Schoolboy Q Wants White People To Say The N-Word At His Shows (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) ESPN’s Skip Bayless and the NAACP have tried to kill the N-word but Schoolboy Q has a different approach to handling the N-Word: Let everyone say it at his show. During an interview on The Pete Holmes Show, Schoolboy Q spoke about his feelings on white people reciting his N-word laden lyrics at his shows.

According to Q, a large number of White people attend his shows and he revealed his signature way of breaking the ice:

I usually stop, because all of the white people be scared to say it. I’ll make them say the hook over and everybody says it. They think I’m some super down to Earth dude when really is I just want you to say it. [Laughs] Yeah, just say it. It’s 2013. I don’t care.

Q also reveals an interesting way how marijuana not only saved his life but helped his parenting skills:

I  was a little too antsy. I’d jump around. Want to go here, want to be there. Once I started smoking weed I just wanted to stay and play the video game and rap. You know what I’m saying? You spend good time with your daughter after you go smoke, go chill with your daughter, you willing to do whatever she willing to do.

Check out Schoolboy Q talk about White people using the N-word at his shows, how weed saved his life + more below:

On White people Saying N-Word At His Shows:

On How Weed Saved His Life And Affects His Parenting:

  • MrNoName2K

    Not with it brah..

    • Rmfag

      Gay guys say it that way.
      Real Gs say “Not here for it”.

      Don’t be gay.

  • RichFromBX

    there’s never going to be a right answer to this even though almost everyone wants it to be “white people can’t say nigga ever”

    Cats that are 25yrs or younger that grew up in cities like NY have no context to the word. Nowadays, black or white you’ve heard the word so many times in it’s non-racist form that it really needs to be explained to you that it is actually a racist term. Also, in NY you have so many kids of mixed races growing up and hanging out with each other from youngin’s that “nigga” isn’t shocking to anyone until they go outside of their click…

    I really do believe that you can interpret the context and know if a white dude is using it as a racist or not…even amongst black dudes, there’s a difference between “dats my nigga right there, I love dat nigga” and “when I catch dat nigga I’m going to pop the nigga and and make sure the nigga suffers before dat nigga dies”…you can’t tell me when it’s said with the hatred of wanting someone dead that it’s still different than someone in the Klan using it…

    • atlantahiphopshop

      Problem is, the same white people who use it reciting lyrics will use it offensively at the first sign of frustration against black people, so it’s best to rule out ANY use of the word from the crackas!

      • RichFromBX

        but it’s fine for you to say “crackas” and not be thought of as a racist yourself, right? then again, maybe you are a racist and you’re fine with that but then you can’t really say anything about anyone else being racist…

        and if you took the time to read what I wrote I noted that black people will use it in the form of hatred as well which shouldn’t be any more okay than the Klan using it…

      • Rmfag

        Not enough fat, juicy, thick cracka dicks these days……
        Back in the old days, my bootymeat used to be screaming.

      • feeliama

        I think that was his point

      • Rmfag

        What about when a nice hung white man says it after spurting semen in your butthole? Like “knigger holes are the best” OR “I can’t cumm unless inside a knigger” OR “knigger were bred for the white man to phuck” OR “Good kniggers get daddy(older white man) off”
        Not that have personally experienced it once (or 20, conservatively) times.

    • hoeyuno

      the only white rappers I’ve heard sayin the word are new York rappers. 50 cent said ” In my hood white peoples will come up to you and say what up my n@#$a” then he said “there part of the struggle though”..

      • Rmfag

        I thought NY was filled with hard, conscious niggas.
        I guess I thought wrong.

  • atlantahiphopshop

    Shut the FU(k UP Q!!! You my friend, are a dumbass, straight up. We will be at your shows, waiting for a white boy to say it so we can knock him the fu(k out when he does.

    The Equalizer

    • Rmfag

      You wouldn’t want to knock out the last white guy who called me n-word. Well at least until he pulls out and puts his clothes on.

    • Immortal

      Why would you beat up the white fans when it’s the dumbass on the stage inciting the whole situation? I’m not for violence(all the time), but I think that your rage would be better served to the fool that is advocating this stupidity.

  • aokot5

    Schoolboy Q has been saying a lot of dumb $h!t in interviews for the the last month or so

    • A LOT of dumb shit…kinda disappointing too cuz Q actually got some talent…smh.

      • Rmfag

        Cant be a lyrical genius if he says stuff like this.

      • Never said he was a genius, but at the same time he’s far from garbage. I feel ya though, cuz regardless of talent I can’t support someone who goes on interviews sayin shit like this…on a White show at that. He needs to sit down with Sway and say that shit, and see how that goes. LOL

      • Immortal

        Sway doesn’t have the answers remember? lolz@Ye

      • LOL Touche brotha.

    • Judah Nazayar

      im beginning to put him in that coonye slt of niggas i dont like

      • Rmfag

        Schoolboy is already on mine………

    • Obi Won

      I know right

    • Rmfag

      So there’s a pattern to this madness? Makes sense.

    • 7yoyo7

      For the sake of his talent, I’ll just put this on the fact that he needs to be promoting the release of his album.

      This interview is corny to the fullest.

      • Rmfag

        What talent could he have to overlook this?

    • aokot5

      He’s my least favorite member of TDE and my dislike for him is growing more each time he opens his mouth, does he have a project coming out soon or something that he needs to generate a buzz for?

      • Rmfag

        I’m not going to purchase it either way.

  • Chris

    ATTENTION WHITE FOLK. You should think twice about taking advice on race relations from Schoolboy Q or anyone like him. 1) He’s ignorant. 2) He openly admits to chillin’ with his seed while under the influence(suspect), which lets you know where his head is at. 3) His views are not shared by the majority of the Black community. Schoolboy Q is not your friend. He’s setting you up for failure by inviting you into his drug-induced fantasy land. It’s all fun and games until you wind up in the ER with tears in your eyes and stitches in your forehead. Schoolboy Q will not be around to help you when the sh*t hits the fan. Just be smart. SMH.

    • Rmfag

      Black people are already in a PRs nightmare socioculturally, but you want to add to that ASSAULT for people saying a word you don’t like?!
      You negros really need to get your lives together and get some perspective.

      One day someone might not be able to come up in society without calling a black person a n-word while beating the breaks off of them.

      • Live Well

        Excuse us “negros” for not giving a squirt of piss about some entitled caucasoid’s opinion on what we should do. Hopefully you’ll have the balls to spew that grease in the real world to the right n-word so he can smack the gravy out yo ass.

      • Rmfag

        Good, work on that while these foreigners are assing you out of your jobs, homes and businesses because you put more ficus on being called the n-word.
        Try not being predictable sometime because it’s more than whites out there just judging you.

      • Immortal

        Damn man usually you’re just trolling around, but on this one you’re right. There are bigger things to focus on in the community BUT at the same time, we cannot let all of the little things go because soon those very things will become the big issue that we should’ve dealt with before. It’s a double edged sword….damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      • Live Well

        Like he gives a damn about our community. Never take advice from a hater, bruh.

      • Live Well

        GTFOH, Trinidad James. Who are you to lecture us with your disengenous bullshit?

      • Immortal

        Brotha his first paragraph is on point when you openly look at it. We are in a social crisis, and it’s one that we perpetuate on our own. While I’m just as guilty of using the word, I think we as a people need to grab hold of ourselves look in the mirror and ask ourselves “are we niggers, niggas, or what? By the definition of the word, no. And to use the excuse it’s all in the context of use, makes the user useless. Also another excuse we’re taking the word back? Didn’t just about everyone say Ye was dumber than batsh*t for claiming to take back the confederate flag? What’s the difference? There is no empowerment by doing either. The empowerment begins when we acknowledge we don’t need either in our lives, and that neither hold any sway over us.But the focus should be on crime against ourselves, homelessness, drugs and the genocide it breeds, education, and making tomorrow better than today.

      • Live Well

        Dog, don’t validate that BS. Ain’t nothin on point about this clown or his thoughts. There’s nothing genuine or constructive about, “You negros need to get your lives together”. Who the fukc does he think he is? Y’all better stop givin these folks a pass.

      • Immortal

        Brotha, I’m not giving him or anyone else a pass. That’s why I specified what part of his paragraph I agreed with. Unfortunately I should have been more specific, but at the same time his use of the word “Negroes” was in a catch 22. No matter what he said in that line it would have been wrong. “You people”, “blacks”, or even n*gga or er would’ve been wrong.

      • Live Well

        Exactly. His sentiment negated anything he had to say therefore, FOH.

    • Live Well

      Co sign all that shit.

  • Guest

    N-word have to be banned and gone. I hate when black rappers/ppl just uses it like simple word in this full of racism world and this way promoting N-word to youth.. Im white, even i do spell N-word time to time, but it’s only to white guy, and I feel bad doing it.. but is it my foult huh?

    • Rmfag

      I love white meat.
      Can i suck you off?

    • Immortal

      Life is choices. You use the word knowing it’s wrong, you must not feel too bad using it. And if you spell it, then more than likely, you’re saying it amongst your friends. But to answer your question YES it is your fault.

  • Obi Won

    Why Son?

  • Readers of AllHipHop, I give to you Lord Jamar’s next target. And rightfully so.

    • Rmfag

      And I bet all the dicks I sucked this month, he won’t say a darn thing.
      Oldies only care when someone gay or white is making big moves.

      I’d didn’t see any oldies from NY say something about Trinidad unless they were promoted by Vlad’s sexy ass.

      • Man c’mon cat, you don’t get tired of typin that same ol extra shit all the time?? I’ve seen a few posts where you’ve shown you’re capable of speakin on some real shit when you want to, stick to that and let that other shit GO. What could you possibly stand to gain by CONSTANTLY fukkin up good dialogue with all that talk about suckin dudes off, when you’ve shown you can bring somethin of substance to the table every now and then…shit’s counterproductive fam.

        Side note: Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed you and a certain poster (who consistently shows extremely suspect traits himself) are never really on here at the same time…like when I didn’t see any posts from you for a while, dude was on here heavy commentin on EVERY article. Now that he’s been MIA, here you pop up again. Ain’t gonna make no accusations or nothin but I find it hard to believe that’s merely a coincidence…

      • Rmfag

        If you are talking about Dior, no I’m not him.
        At one time we were both posting at the same time, he didn’t like me tho.

    • ZUBU

      Q sound about as dumb as they come using that logic, and as others have said he gonna get some of these white folks hurt for real. Message to anyone white on here don’t listen to this Q-Coon, cause if you say that around me I’m gonna try to knock your block off and I know tons of brothas that feel the same.

      • Immortal

        This is going to be one hell of a lawsuit when those white kids open up using that word. And I bet while they’re getting their a$$es beat, he’s going to leave the show, get on his bus, light up and tweet about how great he is, and how awful those fans are. And what kind of father has to get high just to spend some time with his seed? This is a fail across the board.

      • ZUBU

        Word, I peeped how he claims getting high around his daughter made him a better parent…SMH… He dumb enough to say that. I’m not sure what state he’s in but I believe that is viewed as child endangerment/child abuse. Either way it sounds not to bright.

      • Immortal

        Where is CPS when you really need em?

      • And y’know exactly what’s gonna happen right? The instant them White kids start gettin Ike’d up, the media’s gonna spin the shit to make it look like part of that fugazi ass “knockout game”. See they think they’re slick but I can peep that angle comin a mile away. Q’s a dope artist and all, but with all this questionable and completely outta the blue shit he’s been sayin lately, I’m startin to wonder if this nigga is some type of agent or somethin.

  • Elayorx El

    First, KDOT with the controversial verse, which I really thought was just a good one. Then, numerous subsequent interviews, and verses from him, and those from his click, that were questionable. We all know controversy attracts attention, but this is a bit ridiculous. T.D.E. needs to call a team meeting, because I’m starting to think advisement may be coming from those who have been through this before. Let your art speak, and not no pub stunts!

  • Live Well

    Man, I liked this guy a lot more when he wasn’t doing all these interviews. Now I see what a simpleton he is. Dammit, Q…

  • yahoodikilla

    shouldn’t this be under WTF news??

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  • ihatefaggots

    This fat dusty nigga lost his mind

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  • djdozen

    He don’t care. But in Colorado where we only 8% of the population it’s not cool. I was at a show he did on campus in boulder, encouraging them to say it. My boy from long beach made it very clear to the 40-50 ppl directly around us that School boy Q has security, and they don’t. They all remained silent while the crowd joined in on “stay blessed my nicca”. Had me dying laughing. But it’s sad these folks from places with a sense population of black ppl don’t understand what it’s like to be the only one black person in the room or building. I don’t encourage white people or my white friends to say it, I don’t say it around them, cuz unlike Chicago(where I moved from)! There’s not a million of us to defend ourselves

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  • Nukirb

    The face of modern hip hop consists of alcoholics and drug addicts so it should be no surprise what level of degradation they are willing to stoop to.

  • LadyLeie

    I know it’s not/wasn’t his fault, but I was pretty much done with Schoolboy Q (on that “listener to artist” level) after it was revealed that his mother gave him a last name that had nothing to do with either side of his family, out of spite… Seems like every time he opens up about something, it’s about stuff that you shouldn’t tell people.

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