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The Thingy About Freeway Ricky Ross…


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I met Freeway Ricky Ross once and was taken aback by his short stature. I mean, he loomed larger than life in my mind, but upon sight, here was this frail man, barely standing 5’6″ and maybe 150 lbs. soaking wet. This is the guy that wreaked havoc on South Central Los Angeles in the 80’s? This is the cat who was gettin’ three million dollars a day off that raw-dog (cocaine) while, at the same time, helping the C.I.A. destroy and decimate a whole generation of black people—for nothing more than for filthy lucre’s sake?

This is why I’m having a hard time being sympathetic towards Freeway Ricky Ross and his lawsuits against rapper Rick Ross aka Ricky Rozay. And so far, Freeway don’ lost two hearings on the matter. Most would agree that rapper Ricky Rozay bit Freeway’s steez, yea, his whole persona down to the bald head and Osama beard, but is this lawsuit worthy? According to two courts, no!

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Freeway Ricky Ross suffers from the “Apostle Paul Complex.” This is his dilemma. How can I (or you) be sympathetic to a man who’s caused such harm to his own people while his biggest concern is receiving monetary gain off of a name and lifestyle that was detrimental to his own people? (I’m starting to sound like Minister Paul Scott! God forbid!) Freeway is the Apostle Paul to the hip-hop world I tell you!

For those who remember their Bible learnin’—the Apostle Paul (Saul), before he allegedly met Jesus was a piece of scum! Dude went around the countryside harassing his own people (the Jews) and putting them in jail and oftentimes killing them. Oh, he was one bad mofo! And then a day came where he flip-da-script, but by then, it was too late to repent to his own people, so he took his message of salvation over yonder (to the gentiles). He may have met Jesus on the “Road To Damascus” and alla dat! But the Jews weren’t trying to hear none of that newfound religiosity he was preaching! “Nigga! You kilt my mama! You put my daddy in prison! You raped my sister and you murked my dear ol’ grandma! Fuck you, your dirty drawhs and the religious garbage you’re spitting!” That was the sentiment of most law-abiding Jews of that time. Nobody was sympathetic just ‘cause you had a change of heart! Take that shit over there!

Similarly, this is Freeway Ricky Ross’s problem. Okay! You’ve changed. You’ve paid your debt to society and now you wanna do good. Great! Now you want this hip-hop generation to side with you against Ricky Rozay over your name and forget what your name stood for—the death of a people! You don’t want Rozay profiting off your name, yet you profited off the backs of welfare mothers and had your people strung out on the devil’s dick! (Drugs)

We’re supposed to be sympathetic towards you just ‘cause a nigga wants to use your dirty name to bolster some street-cred in the rap game? Would you be this gung ho if Ricky Rozay was not a dope (no pun intended) artist (‘cause he is!) and makin’ money off your “perceived” persona?

Gangster rap invented this persona, so what Ricky Rozay did in “adopting,” “plagiarizing,” “biting” and stealing another man’s image was far from out of the ordinary! The rap world is full of rappers named “Gotti,” “Noriega,” “Capone,” “Scarface,” and “Don,” who swipe the names of legendary criminal white guys to feign gangsterized—and even Rick Rozay’s arch-nemesis 50 Cent, who stole his name from the original 50 Cent—a lil nigga with the heart of a lion who was killing people catching bodies all over New York! So really, how much different was Rick Rozay’s actions, other than denying that he was using the moniker of a dude from the West Coast? Why he went through all the double-talking and obfuscation is anyone’s guess. (And we already know why Rozay denied all the correctional officer stuff. Shit was bad for business, but a nigga like me would’ve flipped it and said, “Yeah! I was a correctional officer and knew Noriega, the real Noriega and was gettin’ intel and bricks from that nigga when he was locked up in Miami!” How dope of a back-story would that be for a rapper?)

Since I’m from Miami—from the same hood as Ricky Rozay (Carol City) let me clear some shit up for you folks from around the country. When you’re not from a certain city you don’t have the proper knowledge and/or understanding of that city’s crime underworld. You don’t know who the players and pushers and D-boys and all their captains and lieutenants and shooters are. (There are levels to this shit!) Where Rozay fit in that pantheon of miscreants is debatable, but indeed, contrary to the popular belief of 50 Cent dick-riders, 18-months as a correctional officer does not discount for a life of thuggery, chicanery and criminality. And what kind of fool would associate himself with a criminal enterprise responsible for 35 deaths just for a rap career? Get ya mind right! This is “deeper than rap!” Ricky Rozay was in the underworld deep! So much so that he rapped about his affiliation to the murderous Boobie Boys gang proudly. He rapped of Boobie’s incarceration, “… when they snatched Black [Boobie], I cried a 100 nights, he got a 100 bodies, serving a 100 lifes.”

How could a fraud be this respected in the streets—still? Miami ain’t soft! Them niggas from “The Bahas” and Carol City would’ve long dealt with Ricky Rozay for the perpetration of name-dropping and affiliating himself with something he was never part of.

And so, Rozay messed up and chose the name of a ghetto-star from the Left Coast who wants a come-up off his licentious lifestyle, believing that Rozay was never “about that life” from the first.

And now we are left to our own devices. We are expected to shun the man who borrowed his name from a former drug dealer and praise the man who destroyed many communities and people from peddling dope. This is that thingy about Freeway Ricky Ross that rubs me the wrong way. I have respect for Freeway for things he’s doing to better his community and hip-hop, but it’s now time to drop this lawsuit thingy and move on. You fucked up in life and this is part of the punishment–seeing another nigga rock your name and fame. Accept it and own it!

  • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    Wow. That’s some porn-star level Rozay dick riding you’re doing in this article.

  • ihatefaggots

    This writer sucking officer roberts dick

  • moonfromsoufcack

    Do you think that any of these guys ,Gotti, Noriega, Capone, Scarface, if alive, and minus scarface cuz he was a character, would be okay with a bunch of ghetto “moolies” as they would be referred to, trying to emulate their persona? I think not, and they would be “vocal” about it if you know what i mean. The fact that the “real” rick ross has changed his name, game, and is having a more positive impact on his community means that he ultimately wants to change and repair what “rick ross” stands for. he’s not a character to mimicked in gimmicky songs and videos that further perpetuate all of the bullshit from which he wants to escape in the form of cocaine, guns, killing, and advocating all of the negative stereotype labeled on black people thus destroying the communities of today by promoting a destructive image and lifestyle of someone who “did” all of these things and is proud of it. i don’t think the “real” rick ross is necessarily proud of the things he did. basically, i see it as a situation where a man’s name belongs to him, and he and only he has the right to promote himself such as he pleases. Can’t blame said man, for going at anyone who attempts to misrepresent his name in ANY way!

    • chippc

      John Gotti was alive when Kurupt, Irv, and that rapper from Cash Money was using the name Gotti. He and his family didn’t like their name being used like that, but nobody got “vocal”.

      The Gotti grandsons got a little salty only because they wanted to use that gangsta shit for their own rap careers that never popped off.

      John Gotti did however check his grandsons for dressing and acting like “niggers’ though. .

      • Calico Joe

        I see your point, but you can’t compare a last name to a full government name. I may be wrong, but I’m quite certain John Gotti and his family aren’t the only people in the world named Gotti. He took the name plus the image. Straight CB4 style.

      • moonfromsoufcack

        i appreciate the knowledge drop on Gotti, but you prove my point exactly. And maybe I was reaching a bit with the “vocal” insinuation, but again Gotti was vocal about, and if what you say is true, then its safe to say that he was not content with people using and abusing his image and namesake.

      • black god

        but nobody going to confuse the two, the real rick says people get confused when he goes out about who he is.

    • Juan Spin Serrano

      Scarface was Al Capone.

  • Freebe Jackson

    if the author knows for a fact that Rozay was deep in the streets, why not use his own name that he made in the streets. No rapper is taking on the full name of another person and running with it. They take part of the name and add their own twist to it.

  • I hope Freeway Rick AND the Truth Minista team up and stomp your ass out.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Word….same dude was talkin bout the afrika bambatta rape shit.

  • Jay frothed

    Bottom line. This nigga JEALOUS. When Ross took the name he thought dude was NEVER coming home. He became a snitch & got released. Freeway using his name if anybody. Street niggas don’t deal in the streets with their BIRTH NAME, He was dealing in the 80’s! When Ross album come out? I CAN NEVER SIDE WITH A RAT!

    • Celz

      Ross never snitched he got his sentence reduced

      • Afi Keita James

        Wrong, Chaz Williams will tell you the truth, freeway ricky is a snitch.

      • Eli Pinilla

        No he didnt, he was pardoned by president bush before he left office. He was still servin a life sentence. He was snitched on by his connect who was working with the cia. Thats how that connection between him and the cia was made. He got put on to sell all that dope and then thwy came down on him as the scapegoat….he never got reduced time. He was servin life untill he was pardoned…google it

      • Afi Keita James

        Wrong, he testified at a police corruption case, he’s a snitch and he knows it, we do not snitch at the cops.

  • Unknown

    if someone took your government name made themselves look just like you and talked about things you were known for doing while you were in prison for doing so and that person is making money from it and basically taking the piss outta everyone YES HE IS RIGHT. But for some reason people keep giving him a pass. Are his fans really that stupid and naive. dude should have been kicked outta hip hop long ago. if he wants to lie and act and have fun and entertain people become a actor or go be in a musical

  • iamwhoiam

    He makes valid points, and we don’t REALLY know Rick Ross’ s background. That Officer Ricky was good for the beef between him and 50, but that’s about the only thing that’s came out on him. Other than that, who cares? If Freeway Rick ain’t gotta case, just let it go. Cause whether or not your a fan, fat boy gon’ keep doin his thing.

  • bisolabliss

    Khalil Amani, hope you know DICK RIDING is not a form of transportation, right?

  • $18916246

    Yes..Officer Ricky should have thought about the rap name he chose. Rick Ross the street hustler is still alive. What did William think was going to happen? Though extorting William is illegal, he has to realize that the real Rick Ross is from the streets and is no doubt insulted by the pretentious borrowed rap persona and believes William needs to surrender his rap name or pay. Street ration, Street Justice.

  • The Arsonist

    Yea Freeway Sold Dope, Ruined the Hood, but at the end of the day when you commit a crime or heinous acts does that mean even after paying your debt to society that anything that happens to you for the rest of your life you can’t fight against it because you were once a criminal? Sounds like a lot of BS to me, so you’re basically saying because Rick Ross sold drugs in the 80’s 30 Yrs later he must allow Officer Roberts to steal his identity and make bread off his image because of something he did 30 yrs ago? LOL. Think about that. Sounds stupid doesn’t it.

    • MackMafi

      thing i dont get is people keep sayin image…do y’all not know his image was tarnished when he started workin With the CIA…this niggas a bum ass bitch!!! and kali dont respect em!!! east coast niggas only niggas that’ll praise a snitch i dont care how many millions he made or how many years he did the hoe nigga snitched and deserves death not a fuckin lawsuit!!!

      • The Arsonist

        The no snitching Hood legend is a myth man, Im sorry bruh, aint nobody taking L’s for nobody how do you think the cops catch anybody? It aint great detective work, all these hood niggaz is snitchin and I’m from the CPT thats all bravado BS, and I know a lot about this situation the last time he was caught my wifes Godfather also got caught with him they both were arrested at the same time, at the end of the day the hell with focusing on who he worked with the problem is he helped along with the Ronald Reagan administration flood every hood in america with crack. I could care less about any Nigga who kills his own, so if niggaz want to complain about not being told on… STOP SELLING DOPE.

      • MackMafi

        thats why i be bolo bolo everybody tellin now!!! but its because niggas aint facin repercussions… niggas be in the hood still hangin with they sitchin ass… i got people doin life without behind snitchin ass niggas…think imma let a nigga come home and be around like its sweet??? im applyin pressure to any and all snitches my guy!!!

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  • i’mreloaded!

    Dude……He took the dude’s whole identity. You don’t see the bish in dat?

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  • Mickey Fats

    I don’t agree 100% with this article. 18 months as a corrections officer DOES discount for a life of thuggery, because you were a part of the same system that unfairly incarcerates guys that you are impersonating. Also, you ask “How could a fraud be this respected in the streets?” Answer: when suffering from delusions of grandeur, dumb ass people just don’t know any better.

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  • ted

    the dude who wrote this goes down as hip hops biggest moron. whats next? a rapper a new rapper blows up with the name Suge? lol he would be a dead man walking unless he was from LA and suge sanctioned him

  • ted

    i could take 5 minutes and break this down for better or for worse but i wouldn’t waste my time all hip hop should take this article down u can’t let people write nonsense like this and then post it up on your site

  • ted

    intelligence vs ignorance which side are you on? i chose intelligence. salute to the real rick ross

  • PMC aka PrimeMC

    Where the f*** is the lawsuit against Freeway?!

    • Calico Joe

      From my understanding Freeway actually reached out to Rick Ross in one way or another.

      • PMC aka PrimeMC

        Or maybe he’s just going after the one he think he can cash in on… Y’all really think he care bout what’s morally right or Ross misleading the youth or however he trying to flip it… Once a hustler always a hustler and this nigga just trying to get paid… If ross would’ve shot some loot his way when he came home I bet all that shit he talkin now would be out the window… No respect for this bum

      • Calico Joe

        I respect your opinion and you may be right about it just being about the money, but y’all act like he forced people to buy and smoke that sh*t. As we all know drugs sell themselves, well illegal drugs. He may have introduced it to the black community, but you gotta be a fool or just weak minded and easily influenced to try some sh*t you have no knowledge about other than people bragging about how good it is. If you’ve ever seen somebody smoke crack you see how they react to it. I’m in no way supporting what the man did, but y’all act like he the reason people still choose to smoke crack today.

      • PMC aka PrimeMC

        I not even knocking him for that aspect dude… I get it… I feel the same exact way about the drug game… Nobody forced them to buy and smoke crack and if they didn’t get it from him, they would’ve got it from somebody else… I’m just callin it how I see it… He looking for a come up and he using shit like “he got a obligation to tell the kids the truth” bullshit to make it seem like more than what it is… And maybe Ross should’ve broke him off a lil something but that still don’t change the fact that all this bum ass nigga doing is looking for a quick come up

      • Calico Joe

        I can respect that. My reply was meant for those saying he destroyed the community like we weren’t killing, raping, and robbing each other before crack touched the USA. But I understand exactly what you mean. He just looking for a come up.

  • zoe tapia

    Man this story Garbage, if he was so deep in the streets then he should have used his own name or at least kept that Teflon bullshit he was using, now using part of someones name or a nick name is alot different then using someone whole government and then taking there likeness, and to contrary to what you said miami aint that tough its plenty of cities that get behind phony rappers just because they shining a light on they city (The Game), so please go back to the drawing board.

  • nothing9

    lmao man this ain’t nothing but the movie CB4 being played out in real life. MC gusto home and he want dude to stop fronting.

    • Phyllis Bell

      My point exactly!! Give that Man his homage.

  • Black Jay

    This is exactly what I’ve been saying to dudes all along. They trying to give this dude the glory of a God. Like he never killed people or pumped poison throughout the community. I got no sympathy for this dude whatsoever. He sh*tted on his own name well before Rozay did. F*ck anybody that hurts his own people like that. Hundreds of millions of dollars in cocaine pumped through the community and y’all wanna treat him like he’s Jesus. Please!
    And if we’re on the pure subject of the merits of his case, why is it that Pablo Escobar’s relatives ain’t all up in Nasir Jones face asking for cash? It’s the same thing. Or what about John G Rockefeller’s family. Why ain’t they all up in Jigga’s face? It’s cause Freeway is trying to exploit this for monetary gain. And some of y’all are too dumb to see it. Some of y’all are some hypocrite mothaf*ckas.

    • Phyllis Bell

      Have you seen a murder rap on Mr Ross? Our communities were destroyed by our corrupted government. Mr Ross couldn’t read, write, or spell. He could play Tennis, why didn’t they let him keep his scholarship for tennis? They took it away from the brother. I respect Mr Ross to the utmost, and don’t care what anyone thinks for real. He’s good people. He was used as a pawn How many celebrities gives their phone number out to millions? Mr Ross is so humble and down to earth. Ijs.

  • What kind of bs is this writer of this article on? Dont have to be a “50 cent dickrider” to see the rick ross is faker then a 3 dollar bill….also love how he doesnt speak of the the fake image of ross how it affects our current youth…listen allhiphop stop letting bias cornballs write for your site!

  • i am from L.A. i was in my prime doing freeway time in the streets.He had dope houses with long lines so dboys can get work.Some would get there work and sell it to dboys in line waiting. freeway flooded south la with crack and destroyed black communities. especially the east side. He needs to go away and not be seen or heard from again. nothing he can do to change what he did to la. that’s why rick ross the rapper is Down with nipsey his hood and freeway are enemies. Freeway give it a rest your cursed

  • Afi Keita James

    Now that’s the truth.

  • infinit221

    Lots of interesting talk…but I knew the streets cosigned Ross the day Jay -Z signed him. Since then real dudes in the streets know that zo pound and E class put him on in the streets. He’s in the hood giving out gifts on the regular, and his label is full of young black talented artist. Naw, Rozay is the realest thing spitting in hip hop right now. Yall can’t just admit to being wrong bout the dude.

    • Flea

      Once Ross dropped Port of Miami it was a wrap from there. That was an instant classic.

  • Flea

    If Freeway Ricky was dead, none of this would matter. Rozay should have had the courtesy to not pick someone still breathing but if that was a problem, Freeway Ricky should have sued Rozay about 50 million dollars ago.

  • Taihair Djehuty

    Interesting read and I will say only this.”How could a fraud be this respected in the streets—still?” That line there. We all know that people only care about a dudes fame and money. That is Rozay’s “respect.” Look at Weezy. Dude started rapping at like what? 13 years old. Been in the game since. How deep could he have been in the Bloods (if he really is one) at that young age? Yeah there are dudes that join at young ages, but outside of a small few, most in members by name only and not deed. But dude got love or “respect in the streets. The point is, because I’m rambling, Rozay’s respect in the streets doesn’t necessarily mean some great street cred. He’s a famous rapper with LOTS of money. That’s it.

  • Freshly Snipes

    you sir are a goofy ass fake will roberts stan. i remember when the nigga was sleeping on greg streets couch and they called the nigga willow. freeway rick is a legend in cali for all the wrong reasons but its still dudes till this day that will body you for rick for free! just bc he og like that..and youre wrong a c.o. is a c.o. …no way around that …thats what ya call niggas that watch cats who are on lock up …from what i know he worked in intake where you catalog a niggas personal items so he wasnt even a REAL c.o. youre dick riding cuz you from dade…dade aint shit like it used to be in the 80’s when convertible bert and the nigga who owned pac jam was around so quit it….i am from florida …and lived thru it all. the nigga is boo boo and you sir are a typical fake rick ross fan…real rap niggas from back during those days would never give this fat greasy lying ass flaw ass nigga a pass..allhiphop commentary is trash…. im going to hiphop dx from now on..yall are a joke

    • Celz

      Whoever disliked this comment is a bitkh

    • Phyllis Bell

      Thank you, a real ‘G’ would have never stooped to that level.

  • rick didnt just steal the name… he took the whole identity… the beard n all.. lol.. he a lame.. GDs will get in that ass..

  • musicbusiness advisors

    Ricky just wanted William ‘Fake Rick Ross’ Roberts to ACKNOWLEDGE him, pay HOMAGE, for using his whole life/image/name/stories etc…….; the fact FAT BOY brushed him off like he was NOBODY, is WHY these lawsuits took place – he dissed him like his C.O. was ‘the real drug boss’! Believin’ his OWN LIES!
    F*ck him or anyone that supports that untalented fat bastard!

    • Phyllis Bell


    • Phyllis Bell

      Rick Ross the real boss, really wanted him to stop using his name in a negative manner.

  • black god

    I think the fake ricky thought the real rick was never getting out, so he thought he wouldn’t have to deal with it.

    • Carlos

      isnt that the plot to CB 4, Mc gusto

    • Freshly Snipes

      God you are 10000% correct aft Freeway Rick’s second strike he was NEVER supposed to get out of jail ….NEVER! so dude never gave a seconded thought to jacking his name, beard image etc…what fucked him up was rick came home! and if you ever been out west…niggas STILL rep hard for rick no way if rick was free when this fat fraud was willow and teflon (his other rapper names HE WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT calling himself rick ross without a pass

      • Phyllis Bell

        Amen , yes they do. They will kill a brick and choke a stick about Mr Ross.

    • Phyllis Bell

      Yes, that’s the whole thing in a nutshell.

  • truthbetold

    this has got to be the most dick ridin’est sh*t I ever read. Rozay rappin about pushing the same poison in the streets that was sold by the REAL Rick so gtfoh with that bs you writing. damn this some sad sh*t… Lame ass Rozay even denied knowing who the REAL Freeway Rick was in the beginning, nigga believes his own lies and clowns like you drinking the kool aid

  • Holy s***! I never in a million years thought I would hear someone say it was ok to steal a living human being’s whole everything, persona, name, looks, and even have the absolute nerve to rap about what bruh actually lived ie slanging. Wtf to whoever wrote this bs. I think the writer siding with William because he from Dade. It’s funny nobody ever confirms that william was in the streets, all we know is that he was a CO and that’s it. I have no problem with rozay music but stealing a nigga lifestory is so CB4. Has anybody ever heard anything about rozays hood life ever? If so point me in the direction so I can check facts or sumn cuz bruh seem like a guy that was created in a clone lab or sum S***.

  • superh8

    What a bullshit article.shoot yo self

  • Kyle Meta4ce

    This is a garbage ass article, stop dickeating.

  • MackMafi

    this shit is hypocritical and contradictive at best… both them hoe ass niggas was working with the boys… so kill em both!!!

    • Phyllis Bell

      Rick Ross , the real had no idea he was working with the boys. You can squash that one. Do your homework boo.

    • Phyllis Bell

      How you gone call a real legend a hoe? Smh

  • Elayorx El

    It is well known that, no matter what one has done in life, and if they truly are remorseful for their past transgressions, and are ready to make serious changes, then they should be given a pass, and be allowed to move on. I guess this does not apply to Freeway. I’m sure if Rozay were more positive with his image, then Freeway would not have taken things this far. It’s all about RESPECT. Why do folks continue to believe in this “justice” system? It’s corrupted the same as the rest of society. Funny how this is on a site that perpetuates these same stereotypes, and scenarios that Freeway is getting blasted for here. It’s almost impossible now to avoid the systemic sphere of influence of negativity, that eventually infects most of all we know. The fact that Free has cleaned up is the real American success story here, but of course, that gets no shine, because then we all might start, I don’t know, giving a crap about one another again? I like Rozay, and respect the Zo, but even ridiculous has to know when to say when, and if not, then get checked. Please be extremely careful of where you train most of your energy. The two “Ricks”, need to squash it, get together in the name of true Hip-Hop, and do something positive together, because there is plenty potential bread to be had also. One L……..

    • bisolabliss


    • Phyllis Bell

      I agree, it should be squashed, with the rapper paying homage.

  • Phyllis Bell

    Hip hop was funded by drug money! Would you want someone copying your designs that you created? That’s the same thing as the rapper using Mr Ross name. No matter how you slice it up, the rapper is wrong. It’s all good, Mr Ross is not sweating the small things. He’s doing good, mentoring our youth and adult males. A person does have a right to right their wrongs. Ijs

    • bisolabliss

      “A person does have a right to right their wrongs”


      Quote of the year, hands down and we are barely 16 days into 2014.

    • obviously he is “sweating” it if he keeps filing lawsuits over it. the real freeway killed his own people and the rapper is getting richer bringing down our people then showing and bragging about the money he is making off of it as if its the right thing to hell with both of them. we as a people can do better

      • Phyllis Bell

        Mr Ross hasn’t killed anyone, and he’s not pressed for anything. He’s currently working on a Biopic of his life, that Nick Cassevettes wrote, the writer of the movie blow. Nick Cannon is playing the lead role. The Real Rick Ross is a legend and thats real. The rapper is fake as hell. He thought the Boss was not getting out of prison. The Real Rick Ross , has been working hard in our communities, making a difference, in youth as well as adult males. All that fake rapper does is brag. I woke up in a ‘New Bugotti’ however you spell it. Lol What kind of music is that? That guy is whack as hell.

      • true but the fact that he sold millions of dollars of drugs and ran an empire alone says he killed people. I understand he is doing good but im sure the rapper is giving away turkeys on holidays or something lol. neither one of them golden. people do dirt then try to good to make amends and in my opinion neither have done enough yet in MY opinion. I love rap and hip hop but as people I like neither rapper nor dealer they go hand in hand.

  • $18592567

    I only read up to the Apostle Paul part, but I’ve seen enough to know that Rozay should break Ricky Ross off with paper. A cool 2 mil should do the trick…

  • Blaq Gavin

    So you talk down on Freeway for his criminal past, and simultaneously praise Rozay’s “Alleged” affiliation with a murderous drug cartel in order to make him seem real? This entire article is dick riding at it’s finest.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Article says what I’ve been saying for the longest. This dude going the court over a name that is associated with the death of millions and millions, yet he call himself trying to turn his life around. It’s bullshit.

    • Afi Keita James

      I Know that’s right, he ruined a lot of people’s lives and he will never be forgiven and he will never change.

    • Phyllis Bell

      Have you ever made a mistake ?

      • AlbertoRipRon

        One that involved the deaths of millions of blacks in neighborhoods and caused a epidemic throughout an entire nation? No, I can happily say I have not made that kind of mistake.

  • Thetruth7777


  • The Brother

    Black still locked; he gave the blessing to keep his name/the hood ringing in the street. I wouldn’t doubt that it’s rack going to dude commissary though.

    It’s Ricky’s Name. His WHOLE name. Along with his persona, look, etc.

    Like someone said earlier, if he was dead, it wouldn’t be a problem; but, he came home at least out of respect he could’ve broke bread. Even if it was a tax he breaks bread because he knows he’s getting money off his name (literally).

    If the REAL 50 was alive and 50 took his name, he’s hope money was all he had to give up.

    What y’all don’t think about is that, for the street guys still living, it causes problems that he isn’t thinking about. For example, when his song “BMF” came out, you had guys who was really down trying to get paroled, reduced time, etc. and that’s playing on the radio….that’s a problem for a real person.

    It is deeper than rap and if he didn’t have people down in SC/GA/AL getting tossed and snitching on each other, the GD’s would’ve taken care of him, but thanks to him, they got other problems. That’s another day though…

    • Phyllis Bell

      Literally, I thought he was Rick Ross, until I realized, that couldn’t be Rick, he’s still in prison. It is a problem, because the man is a fake. Bottom line!

  • Phyllis Bell

    Mr Ross said to tell , the real ones to get at him on his social network site. http://www.freewaysocialmedia

  • Phyllis Bell

    You’ll need to Google ‘The Real Rick Ross’ That man is good people. When we learn better, we do better! Don’t be on his jock, and try to interview him m when his movie comes out.

  • Phyllis Bell

    The Real Rick Ross is so humble, he actually didn’t think this was a bad article. He stated the writer has a right to his own opinion. Now that’s a ‘G’ We value all of your comments, real talk.

  • Phyllis Bell

    I’m from Detroit, and I know personally a few brothers that Mr Ross has mentored and made a difference in their lives. You should interview them. Ijs

  • disqus_85YgTj2i44

    Damn…This might be the best example of the ruination of grammar and spelling in the 21st Century Digital Age I’ve ever seen. Khalil, please take a writing/reporting class, because its obvious you used neither of those ‘talents’ when putting together this piece. Dig deeper and you would have found that Freeway Ricky was a puppet set up by the American government to funnel the cocaine from Nicaraguan Contras to the US. He denounces the lives he hurt, but also wasn’t a violent person (never accused of assault, murder, etc.) and deserves to be able to write his own story, aside from whatever legacy ‘Rozay’ wants to paint for us. It’s cool you read the Bible…great reference. Maybe the Dictionary should be next.