El-P Says Run The Jewels Helped Bridge The Gap Between NYC & The South

(AllHipHop News) One of the biggest ongoing Hip Hop stories in 2013 was sparked when Atlanta rapper Trinidad James expressed his belief that “the South runs New York.” Those comments led to numerous responses from rappers from the Big Apple and Southern cities including leaked audio of NYC’s Maino confronted Trinidad over the phone.

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As some in Hip Hop focused on the divisions in the culture, two veterans from two different regions joined together to make one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the year. Brooklyn’s El-P and Atlanta’s Killer Mike released their self-titled joint LP Run The Jewels in June, and according to El-P the project played a role in uniting the South and the East Coast.

“No question, I do see it that way. But I see it that way in the most natural, organic, real way. I see it as just simply being the truth,” El-P tells thevine.com when asked whether Run The Jewels helped bridge the gap between New York and the South. “It’s funny for me and Mike to sit here and watch people just squabbling back and forth about ‘New York’ and ‘Atlanta’ and whoever has the top-est s**t at the moment, and me and Mike are like, ‘Well we just made a completely boundary-less record’.”

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El Producto also discussed Hip Hop media and fans’ obsession with “the state of rap.” The Company Flow founding member says “rap is not a person” and the fate of the entire culture should not be defined by any particular song, project, or artist.

“People always talk about rap like it’s some guy they know who’s going through a problem: ‘Damn, man, how’s rap doin’?!’ ‘I dunno, man. Last time I saw rap he was pretty depressed!'” said El-P. “Rap is a form of music, like rock’n’roll. It’s endless. And it is only good or bad or whatever as a moment in time, as a moment of inspiration, as an artistic expression.”

He adds, “One thing for sure is that there’s nothing that’s gonna take down a genre as powerful and creative as rap music. It’s just about whether we’re inspired by the things that are happening at the moment.”

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  • Live Well

    It seems like every crew needs a white boy to sell these days. No hate, just and observation.

    • Montezuma1

      It’s a fact. White fans spend more money on music. Their dollars are far more reliable. and predictable. Mike is a genius. Ignorant blacks are too busy claiming to “run” shyt when the only thing they run is their mouth. It’s a shame but we encouraged this with BEEF. While we found every reason to beef with each other and diminish credibility the white boys got a clear lane to the top. Ni99a nonsense never gets old.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        what was the name of the black person that created napster, lime wire and all them other music sites that was “stealing” music from the artist……..i keep forgetting that black persons name? u nagas kill me with the white boy d riding yall do.

      • Montezuma1

        Huh? Is Killer Mike white? I missed that. I’m not a Macklemore, Eminem or MGK fan but that doesn’t change the fact they’re winning without my support. The industry doesn’t need us that’s why Talib Kweli is happy to tour with Macklemore. lol. Facts are facts azzhole. If blacks stop tearing each other down this couldn’t happen. Y’all love Tupac and 50 and all the other self-hating “brothers.” Now look. My post pointed our something that must stop but you wouldn’t get that cause it must mean you’d have to come up with another marketing strategy. Get lost fool.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        who is the black person(s) that created them sites? its funny to me how people like you like to use that weak argument of bootlegging in the hood to justify selling out (and im not talking bout killer mike) when them so call white fans (according to your statement) “spend more money on music. Their dollars are far more reliable. and predictable” created a way to steal more music and movies then any hood bootlegger could on his best day.
        i agree with your last part about us fighting for scraps the industry throw at the artist left a clear lane for white artist to prosper in this climate………… but how can you attribute that to so call “ignorant nagas” when the people or persons that pay them to behave like that are not “ignorant nagas”
        as for this comment
        ” If blacks stop tearing each other down this couldn’t happen”
        i agree with that comment, but its funny that in this case your doing the tearing down

      • Sean Taylor

        I bet you already maxed out your EBT card for the month didn’t you lil’ nig.

      • Montezuma1

        Tearing down or calling out? You got Southern blacks yelling about how they run hip hop. Cali blacks screaming westside and so on. While all the ignorant ni99as “rep their hood” or coast or whatever foolishness they’re consumed with the artform was reduced to rubble and the biggest names in the game are now white. Ni99a please. I’m right and the truth hurts.

      • TruthSerum813

        For the record, your theorizing about Mike being a Genius for putting out a record with EL-P due to white money being reliable is voided by the fact that they released this album for free download 6 months ago and are just now getting around to selling a limited edition deluxe version thats only available in europe. It had nothing to do with money, just 2 talented artists who aren’t blinded by racism coming together to make music.

      • Montezuma1

        Are they touring for free? Didn’t the album set up the tour or is that too complicated for you to understand with your narrow thinking?

      • TruthSerum813

        Ease back with the internet insults lil buddy, no need to be hostile about it. Moral of the story is if they were trying to make a quick buck they certainly would have put a price tag on the music, not givin it away for free, both their albums charted in the top 100 last year they certainly could have sold it had they chose to, they didnt.

      • Live Well

        Mike is dope, I don’t know about genius. And the fact that white people spend more money on music has nothing to do with “ignorant blacks” or Mike’s “genius”. It’s because 65% of this country is white and earn around 70% of the income.

      • Montezuma1

        He’s genius for making the dynamic work for him instead of wasting time complaining and tearing down his peers as if they’re getting in his way. While your stats may or may not be correct they do nothing to explain the failure rate of black artists who lack mainstream support. Could it be a shortage of black FANS because everyone thinks they’re in the “industry?” Oh wise one enlighten me.

      • Live Well

        It would be my pleasure to enlighten you, grasshopper. The stats are true but don’t believe me, check for yourself. What they explain is the reason white rappers are leading the way in sales. It’s called identity politics; most people buy from people that look like them. Rap is the most popular youth genre and more white rappers means more white rappers selling records. Killer Mike has been one of the illest for years, long before RTJ (a dope album btw). Somehow now he’s a “genius” because he got some crossover appeal.

      • Montezuma1

        So you just reiterated my original premise. I see you simply like to hear yourself speak.

      • Live Well

        Since you responded to my post and claim we’re saying the same thing, it looks like you reiterated my premise that “Every crew needs a white face to sell these days.” I see you simply like to talk slick but are too lazy to do the knowledge.

      • Montezuma1

        I see you like to engage in pointless arguments. A product of a single mom for sure.

      • Live Well

        LOL. You such a fukk dude.

    • TruthSerum813

      No offense but El doesn’t just rap in that group, he makes the beats as well…. And its not as if Mike dug this guy up in a trailer park somewhere, El-P has been making music since 93, his group company flow were the first group to release music on Rawkus records, which jump started their movement and led to Mos Def and Talib Kweli gaining notoriety, and he ran a label called Def Jux for 11 years, he’s one of the more important figures of the late 90’s underground movement so I think he’s earned the right not to be included with all the Johny come lately white guys poppin up left and right….

    • hoeyuno

      El-p been part of the hip hop movement way before it was “cool” to be a white rapper. Company flow!!!

      • brotha_man

        take’em to school. IMO RTJ album was top five album in 2013

      • Live Well

        I know he’s been around forever and I know he’s dope. It’s just becoming a little more trendy to do the Ebony and Ivory thing.

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      You must don’t know hiphop. El-p is a legendary producer. Company flow, produced the classic hiphop group cannibal ox cold vein album.

      • Live Well

        I know Hip Hop and I know El-P. He’s dope. I was just making an observation.

  • Terrance

    9enteractive is based in South Florida via NY. This article is interesting to me as we are doing something about that as well. Our 1st project featured 2 of Florida and NY’s rising acts…

    ANTi & Shifty Lee

    We’re a small operation right now but with MORE WORK and a lil’ luck, you’ll be hearing about us in the future.

    9enteractive .com

    • Terrance

      Ya voted down, but did ya LISTEN to the songs?
      To vote down and give NO FEEDBACK is kinda SUSPECT. I know not everyone will like our products but that isn’t cool y’all. It’s hard to believe that there is not 1 joint on the CD that you guys that voted down like? We STILL LuV ya tho…

  • hoeyuno

    El-p a gem in the culture. Take notes peoples..

  • lola lovely la’shaun

    I don’t agree, I think that the south and new York got together with cash money, master p and three six…with Jigga and big pun…yeap…this ain’t recent with the north and the south!!!

  • Kevin Anthony

    Its all about making Good music. Who cares where it comes from. Kevin Anthony-21 on soundcloud

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  • brotha_man

    run the jewels album was fire will cop RTJ2 mos def

  • 84stickupkid

    EL P IS REAL HIP HOP and it’s a nice collabo between two talented artists. South don’t run HH but they have been runnin the Pop Charts most recently…

  • Sparky Flinstone

    THIS DUDE SPEAKS THE TRUTH! People kill me with that territorial bullshit!

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