Victims In Doe B Shooting Suing Venue; Claim Bouncers Were Bribed

(AllHipHop News) Three of the victims in the December 28th shooting at the Centennial Bar & Grill that left rapper Doe B and two others dead are suing the Montgomery, Alabama locale.

Keldric Landon, Clarence Young, Jr. and Ferro Bennett have filed lawsuits against Centennial (formerly Rose Supper Club and Top Flight), The Flight LLC, its owner Nicole Bankhead, and the club’s security company. They are seeking compensation for medical expenses, loss of work, and pain and suffering.

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London filed his suit on Monday with Young and Bennett following with their joint suit later in the week. Both cases claim that the bouncers at Centennial were bribed to allow weapons into the location.

Court documents state, as a result of the security’s inadequate checking for weapons, all the defendants were negligent or reckless and caused or contributed to the plaintiff’s injuries. Reportedly Young was shot once, Bennett three times, and Landon suffered multiple injuries that required surgery.

Hustle Gang member Doe B (born Glenn Thomas) and Kimberle Johnson were fatally shot during the incident. Timnorius Hamilton died as are result of his injuries from the shooting on January 3rd.

Two men have been charged for the murders. Darius Thomas and Jason McWilliams are currently in police custody and being held without bond.

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  • MrNoName2K

    Makes sense to me. Especially nowdays where they damn near cavity you before you step foot in the spots in the hood.

    • Jayson C Williams

      Yea this seems like this law suit is valid. Any good club knows the rules and consequences if u allow ppl to bring weapons in the club.. Law suits law suits & more law suits! And no business

    • Hiphop85

      Bottom line the club failed on all fronts. Their security was useless, they had to see this guy arguing like a psycho then leaving why they let his ass back in the club is beyond me. Shut that club down or get new owners who know how to run a club in as safe a manner as possible. Shouldn’t the club have a metal detector? I know most bars don’t but obviously the club should, no reason for weapons in a club, absolutely no reason.

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  • lola lovely la’shaun

    i believe that “for a morsel of bread”…..

  • TimeWillTellu1

    RIP Doe B. I never heard about this guy until his death which is a shame. He seemed like a good dude though. I hope his family the best.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      so judging off his lyrical content you actually think he was a good dude?

      • TimeWillTellu1

        We all make mistakes in life and he was young enough to still get the chance to change and make a difference who knows…

      • Bumpy Johnson

        so bad people don’t exist

      • black god

        what did doe b do that would make him bad?

      • Bumpy Johnson

        selling drugs dont make you bad??he was outhea in’em streets, selling crack, coke or any drug destroys soo many peoples lives…its horrible but its w.e.

        msg: if you outhea in the streets anything goes!u chose the life ,except the consequences.

      • city

        mcdonalds food kill people

      • Realreal

        Honestly thats a discussion for another topic. Some Americans dont have huge hang ups on drug sellers, plus not everyone has the support or ability to do certain legal things like a normal person and are, in a way forced to make money for their family (forced is the wrong word, everybody has a choice to sell or not sell drugs). Lots of people, especially young people see drug sales as the only real viable solution to survive, help out their family financially and make some money. The disgusting part is when you have a person who has the financial, family support and brains to make it in the legit world but because of laziness or some wish to be a gangster (well untill then run into a real one then they drop that act). Basically destroying the community with drugs when there is zero reason for them to have to.

      • iamwhoiam

        Man I get a kick outta dudes like you.
        “So with his lyrical content you actually think he was a good guy”?!
        Do you think R kelly believed he could really fly?!. There’s plenty of rappers with tough lyrics and still good people. Entertainment, thats all.

      • baller187

        yup he lived bye the gun died by the gun , like doe B didnt have any bodies on his head

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  • Polecat

    Yeah ,because my family owns a club and we got metal detectors and honestly ain’t No way in hell heads is gonna make it around them unless….smh….it was a inside job which resulted in the people getting injured!! I feel the people,sue that club dry.# you can to know me better @ reverberation/ Novacane 1

    • Tell-it-like-it-is

      even if they didn’t have insurance its gonna be hard to get the money because the company can file for bankruptcy. they most likely won’t see any monies from them. its a sad truth but as incompetent as that club sounds they probably didn’t have insurance so i bet they’ll pull out every last trick to deny the families what they are owed.

    • Realreal

      Thats interesting as hell. I dont think ive seen a single club without serious metal detectors (ones that you can just get around). Assuming this place had some form of metal detectors, your theory makes sense. The owners look away for a few seconds or an even more sinister the club provided guns inside the club. I haven no clue why they or the shooter would want Doe B dead, all i’ve read so far is some type of argument. Seems like a weak ass reason to jump from verbal conflict to cold blooded murder of multiple people.

  • ZUBU

    Yeah the victims need to try and get that money soon, because the clubowners won’t be making no money anytime soon and who know if the clubowners got biz money put up. The lady got her company set up as a LLC, so for the most part you can’t get her personal money. Also hopefully she had the club insured for such an act, same with the security company hope they have insurance.

    • Polecat

      Fareal you right fam

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  • iamwhoiam

    The owner is liable. He hired the bouncers,unfortunately they were dirty.

    • Realreal

      Yup. Owner is going to be roasted. He better prepare for a multimillionaire lawsuit, possibly a conspiracy charge (if he knew about the murder plot or let certain people in the club without checking them) and i bet hes (She maybe) is going to lose their club aka its gonna get shut down by the police.

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  • Executive

    Blood on their hands.

  • Executive

    They probably got bribed for a pair of Jordan’s!

  • i’mreloaded!

    Unfortunate they have to hit a come up under these circumstances.

  • Hiphop85

    This shooter is a scumbag. Tragic ridiculous bullsh!t. Men are turning to cowards. What happened to just fighting. Everyone goes from an argument straight to shooting. Also learn to shoot, what the hell is this guy doing just busting slugs all over the place killing innocents and wounding others. People cant let anyone have success, Doe B had a career and i dont think he would of been a flash in the pan i think he could of had a long term career. Didnt this all start over a verbal argument? I mean the dude didnt get knocked out or shot it was just talking. Dudes nowadays are pussies who cant take mere words. So this retard comes into a packed public area and shoots, i mean two seconds of thinking and most people would say this isnt worth it cause im gonna end up in jail for life.

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  • $21384666

    No offence to the the victim but doe b does look like a shit disturber.

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