Rick Ross Speaks on His Jay Z Collaboration, "Devil Is A Lie" (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross’ sixth studio album may be delayed until “top of 2014”, but the Maybach Music boss decided to give fans a sneak peak into the making of his new album Mastermind.

Featuring appearances from new MMG signees Tracy T and Fat Trel, Rozay briefly discussed the making of his new album in part one of this multi-part video series. During the behind the scenes video Ross spoke on his newest Jay Z collaboration “Devil Is A Lie” and may or may not have given his stance on if KE On The Track truly produced the song:

Devil Is A Lie. K.E. On The Track. You know, it’s another one of those records. 6-0, or 7-0 on them joints [with Jay Z]. It’s for the streets. It’s the flows, it’s the bounce, it’s how current and relevant the music is. I think that’s what’s important when it comes to sculpting entire bodies of work.

Check out the full video for Part 1 of Mastermind Sessions:

18 Responses to “Rick Ross Speaks on His Jay Z Collaboration, "Devil Is A Lie" (VIDEO)”

  1. PL

    “I’ve never had a credibility problem and still don’t”…LOL @ that XXL cover…Ya ever notice how the last 10 to 15 seconds of any video with Ross or any MMG artist is always promos?

  2. i'mreloaded!

    I think Ross’s albums are dope. Great production, good flow and lyrics, limited subject matter is my only issue but every CD he has put out has been great pieces of work to me. I don’t get into all the personal stuff like him being fake and all dat cuz I don’t care bout all dat and I don’t personally know the nigga to judge him. 99.9% of these rappers is liars anyway. It’s like watching reality tv, you know it’s fake as hell, but it’s entertaining. Do ya thang Bawse!

  3. majesticking

    Same lame ass flows and subject matter, I mean its sad how brothers who grew up in harsh poverty stricken environments become somewhat successful and glamorize corporations that can give 2 shits about them, like versace louie gucci hermes and the rest of that shit that cost more than the average rent in the hood, it’s not our reality, and then you have those in the hood that’ll break they’re necks to posess these items, like yeah she got the latest gucci purse yet here lights are off. Stop making these italian designers richer than they are they don’t even want you wearing there shit and will let you know that blatantly and yall still glamorize it. I like him as a wrapper he can rhyme yet I know how to separate fact from fiction, he makes good songs yet I wouldn’t mind seeing him challenge himself and compose a song without mentioning a car, jewels clothes or money yet with some of these guys you wonder if it’s possible, the beats is what make people dance not their lyrics so challenge yourself step out on a limb and write something totally against the grain of what we normally here, Can he do it we shall see?

  4. musicbusiness advisors

    HOW do you know Rick Ross is lying? HE’S OPENING THAT PUFFY FAT OVERBLOWN FAKE AZZ OF HIS! William ‘Officer Ricky – Fake Rick Ross’ Roberts needs to climb up on his MAYCOCK Music d*cks & start huffin & puffin’, suckin’ & swallowin’! They ALL are THE JOKE of the Industry! We used to have icons like 2PAC, B.I.G., DR DRE & know we got these PHONY ass liars & ‘actors’?!@!

  5. brotha_man

    i like how jay address the barney issue in this song….makes it looks like he stood with brothas and sistas against the discrimination….how he made the clothes for the hood, but only 1 percent can afford them…..i swear this dude.smh

  6. lola lovely la'shaun

    fat trel is going to fit well with his label…he’s scary though!!!! damn funny comment Ike’s mood….LMAO!

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