Epic Fail of the Day: Girl Gets Catfished Into Going to Selena Gomez’s House

Viana Janae Jones, 16, began chatting online with who she thought was Selena Gomez earlier this year but got a rude awakening when she discovered that she got catfished by her ex-boyfriend.
Jones began catting with “Gomez,” who reached out to her expressing admiration over her dance videos,  back in January. The imposter Gomez convinced Jones that she wanted her to become one of her backup dancers and even sent backstage passes in the mail.

After months of chatting on line, Jones was offered a choreography job and got an invite to visit Gomz’s Los Angeles home. This is where it all goes really left.

Radar Online reports that Jones and convinced her skeptical mom to meet the singer for a “girl’s” weekend.

“I didn’t want to tell my child ‘no,’ in the small chance that this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity might be real,” said the mother.

The duo spent hundreds of dollars to get from Fresno, California to Gomez’s mansion where they discovered they’d been duped.

Via Radar Online:

Viana’s dreams of meeting Gomez were crushed when she received an email just as they were pulling up to the home stating the entire meeting – and months-long friendship –was an elaborate hoax.

“The email said that I was pathetic for thinking I could be friends with Selena,” Viana recalled, admitting that her “jealous” ex-boyfriend – whom she refused to name — was behind the entire ordeal and sent the revealing email.

Despite being “crushed,” Viana decided to take a chance and rang Gomez’s intercom anyway and a young woman answered.

Viana thought it was Gomez, but ultimately it wasn’t.

“I tried to explain everything that happened without coming off as a crazy fan. She hung up before I could finish explaining, which made my stomach turn,” she said.

Seconds later, Gomez’s mother Mandy Teefey came out of the house to figure out what was going on.

“She was very sweet and sympathetic. We had brought Selena a birthday present, and we also brought gifts for her newborn sister.

“Though we were glad her mom accepted the gifts, we left humiliated and didn’t get to meet Selena,” said Viana.

A source close to Gomez confirmed to Radar that the unbelievable incident did indeed take place.

Jones says she learned her lesson but hasn’t given up hope of one day meeting the real Selena Gomez.

Question: Why are y’all still getting catfished, though?

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    Question: Why are y’all still getting catfished, though?


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