Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Is No Longer The Global Creative Director For Blackberry

(AllHipHop News) What a difference a year makes. Less than a year after Alicia Keys was announced as the first ever Global Creative Director for BlackBerry, the two part ways.

In a statement to CTV News, Blackberry did not go into details about the reasoning for dissolving their collaboration with Keys but did highlight Keys work on the Blackberry Scholarship Program. Keys was apart of the advisory panel of the four year scholarship program designed to increase the number of women in specific technology fields.

Blackberry reported a shocking third quarter loss of $4.4 billion, considerably higher than its $965 million loss in the preceding quarter. A month before the company reported the third quarter losses, its former CEO Thorsten Heins left the company along with BlackBerry’s Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear, Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben and Chief Financial Officer Brian Bidulka.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Blackberry is a glorified 90’s pager

    • Daywreck Veil Stone

      and a great one too… gtfoh

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        gtfoh? what is this 2010 or maybe 1994 with your Pager/ Blackberry technology.. My watch has more memory than your crappy Blackberry

      • Daywreck Veil Stone

        then you never had a blackberry… it is a pretty competitive machine, just wrongly commercialized. meh w/e if people like getting back door by their iphone or android… i stick with mine. oh and a connected watch is completely useless and superficial….

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  • Mec-One

    I ask people who use a blackberry if they just stepped out of a time machine from 2005

  • BullsFan4Life29

    Now why the hell would you appoint Alicia Keys as your global director of Blackberry?

    • Schooly B

      Clearly someone has trouble with reading comprehension.

  • Black Jay

    This is simple… The company has tanked. Period. Why would you want to be associated with that company unless you were getting big paper? And judging from that loss, Blackberry just doesn’t have the cake. Justin Timberlake is probably next with his Myspace investment. Ain’t nobody doing that one either.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    People with Blackberries think they have something to stand for

  • Rapist on BAIL

    BlackBerry phones were just too slow processor wise. Took forever to boot up and render webpages. Then by the time BlackBerry phones try to get it right, it was too late. iOS and Android (Samsung Galaxy mainly) already rule and stole marketshare.

  • Sean Power

    well that failed epically there brand hit a all time low during her year, they lay half the company she probably happy she can start using her iphone again

  • s0rethumb

    Keep hope alive!!! If blackberry’s stock does what nokia’s stock did after being bought buy microsoft things will be good. Blackberry just needs to sell off the hardware and focus on licensing the software.

  • Truth Powell

    Blackberry should focus on the niche market of people that prefer a physical keyboard to type rather than touchscreen.
    Their downfall was trying to follow other companies instead of leading their own lane.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    BlackBerry = Free fall RIP in 2014

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  • Sonyafun

    It doesn’t matter that she is no longer with them. Now she can have more time to focus on her music and her family. Alicia is amazing.

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  • $18916246

    I didn’t know……

  • fullyautomatic

    Who still has BB dats soooo old FOH

  • dro

    so everybody dip so she getting her ass out if there to

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  • Sinbk Legend

    They caught that BlTCH walking around corporate offices with a galaxy phone. ….terminated that ass on sight. …

  • AlbertoRipRon

    BB is trying anything to stay relevant. They probably thought they could get a handle on the hip hop market through AK. Didn’t work. BB tech is just behind the times. You can’t see em over Samsung, Apple and HTC.