Drake Spinning

Diddy's Exclusive New Year's Eve Party On Star Island

With Drake on the wheels of steel, Sean “Diddy” Combs hosted the most exclusive party of the night, at his home on Star Island. T.I. & Tiny, Jamie Foxx, Terrence J., Scott Storch, Fat Joe, Trey Songz, The Weeknd and more were in attendance, including Jay Z, Beyonce and The Dream, who were spotted engaged in deep conversation.

Thaddaeus McAdams / ExclusiveAccess.Net

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      • EDOGZ818

        Didn’t see the wheels hooked up to it, but Serato isn’t DJ’ing…in the traditional sense.

        Serato did for DJ’s who can’t DJ, what Autotune did for singers who can’t sing.

      • Truth Powell

        That’s unfair to say. All Serato did was store the music on a hard drive instead of a vinyl disc. All the legendary hiphop DJS use Serato and cutting and mixing as a skill and a talent is not made easier by Serato.

      • Truth Powell

        easier in the sense that you don’t have to carry crates of heavy records anymore. You pick a song for each turntable the rest of the physical mechanics is up to the skill of the DJ.

        Most new music doesn’t even come out on vinyl, you need a program like Serato to even DJ in the modern era properly.

      • EDOGZ818

        I’m gonna check it out, I’m old school, but it hooks to the tables or tables on the laptop?

        How does it work?

      • Truth Powell

        it lets you use mp3s on your tables as if they were a vinyl record. Go see any DJ you respect spinning and they’re going to be using it unless the set on that event was specifically aimed to use real vinly only.

  1. RapItUp

    I see Storch rockin that iced out Breitling like it’s all good. Terrence J is such a sucker too. I would give my appendix to be the bus boy at a Diddy party.. I know the snatch is jumping out the dress

  2. ZUBU

    Is it just me or is Drake outside DJing? I thought it was cold as heck on the east coast. Possibly the writer got this wrong and Diddy was in Miami? Not certain where Star Island is.

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