Epic Fail of the Day: Tourist Walks Off a Pier While Checking Facebook

Walking while looking down at your phone is just as bad as texting and driving.

A Taiwanese tourist visiting Melbourne had to be rescued after accidentally walking off St. Kilda’s pier while checking her Facebook page on her phone. The woman, who fell into Port Phillip Bay, got rescued by a speedboat about 20 minutes later, reports the Daily Mirror.

She was found floating on her back and revealed that she did so because she couldn’t swim. She’s safe now, and she still has the phone because she held on to it the whole time (maybe she sat it in a bag of rice to dry the water up).

Australian authorities called on people to pay more attention to their surroundings, especially when it comes to checking social media on their phones.

Tisk, tisk.

  • Sean Taylor

    Cool story bruh!

    Hiphop at it’s fullest!!

    • Guest

      It’s bigger than..
      hiip-hop, hiip-hop, hiip-hop, hiip-hop
      It’s bigger than..
      hiip-hop, hiip-hop, hiip-hop, hiip-hop

    • Eric Cartman


  • Sharkeisha

    maybe she sat in a bag of rice ? lol that sounds kinda racist to me

    • ISTADUMHI772

      lol over ur head homegirl. it wasnt racist just a corny ass joke. its a known fact that if ur smartphone,tablet,ipod etc. gets wet you put it in a bag of rice. the raw rice sucs the moisture out.i know from experience. i left my galaxy in my pocket and washed it in the washer. shit was dripping water thought it was a goner. took the back and battery out and left it in a bag of rice for a couple days.took it out popped batt back in and it booted up like new.

  • Papi Peligro


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  • jdubba

    This is now officially the worst hip-hop site on the internet.

    • Robert Pearson

      yup…..but for some reason i keep checking…lol

      • jdubba

        no doubt, I think I just check to see how wack a site can get. Im surprised every day, its either dumb new stories (sometimes ones that are months old) or its about some garbage reality shit.

  • jondubock

    Look at all these rumors surroundin’ me every day
    I just need some time, some time to get away from
    From all these rumors, I can’t take it no more
    My best friend said there’s one out now about me and the girl next door

    • iamwhoiam

      Look at all this bullshit, it’s on damn near every page
      I keep lookin for rumors, but I guess they all went away
      Ain’t no more rumors, I can’t take it no more
      if the columns posted by Friday Foster, I ain’t gon’ read that shit no more. Lol

      • ChiVa02


  • iamwhoiam

    You got me again AHH.COM, you got me again…Friday be talkin bout some buuull sh!t, WTF? Ppl walkin off piers? ?????? Lookin at facebook??????? Why did I read this??????

  • John Dough

    This site lacks professionalism. How hard is it to get a few people to write a few articles and put them in relative categories? You’re one of the bigger sites on the net for hip-hop and got room to grow but you’re sloppy.

  • wow must been a nice view