Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Doe B Set Up?


The world of Hip-Hop pauses for a moment to mourn and reminisce over the life of Doe B, the rapper signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records. He was dope. And he was tragically cut down early this morning by gun men at a show in Montgomery (The Gump) at a club called The Rose. Now, The Rose has another name now, but its still The Rose, according to sources. The Rose has been plagued by violence and murder, going back decades sources say. And they changed the name in an effort to change the association. But…I am being told that they didn’t do anything fundamentally to change the way people conduct themselves there.

Apparently, there was lone gunman that emptied a clip shooting every rounds at the Doe B. He was apparently struck in the chest and thigh. He was then taken to the hospital. Kim Johnson, a 21-year-old celebrating her birthday, was hit in the head and killed instantly. According to sources 6 other people were hit by bullets too.

According to sources, the gun man was allowed to enter the club by somebody. Hopefully, there is some form of justice.

Damn shame.

Below is the interview AllHipHop conducted with Doe B.