Nick Cannon

Hip-Hop Rumors: Nick Cannon Randomly Disses Kanye

I guess this ain’t a true diss, but Nick said it. Nick must really be feeling bad these days, because he just said it and ain’t delete it. But, all he said was “Kanye, you ain’t no genius!” Not exactly but he basically said that Kanye keeps championing himself a genius when…he’s the loudest voice.

So, he said it on twitter but he didn’t delete.

Nick is becoming a mogul if he already isn’t one.

This ain’t the first time Nick has had something to say about Kanye West.

Hip-Hop Rumors: Nick Cannon Clowns Kanye

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Sean Power

    rich nigga problems

  • Mos High

    Cant knock Cannon for what most people thinking. IM starting not to like Kanye’s direction, All he talks about is these European designers etc. I think its making him loose his mind. That sway interview was out of control

    • Immortal

      Ye won’t learn until he’s lost like on a Scott Scortch level.

      • Eric Cartman

        That’s too much cuz Scott storch never bounced back

      • Immortal

        Sometimes you have to loose everything to realize what you had in the first place. Scott wanted to party like it’s 1999 everyday, where as far as I can tell Ye doesn’t have that problem. And Ye can be a double threat as a producer and a rapper, so he could come back.

      • digitallife

        He has but you know the game, at this point his reputation is so tarnished a rapper will buy his beat outright and put someone else’s name on it.

      • Jonathan Bacher

        What ?

      • digitallife

        You can’t read english? He sells the beat to another producer for cash…there simplified.


        I’ve never ever heard of Kanye snorting coke or even smoking weed for that matter so how in the hell is going to fall off like Scott Storch?!?!!? All Scott Storch did was produce music & Ball like no tomorrow, Kanye put’s out his own cd’s, produces music, has a record label & other venture’s so WTF are you talking about?!?!!?

      • Immortal

        Ye’s drug of choice isn’t illegal at all. He seeks attention and feeds off it. If you take away that attention, all the money in the world won’t matter to him. So that to him would be an epic fall, in the same league as Scott. That’s wtf I’m talking about.

    • gerald bransol

      if pac was alive none of this booferny would be going on dude was on another level politically musically and mentally… people say what they want about him but all the shit he went through the shit he learned in them schools of arts.. his mama being a black panther step pops a big time panther.. i can go on but i mean damn when you see a talent like that just be taken away and today we have all these wack ass rappers that preach garbage 24 7 … i mean damn … pac said it best “aint nothing like the old school”

      • Jonathan Bacher

        booferny ?

      • johnblacksad


      • ZUBU

        Word brotha!

      • $11625525

        Check Kanye’s background, his father was affiliated with the Black Panthers. He may not be to everyone’s tastes but he’s also, certainly, no dummy. His level of musical success takes some level of genius, considering the breadth of his fan base, and I am talking globally; he transcends age, race, gender, class and nationality. You truly cannot pigeon hole a fan of his music as they come in all guises.

        Nick Canon is probably famous for no more than two things; his show on MTV and the being married to a successful pop star, perhaps there’s some level of jealousy on his part, which is pretty ridiculous considering what he’s achieved, once you take into account his own glaring lack of talent.

  • this nigga wants some attention

  • Charter

    Real geniuses understand proper syntax.

  • Andy

    All he did was speak the truth here. What kind of genius needs to proclaim himself one?

  • Taskforce Taylor

    not a fan but he spoke the truth. i wish he would’ve called out gucci mane instead.

  • Schooly B

    Real men don’t subtweet other men. They say what they have to say and keep it moving.. Real men don’t subtweet period. Unless their on their period. Which would then make them the opposite of men.

    Class dismissed

    • dude didn’t subtweet, though. He was direct. That’s how you supposed to do it.

      • Schooly B

        Ok, excuse the verbage. I should have said men don’t twitter beef with other men. Especially over something that does not directly affect them. Thats what women do. If a man has issue with another man he doesn’t hang it out with his laundry and hope the other man sees it he speaks to that man and they handle it as men. Maybe it’s me and I’m from a different time. Real recognize real and that looks real effeminate. I believe the kids call that “reaching”.

    • Jonathan Bacher

      Subtweet ? Could he have been more direct ? Ye should calm that ego of his down.

      • Schooly B

        Ok, excuse the verbage. I should have said men don’t twitter beef with other men. Especially over something that does not directly affect them. Thats what women do. If a man has issue with another man he doesn’t hang it out with his laundry and hope the other man sees it he speaks to that man and they handle it as men. Maybe it’s me and I’m from a different time. Real recognize real and that looks real effeminate.

  • dee

    what has kanye done that was genius like?

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  • Sk S

    Well first off Kanye sort of is…he’s a rap genius. && Kanye knows it so he says it… historical fact Motzart knew he was a genius and he bragged on the fact.

    • digitallife

      Mozart composed music by ear and didn’t use anyone else’s music. Show me one single IOTA of proof that Kanye can 1.Read sheet music (I know he can’t,said it himself). 2. Play any single instrument on earth (I know he can’t we saw it on 60 minutes). 3. Explain to me what Kanye does besides be a choreographer who tells other musicians this is the sound want that sound? 4. You want producers, genius producers? Jus Blaze, Premier, dude who produced for lil brother, scott storch, Large Prof, Pete Rock…and them dudes were doing it back on the mp2000 with no sampler, no synth, and editing a loop took an average of 4 hours…

      • King Dolla

        Yo dummy a MPC is a sampler and 9th Wonder does not use MPC…. He uses fruity loops…. Get ya facts right b4 u criticize

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i think he meant the sp1200s lol we will let him slide on that one lol but either way even on a computer its hell chopping samples … but all in all from original to reconstruction … most of the beats ALL of those guys made especially the hits dont sound much different than the original … they just pretty much updated the bass on alot of those productions ………

      • digitallife

        Thanks for the product correction…people who’ve never used one don’t realize how hard it was to make a beat on that shhheit.

      • digitallife

        Dude below me got it right, I named the wrong product. Shh ain’t been in use in over 15 years, i can’t remember broads i boned 15 years ago either. The point is the same, the point isn’t the equipment it’s the lengths these people go to make their music. I didn’t say 9th wonder uses sp’s either I said he’s a one man producer….and you can also go on youtube and find 9th wonder using pro-tools and logic pro btw.

      • vandyll

        You know nothing about what you are speaking on.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        you soon will find out it always takes a team its very rare that anything built was done alone 100% … especially when you get into mass production somehwere down the line a team needs to be put together … altho he could try to be a one man band ….. one person who comes to mind is Dwele he has that kind of talent … but not the recognition …..

      • digitallife

        Plenty of people do it, or they give credit..look at cool and dre, hell even Timbaland has given credit to his people. My issue is you run around calling yourself a musical genius but never mentioning the people who are contributing greatly to that shhh you take claim for.

    • Jonathan Bacher

      “Rapgenius” is kinda in the same category as the term “Lawnmower degree”.

  • Guest

    Cant understand why one man is concerned with what another man thinks of himself. Both living better than most brothas…so who really gives a finnuck…

  • Guillaume Pilon

    kanye is no where close to be a rap genius

    • johnblacksad

      Mon cher Guillaume, on dit “nowhere close to being”
      Je me suis dit que ça t’intéresserait de le savoir… just sayin

  • maya

    It’s the internet age. You can be anything you want to be. F*ck reality and facts.

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    true and false … kanye is just doing what he knows works … if it werent for him being very voicestress about his musical talent he prob wouldnt be where he is @ right now ….. honestly its ok to call yourself whatever as long as you can back it up !!

  • Splatter

    Kanye has turned into a joke and a walking soundbite. If his music was still quality we’d probably let a little of it slide but even that has changed into something that ain’t hip hop. He cried and complained when he was a producer who wanted to be known as a rapper, now that he’s achieved that and gained respect as a Mc he wants to be a billion dollar fashion icon overnight. It took hard work to get where he’s at and it definitely took harder work for names like Prada, fendi and LV to be at the level there at, even if fashion is now your goal, your out of your mind if you think your gonna be a multi billionaire fashion icon just like that because people buy your cd ans go to your concert. That dude is really full of himself.

  • Sean Taylor

    “Real geniuses don’t have to tell everyone that they are a geniuses”

    WOW, it’s not plural, it’s : they are a genius.

    Have all they money yet still stupid.

    • anemia716

      since when does money equate to intelligence?

      if that’s what you truly think, you need to get out more.

      oh and “Have all they money yet still stupid.”?

      ^ kind of the pot calling the kettle black

  • FREEfromslavery

    how can a WILLIE LYNCH MC be a genius? impossible. living in that twinkie cream world got TOBY WEST all messed up in the head. a real genius from chicago would have solved the genocide problem their having by now. in reality he’s an even bigger idiot than cheefe keefe. 2 different styles, same results. niggas with serpent tongues.