Grammy Rap Committee Allegedly Didn't Want Macklemore Nominated In Rap Categories

(AllHipHop News) Macklemore himself said he felt that Kendrick Lamar should win this year’s Grammy award for “Best Rap Album” over him, and it appears that some members of the Grammy committee felt that Macklemore should not have been nominated in the category in the first place.

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According to an AP report, an unnamed source claims rap committee members asserted that the Seattle native’s The Heist album (with Ryan Lewis) was more reflective of pop music than rap. The controversy became a topic that had to be addressed by the entire Grammy committee. The general committee, which is made up of representatives from all genres, eventually voted to keep Mack and Lewis in the rap categories.

“If you strip away being influenced by the popularity or by who their fans are or by the amount of radio traction their songs got… and just dissect musically what it is, there’s no question it’s a Hip Hop album,” said the group’s manager Zach Quillen.

Macklemore and Lewis have other backers as well. The report cites frequent Drake producer Noah “40” Shebib and Hot 97 program director Ebro Darden as supporters of the duo being nominated for rap Grammys.

“If you’re rapping over a beat, it’s Hip Hop,” said Darden.

Macklemore and Lewis are up for seven awards at this weekend’s Grammy event. They will compete for the “Best Rap Album” (The Heist) and “Best Rap Song” (“Thrift Shop”). They were also nominated for “Album of the Year” and “Song of the Year” (“Same Love”).

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  • U.P.T.nw4eva

    Ebro is part of the reason NY can’t get airplay. This faggot lover is not hip hop to me.

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  • Casor_G

    MAn I’m tired of folks hating on these white boys, just like white folks hate on black rock n roll artists. This dude is clearly hip-hop.

    • Kevin

      White people hate on”black rock and roll artist”BLACK PEOPLE CREATED ROCK AND wtf? These dudes suck ass.

      • Troll_E_G


      • DJ7

        See the confusion? 20 yrs. from now, this is a hip hop arguement

      • SBRon

        Again, I’ll quote BDP/KRS from one of the realest, most pertinent skits ever:

        [In a typical white boy voice]
        “HaHa!! You know, it’s a real funny fuckin’ world we live in…Just yesterday, that we were taking the Rock n’ Roll from the blacks…And now, today in the ’90s, when they use samples of Rock n’ Roll, we’re suing their asses!! You gotta love it!! HaHaHa…”

    • HipHopStalker

      White people shouldn’t hate on black rock artist’s because black people created rock n roll. Do your research looser.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      you act like they the 1st white people to be in hip hop.
      funny how ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the other races that got embraced in hip hop no one screamed racism but soon as blacks people disagree with what white people THINK is hip hop now we racist……..FOH

  • Eli Pinilla

    The production def has a heavy pop influence. But thats why they’re winning right now. You can slap anybody over those beats and shit woulda sold…..and no, just cuz you rap over a beat don’t make it hip hop…I hear electro songs with rappin on it, r&b song with rappin on it. Shit, linkin park has a rapper in the group. That Dont make it hiphop ….I would say macklemore is hiphop though. I dnt f*ck with it, but he def respects the artform…

  • Kmac_Jones

    The control of hip hop is real folks… Mackelmore doesn’t have any hiphop chorus’s. Ebro, if riff raff raps over a beat are you ready to call him hiphop? Just cause some pop artist raps over a beat doesn’t make it hiphop… Allhiphop I know your controlled by the rich elites over there at complex mag and all but stop deleting my comments

    • whoa


    • Roscoe

      You either haven’t heard the album or are misrepresenting intentionally because a number of songs have choruses consistent with other rap tracks (i.e. “Make the Money”, “Victory Lap”). Imagine if Snoop was rapping the verses for “Thrift Shop” with Nate Dogg (R.I.P.) on the hook. The beat is hip hop. The hook itself probably was inspired by Nate’s singing style come to think of it. The song could have still been a smash and would have been thought of as a rap song. If Willie Nelson rapped to that beat, I would still consider it a rap song. Would you call it a country song because of the genre he is known for?

  • just because he is white.. seems like black ppl can be racist too


      We can be racist, white people taught us how.

      • Guest

        Nail in the coffin!!!

    • $18592567

      Flo-rida ain’t hip hop either.imho

      • Kmac_Jones


    • DJ7

      To that I’ll say, count your blessings more aren’t….A racist black society is one not to be f*cked with and one whitey fears more than anything on Planet E…trust that B

      • Realist4200

        Great way to keep a racial divide going.

      • DJ7

        Nah kid, I deal with reality and today’s reality relects white people once again using trick knowledge to sell an illusion of peace, justice and equality when it’s evident that white supremacy is still as prevalent today as it were since inception…I know the mere thought of B L A C K U N I T Y scares the sh*t out of you cats…always has…always will…insert Haiti…on that note…save all that, let’s all get along spill for the lost cats who’s buying the cow when the milk is free …

      • Realist4200

        Implying the Black race should for some reason be feared more than another is the same racist bullsh!t they push in the media. Your mentality does nothing but create more tension and racial separation. Put your energy towards empowering the Human race as a whole instead. People are starving, getting blown up and everything else imaginable – you’re busy marinating in hate.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        why is it that black people must deal with multiculturalism, humanism, the human race, everything we create have to be shared among everyone etc etc but every other race only deal with they race, they culture and whatever they create they can claim and control it? why is it that soon as black people speak of unifying its non blacks and silly boot licking, buck dancing knee grows that wanna scream NO to unity among blacks but yes to unity among groups of people that seem to be hell bent on our destruction…………. how can black unity equal hate to you, how can black pride be hate to you
        when ALL OTHER RACES have pride and unify and them doing this isnt deemed “hate”

      • Valid comment bruh

      • Realist4200

        Multiculturalism…. So a Ethiopian and a Jamaican shouldn’t associate? Or an African-American and an African? Chinese and Japanese? French and Brittish?

        Humanism….. So we shouldn’t be around.. Humans?

        The Black race alone doesn’t have to deal with those issues – the Human race as a whole does if the world is ever going to improve. What do you want – Segregation?

        ——— “ALL OTHER RACES have pride and unify and them doing this isnt deemed “hate”” ———-

        The KKK isn’t a hate group? Skinheads? Nazis? They all took / take pride in their race – they’re all racist hate groups.. Nobody likes them, except for other racists. I don’t even see what you’re trying to get at with that.

        Bottom line is – stop looking at sh!t as an issue of color – We’re all individuals of the human race and until people begin to realize that, we’re stuck in time and things will never change. Intelligence and wisdom comes from all corners of the world, all colors, shapes & sizes. We could miss out on a vital lesson if we preemptively discredit somebody just because their skin is different. How foolish is that?

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        “Multiculturalism…. So a Ethiopian and a Jamaican shouldn’t associate? Or an African-American and an African? Chinese and Japanese? French and Brittish?”
        a Ethiopian and a Jamaican………..are we not talking about black people?
        african-american (did black people decide this term or was that a term giving to us by our handlers like afro-american, colored, negro?) and an african………AGAIN are we talking about black people?

        chinese and japanese (hate each other)…………im neither and there affairs do not concern me

        French and brits………refer to chinese and japanese.

        multiculturalism……….what do that even mean and how do this benefit in the upliftment of black people. if multiculturalism is not dealing with the issues that pertain to black people then why is that being pushed on us soley, cause its NOT being used by other groups and if you think so show and prove.

        “Humanism….. So we shouldn’t be around.. Humans?”

        who is we? black people been around all races of people it was the other races that wasnt practicing “humanism” with us. so AGAIN why is this being pushed on US and not on other races. and if im wrong show and prove

        i said all other races have pride and its not deemed hate, but you mention ONE race that practice hate. why not the mexicans who have a group called La Raza which
        means the race. the chinese here in america unified and lets not mention the jews and aint no body got more pride then a damn Rican so imma ask you again………are
        there groups hate groups? it aint just whites that click up in this country.

        if you read what i wrote i said why is it that ONLY black people have to deal with these things cause you cant show and prove where humanism and multiculturalism apply to jews and they cause, the chinese and they cause the mexican and they cause, the arab nor the indians………. you said all humans deal with that but i dont see the
        multiculturalism in ANY china town i ever been too. never been to a neighborhood that is predominately a race that isnt black have ANYTHING to do with black people when it comes to business or coming togetherness……….but
        in areas populated by black have EVERY culture in there making money off us. the ish is one sided.

        as for your
        bottom line

        i have no issue
        with black people dealing with other groups of people or even your logic of
        “the human race” but we can talk all that human race ish when other
        races start acting humane towards the original people of this planet

      • Realist4200

        You said : “a Ethiopian and a Jamaican………..are we not talking about black people?”———–

        Yeah, we’re talking about Black people. But since you say multiculturalism shouldn’t be embraced, those two cultures of Black people, by your logic, shouldn’t associate with each other. Right?

        You said : “i said all other races have pride and its not deemed hate, but you
        mention ONE race that practice hate. why not the mexicans who have a
        group called La Raza which
        means the race. the chinese here in
        america unified and lets not mention the jews and aint no body got more
        pride then a damn Rican so imma ask you again………are
        there groups hate groups? it aint just whites that click up in this country.”

        When you see something like the Puerto Rican Day Parade, or celebration of Asian culture, Irish culture, Jamaican culture or Jewish culture – It’s celebrating a nationality, a way of life; music, food, style – whatever… It’s not about COLOR – it’s about CULTURE.

        Look man, trying to read, quote and respond to what you said requires more grammatical correction and interpretation than I’m willing to do without being paid for – it’s a job for a 5th grade english teacher – so let me just put it like this:

        I’ll keep this debate going, if you want to make some effort in punctuation and keep your point clear. Other than that – I respect you for the exchange. I’ll catch you next time the issue comes up.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        i never said that……………i said ORIGINALLY why is multiculturalism, humanism, and other isms always pushed on black people. so my logic is the unifying of black people all over this planet, and what is jamaican culture? lol

        you talking about a parade but you missed where they live, the jews live in communities that have their own interest, same as the ricans and china man them and all that. in jewish areas they dont even have signs in english, the chinese dont have english signs either.

        i live in a mexican area and all they chicken spots are mexican own pollo spots not KFC like in the black areas.

        i brung up when you go to a predominately mexican, jewish, chinese, etc etc community how many black business do they support? but all these groups have businesses in OUR area. so the point im making is how is this multicultural thing a EVERYBODY thing when you can ONLY find multiculturalism in black areas not outside of that. humanism…………black people lived among ALL races in peace it was the other races that was not acting humane to US
        so my thing is why are BLACK people being pursued to practice ism’s (multicultural or humanist or any other ISM) towards people that NEVER PRACTICE THIS WITH US.

        that makes no sense.

        to be even MORE clearer

        2 countrys
        South Africa

        2 groups of people

        now here is where it gets crazy
        in america whites out number blacks, and we used non violence tactics to fight for equality and so forth and so on.

        in South African Blacks out number whites. and WE BLACKS STILL had to use non violence (to a certain degree) tactics to fight for equality and so forth so on

        and you see NOTHING strange with US being told to use tactics that the people attacking us would NEVER use……….

      • Realist4200

        “i never said that……………”

        Lol….. It’s right in your comment that you wrote. Yes you did.

        “What is Jamaican culture?” – It’s Jamaican culture…..? Just because most Jamaicans are Black, doesn’t mean they have the same culture as a region like Botswana or Somalia. Same COLOR, different CULTURE.

        Answer these questions for me, please:

        Do you want racial segregation?

        Do you feel Blacks should be treated differently than Whites?

      • ║WoLFGaNG$TA↑||

        You should answer that question. Do whites want racial segregation?
        Do you feel whites should be treated differently than blacks?

        I read your post and your Can’t we all just get along shit doesn’t work in real life. Blacks have been marginalized and systematically put in the current situation bc of white supremacy. Whats wrong with so called blacks getting together to counter white supremacy, and trying to get our shit together without the help of other races? I think you see that as a threat to your current situation, bc if justice was to replace the current system, that so called privilege will no longer be there.

      • Realist4200

        Do whites want racial segregation? I don’t speak for the white race, nor does the white race think as one. Do I as an individual want racial segregation? No. Do I think whites should be treated differently? No. I already made that clear. What’s your point?

        I’m not on some can’t we all get along shit – the world will never be at peace.

        It really shows a lack of intellect when you can’t even simply accept the fact that each individual human is different. For example, you’re a miserable and ill-informed racist. On the other hand, somebody who looks just like you is an educated and respectable person.

        You’re just keeping the cycle going. It’s sad man.

      • ║WoLFGaNG$TA↑||

        And the world will never be at peace because……? answer that one.

        LOL when did I say each individual human isn’t different? There you go putting words in my mouth. & I’m an ill informed racist? I’m black, I can’t be racist bro, RACISM is the act of racial subjugation against against people of color. so how can a so called black be racist? Who’s ill informed?

        Just do me a favor, whenever ppl of color are discussing how to uplift one another, leave your “Why can’t whites help you all” commentary to yourself.

      • Andy

        Not to jump in, but just to clarify, yes racism can be attributed to anyone. Racism is when someone believes that their race is superior to all others.

      • ║WoLFGaNG$TA↑||

        Can the global system of racism benefit just anyone? You can believe your race is superior to others, but to not have a global structure and codes in place to reinforce it, it doesn’t matter. RACISM is racial subjugation against NON WHITES in law, religion, sex, war, economics, any area in human relations bro, so no, a black man cannot be racist, because blacks do not have a system in place to reinforce black power, black dominance, etc.

      • Andy

        I understand your point man, but straight from the Oxford dictionary:

        “the belief that all members of each race possess
        characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race,
        especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another
        race or races”.

        “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism
        directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that
        one’s own race is superior”.

        Of course I’m not saying that Black/Asians/Latinos have ever demonstrated ANYWHERE near the amount of racism white have, I’m just pointing out that it is possible. For example an African American could believe that they are superior to all other races.

      • ║WoLFGaNG$TA↑||

        dictionary says that. reality says what I stated what racism is and who are racist. So called blacks with racial prejudices are out there, but a black person that practices racism? naw….. Racist bank officer doesn’t approve non white person for a loan, that affects the non white, and his family for years maybe. a so called white being called cracka or something else nasty, may hurt the so called white persons feelings, it doesn’t affect his life tho. TheRealist said I was a racist, bc I am about uplifting my ppl. doesn’t make any sense to me.

      • Andy

        I have to disagree with him there. I’m don’t think anything you have said demonstrates that you’re a racist. You don’t believe your race is superior to another (and neither do I).

        I guess we will have to agree to disagree on what constitutes racism. I think if someone looks down on other races then yes, they are a racist. Doesn’t matter if they practice it or not. Having the belief is what racism is.

        On “crac***”, I mean do you want a white calling you a ni****? Then I don’t see why any blacks need to use the word crac**** unless they are speaking to some uneducated white loser from the south who has already disrespected them lol.

      • Realist4200

        “I’m Black I can’t be racist”

        LOL! Okay dude. You lost all your credability. I’m not even going to waste any more of my time with you. And I’m not doing you any favors for sh!t, amigo.

        Hilarious. I even gave it an upvote, that sh!t made my day. “I’m black, I can’t be racist.”

      • ║WoLFGaNG$TA↑||

        You must be a non black aka white guy. I lost all credibility huh?

        I wasn’t going to even respond to your dumb ass comment about how celebrating culture etc, and it’s not about race. The only real culture Blacks have is Hip Hop, started by DJ Kool Herc. HIP HOP is OUR culture. You made a comment and asked a question about if blacks should be segregated and treated different. I don’t think we should be separated, but America is separate. Whites don’t live next to Blacks as a whole, and blacks get treated different when it comes to jobs, first fired, last hired. If you don’t see the global system that whites benefit from, on the backs of blacks, aboriginals, other ppl of color around the world, then continue to play dumb. Shit’s not equal, shits not right. Blacks in america are not even citizens…..but what I think should be, and what goes in reality is different. but it really doesn’t matter.
        Hip Hop started by Black Americans, let us have it, yall can enjoy our culture, and partake in it, but it’s Black Americans. All that kumbaya shit is for fairytales.

        rant over

      • SBRon

        Yo bruh, I’m with you!! What’s sad is the people running this bullshit ass site are NOT!!! I posted a comment touting COOPERATIVE ECONOMICS as one step towards BLACK EMPOWERMENT…and these clowns took it down!!!!

      • Elayorx El

        Realist, real talk, until genetics, and species types, are brought into the conversation, this is all just letters on screen. These race categories are social engineering inventions, manufactured to produce the very same results we all are exhibiting, and that is the back, and forth, without any real progress. I do agree with you though, that a man’s heart, and deeds should be used to judge, not God given physical characteristics. Respect.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        this is what i said. “why is it that black people must deal with multiculturalism, humanism, the human race, everything we create have to be shared among everyone etc etc but every other race only deal with they race, they culture and whatever they create they can claim and control it? why is it that soon as black people speak of unifying its non blacks and silly boot licking, buck dancing knee grows that wanna scream NO to unity among blacks but yes to unity among groups of people that seem to be hell bent on our destruction.”

        your trying to divide black people by small differences while i choose to unify black people by our huge similarities. reason why i said what is jamaican culture because their “culture” was formed through slavery just like the rest of the black in the diaspora. and if you dont agree with that then i will simply ask you for your definition of culture………….then i would ask you to provide an example of your definition of culture when it comes to jamaicans and im pretty sure what you deem is culture to a jamaican you would NOT deem culture towards black americans. try it if you think im off…………

        now to answer your questions

        Do you want racial segregation?

        do i want it? i dont know how to answer that question. what i WANT is black people to unify and to be govern by us, thats what i want…………so i answered that question of what i want. but not to pretend i dont know what your trying to ask i will answer it like this.

        HISTORICALLY speaking do i think that black people need to be separated. HISTORICALLY speaking, yes i do.

        2nd question

        Do you feel Blacks should be treated differently than Whites?

        i think black people are ALREADY treated differently than whites. thats why black men are gun down by police for sneezing while a white guy can fight a cop, pull out a cops gun AND fire it and all he gets is wrestled to the ground. (i got the link to this real life story im using as an example, but you can youtube it)
        so to make my answer even more clearer i think black people that is innocent should be treated no different than a innocent non black person. and a guilty non black person should be treated no different than a guilty black person

      • Realist4200

        Good points – Especially that second answer; I even agree with you completely on that. It’s a dirty reality.

        I meant no offense to you in any of the discussion – We had a solid little debate. People can grow wise from seeing both perspectives. Peace.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        No offense, and it was a good discussion

      • Elayorx El

        Wow, insane post BK. Ever notice how when anyone does something great, and is an originator, someone will come along and be inspired, and learn from that, and for whatever reason, want to outdo, and ofttimes try to downplay their predecessor’s accomplishments? That is exactly what is going on now, but in the collective sense. Only those VERY special persons on the outside looking in, will admit to all of the truth you speak of. Stay bangin that truth. One L…..

      • DJ7

        All in which is a direct result of W H I T E – S U P R E M A C Y….stop trynna act as if pink people want equality while they still eatin

      • Realist4200

        So, you’re implying that the Black race should be feared more than other races, because of W H I T E – S U P R E M A C Y? I’d categorize that as a result of feelings of B L A C K – S U P R E M A C Y – but if you look into it, you’re just saying Blacks are different than other races, and should be expected to react in a more alarming manor – which is racist towards Blacks, and counter-productive towards any form of empowerment. You’re just recycling the same racist mentality as folks like Rush Limbaugh and the like who paint African Americans out to be some kind of sub-human that’s prone to violence. You think you’re fighting the good fight, but you’re just doing all the work for them.

        Look at the oil industry – who’s eating off that? There’s plenty of money and “A R A B – S U P R E M A C Y” in the middle east. Look at technology and science – There’s plenty of money and “A S I A N – S U P R E M A C Y” as a result over in Asian countries. Of course America has it’s hand in all that, too, but it’s not some all-inclusive White empire running the entire world. America and it’s f#kked up history are but a blink of an eye in the bigger picture.

        You’re staring at 3 pixels on the Mona Lisa, saying there’s no detail in it, when if you step back 5 feet and take in the whole picture, you’d see it’s not so bad.

      • Andy

        Well said.

      • Andy

        Man America appears to have one messed up society. Take a trip to most other developed countries and you would see that the majority of us couldn’t care less what colour someone’s skin is.

      • Blaq_Boi

        And where are you from Andy? Neverland? There is not a square mile of land where people of different cultures, race etc live that there is not conflict. It may vary in degree but there is ALWAYS conflict.

      • Andy

        Australian. Didn’t mean any disrespect, just an observation. Trust me there may be some racists here, but like I said most of us here don’t pay attention to skin colour.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        so your saying that the so call aboriginal people dont experience racism by the whites (who ironically was brought to australia as slaves but thats another story) in australia? i find that hard to believe

      • Andy

        Absolutely not. At least in the cities. With all due respect you pobably find it hard to believe because you have grown up in America (correct?) where there are still an abundance of racist whites.The only racism that I have witnessed, heard about, or seen reported in the last five years here in Melbourne was last year when an AFL player (Australian Rules Football) was called a monkey by a bogan 13 year old while the match was one. And guess what happened? The player (Adam Goodes) pointed who it was and security escorted the person out immediately. We have many aborigines in the AFL.

        I doubt you will find any racists under the age of 60 here.

      • ║WoLFGaNG$TA↑||

        do you know the history of AUS? Color doesn’t matter there? Oh yea it doesn’t, bc you guys use to classify the Aboriginals as plants and animals. What ever happen to those poor black people from the island of Tasmainia?

      • Andy

        Of course I do. Classified as “Plants and animals”? You mean all the way back in the 1800s?

        Since the 1960’s Aboriginal rights have been take as seriously as everyone else. And that movement was sparked between a collaboration between white Australian activists and Aborginal activists. And in 2008, our prime minister Kevin Rudd even spoke in parliment issuing a public apology on behalf of Australia to all Aborginal children from the first half of the 1900’s who were taken away from their families and placed in government institutions.

        No, colour doesn’t matter here anymore. Not by 99% of the population.

      • ║WoLFGaNG$TA↑||

        & what about the Tasmainians? The PM’s gonna bring them back to life & repopulate the island? It’s convenient to apologize to the aboriginals when the settlers decimated their population down to 3% and bred out the blackness of the said people. Genocide then apologize, still doesnt make it right.

      • Andy

        The ones apologizing had NOTHING to do with it. The scumbags who did this have all been dead for decades (and in the case of Tasmania, more than 100 years).

        Also most of our population are immigrants from the last fifty years. So many of us aren’t even distantly related to those that undertook these atrocities. For example I’m German (immigrants in the 1960’s) on one side, and a distant English/Irish/Welsh on the other. So I’m not even related to the original English colonists from the 1800’s (unless my English/Irish/Welsh side has some ties there, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t).

      • ║WoLFGaNG$TA↑||

        Who benefits from the genocide? Who is left with the land and natural resources? It doesn’t matter who had nothing to do with it personally, but all that matters is who benefited from the atrocity.

      • Andy

        In this day and age, no race is specifically benefiting from it…

        Aborginals, Sudanese/Australians, Asians, Caucasians etc all have the same opportunity in Australia.

      • Elayorx El

        I was thoroughly interested to see your response here, Andy, and with all due respect, that one just does not cut the mustard.

      • Andy

        My apologies. Anything specific you disagreed with?

      • DJ7

        You’re 15 or 16 right? At least that’s the story you were peddling during the Trayvon Martin threads…that being said…you lack real world experience to even comment on such complex issues to be taken serious…^^^said take a trip to most other developed countries. ..have a seat young man!!!

      • Andy

        17 now bro. That was a year ago. I’ve learned an immense amount since then.

        And I said that because I have done so. Germany, England, and New Zealand. You will hardly find any racism or race related crime there like you do in the US.

        For example here in Melbourne we have thousands of Sudanese-Australians who immigrated here. I’ve had some good friends who were Sudanese-Australians. Guess how many times anyone even mentioned race? None.

        All I’m saying is it appears to be a much bigger and more volatile problem in the US than it is in other first world countries.

      • Andy

        Lol and just look at some of the posts on this thread and you can see where my point is coming from.


    its nott cuz he white its because he is using hip hop to push the gay agenda and that AINT hip hop. them dudes aint hip hop its gay pop and we dont want it.

  • ima listen to it right now and see whats the deal…

  • Blaq_Boi

    If what Macklemore is doing is not Hip Hop, then most of the MMG, YMCMB or whatever other acronym that’s on radio ain’t hip hop either. Let’s not be hypocrites.

    • John Q. Public


    • i_am_LOUD

      Who said it was? Hip Hop is Slop…

      • Blaq_Boi

        Slow your roll homie. Have you heard this so called Grammy Crap Community bitch over a Lil Wayne or Drake Hip Hop nomination? No… Yet they make the same music.

      • i_am_LOUD

        Nah it’s not and I’m no Ymcmb fan either. But Mackelemore sucks even more then him.

      • Blaq_Boi

        How good you are at something has nothing to do with where you are categorized. Stick to the script fella.

      • i_am_LOUD

        You think he good I think he a wigger. He might as well have on black face. If you like him thats ya biz. I will never be convinced he nice or “good” Wack ass wigger lover

      • Blaq_Boi

        Ok bruv.

      • tony battie

        I think you are ghetto trash and all I need to do is read your posts and check that stupid looking pic seriously ghetto niggers need to learn soooo much but I don’t think you are mentally capable.

      • i_am_LOUD

        Your hate makes me chuckle… You mad ho???

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      you mixing apples and lions.
      so here’s the better question………………how ARE macklemore hip hop? what makes them hip hop
      cause basically what your saying is the korean guy with the gangem style song is hip hop too then

      • Blaq_Boi

        Apples and lions? Get your idioms right. Macklemore ARE hip hop in that they tell stories over Hip Hop themed beats. That simple. I’m not going to justify the second part of your argument with a response.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        you aint respond to the 1st part of my argument either, how ARE they hip hop. cause they tell stories over a hip hop THEMED beat????…………oh okay

      • Blaq_Boi

        Let’s agree to disagree. I’m not about circular motion.


    dude is hip hop,,, hiphop gave us a freedom of speech then other avenues didnt.. we might not like what he raps about but i can tell he puts his heart in his music and thats all we can ask for … i dont listen to him ..but respect his realness more then most these rappers

    • Kevin

      This is not what hip hop was about when cool herc started it.that is where people twist things up history tells us this bullshit called hip hop is not what was what was being created in the beginning.he is a ” rap artist”

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      if the old thought process goes like this………..”a black person have to work twice as hard as a white person to be on they level”

      then what you saying “i can tell he puts his heart in his music and thats all we can ask for”

      then the reverse of that thought process is “a white person have to work less as hard as a black person to be on they level”

      why Nas can say hip hop is dead and we can rant ans rave about the south and the low quality of the music (coming from black artist) with NO back lash but soon as we start calling out white artist now all of a sudden we racist, hating etc etc…………..

  • this is a pop/rap album,every song on that album (The Heist) can get radio play,this is a soft album nothing hood about it,nothing wrong with that,but it is hiphop,.

    “Best Rap Album” (The Heist)? no
    “Best Rap Song” (“Thrift Shop”)? hell no
    “Album of the Year” and “Song of the Year” (“Same Love”)?.NO!!!!

  • whoa

    EBRO YOU BITCHASS MOMOFUCKA!!! I SEE YOU!! YOU ARE A PLANT! FUCKIN JUDAS! Ebro is a fuckin’ Double Agent, Rosenberg don’t know shit about Hip-Hop, and Cypha is a drunk. That’s what happened to NY Hip-Hop, and if it happened to NY Hip-Hop, the heart, the nucleus of this shit no matter where u from pay homage to your history and your ancestors. You must learn that if it’s fucked up in the heart of where the ART came from, the balance is fucked up everywhere else. They sneak him into the category and then he fucks around and wins, then the Elvis shit is perpetuated all over again. This shit is so obvious.

    • DJ7

      Say word!!

    • i_am_LOUD

      Hip Hop is Slop…

      • tony battie

        You dress like a piece of slop… ghetto ass niggers. Will never be respected and you know it 🙂 Keep trying tho, love seeing fags like JayZ tryna be the next SInatra or some shit.

      • i_am_LOUD

        Spoken from a true broke ass muthafucka smh..

    • tony battie

      LOL stupid niggers.

      • whoa

        Comments like these prove my point. You wanna know why Hip-Hop is fucked up? Because it has secretly been serving the interests of Global White Supremacy for the last decade and a half. The comments sections on various Hip-Hop websites around the time of “Elvis 2.0″/Marshall Mathers’ last release, the Lord Jamar/Yelawolf/Macklemore so-called “controversies” ( I hate that word because most of the time, it’s only “controversial” because non-one else had the sheer balls to say what was already thought) and the overall subject matter/perpetual childhood/stereotypical-image-fulfilling “Hip-Hop” of the past 15 years provide proof of this. Talk about “True Colors” being shown. I have seen the most vile, hateful, post-Reconstruction Era hate speech and language being used on websites that proclaim to promote an art form which was conceived and designed as a combating tool for racism and hate. Don’t flip my comments around and cry “reverse-racism” either. That’s a racist’s best defense and is is yet another tell-tale sign that you are failing to grasp the concept anyhow. Now, for EBRO and anyone else that is ignorant of the difference between “rhyming on beat on a song” and HIP-HOP MUSIC, here is a refresher course:

        The Elements Of Hip Hop

        1. B-boying

        2. MC-ing

        3. Graffiti

        4. DJ-ing

        5. Knowledge, Culture and Overstanding

        Not only Macklemore is guilty of NOT fitting into this category, but that’s another conversation altogether. Macklemore getting into the Hip-Hop category is just like Linkin Park getting into the Hip-Hop category. They both have “Rapping” in their POP-Oriented Music. HIP-HOP is street-oriented music that sometimes HAPPENS to become POPULAR MUSIC if it “crosses-over.” Nothing about Macklemore tells me that he set out to make a Hip-Hop album that just so happened to crossover. GTFOH. Hip-Hop is going the same route as Spiritual/Blues/Jazz/Race Music/Rock-a-Billy/Rock-n-Roll right before our very eyes. Why you think certain “Hip-Hop” websites and publications didn’t even flinch while calling Mathers “The Greatest Spitter” and “The God of Rap?” Em is an extremely talented artist and a trailblazer of the genre, but nobody informed me that Nas, Redman, Black Thought, Pharaoh Monche, and Chino XL all died in a plane crash together, I must’ve missed that. Let’s all be honest, a large part of Eminem’s success is because of his skin color. That’s not reverse-racism, that’s REALITY. After 3rd Bass, Poor White Teenagers, and that God-awful Robert Van Winkle, he proved “white boys can do it too.” Salute, but be REAL. If Eminem was BLACK, we would not even be considering caling him “The Greatest of ALL TIME,” we would simply call him by his name: “ROYCE THE 5’9”.

      • Elayorx El

        Standing O. Unfortunately, most of the white collective will always support this sort of thing, to seemingly prop up, or support some sort of insecurity, or deficiency. I remember watching many years ago a sports special, with Magic, Lebron, Carmelo, and Larry. For whatever reason, Bird seemed so out of place, and uncomfortable. It was kind of hard to watch, with him even making some borderline defensive comments pertaining to his ability, and the game. Your Larry Legend, for goodness sake! That episode never left my mind, and it is the same thing that goes on in other areas of life, whenever the dynamic is similar to that. The truth is so disturbing, sometimes it’s not even worth bringing up. Great post, Whoa.

  • ihatefaggots

    Ebro is a faggot

  • Kmac_Jones

    How can something be called “hiphop” and 80 percent of blacks don’t listen to it? This has nothing to do with racism… It’s about cultural rape. I’ve heard 12 yr olds with better flows than mackelmore!!! Eminem gets love because his shit is raw and up to par. Mackelmore goes to sleep every night thanking god he has Ryan Lewis and his fly ass production.

    • Realist4200

      “How can something be called “hiphop” and 80 percent of blacks don’t listen to it?”

      That’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. Just think about it.

    • pauleyPee

      If you don’t understand. Hip-hop was never a solely “black” thing. The first parties were open to the whole hood. Puerto Ricans was in the house. Some jews was in the house. In fact, in the first wave of hip-hop, filipinos adopted the culture damn near faster than it was created. lmfao. Hip-hop has always had a colorful fanbase. As for the rhyming portion of the art, sure, most of the first emcees were black but still, that doesn’t account for the whole of the culture. And as sure as its opened avenues for expression for us, we shouldn’t be in the business of trying to silence others.

      • i_am_LOUD

        Stop ya fuckin revisionist hip hop history. You cracker fucks stay stealing our shit. This is black music. He is a fuckin pop wigger wannabe. That’s why hip hop is slop

      • ║WoLFGaNG$TA↑||

        you need to talk to some of the originators or read a few books, black dot’s Hip Hop Decoded is a good one. Quit pulling this Hip Hop Colorful Fanbase bullshit. Blacks started this Hip Hop shit, and most whites didn’t see it lasting 10 yrs. It’s a culture that vibrates around the planet, now whites want to hijack and come in as originators. get outta here pilgrim.

    • The_Good_Life

      Yellow bus rider are you not? (in my Yoda voice)

  • whocares

    If any of you watched or give 2 shits about the grammys then YOU aren’t hip-hop

    • In the words of the late great trick daddy dollars…you already know…str8 already know..

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  • John Q. Public

    Im still upset that “F*ckin Problems” is up for best rap song of the year

    • John Q. Public

      whoever these Rap Committee members are I don’t trust their judgment in the 1st place

  • Pingback: Grammy Rap Committee Allegedly Didn’t Want Macklemore Nominated In Rap Categories | Hip Hop WorldWide()

  • Tha Colony

    “i can’t call it motherfucken Wyclef spoiled it”

  • Pingback: Grammy Rap Committee Allegedly Didn’t Want Macklemore Nominated In Rap Categories | I Am Mo Better()

  • HipHopStalker

    Just put everybody who raps in the hip hop category right ?

  • pauleyPee

    Look here. “The Heist” is a hip-hop album. Period. It’s not the best album this year, but it’s certainly in hip-hop form. Sure, it feels like cultural reappropriation… But at the same time, I don’t get the sense that Macklemoore doesn’t respect hip-hop. Therefore, let this man do his thing. It is what it is. Not my cup of tea but a solid record. Sounds great. Next.

  • HipHopStalker

    This is how it’s gonna play out. Macklemore will win rap album of the year and do like he said. Say Kendrick deserves it or go out and buy his album ,but all the white people who think Macklemore is the best rapper ever will not gives 2 fucks about who Kendrick is and they’ll continue to ignore artists that don’t make bullshit radio records. Watch and see. The Hammer has spoken !

    • Chris M. McDade

      You’re aware of the fact that the color of your skin does not define who you are as a person…right?

      • HipHopStalker

        Yes I am. I Think your missing the point. Macklemore is a talented artist and he himself along with another successful white rapper Eminem stated that them being white helped them become popular faster and reach a fan base including radio that black artists in a art form which they created have had a hard time trying to break through on that level( unless you do some super ignorant type of hip hop) Macklemore does love the underground and indie hip hop culture and will tell his fans about some of these artists he love’s and will tell his fans “Go buy there album it’s even better than mine ” but those fans could care less because they would have already bought those artists albums already. There have been plenty of hip hop artists who have released quality hip hop with messages and creativity who have not gotten there acclaim, not even slightly.
        Every time Eminem would big up artists like Kool G Rap, Rakim even Nas being in his top 5 most of the 10 million people all haven’t bought and will never buy those artists because they don’t care.
        So to all the people who support Macklemore which happens to 80% white or teenage girls are going to hear his speech and not care about anybody he recommends. Even Kendrick. It’s not about race, but it is in a way. Why are they buying his albums and selling out concerts to see him but not artists who are way more talented and have messages in there music ? Method man said years ago on a mtv special. Whomwould white america rather embrace in a music form they enjoy ? Somebody who looks like me or somebody who looks like them ?

      • Elayorx El

        And there you have it. I’m sorry to say, most white folks will NEVER understand the gravity, and reality of the hell so-called colored folk catch. NEVER……

  • SBRon

    In summation, I’ll paste (another) verse from the BlastMaster:

    “Now understand, rap is rebellious music
    Therefore, only the rebel should use it
    But pop artists abuse it
    When the audience hears real rap, they boo it
    See rap music is a culture
    And everyone outside that culture is a vulture
    The vulture makes money on the culture
    Understand, I ain’t tryin to insult ya
    But you’re either usin rap like the devil
    Or you’re pushin rap to another level
    So don’t wait for your company’s promotions staff
    Promote yourself with your own cash
    But this might mean you can’t buy gold
    You might have to put that on hold
    Cause if the artist falls, they diss him
    But if the company falls, the artist falls with them
    This ain’t about a tight skirt
    Here’s how not to get jerked when you do hard work!”

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  • digitallife

    G T F O H. People arguing about this? Like he’s not going to win it..walk around NYC you’ll see his face plastered all over the posters for the Grammy’s. Want to know how you win a Grammy? Spend tons of money on Public Relations and have a song with some decent spin numbers..that’s about it. Other awards are about giving awards to people who will bring in viewers to keep you from changing the channel. The only respectable awards there are don’t get TV coverage and they aren’t decided by people who profit from sales or are in anyway tied to sales. Plus for all the indie bullshhh this dude speaks he forgets to mention the company that promotes him is a full blown major with the full strength and media power of the major parent company.

  • i_am_LOUD

    White people been stealing black music since before the Motown days. Nothing has changed. Crackers steal our music and sell more then us and win the awards we deserve. Hip Hop is Slop…

    • tony battie

      And niggers have been stealing everything they can get their hands on for decades…

      • ║WoLFGaNG$TA↑||

        so u say so called niggers steal everything they can put their hands on, but white people steal continents, natural resources and pillage, plunder and murder for centuries. who’s the real evil doer?

      • Andy

        And this is exactly what my point was about America. On just one post we see an African American calling whites “crackers”, and then a white taking it another step too far and insulting African Americans.

      • i_am_LOUD

        You secretly want to be black… Face it admit it…

    • Andy

      You do realise racism can go both ways right…?

  • Aurelijus

    ok kanye west first album is not about hood, bitches, gangsters but its hip-hop right? but imagine kanye west as a white guy and all of you would say he’s not hip-hop, its pop, its not about hood so its not rap and blah blah blah.
    i think black people are jealous that macklemore sell so much. but look eminem also sells a lot, even more than pop stars but his music is hip-hop/rap ? if you didnt sell, you are rap but if you do, you pop? yall say the heist is not hard but you now what? at least he’s not rapping about bitches, drugs, and gangsters.

    i dont like macklemore music but i respect his craft.
    but all in all i think Kanye West yeezus is album of the year and not just in hip-hop/rap category. its the most original thing yet, his tour is amazing. kanye is great in the studio and live so he’s the best.
    and if you think macklemore is so bad go to the studio and show him what is rap

    • Elayorx El

      Jealous? Not hardly. Tired of outright unearned “white privilege”, regarding pretty much everything social, political, and economic in this country, let alone the world? Absolutely.

    • kanye west first album is not about hood, bitches, gangsters but HIS PRODUCTION,HIS SOUND,WAS TRADITION HIPHOP..

  • Da Real MoSotho

    jealousy is nasty. if ying yang twins can be considered hip hop why not this? are u saying lil john and nelly are more hip hop than this?

  • Kay G

    I say he is in the same category as Flo Rida who shed his hip hop style. His music more appeals to the pop category. I know hip hop has evolved over the years and a new sound is coming in but to me he does not sound like hip hop.I feel Macklemore is more pop. I respect his hustle and everything but maybe he needs a change of music category because the pop community has more of a taste for his music. This reminds me when The Black Eyed Peas were out, they were considered more pop than hip hop.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    what exactly makes macklemore music hip hop?
    what are they story? did they come up battling, was they dropping hot bars……..what makes them hip hop, can i get some examples. i see alot of macklemore “supporters” on here saying the same thing………..they aint fans or they dont listen to them but yet saying they hip hop so my question is how?

    • RichFromBX

      I don’t think he’s hip hop but if battling and dropping hot bars are the criteria then half the dudes out right now aren’t hip hop, IMHO…that doesn’t even include the dudes who use ghost writers…

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        i was giving some examples. i just find it interesting that NAS said hip hop was dead and those that agreed with him was NOT bashing white rappers 9/10 the bashing was towards black down south artist, right or wrong? so why now that macklemore being hip hop is in question its like we aint supposed to say nothing. so me saying battling, hot bars is just examples for the question which is WHAT makes these guys hip hop.

      • RichFromBX

        I agreed with you, he’s not hip hop but your examples of what hip hop is is flawed because there are cats who didn’t come up battling and don’t have hot bars and have ghost writers that are considered hip hop.

        There probably isn’t a definition for what is hip hop because there are people who will tell you Drake is hip hop and others that would laugh in their faces telling them to GTFOH, Sean Price is what hip hop is…who’s right?

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        my examples arent flawed cause my examples wasnt to define hip hop, the examples was just throwing something out there to say give a reason to WHY they are hip hop. like eminem for example, i dont like eminem, i dont think he EVER been hip hop. why? cause thats just how i feel.

        so someone thats reading this and like…….what? how is eminem NOT hip hop, and they will give you reason why he is.

        now do i have to agree…… like you dont have to agree drake is or isnt hip hop but atleast you and the drake fan can debate between drake and sean p why or why not.
        but in this macklemore case that question isnt being answered. even when you read people comments, they say i DONT listen to them, but they are……….so my question is how.
        an the rappers that DONT write they rhymes, when they get exposed they careers die. i dont know any rapper that it is known that he have a writer and is thriving. and to end my thought, lets not forget Nas BEEN saying hip hop is dead and NO ONE complained when we was dissing wack black rappers
        but soon as we say well how is macklemore hip hop now all of a sudden its a problem? i even heard one of the macklemore guys say when he heard kendrick control verse 1st thing he wanted to do is come back with a diss track but then he stopped. how can we prove that? whats there back ground………who are these guys lol

  • superh8

    If drake, minaj, rosae, footure, yg n all these assholes r considered rap then macklemore should b considered hardcore rap.macklemore is a way better rapper than theses clowns & have a solid album.

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  • Aurelijus

    can macklemore rap? yes. is he better than kendric, kanye, jay-z? NO. end of story

  • Never heard Macklemore but keep hearing the name…honestly is the music any good?

  • Logic Nthe Chi

    kendrick lamar steals music concepts like the rest of the talentless mainstream.
    check control on soundcloud with Small sean and the other rapper on the song. Who is small sean on the track of theirs saying rap slow? on the new song with dre who from chicago is kendrick lamar claiming he pimps? Logic in the Chi is whose image He will continue to try to steal. I don’t mind admiration just credit for concepts.

    • Opposite Of Everyone

      wait, what?

      • Splatter

        lmao yea im lost too

  • Khyzer Music >>>>

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  • Elayorx El

    I see a lot of comments alluding to Mack being justified in this genre, the same way other “Hip-Hop” acts are, so that makes it ok? It’s all relative, because the others have sold out to the perversion of the culture as well, and it can probably be argued that Mack, as much as this is hard to say, may even be more “Hip-Hop” than these other acts. Part of the point; there are different types of people in any given race, because if Macklemore were say, Kurt Cobain, you would not have any complaints from me, so I can’t be hypocritical, but when, as a “Hip-Hop” artist, you say Wu-Tang raised you, in one song, and then turn around and make the song, “Same Love”, which seems “oddly” out of place for a commercial Hip-Hop record, I gotta ask myself some very serious questions about the artist. Hip-Hop died in the 90’s, and what we’re experiencing now is the “resurrected” zombie like clone, ingeniously illustrated by Maino, and Kiss, in their song, “What Happened”. This is to be expected. Let our hearts be our guides. I miss God.

  • Opposite Of Everyone


    Ebro, just cause someones rapping, don’t make it hip-hop, or the Spice Girls and ‘Gangnam style’ is hip-hop.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      Ebro is a jackass!!!!

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    …hmm, not mad at Hometown boy Macklemore. If you know nothing about Seattle Hip Hop scene and what he did and does to be where he is, then- you can stay sleep on him as a artist, as a rap artist, his story is not for you and the Hip Hop in this town is not for you. What I am really concerned about is this so called rap committee. Thems’ the bitches rotating the same 10 people for awards. What this story also tells you is that The Powers that be don’t give a damn about a committee. At the end of the day Hip Hop was invited to the dinner party but not at the table. You want to watch the throne, and koon around mugs saying they got power moves…you better re-read this story and see where the power is.Secret committee my ass. Let this story highlight the f$ckery and foolery at hand.

    • GQ

      Seattle aint shyt

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        “This is a Seattle moment,” said Lewis, who is from Spokane and a University of Washington graduate. “I think from the very beginning we have taken so much pride in this city and region, and that support here launched us. These nominations aren’t just for us; these are something the whole city can take pride in.”

  • bisolabliss

    All I’ve read thus far is ‘if so and so is considered Hip-Hop, then why isn’t Macklemore Hip-Hop?’

    Here’s a question to kick this ish to the curb, ‘what makes Macklemore Hip-Hop?’

    Quit all the idiotic comparisons, ‘We’ let the Flo-ridas, MMGs, YMCMBs, etc of this world slide because ‘they’ are Blacks and by default are entitled to a Black version of that ‘White privilege’ scenario you see play itself out right in front of your very eyes in everyday life. They are entitled to that in Hip-Hop, a culture that was built off of the back of the struggles of their ancestors.

    So who is Macklemore to have access to such privileges?

    Eminem got a look in because he more or less stayed true to the TENETS of the game, he’s got rhyme skills and was co-signed by Andre.

    So, since ‘We’ ain’t fittin’ to give him a pass, I reiterate, what makes Macklemore Hip-Hop?

    • Malik

      Damn, homie just cut right thru all the chase and went for the jugular.
      Word! I like your style.

    • Elayorx El

      Bravo. Real spit.

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  • deforde

    hip hop is the culture and rapping is a just a part of that culture …..
    the award is not for the best hip hop album but for the best rap album,and he is a rapper….. rock has many variations in styles y cant rap …….cant a rock rapper or a gospel rapper get the best rap album of the year???