all them New Yorkers for not saying anything last time he was in town. I would think if i was hooping and hollering about somebody talking shit in my town and then that dude says “well ill b in town in a week” I guarantee I would be front row.

      • rob rob

        Maino could have been anywhere at the time. No one can knock him for that. The industry isn’t as big as you think. Maino and TJ may cross paths out of state, in NY or where ever. I promise you, TJ don’t want problems with Maino. And You see all the heat he catchn now right? Why he sending NY dudes to set up a sitdown, coppn please with Myssone. Like TJ said, he’s just telling the truth so fuk making dudes understand and just stand your ground. Real men stand by their words!!!

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  • Elayorx El

    Well, I have many fond childhood memories of BK, and most of them include what we are seeing still today, that BK N’s are always ready to stand up! I’m not sure, but there just seems to be some underlying tension relative to the South’s feelings of NY. We saw this a few years ago with Jay Elec, and that whole thing getting blown out of proportion. For the record, the rest of the world cannot hold ALL of NY accountable for the acts of a few from over here, that may be in control at a particular time. Coming up, we predominantly had love for wherever Hip-Hop(operative word), was being represented sincerely. Ok, some things take getting used to, like with me and Bone Thugs. At first I was like, WOW, these dudes can’t be Hip-Hop, can they? A short while after that, I thought they were the best out of the South, at one point, now Hip-Hop Hall of Fame worthy! Maino did what any Hip-Hop loving, NYC native, BK born, and bred brother would do. Making sure the respect stays where it should, regardless of the status quo. Hip-Hop stand up!

    • Montezuma1

      Don’t waste your time. These are self-hating blacks with severe inferiority complexes. The music industry and NY radio are controlled by middle aged white men. Their solution to fighting a structure that denied them is to attack other blacks. Let them waddle in their ignorance. They’ll never amount to shyt anyway.

      • Elayorx El

        Wow. I hear you though.

    • atle fjeldstad

      You do know that Bone thugs are from cleveland? Saying cleveland is a part of the south, you must be a retard..

    • Kyle Meta4ce

      Cleveland is not the south, my nigga…it’s technically NORTHWEST of NYC

      • Elayorx El

        Point taken. We used to think they were from the South, and I guess my mind was still there. Good lookin fam.

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  • Boomie Rogers

    They too old for this bs.

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  • Montezuma1

    Until you morons get past your petty, childish, feminine envy and jealousy of the next man you’ll never be anything but the peon you entered the world as.

  • Tell-it-like-it-is

    recording calls and twitter beefs go hand in hand. that shit is for middle school girls. if u have a problem with dude u wait till u see that dude n then u have words. Maino knew he was coming to new york why did he have to pull this teenage girl drama and not just come through and handle it like a man face to face. this shit has gotten extremely gay.

  • Yeah Maino that was a sucker move you pulled. Could’ve just stepped to Trini & let him know what’s up. Man times have sure changed, and HOL UP!!!! Maino the same clown who was clowning Big Sean,(calling him lil Sean) then when Sean stepped to him it was all apologies…….FAKE ASS NI66A

    • rob rob

      When did Sean EVER step to Maino? And don’t tell me at the Red carpet event at BET was it? Cause Maino definitely cleared some $h!t up in amnor where Big Sean was just shaking his head in agreement, like he didn’t want no problems.

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