Hip-Hop Rumors: Migos Go At Chief Keef!


Chief Keef and Migos. It may be the pointless beef of the year. But, this is 2013 and this is what it is. Apparently…these guys are beefing. Remember, Chief Keef said something on twitter and then Migos said something back on Twitter. Now, Migos have a new song where they claim not to be sneak dissing, but its reallllllllllly reeks of sneak dissing. Their new song, “Jealousy,” doesn’t name check Keef by name but it definitely infers him. And in a new interview with MTV, its pretty clear.

MTV reports:

It all became public on December 5 when Keef sent out a tweet that read, “Heard Migos sneak dissin No Talkin.” Migos member Offset responded with a now-deleted tweet that read “Will b in Chiraq Next Week Pull Up @ChiefKeef.”The ATL group responsible for 2013 rap favorites like “Versace” and “Hannah Montana” sparked tons of speculation when they dropped “Jealously” this week, with lyrics including, “Ain’t never did a sneak diss/ ‘Cause my hitman quick to put you on that hit list.””Honestly, it caught us by surprise,” Offset said of Keef’s original tweet.Migos mostly downplayed any notion of beef, echoing the song’s hook and refusing to get into a subliminal back and forth. “You know, people gonna take it however they gonna take it and put it however they wanna put it,” Takeoff added. “If you listen to the song, it’s self-explanatory. If [I’mma] do one, [I’mma] say ya name to keep it 100. Ain’t no need for me to be sneak-dissin’.””We don’t do no sneak-dissin’,” Quavo concluded. “We make music, we get money.”

Well…I don’t know if this matters, but lets chalk it up to Friday the 13th!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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