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Hip-Hop Rumors: Migos Go At Chief Keef!

Chief Keef and Migos. It may be the pointless beef of the year. But, this is 2013 and this is what it is. Apparently…these guys are beefing. Remember, Chief Keef said something on twitter and then Migos said something back on Twitter. Now, Migos have a new song where they claim not to be sneak dissing, but its reallllllllllly reeks of sneak dissing. Their new song, “Jealousy,” doesn’t name check Keef by name but it definitely infers him. And in a new interview with MTV, its pretty clear.

MTV reports:

It all became public on December 5 when Keef sent out a tweet that read, “Heard Migos sneak dissin No Talkin.” Migos member Offset responded with a now-deleted tweet that read “Will b in Chiraq Next Week Pull Up @ChiefKeef.”The ATL group responsible for 2013 rap favorites like “Versace” and “Hannah Montana” sparked tons of speculation when they dropped “Jealously” this week, with lyrics including, “Ain’t never did a sneak diss/ ‘Cause my hitman quick to put you on that hit list.””Honestly, it caught us by surprise,” Offset said of Keef’s original tweet.Migos mostly downplayed any notion of beef, echoing the song’s hook and refusing to get into a subliminal back and forth. “You know, people gonna take it however they gonna take it and put it however they wanna put it,” Takeoff added. “If you listen to the song, it’s self-explanatory. If [I’mma] do one, [I’mma] say ya name to keep it 100. Ain’t no need for me to be sneak-dissin’.””We don’t do no sneak-dissin’,” Quavo concluded. “We make music, we get money.”

Well…I don’t know if this matters, but lets chalk it up to Friday the 13th!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    These niggas better chill before they all end up on tshirts. Keef got gunners for real.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • MidWestFlyest

    Nothing new here. “Sneak disses, that’s that shit I don’t like” -Sosa

    • Rmfag

      Know what else I don’t like?
      White meat not being sucked off, so let me suck you off.

      • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

        suck my dick

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        oh you back? u still don’t got enough comments to impersonate me you fukin weirdo south nicca! QUEENS!

      • Rmfag

        You have to be real pressed to spend 1915 comments trolling a troll account.

      • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

        im not a troll, im the real inmadopuroz, now shut yo ass up and suck my dick you bitch

      • Rmfag

        I can’t even….

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        LMAO first time I agree with ur gayyy asssss!

  • Mcmcco

    All 4 need to hurry up and die. To many of these young negroes need to die so a new generation can come in and get rid of all this crazy nonsense

    • Rmfag

      Sad to say tho……..

    • Herb_Bane

      harsh.. but hilarious.. lol

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  • Immortal

    Fail…..Fail….Fail. Migos, showing a pic where you’re flashing some advance money, doesn’t mean you have money. And having a rental Lamb in there doesn’t help. And you’re picking on Queef when your biggest hits were Versace and Hanna Montana, both of which sounded like retarded repetitive bad songs. A real man doesn’t need to delete a tweet if he sent it, let alone start a “beef” on twitter. And dude on the right can stop the fake a$$ Treach look. And if Queef said you’re songs both sucked, he was right…for once. Keep that real 100 Quavo? Your name sounds like you were kicked out of Pretty Ricky, and you couldn’t spell Cuervo? Yes I’m hatin because this ish IS ignorant, but it is Friday so….. .

    • AK

      they dont have any advance money they arnt signed

      • krow132


    • kizzy kash

      no advance broke niga be quiet

  • Executive

    Look at these idiots, money must be somethin new to them. They gotta show everybody.

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  • Charter

    A bunch of unimportant peon ants rushing to be king of the ant hill…… while the white folks that own their contracts spray the whole hill with Raid and laugh.

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  • musicbusiness advisors

    QUICKEST way to get MILLIONS of dollars in your debt is to take that 100k advance….. that your attorney takes HALF to ‘negotiate’ your enslaved 360 azz is caught up in, you pay a lil child support to stay out of the slammer for a minute & a lil chain……& POOF! You OWE MILLIONS with your corny ‘beefin’ AZZ!!!!!!!!!

    • BernardPerez

      U must be an economics professor.

      • iamwhoiam

        I doubt that. He’s in the comment section of AHH.

      • Troll_E_G

        So u saying only non professionals use ahh comments board

      • iamwhoiam

        No not at all but, I seriously doubt that an economics professor is leaving comments on ahh. Especially, an article on Cheef Keef. Also, I don’t believe a “music business advisor” would be either. Just sayin….could be wrong tho.

    • Papi Peligro

      Not only is the article WRITTEN stupid. The topic stupid. Then you show up.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      what makes it even worse is after everyone else gets their cut .. whatever is left … migos is a group … which means the left over money needs to get split 3 ways … this is how the music business ends up breaking up groups … depending on the situation its either beans to the artist ie Wutang situation ….. or theres someone in the group who gets the lionshare based on a contract agreements because thiis artist does most of the writing and producing and setup these contracts prior to the group blowing up … and eventually the other members start to feel they should get more Preach and Arrested Development ….. but im sure they are cashing in on alot of shows and touring right now… just hopefully they are also being smart and make sure EVERYONES FAVORITE SILENT partner Uncle SAM is also getting his cut ……..

      • Guest

        asswipe migos are independent they aint got no deal rich homie quan dont either

      • dbfromdc


      • hoesfavorite

        nigga he just had a interview and said that was a rumor

      • dbfromdc


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  • Guest

    Dumb and dumber to

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Kill illseed please

    • Rmfag

      My lips can make that happen.

  • Guest

    Chief Keef and Migos were created by white people in a lab to finish off the black race once and for all.

    • Hector G

      they are actually black and have been trying to come up for years…sorry sad excuse maker and the 10 pathetic souls that like your comment. yer not gonna get away with blaming migos and gbe on white people!?!……sad clown……..thats about as accurate as saying the Apollo rocket and the space shuttle are exclusively made by blacks

      • Rmfag

        STFU and learn how to write.

      • Al Samba

        Type but i know what you meant

      • Hector G

        ya sorry migos and keef are black slow guy

      • Hector G

        Faaaaack eveyone in here

      • Rmfag

        Your grammar is atrocious even for a troll……..

      • Hector G

        ahahahaha…..yer a fagg0t bud

      • Hector G

        whats funny is im right sorry dumbass…..cause 26 stupid ass people like comments like that

      • Hector G

        STFU?!? learn to write in joke in itself fool

      • david3528

        You took that literally? You’re either 11 years old or completely retarded little buddy.

      • Hector G

        someone should slap you for even saying anything….tool

      • Hector G

        yer just mad cause the guy actually was serious trying to rally black people that think record exec’s create these acts and yer jus mad now cause i rubbed my bag all over you….the article and every other g00f in here..lols

  • killa

    this good them Chi rappers dnt really respect the A like that Migos heavy in the streets right now let see what happen niggaz scrap shoot wassup who really gon do something?

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      Hopefully no one!!!!! Im not trying to see these lil niggas fighting or shooting…. for what? thats whats wrong with America now, everybdy wanna see the next person fucked up, dead or in jail. Im cool on that.

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  • Papi Peligro

    Man who beef long distance.

    • ɹǝıןdǝɹ spɹɐʍʞɔɐq

      Rappers do, and us nba players aswell

  • Judah Nazayar

    i dont really dig either one. But if i had to choose. id go wid Migos. The dude who spit first after ASAP FERG..isnt really that bad. he has a dope voice.. and unorthodox flow.

    BEEF=CHIEF KEEF (kids get murked)
    THE MICROPHONE= MIGOS (theyre not mumble mouthed retarded nikkas)

  • iamwhoiam

    That’s that DUMB SHIT!

  • digitallife

    Marcos Maidana said he’d like Broner these four fools.

  • i’mreloaded!

    The dirty look must be the norm in rap right now. Cuz all three of these dusty, dirty dread wearing mofos look like they been hiding from soap and water like they owe it money.

  • richard_b_hard

    I swear these niggas look like they shop for their clothes in the boy’s and juniors section.

  • DollasTX

    these new niggahs look like they have no problems going outside in the mornings without BRUSHING THEIR TEETH

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  • mountainbiker182

    Migos beefs from a distance because he knows if he was in chi-town he might end up like JoJo.

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