Epic Fail of the Day: Tourist Walks Off a Pier While Checking Facebook

A tourist fell off of a pier in Australia when she looked at her phone to check her Facebook page.

Walking while looking down at your phone is just as bad as texting and driving.

A Taiwanese tourist visiting Melbourne had to be rescued after accidentally walking off St. Kilda’s pier while checking her Facebook page on her phone. The woman, who fell into Port Phillip Bay, got rescued by a speedboat about 20 minutes later, reports the Daily Mirror.

She was found floating on her back and revealed that she did so because she couldn’t swim. She’s safe now, and she still has the phone because she held on to it the whole time (maybe she sat it in a bag of rice to dry the water up).

Australian authorities called on people to pay more attention to their surroundings, especially when it comes to checking social media on their phones.

Tisk, tisk.