KRS-One Threatens Protégé MC Funky J In Leaked Audio

(AllHipHop News) A private beef between KRS-One and his protégé MC Funky J has become public in a big way. Taped audio of the two men arguing over stolen property has leaked to the internet. The heated conversation apparently began when J left a note of KRS’ property telling the Hip Hop legend if he was involved in the theft of his van the situation would escalate.

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“You crossed the line today,” KRS can be heard saying. “You put a threatening message on my front door. You know it’s on. You lucky I’m not even in Cali now. I’d be looking for your ass right now. You’d be face down on the ground J.”

After J alleges KRS is “shook” about the incident, The Teacha continues to threaten him.

“I ain’t shook about s**t. Shook? N***a I’ll blow your f**king mouth off,” KRS yells at J. “I love beating white boys. I love it.”

Before ending the convo KRS tells MC Funky J to be careful walking in Los Angeles.

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Listen to the audio below.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    I didn’t know KRS was gangsta like that

    • truth

      he loves beating whites boys ….you know dat tho lol

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Be careful walking in Los Angeles? This aint yo city bruh

    • hoeyuno

      The way krs talking he must have a house out there. I’m know where near LA but ima guess funky j isn’t deep in the streets in any way shape or form. And he was probably paying krs for his time.

  • shm mc funky j is that a joke

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  • CCB4life

    Every City is the Teachers city.I LOVE BEATING WHITE BOYS,LOL.I need that on a shirt underdog……hannnnnnn!!

  • s0rethumb

    This is how “they” will bring down “our” legends. And Rick Rubin and Marshall Mathers will be the only ones known about Hip Hop Culture. In this ferocious news environment we will gorge on snuck snippets of heightened fleeting words while sensationalizing a private conversation (illegally being recorded). Allowing the provoked Lord Jamar’s and KRS1’s of our culture to become vilified for not speaking pc enough for the “educated” hipster or whoever that sect are known as now. Thus making it difficult to speak your mind, circumventing the point of true hip hop. Good Day! Keep your guard up Lawrence.

    • D_Ably

      the words ‘white boy’ egg you on to type that sht?

      • s0rethumb

        Nah Vlad, Yelawolf and this Funky J.

    • RichFromBX

      so a nobody who records a conversation is going to bring down “our” legends? GTFOH! – this recording will never go main stream enough for anything to ever come of it…besides, with these young fools like Keef “they” don’t have to do anything except sit back and watch the self-destruction.

      • s0rethumb

        It’s not about the nobody. It is about who the nobody recorded. Do you think any University want to hire Professor KRS1 now? Truth is if you didn’t grow up with or can’t somehow make your favorite rapper a ton of money, they aren’t messing with white people like that or anybody else for that matter. No offense. “They” are the master of the art of war & marginalization.

  • that white boy was all kinds of shook

  • hoeyuno

    I think funky j stalker type. by the way who the fucc is funky j?? the video shoulda ended with “ah yeah”

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  • Tha Colony

    “I think he better call Tyron” still on that, Lion better bring back gun, cant wait to see another rapper dead. #Popcorn


    1 L for the white boy calling himself funky (this aint the 80’s mu fruka). Krs1 had classics but he over the hill now.

  • Lamar Star

    Funky J shouldn’t have let that “stop the violence” sh*t fool him, I’m sure even Martin Luther king even drew the line somewhere. I’d be pissed off too, and ready to throw hands if someone left a note on my door talking about “it’s on”.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      nicca u puzzy, ITS ON! QUEENS!

      • Lamar Star

        Lmao, oh no the drag queen strikes again

  • Black Jay

    Damn KRS…. You love “beating Whiteboys”? PAUSE.
    Let this be a lesson to the world. Anger only amplifies your true beliefs. When Michael Richardson said that “N Word” stuff, it was a true reflection of what he felt. When Mel Gibson told his shorty he hoped she got raped by “a pack of n*ggas”, I believe it was a true reflection of what he believes. And so when KRS ONE says this comment, I can’t help but to wonder is there an undercurrent of anger towards White people. KRS is one of the dopest lyricists ever to do it. He’s a personal hero of mine. So when I hear something like this come from him, I wonder if he’s in the same way of thinking as Lord Jamar (who clearly has an issue with race). Habits born within a certain time period are hard to relinquish. That is the reason racism continues from generation to generation. So what does this tell us about KRS ONE and Lord Jamar?

    I can definitely understand KRS’s anger. But why go at a race? Go at the individual.

    • Walter28

      Is there an undercurrent of anger towards white people? Have you ever listened to KRS before? Do you not recall that he praised the 9/11 attacks because of his hatred for the white establishment and the financial system that they’ve created? He won’t even allow MTV to play his videos due to his hatred for [white] corporate culture (i.e. the “enemy”). I’m more shocked that he has a white “protege” at all, after building a career speaking out against oppression and the degradation of black culture by the white establishment. Looks like he’s gone VH1 in his old age.

      • Black Jay

        The songs KRS made held a lot of truth. To be fair to the situation I haven’t listened to any new KRS stuff. I really stopped copping his music when he started doing stuff with Puff. But prior to that he was one of my favorites. He was the teacher. And what he spoke about in his rhymes were a direct reflection of the times in which we lived. But that’s exactly my point. It’s 2014. What time frame are they representing?

      • SBRon

        As Elayorx El said, in which I agree, his 80’s – 90’s lyrics/topics are still mostly relevant in 2014…

      • Elayorx El

        Respeck, SB. Real talk, the OG’s taught me, and my fam a certain way, God. They taught us to stay out of our own way, be inspired, and never be too big to keep learning. NEVER, steal, or plagiarise, and always give it up, when it’s due. Even my son mentioned the fact that KRS had a “white” protege, so that right there shows that the man still walks, what he talks. This is real Hip-Hop.

      • SBRon

        No doubt, black!!

      • Black Jay

        Co-sign that. You have no complaints from me. But we’re not talking about his lyrics. We’re talking about his words towards his protege.

      • SBRon

        Yeah, in a fit of anger I’ve said things I later regretted!! Hindsight…

    • Elayorx El

      Anger amplifies true beliefs? If I’m beefin with my Moms, and I say I hate her, in a fit of rage, did I really mean that? No. Does, The Blast Master, have some inherent hatred toward whites, based off of his comment? Perhaps, but maybe it is toward whites that behave a certain way toward him. KRS has a true, and thorough knowledge about real history, and is still human, so this is normal. To say he feels like this toward whites in general, is a bit of a stretch. You mentioned Lord J, who again, is only doing what any real knowledgeable, lover, and supporter of someone who grew up in a particular culture should do. Stand up, instead of standing down, when things are not quite right. Also, the very definition of habit, is something that is difficult to give up. So, making mention to your other post, where you stated KRS’s rhymes were a reflection of the times, absolutely, because the “time period” has not changed for us, in this year, 2014. Much like if you listen to Malcolm X speeches from “eons” ago, it sounds like he could be giving those speeches now, because ish has not changed! That was the genius of X. So, THAT’S why KRS is the teacher. True wisdom is ageless, especially in this case, with Hip-Hop’s plight, here in the good ol, U S, of A. Respect.

      • SBRon

        Word is Born!!

      • Black Jay

        We have different beliefs on this. Period. The thing that makes this wrong is that KRS basically tried to play a whole race of men, rather than taking on the individual that put the note on his door. And as much as all of you say it, 2014 is not the 1980’s. That’s not to say that we as Black People don’t have a long way to go before we have true equality, but things have changed. Like it or not. As Oprah put it, racism dies a little bit with every generation. So we aren’t in the same period.

        As for what you mean with your moms, dude that’s family. It’s not on the same level. Furthermore, if KRS were addressing his moms in a fit of anger I’m sure everyone can agree that he wouldn’t use that terminology to describe what he’d do to her. So let’s be fair. Compare oranges to oranges.

      • Elayorx El

        I hear/see your opinion, as well as the semantics, but the relativity in my original reply is crystal. Let the people judge then.

      • Black Jay

        But your original reply doesn’t address the topic. KRS said some wack ish. It’s not about his lyrics. It’s about a protege (that he chose) getting reckless and his failure to deal with it in the proper way. Teachers can be students too. And on this topic, KRS is in 1st grade.

      • Elayorx El

        Please refer to my reply to SBRon. Thx

    • Judah Nazayar

      i hope u are r not a so called *black man*… if so.. please,.. go quietly outside, ..
      ..and begin to punch and kick yourself.. thank you.

      • Black Jay

        Ignorance lives. Thanks for being the class example.

    • BigHomie337

      It tells u that they really don’t care for white ppl but will work with them if its profitable.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    U get no stripes for talking reckless to someone that you know you going to give an L to easily. Talk that street shi* to a real nicca is all im saying. For this KRS takes an L. QUEENS U BIT(H NICCA, FOH WITH THE BRIDGE IS OVER U SOFT BIT*H BOY!

    • Lamar Star

      The sesame street bridge is over, elmo shirt wearin a** n*gga

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        man FU(k ur mother!

    • Mec-One

      How does KRS take the L?! First of all, dude recorded this conversation without KRS knowing he was being recorded and then puts it out, that’s fuckboi sh!t! ……. 2nd, Would’nt you be mad too if somebody left a note on your front door pretty much accusing you of something you had nothing to do with and throwing a threat in there if they found out you did?!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        He takes the L for talking reckless to a nicca he know he can beat. U get no respect for that. He wouldn’t talk to no QUEENS or any borough nicca for a FACT. NO I wouldn’t be mad if I was innocent.

      • Mec-One

        You stay screaming Queens like you “bout that life” but you’ll let a chump leave a threat on your front door ……. Is this MC Shan?! FOH!

    • Judah Nazayar

      sir, im gonna have to ask u to punch and kick yourself… thank you.

  • Chris

    KRS-One lost for having a protege named “MC Funky J”.

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  • $18916246

    This audio was not meant to be heard publicly, The white boy has attempted in the least a character assassination of KRSONE’s public persona. I hope KRSONE is more careful of what he expresses over a phone call to anyone. Coward’s playback the content of a personal conversation to the public…this makes no sense.

    • Black Jay

      I don’t know dude…. To me this also says a lot about KRS’s judgment. I mean, we’re not talking about a stranger that attacked him. We’re talking about a protege. Someone he took under his wing. The dude may be a coward but KRS chose him. So by that very definition, KRS did this to himself. And he was stupid enough to say those words (which in public or private is wrong in my book) and had it recorded. It just goes to show you that even a “teacher” can always learn something.

      • $18916246

        Think about it like this..everyone is flawed in someway. If I followed you around in your private time away from the public, away from your business or employer, with the objective of learning something negative about you, I no doubt would be successful because right and wrong can be gained or lost in ones perception. No one is perfect but to a person like and entertainer or public figure, your public persona is all we know, It’s the surface you, that can’t encompass the total you, hence we all seek and appreciate some sort of private life. If someone filmed or recorded you in a very private or intimate moment without you consent then presented this instance to the public and added spin and a title like Black Jay: Caught assaulting his dope fiend sister! ( a mere example no truth at all to what I just mentioned). What would the exposure do to your now public persona?

        My point is, in our private lives where we assume we are comfortable we are liable to be found saying or doing any number of things that may go against what people know of us. Unless it was KRSONE who provided the public with this conversation then how could one vilify him or judge him if the very conversation was spoken to an individual in private and addressed in a manner that he saw fit to do so in. After all if the white boy he refers to and is talking to didn’t make the conversation public we wouldn’t know it took place. Just some food for thought.

      • Black Jay

        I disagree…. We’re not talking about Internet porn or being a secret fake ass republican. We’re talking about going at someone that he had beef with. On a phone. How is that private? The dude basically put a note on his front door, which tells me, this dude didn’t care about people seeing it or his neighbors. How can you be surprised when this no-name scrub goes public? His first move told you what he was about. In my opinion he was probably trying to protect himself on some coward ish because he was scared. But his movement told you what to expect.
        If KRS was smart his message would’ve went like this….
        “Oh you put a note on my door saying it’s on? I’m coming to see you.”
        The end. Actions speak louder than words.
        I understand KRS’s anger and I can relate. That was dirty. But saying what he said put a little dirt on him.

      • $18916246

        That’s kool bruh we don’t have to agree…but a phone call is private unless your spying on someone. No one can tell you how to react to a threat really, the call was obviously emotional on Kris’s part and dude was probably scared, though I think dude really sought to expose KRSONE for his approach on the issue..i.e. I bet KRSONE’s core audience would be shocked to hear how Kris reacted to this situation. The other side is trust because the act of publicly exposing a friends conversational response without notice or consent is an act of betrayal. I don’t believe Kris knew this dude was recording the call and would later play it for all the world to hear it online.

      • Black Jay

        At least we can agree that this was a b*tch move on behalf of his protege.

      • Satchmo

        Shit, two people agreeing to disagree on the internet without a flame war? Now I have seen everything

    • Jayson C Williams

      But which rapper records phone calls after a crimes committed or before? Who engages in such entrapment lol? Soft ass rapper.. He needs to change his career and krs needs to practice what he preaches.. But than again I’m not sure if that’s applicable in this situation

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  • Ricky Dust

    Would love to see KRS pimp slap him. And I would love to make the soundtrack to that. The van was purchased by KRS and dude was slippin evidently to loose it. And the recording tells the truth. Krs said nothing wrong whatsoever. Dude even admits he was wrong for the note on door. What was dude gonna do to KRS or his family? KRS for PRESIDENT!! PIMP SMACKIN 2014!

    ps….I aint never heard of this white guy either so maybe its all a ploy for some well needed publicity. Let Rick Ruben whoop his ass KRS. I m sure Rick wont catch a case. Ive never seen two white boys fighting in a bar go to jail. NEVER!
    but if KRS one pimp slaps him in a bar.. KRS is lookin at a year or more in jail.
    Sounds like someone lost a van for the love of COCAINE-COFFEE-SUGAR-TOBACCO

  • ZUBU

    Damn KRS went in on that punk boy, mf’s recording shit is so gay. Like he trying to bait KRS in.

    A couple years ago I had a lil bar fight, I smack dude up a bit. He come back with his boys and shit, my boy tell me they outside waiting on me. I was like ok they won’t have to wait long. I walked out and put hands on him again. Then the lil sissy boy called the cops on me. That’s what this dude seem like he started shiiiit with KRS and he will prolly call the cops. White, Black, Brown, Yellow, etc. if you do that shiiiit you a bitch.

  • Who records niggaz conversations unless you tryna get that man locked up? Fed a$$ nigga, I feel KRS cuz if bruh felt that way he coulda came to him like a man, talkn bout it’s on….yea ok you right but it ain’t just on nigga it’s mutha$&@@n on! You can tell the type of dude Funky J is by the recording of the convo and all the back tracking he was doing. I remember my neighbor alerted me my car was broken into and they got my beats, few days later I see this nigga in the parking lot and he was beating way harder than ever, swear to god I drew down on the spot and made him pop the trunk, it wasn’t my gear but I still never trusted that nigga, 4 all I know he coulda traded my stuff 4 something else. I’m sorry but the man in me just couldn’t go 1 minute without letting him know how I felt about the situation 1st hand. I was so salty bout that ish lmao. Bruh swore he didn’t do it but it was just something that didn’t allow me to believe him, seem like he was tap dancing a bit.

  • @streetlifemediagroup

    salute to the teacher @streetlifemediagroup

  • Got myself a Uzi and my brother a nine….