Killa Sin

Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate Killa Sin Arrested For Attempted Murder

(AllHipHop News) Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Jeryl “Killa Sin” Grant was arrested last week in Staten Island for shooting a man named Darnell Brown outside a night club on November 16th. Grant is being accused of firing half a dozen shots at Brown.

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A police source tells Staten Island Advance that Grant spoke with authorities and gave his side of the story. According to the source the Killarmy member arrived back to his truck after leaving a party to find someone standing by his vehicle. Killa Sin then asked the person “What’s up?” The man answered “What the f**k’s up with you?” From there shots rang out and Brown was left with 6 bullets in his chest.

Killa Sin is being charged with second-degree attempted murder and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon. He is currently on parole after serving four years for an attempted weapon possession conviction in 2007. He also served three-year for a 2003 weapons conviction.

Killarmy released their debut studio album Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars on Wu-Tang Records in 1997. The Hip Hop group later released their A Day In The Life DVD in 2003.

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  • richard_b_hard

    DAMN,I hope he beat this case and gets a chance to work on his music,that drunk tongue joint was the illest. But I know he a real nigga and real niggas recognize,but I just hope my nigga KILLA SIN don’t get that MAX B time.

    • heavyboy

      SMH….. this muthafucka here wants dude to beat the case after allegedly putting 6 bullets in somebody chest cause he wants to hear a couple more rap joints from the nigga (laugh!)*

      • richard_b_hard

        Where you there??
        Do you know what caused him to shoot the guy six times?
        Do you know if the other guy did anything to cause himself to be shot,such as pull out or made it seem he was going to pull a gun of his own?
        Do you have all the information surrounding the case??
        Are you the detective who interviewed witnesses and the “victim”???
        Have you ever been to “SHAOLIN”??
        Do you know the real meaning of “protect ya neck”?

      • heavyboy

        (Laugh)…. it’s the way you worded it bruh. You worded it like you don’t give a damn if he did it or not…. you just hope that he “Beats” the case and you don’t want to see him do “MAX B time”. It’s the way you worded it*

      • richard_b_hard

        Ok, I see what you are saying LOL
        Now if he just straight up shot dude without any provocation then he has to deal with the consequences,but if he was defending himself or had a good enough reason to I ‘m just hoping they don’t try and use all the past incidents and try to build a mountain on top of Mr. Grant is all I’m saying.

  • water_ur_seeds

    Dude got 6 bullets in his chest and survived? He needs to buy a lottery ticket!

    • jondubock

      or he can start a rap career….guranteed platinum status….

  • johnblacksad

    Killarmy in your galaxy, in your continent, in your state, in your city
    take e mto war, throw your grenades, this shit is gritty…

    • Their debut was some High power ‘chet from a non established group.

      Folks sleep on Staten Island…that ‘chet is grimy & gritty out there & very, very dangerous!

      • johnblacksad

        Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars… the title alone and that Wu-stamp had already validated the album.

        I remember paying about 27 euros for the album because it could only be found on import…

        It was an instant like from the first note… “We’re at war with an enemy we can’t see, it’s brutal conspiracy of killings, bombing, assasination, and mass murder… now the principle language spoken here is gunfire… grab your bullet proof vests niggaz… word up!

        Grab your army suits and your fat black boots, military gear, and go out like troops…”

        I fcuked (and still fcuk) with Killarmy something heavy! Magnificent first album… uncut, raw, grimy, gritty, brutal… they handled that military theme properly (and I know that speaks to you)

        Masta Killa dropped one of the best verses ever on 5 Star General!

        Make me wanna listen to it right now!

        Killarmy is up there… right next to the WU!

        You right on that Shaolin tip… ever seen the video of the Wu being filmed in Staten Island and gun shots rang in the back while RZA was being interviewed… he just said “bang bang… gitty gitty gun shots… Staten Island, that’s nothin…” or sum chet like that? lol

        *edit* here’s the vid on youtube : Wu Tang Clan In Staten Island Park Hill Projects (Part 2)

      • I’ve been out there in Park Hill.

        I can’t describe it other than gritty.
        In the 260 ( Two Six Oooooh ) at 3am, looking out the window into this huge 300-500 car parking lot, and seeing Meth’s green Cherokee with the gold trims & rims parked in the middle….with only like 3 other cars in the whole jawnt.

        Pissy elevators & staircases.

        If you not from around there…’s not the place to be, even if you holding, they are hoiding too, with the advantage of the terrain.

        Two ways? off the island, only one to the city…by boat?

        6 shots = 6 hits?

        ‘Chet is real out there…believe the hype.

      • ZUBU

        The Wu, ain’t never been no joke. From the start 1st album 36 Chambers “Wu Tang Clan ain’t Nothing To Fukk Wit.” Them brothas were not bluffing. I’ve heard crazy stories over the year about some of the Wu, they say Ghost and Rae were both beasts in the streets, we know Old Dirty was off the chain RIP.

      • ‘Chet is live wire.

      • DollasTX

        thats only for niggahs that cant conduct themselves properly … im good EVERYWHERE i go

      • Even if you good there….you can still feel the vibe.

  • Gritty Savage

    The rappers that actually shoot people and be thuggin do not get fame. But people like drake that live in the suburbs get all the play. I approve of real gangstas.

    • DollasTX

      you a gawt damn BLACK DEVIL

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  • 7yoyo7

    “While shots are lickin
    Pickin through crops of intuition
    Yo my brain starts to change shorts are strange (what)
    Names brought in vain, court physical force of unexplained
    For the battle of my life in the night light
    This nigga grab a mic tight
    Strike with a flash of dynamite, right
    So figure this, Killa get vigorous”

    Killa Sin – The shoot out

    That Dirty Weaponry album is in my car, fcuking great CD!
    Best of luck with the case for him but it doesn’t look good…..


    Looks like my “dream” of hearing a Killa Sin solo joint will never happen, and to make matters worse Sin was out on parole. I swear some MC’S need to change their names because a whole lot of negative energy be following them.

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  • DollasTX

    went to college with this mans brother … OHIO PLAYERS!

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  • lethal5

    I haven’t even the Killarmy album, I was a major fan of dude just off his guest verses. He’s super nice wit the pen.

    just like someone already said, I wanted a KillaSin solo album…that would of been dope.

  • Jose Manuel Jost-Cezer Fernand

    People have to defend themselves even if he had or didn’t have the gun……… From what I hear lets say, You are famous and you are doing your thing, Club scene and there are people sitting on your car, when that’s wrong, you cant do that, and Grant ask, what’s Up? And the guy is just going to reply to you, WTF’s up, what the hell you are going to do? Call 911 in Staten? When he was on his way back to his car, about to leave, YOU DONT KNOW IF THE GUY TRYED TO STEAL YOU CAR OR SOMETHING!!!! THE LITTLE FISH PEOPLE!