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Hip-Hop Rumors: Trina Braxton Batting For the Other Team?

Trina Braxton confirmed that she is trisexual and Towanda Braxton said she’s kinda/sorta dating Kordell Stewart. Both women tried to play coy on the Arsenio Hall Show but then got caught up in banter where they called each other out.

Towanda claimed that she likes Kordell as a friend while Trina, in addressing her relationship with her soon-to-be ex-husband, said that she might bat for the other team if the relationship doesn’t work. Towanda then said, “So, Trina, you said if the relationship doesn’t work you’d bat for the other team but you’re filing for divorce so does that mean you’re going to bat for the other team?”

Trina quipped, “Does that mean you’re dating Kordell?”


  • therealest1

    Reality show bullshit.

  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    Trisexual? oh you was tryingto make a joke here!?!

    • The “trisexual” thing stems from Trina in one episode of their reality show calling herself that because she’ll try anything once.

  • KLewis

    I feel like I either knew she was already bi or not caring about what she does in her own home

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  • Papi Peligro

    I wouldn’t mind seeing one of them Braxton girls get it on with another woman. Bout it

  • Kevin Anthony

    Always wondered why they call these reality shows. My question is Who’s Reality? Kevin Anthony-21 on soundcloud

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  • Freshly Snipes

    all this ‘bi-gay- penis 2 butthole and coochie to coochie’ shit is too much! and as usual black folk gotta show whitey they can out do them so now that being anything BUT hetero sexual is cool..every coon and they momma jumping on the bandwagon… we dont need a kkk or neo nazi group anymore blacks are destroying the race far better …bw the ‘thugs’ killing each other and they bi, tri,gay thing wont be many of us left

    • Jayson C Williams

      I like this

    • Man I remember them days where gays hid their s*** in the closet for fear that people wouldn’t accept them. I don’t have anything against a persons sexual preference but I think they getn too outrageous with the gay stuff all in the media all day everyday. I don’t fuxx wit it on no kinda level but I don’t even wanna b around that mess. They going too hard with that s*** nowadays. Makes my stomach turn man

      • Nemo hos

        It’s easy..the usa govt is ran/run by faggot ass pedos

  • TheAfroRican

    Toni STILL looks way better than her sisters.

  • SleepyTheGreat

    The world is becoming too gay friendly, its okay if you claim you were born that way. Your being embraced by the media which is cool if you believe in equal representation. But then its these “one foot in, one foot out” folks who don’t really know what they are and hop back in forth. Pimp C said it best

  • MsPeaceful

    Y’all men making women go this way, especially when you want to sex every fine big butt woman you see. Majority of men cheat not to say women dont however, you all do it more. Women feel like they are tired of the infidelity so they go for the other team….

    • Man women way sneaker with that s*** than any man. How can a person really make anyone do anything? Women y’all use that s**** as a cop out plea. You don’t see niggaz switching sides if they have a lil hoe for a girlfriend, and women who switch sides normally cheat on their girlfriends for the cockage. Fake bisexual broads kill me wit that mess. If ya a$$ wasn’t born gay you just pump faking.

      • MsPeaceful

        Cannot be born GAY, GOD DONT ALLOWED THAT. You got to want to be gay… Thee are too many african men, who are gay all the black colleges and universities has aloof them there. It used to be a time going to a college and looking at the guys now you can’t because they want each other.