Hip-Hop Rumors: Trina Braxton Batting For the Other Team?

Trina Braxton says she might start dating women while Towanda kinda sorta confirms dating Kordell Stewart.

Trina Braxton confirmed that she is trisexual and Towanda Braxton said she’s kinda/sorta dating Kordell Stewart. Both women tried to play coy on the Arsenio Hall Show but then got caught up in banter where they called each other out.

Towanda claimed that she likes Kordell as a friend while Trina, in addressing her relationship with her soon-to-be ex-husband, said that she might bat for the other team if the relationship doesn’t work. Towanda then said, “So, Trina, you said if the relationship doesn’t work you’d bat for the other team but you’re filing for divorce so does that mean you’re going to bat for the other team?”

Trina quipped, “Does that mean you’re dating Kordell?”