Maino Confronts Trinidad James Over The Phone (Audio)

(AllHipHop News) Trinidad James upset some native New Yorkers when he got on stage in NYC and said the south runs New York. One particular Big Apple emcee that was very vocal about his issues with Trinidad’s statements was Brooklyn’s Maino.

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The “Hi Hater” rapper decided he wanted to speak to Trinidad directly, so Maino called the Atlanta entertainer. The conversation was recorded and has now hit the internet.

“Whatever your intention was it was different from what your actions was that night,” Maino can be heard telling Trinidad. “We can get to a better place all you need to do-  I ain’t saying you need to apologize to me cause it ain’t about me, it’s about my city- you need to apologize to my city.”

“It’s coming out tomorrow,” responded James referring to his video message titled “The Truth Will Set You Free” that he released earlier this week.

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Maino goes on to say that he does not believe Trinidad would have said the same things about Detroit, Chiacgo, or Los Angeles in those cities, and if Trinidad wants to challenge a NYC rapper he will step up and defend his city.

Maino also sent out a tweet yesterday quoting Trinidad’s hit song “All Gold Everything”

Listen to the entire phone convo in the video below.

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