T-Pain Talks Being Upset Over Praise For Kanye West’s “808s & Heartbreak”

(AllHipHop News) T-Pain is credited by many as the person who revived the mechanically altered vocalization in music that was previously used by artists like Roger Troutman. While T-Pain made a name for himself with his Auto-Tune hits, perhaps the most celebrated album that incorporated the technique is Kanye West’s 808s and Heartbreak.

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Pain recently told VladTV that he was actually thrown off by the attention Ye’s fourth album received. According to the Florida singer, he felt as if he did not get the proper recognition for his work with Auto-Tune prior to Kanye’s 2008 project.

“I respect that s**t, but the praise that he got from it was like ‘Oh, my God. This is so creative. This is the new s**t’,” said T-Pain. “I’m like what happened to 2005 when I dropped Rappa Ternt Sanga and it was the same album? That’s kind of weird. It just feel like I was unappreciated.”

During the Q&A, T-Pain also discusses the creation of Auto-Tune as well as working with Kanye on 808s and their collaborative track “Good Life” off 2007’s Graduation.

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Watch T-Pain’s interview below.

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  • SleepyTheGreat

    I Feel What T- PAIN is Saying, He Did His Homework On The Device. Made Hit Singles. Got Black-Balled Out The Industry, and They Stole His Swag. Although I Remember He Said Was Cool With It Back In 08′ (To Save Face). Even After DOA, Cats Still Riding His Wave. SMH

  • Black Jay

    T-pain….officially go kill yourself. Dude, there’s a reason some people survive in the industry and some don’t. It’s called “Arithmetic”. Pain, you may not like the praise Kanye got, but when you say something negative against an artist, without provocation mind you, and that artist is moving units, and has good relationships with other artists that are moving big units, what do you think the outcome will be? The artist will not be the only one to line up against you, THEIR WHOLE FAN BASE WILL LINE UP AGAINST YOU! AND THE ARTISTS THAT THEY’RE COOL WITH MAY LINE UP AGAINST YOU! That’s millions of people that you’ve pissed off. Do you not know that some of your fans were some of Yeezy’s fans? Why do you think Jay Z basically got the industry on decline from f*cking with you? It’s because you got too sensitive about D.O.A. (which was actually a compliment to your dumb ass). Now Future is eating your Cheerios and that revenue has shrunk. Now you on some ‘the world didn’t appreciate me’ sh*t over an album that most people didn’t even like? And for what? How does that help your revenue stream?

    N*gga find the nearest power outlet, grab some metal scissors, pour a glass of Kool Aid on your head and stick the scissors in. Your brain needs a reboot.

    • SleepyTheGreat

      You Made Some Valid Points, He Was Over Sensitive About DOA, But That’s How He Was Eating. At The End Of The Day, Niggas Stole His Swag, And He Was Pushed Out The Game. He Just Venting, You Would Too If A Sloppy Copy-Cat Was On The 100 Hot Billboard Using A Formula You Did 9 Years Ago.

      • Black Jay

        I don’t even think his logic is basically sound. T-Pain didn’t make AutoTune. If he did his argument would be valid. But he didn’t. That’s like me getting angry that I used a particular keyboard first and someone else is getting money using it. Do you think 9th Wonder is sitting back complaining about other people using the computer program he used? It’s not about the tool. It’s about the talent behind that tool. Diddy was the only dummy to give this dude points behind using the tool. This dude is a diva. It’s hard to be black balled once you make it to a certain level of success. If everyone stops f*cking with you it’s because of 2 reasons. Either your personality is sh*t or your political skills are sh*t. Choose a reason. Either way you won’t make loot. In this case it seems to be a combination of both. How you gonna get jealous of a dude that used an instrument better than you? And not only that, Kanye put you on one of HIS hottest tracks, ON HIS ALBUM, and put paper in your pocket!!!! I stick to my original statement. He needs voltage for a reboot.

      • SleepyTheGreat

        Okay, You Got Me, I Think If Anything He’s Just Mad That He Went Brought That Sound Back In The Modern Age. I Know Roger Gave Him A Past Beyond Diddy. Like I Said I Think In 08′ He Felt The Same Way He’s Feeling Now, But Just Went Along With It, Especially How He Just Described How Kanye Came Up With 808s and Heartbreak. Sounds Like He Was Always Bothered By It. Then Jay Dropped DOA and He Just Didn’t Know How To Take It. Lost His Cool and Revenue In The Process. Now You Got Lil Kids Saying Future is Better Than T-Pain Based On 1 Album and a Mixtape. He’s Mad For Sure lol

      • I haven’t read too much into it, but from watching this video it doesn’t seem like he was really throwing ‘Ye shade. If anything I applaud Pain by saying he was a little taken aback by the praise 808’s received and frustrated by the lack of praise for where (in ‘Pain’s words) the idea generated. I’m personally a fan of Pain so I may be slightly biased but though he didn’t make auto tune himself, he has a valid point in being mad at how other people used it. I’m pretty sure the only reason other artists jumped on it is because it was a winning formula, not because they were trying to be creative. Pain did it because he wanted to be set a part. And its a little different from being mad at someone using auto tune and being mad that someone is using the same keyboard or computer program, and that reason is transparency. The general public doesn’t know that artist B is using pro tools, JUST because artist A made it hot. You can immediately identify when someone is using auto tune so of course that directly effects t-pain. He def should’ve been a little upset at DOA. He knew the power J had/has on public opinion (a little too much if you ask me), so he reacted accordingly. And Ye using auto tune better than Pain is debatable.

      • Black Jay

        You know what? That doesn’t make sense…. If I feel like I’m the best at something, you know what I would do? Take it to the people! Put out hit after hit after hit! Make dudes know who has the sound and who’s the true monster at it. Crying and complaining makes you sound like a b*tch….

        “Boo hoo hoo… That n*gga stole my style. He did it and now he’s doing it. I had it first! Imma tell my momma!”

        Come on son! Man up! Make hits.

      • Never, never, never leave it up to the people to decide!! Lets not forget Ja Rule tried to do that and 50 came in, took his whole style and stopped all his money! Hate to say it but Hip-Hop fans ain’t the most loyal. Love you one day hate you the next. FOR THE SAME DAMN REASONS! While Pain was in his slump I felt like he put out plenty of hit worthy songs.. no one gave em the time a day because they were on that “I’m tired of the T-Pain sound” kick. Meanwhile other people eating good on that same sound

      • Black Jay

        Look…. For every Ja Rule I can show you a Gangstarr. What are cats in the industry for anyway? If you were true to your art, you wouldn’t have fickle fans. T-Pain is in it for money. Not love. Ja was in it for money. Not love. When you love the dollar sometimes you chase what’s popular. And by doing that your career gets played. By “taking it to the people” as I said, I’m not talking about making music for dollars or chart chasing. I’m talking about putting the quality of my music first. I’m talking about getting “believers” instead of fans. You can make good music AND make money. I heard T-Pain’s stuff. How many times is this dude gonna sing about a stripper? Where’s the substance and growth? Have you seen this dude’s latest video? And so how has he grown from being in love with a stripper? He hasn’t grown. The onus is on him. No one else. Not Kanye. Not Future. It’s on T-Pain.

    • Dadon850

      Dude, T-Pain worth 40 mil n!gga. Do ya homework.

      • Black Jay

        And? What’s your point? So he’s worth 40 Million. Is he still complaining like a b*tch? Is he eating better or worse on an annual basis since acting like a baby with D.O.A? Do your own f*cking homework.

      • Dadon850

        Sound like you the complaining little b!tch. Did he hurt your feelings?? Get Future d!ck outcha mouth. You can’t think clearly.

      • Black Jay

        I don’t think I defended Future at any time. In fact, I hate Future’s & T Pain’s music.

        But I love it when these dudes get out debated and commence to talking sh*t and throwing insults….

        @dadon850…. Yeah, you got crushed. Better luck next time n*gga.

      • Dadon850

        Man you sound like boo boo the got d@mn fool. Homo azz n!gga.

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  • Pain is the father of that sound. 808’s and Autotune (which IS NOT the same as Roger Troutman’s TALKBOX).

    808’s and Heartbreaks stands apart from T-Pain’s album because of the EMOTIONAL THEME of the entire album. While pain had the sound, his songs were generally more catered to having fun, sex, and partying while 808’s dealt with a more substantial subject matter that was able to connect with the listener on an emotional level. BRILLIANT ALBUM. Both T-Pain and Kanye are brilliant ARTISTS though.

    • William Witherz

      I am generally not accustomed to listening to r&b for extended periods of time outside of the bedroom, however I agree with everything that you said. 808’s was a totally different album. I honestly can’t say I heard the whole Rappa Turnt Sanga, but his themes were different and more upbeat and fun. I respect T-Pain and don’t bump 808’s a lot, but think it was a good album.

    • brotha_man

      its the same technology is just whole lot better

  • Obi Won

    I get what T-Pain is saying, but everyone was doing that Autotune ish at the time. He messed up by taking DOA so personally. It could’ve been directed at any & everyone at the time. I’m glad that its over and Future reminds me of why it needs to stay gone.

    The idea that TPain “studied” auto tune is cool. But it also shows some people just basically hopped on dik. T-Pain shouldn’t really feel underappreciated more so like a pioneer.

    • SleepyTheGreat

      You Can’t Feel Like A Pioneer If People Won’t Give You Credit. T-Pain Has Been Relevant By Industry Standards Since Late 2010′, That’s Like 7 Years For This Generations Attention Span.

      • SleepyTheGreat


      • but u understood what he said right????? comment on his comment or troll some where else

      • SleepyTheGreat

        Never said I didn’t, so miss me with that bull

      • matt meyer lansky


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  • Kevin Anthony

    By studying he perfected autotuning, created a lane for himself and others followed The formula. Respect. Come see what im doing yaa..Kevin Anthony21 on soundcloud

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  • i’mreloaded!

    Can’t even hate on T-Pain, he actually made the autotune hot and he was crankin out hit after hit. That’s when all these copycat niggas came and swagga jacked his style. The thing about autotune, you have to have some form of vocal ability to make that shit sound good, and I haven’t heard anyone who can pull dat off like Pain.

  • Really ain’t that hard to understand what happened, T-Pain came with a fresh new carcass (a style that was different from everyone else), and the vultures picked it clean just like they always do. It happens in practically every form of business, but ESPECIALLY when it’s entertainment-related. Ain’t sayin the shit’s right, just that it don’t come as a surprise at all when I hear about shit like this happenin to people.

    And I REALLY wish people would quit comparin the AutoTune thing to what Roger was doin with the Talkbox, cuz even though they sound SOMEWHAT similar they’re two completely different things.

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