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Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Doe B Set Up?

The world of Hip-Hop pauses for a moment to mourn and reminisce over the life of Doe B, the rapper signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records. He was dope. And he was tragically cut down early this morning by gun men at a show in Montgomery (The Gump) at a club called The Rose. Now, The Rose has another name now, but its still The Rose, according to sources. The Rose has been plagued by violence and murder, going back decades sources say. And they changed the name in an effort to change the association. But…I am being told that they didn’t do anything fundamentally to change the way people conduct themselves there.

Apparently, there was lone gunman that emptied a clip shooting every rounds at the Doe B. He was apparently struck in the chest and thigh. He was then taken to the hospital. Kim Johnson, a 21-year-old celebrating her birthday, was hit in the head and killed instantly. According to sources 6 other people were hit by bullets too.

According to sources, the gun man was allowed to enter the club by somebody. Hopefully, there is some form of justice.

Damn shame.

Below is the interview AllHipHop conducted with Doe B.

  • Macc Beezy

    Damn bro I like his music this bullshit gotta stop bro

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  • regal84

    NIggas at their finest…..I swear we should send all these wanna be gang members and thugs to Iraq, and bring the real soldiers home to their fammilies..drop these niggas off in Iraq with an AK, some work, a stack of money, and just leave em there to fend for themselves…I’m tired of our young black men acting like domestic terrorists…

    • Southcidal

      Give them an AK and they’ll shoot your white azz instead of the Iraqis.

      • regal84

        I’m black dummy…

    • black god

      What did the Iraqis do?

      • Guest

        Raahubaat sena.

  • U.P.T.nw4eva

    Security should be fired, and this deathtrap needs to be closed now! You can’t get any guns, knives etc. in clubs in my area. They pat you down, use wands I mean this is a fucked up tragedy that could have been avoided had they had the. proper security! Somebody needs to be sued for this starting with the club owner.

  • Executive

    So they change the name every time a nigga gets smoked? Lmao!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      thats how most major clubs operate lol its very rare you just see a club close down then pop up someone where accross town … no close it down then re-open with a new name but same game plan lol …. but thats any city america lol

  • Executive

    I can’t have to many niggas around me, never know what kind of shit a coon got himself into.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      sad but truuuuuuuuuu

  • Sean Taylor

    What’s merzik?

  • This is what happens when club owners hire they homeboys to work security instead of hiring security …hood niggaz get in wit they guns!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      not really it can happen with professional security too … all it takes is to have a good relationship with someone wether it be security or maybe a promoter of the event or a staff member that works for the club … Prodigy from mobb deep said chris lighty used to help them get thier weapons in the Tunnel back in the day … and when you have great relationships in that bizness and your not known for the bs alot security guys wont even pat you down out of respect …. i get that treatment alot from doing alot of events and keeping a respectable reputation but hey you never know one day i might have some issues and want to handle something in a noit so friendly manner and i will be able to get that weapon in based on my reputation …. im just glad im already fully aware of stuff like this cause when i do events outside of throwing a great event security is @ the top of my list !!!!!!! and knowing this kind of stuff you gotta to have staff meeting and make it known so if someone from your staff does something like sneak guns in for someone else you wont be responsible and you handle that person accordinly …….

      • Bumpy Johnson

        if they hire REAL police …all that shit would shut down.

    • Guest

      there are alot of places with real security that niggas still walk in with guns right through the door.

  • FatherSha_

    The editing and writings on this site sux.

    • K10z

      so why come to the site??

      • FatherSha_

        Because I can do what I want. Scary concept I know. You might not be bothered by poor writing and editing but for a true fan of hip hop and all representations of it, this site is poorly maintained. I’ve visited ahh since high school and I’ve seen it deteriorate at the exact same rate as hiphop.

        Your arms too short kid….

      • Leo Jones

        you are stupid, you sound stupid, go kill your mother

      • reg joe

        But you said someone else sounds stupid?????? Hmmmmm……No words for this one.

      • MoneyMakinMitch28

        So pretty much you just said you are unsatisfied with this site but you will continue to support it. LMAO that makes no sense.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        welcome to internet journalism … where it just cost time to make corrections lol … if a paper sent out something with mispelled words or wrong info that would be a huge loss in revenue cause they will most def have to do a rebuttal next issue to clear it up … but honestly in this day of journalism i dont think they care much about quality as long as the people are talking or the pages are taking hits …. as long as those 2 things happen i dont think they care .. until the people stop hitting the site i think they will continue to give zero f*cks about the quality of thier articles

    • richard_b_hard

      It always has and always will.
      I am sure elementary school kids could do a better job than these morons.

    • Judah Nazayar

      you know the Pharoahs of egypt practiced ritual sodomy and felatio wid men in their priesthoods right? research it. Amon Ra is the anus Osiris is the Penis…
      its a fact

      • FatherSha_

        I appreciate you wanting to draw attention to yourself by attempting to appear intelligent with your comment. These types of behaviors are traceable to any powers, or peoples of the past. What puzzles me though, is why you would choose a homoerotic fact to try to get attention? Typical Smart Dumb NUGGA logic.

        Cool story bro….

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  • bigdoe6

    Nobody to blame but security. If security is enforced the right way this would’ve never happened inside the club. Whatever happens off the property is beyond anyone else control. A innocent female celebrating a birthday gets killed too. What a shame.

    • Jonathan Bacher

      I rather blame the shooter tho.

      • bigdoe6

        Well of course, but how did the shooter get inside the club with a loaded gun?

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        who ever put the event together def takes some blame if he/she didnt take the proper security steps to be sure all patrons are safe .. i know people who do those events just to squeeze out as much money as they can … and go cheap on security just to put more $$$ in thier own pocket … but if they did all they could do … cant blame them … imo this comes with the territory of doing these parties … in 2013 its virtually impossible to do it without the extra security from just hired security and cops which is expensive!! but you have to do it in order to succesfully throw these events … and its killiing hip hop which is why EDM is taking over … they can have 10 times as many people and have less security because people actually come to party and the music doesnt entice the riot … but reguarldless when you got liquor in the building you have to always be on guard cause issues come with the territoy of selling liquor ….

  • Romello81

    I’m from the Gump and the mayor just shut that club down saying that the operation of the club poses “an imminent threat to public safety”. About f**king time. Also I commented on the first article they had on here this morning about this saying everything they just posted in this article. They stole my s**t. Watch! In a minute they going to have another article up saying the club was shut down by the Mayor.

    • Ostylz

      Bruh, what’s the word on the streets about this incident?

      • Romello81

        Ain’t nobody saying nothing right now. People trying to keep from going to jail, losing their jobs, and becoming another victim. You know how that go. Believe when I hear something y’all will hear something. On top of that everybody trying to respect the families and let them do their thing.

      • Ostylz

        Appreciate you, homeboy..

      • Romello81

        They arrested the dude that shot Doe B. Name Jason McWilliams. He turned himself in. Apparently it was over a oncoming dispute between him and Doe B. And check this out. Homeboy got a patch over his eye to. I know that ain’t got nothing to do with anything but I thought I’d just throw it out there. Illseed check your inbox. I sent you some shit so you can play catch up.

      • Ostylz

        Good looking, bruh.. That’s some crazy shit..

  • observer

    Truth is that this music attract the worse people and brings out the worst in people. Stuff like that doesn’t really happen in classical music concerts…or churches….

    • black god

      Violence was around before rap music.

      • Guest

        Where in his comment did he say it wasn’t???

      • soyhiphop

        you’re right and wrong at the same time violence was always there weather it was a james brown concert or lil boosie show..but when a club caters to trap music you gonna atract that crowd

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        exactly i cant believe people make up so many excuses for the ratchetness … its shooting consistently @ the same spot … dude gonna mention a church shooting lol of course they happen but i bet they dont constantly happen @ the same spot …. stuff does happen its life if there is anything we are all PROMISE its DEATH!! …. but the alot of the music today entices the riot …. they promote celebrate it etc…. but oh once some real ish happens its just entertainment lol ….

    • t1m3b0mb

      actually worst has happened at churches the 2007 New life shooting in Colorado is one example, not to mention if you google church shootings you’ll find plenty, just saying…RIP DOE B tho that baby jesus was a great mixtape

    • Dointer

      I am sorry my friend, but throughout history those who call churches their place of worship have been responsible for some of the biggest bloodsheds in history.

    • don king

      well i dont know bout any classical composers who flipped birds n grew up in a gang dominated environment…

  • black god

    Im guessing it was the same guy who shot him in the eye.

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  • ZUBU

    I’m just curious cause I’m not familiar with Doe B., but was he born with a wondering eye like Slick Rick or did he suffer some type of injury? Anyone have any info?

    • Jonathan Bacher

      I believe he was shot in the eye before

      • ZUBU

        Dang thats sad all the way around.

    • $18592567

      He got clapped

    • ZUBU

      I should not stoop to the level of the person who downgraded my comment, but what kind of simple minded person are you? I asked a question in order to seek a little insight and some how you marked me down.
      For the the enlightened brothas who hit me up with the insight thank you for informing a brotha. Peace

    • Sean Taylor

      Watch the damn video and you’ll know!

      • ZUBU

        Mind your business you lil sissy, you always got some slick shiitt to say from behind a computer monitor.

        Also get of the late great Sean Taylors jock, obviously you not cut from the same cloth!

  • $18592567

    Fuckin shame

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Its just entertainment. I doubt he was out there shooting people.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      its just entertainment till something real happens … keep talking about death enuff sooner or later its going to knock on your door … ask tupac 😉

      • GQ

        Quit winking at men homo

  • Judah Nazayar

    kill urself faggot. he was a brother tryin to make his way in this life.. like many of our other brothers.. than sum demonic fuggin coon took his life away. When are black ppl gonna stand up and start decapitating these niggas?

    • drac215

      only water can put out a fire and being hot headed wont fix it bro. Jesus is the answer!!! if your looking for some of ya peeps to help ya out(not cutting off headz tho) Jesus got that via HolySpirit Peace bro

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM


    • Ike’s Mood

      you little cheese eatin muafuka…doe b is(was) stupid & you are too fam! you know the name of the game. you talk that talk, niggas gonna want to see if you walk it. if i click on his music & he talkin that popular shit, imma laff at him while i’m living & laff at yo dum ass for bein Judah Nazayar…

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  • MasterJayN100


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  • So stupid….we use 2 have 3 clubs in my area…had all the best talent & artist coming thru..then dudes kept shooting each other…now we dont have any clubs around anymore…Pathetic!!!!!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      that kind of heat killed the drug game … hip hop is NEXT !! aka the wanna be drug game … do you see a connection here ?? but secular music has always attracted this kind of ratchetness even back in the days of blues singers etc….

  • Banksy

    RIP to this young man and that young woman who was also murdered. You little niggas really need to cut this shit out. On another note being a rapper is really becoming the scariest job in the entertainment business. in the last 20 years 27 rappers have been shot and killed which is probably not even an accurate number considering the number of no name rappers that have also been murdered. There has to come a time when we have to stop blaming the white man for everything and see that we are the ones that are killing off ourselves. “And they say it’s the white man I should fear/but it’s my own kind doing all the killing here.” Tupac

    • Bumpy Johnson

      niggas think it cant happen. til lthey on the floor with holes in them.

  • drac215

    R.I.P. to the lost ones!!! May you accept Christ and God in your journey. No disrespect but people last time i checked when you represent what you speak reality can happen. Stop being both sided people if your going to grieve dont act like your surprised at what your grieving about. That wasnt a peace rally it was a function supporting the down fall of the black race except they had on nice clothes and it was at a club known for killing niggas!!! Sorry peeps just call it like i see it, Peace

    • Donttrustem99

      I bet you are 1 of those people who think every crime against a black male/female is racially motivated if carried out by another race now I’m not saying racism doesn’t still exist but times have changed and the majority of the new generation doesn’t see people in the same light as the did up to the mix to late 90s not everything equates to race so that supporting the down fall of the black man sounds retarded you are 1 of those dudes that call white people crackers and Latinos spics, kill your self with that race shit

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  • what type of dude was doe b? i mean the dude got shot in the eye right? this might be some retaliation type sh!t,pretty sure this shooting wasn’t for no reason.

    • MildManneredReporter

      i mean clearly it was something deep if somebody got him in a public place

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  • soyhiphop

    theirs black people and theirs nigg@s and the nigg@s have got to go! cant have shit around
    nigg@s cant open a club up grand opening grand closing..CHRIS ROCK

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • Ryan

    Shooting anybody is not worth death of life in prison BITCHES got problems put you hands up and throw down this shooting shit is for pussies

    • Papi Peligro

      exactly and if its bout money just cut them off.

  • ZUBU

    I’m a bit older but I”ve reached the point if they have to search you and wand you down that prolly is not the spot for me. Even to the extent if they need several off duty uniformed cops once again prolly not the place for me. I don’t go out too much anymore, but when I do its a spot where mature minded adults frequent. When I say mature I’m not referring to age but state of mind.

    • Phatt Killah

      maaan i do the same thing. If i need to carry a gun or weapon it aint the place for me. That’s why I don’t rock with the clubs no more. Straight bars for me then i’m out before the riff raff come in.

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  • MildManneredReporter

    was this article wrote up by a 12 year old or naw?

    • Calvin R. Davis


  • Vinsanity

    Set up by who doe?

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  • allupinyourfeelings

    Woah, the girl celebrating her birthday though. Sad.

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  • Romello81

    Just to let y’all know they arrested the dude that killed Doe B. He turned himself in and it was over a ongoing dispute between him and Doe B. I posted a little bit more info under the other article they have on here about Doe B. I ain’t feel like rewriting that shit. Y’all probably like “How this nigga know”? I’m from Montgomery a.k.a “The Gump”.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Just let the man rest already. RIP DOE B.


    R.I.P black man!!!