Hip-Hop Rumors: T.I. and Tiny Headed For Divorce?

T.I. and Tiny became the next subjects featured in an episode of The World of Internet Speculation after posting some Instagram messages that raised eyebrows.

T.I. posted this:

Screen Shot 2014 01 27 at 1 23 12 PM

And then Tiny posted this:

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.05.21 PM

And people thought they were breaking up but Sandra Rose reached out to their reps who told her that the couple had no plans for divorce. They were also spotted attending the Grammys together.

This doesn’t mean they’re not having problems, as every couple goes through it sometimes, but chill out on the wild speculations.

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60 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: T.I. and Tiny Headed For Divorce?”

      • Nemo hos

        That bitch is the one that put him on tho..as far as the direction and the people

      • Crenshaw on my shirt

        Idk it seem like he took off after his verse on that Bonecrusher song Never Scared. Then he came out with 24s, Be Easy, Rubberband Man etc.

      • H Craig

        Pit him on well she should of put herself on alfter escape tip put tip on tiny was a nobody in her own group lets be real must be another bitch fantasy who type that

    • Immortal

      I think you’re right. Like Nemo said below, she was there from the start, and in court that’s going to mean a straight up 50%. Now dude has kids with her and that’s going to be a good chunk of money a month. Add to that he’s provided a lifestyle for her, and alimony’s going to be a b*tch. He may act like it, but he’s not built like it financially. And is she had any hand in his music there goes some of those royalties. It’s cheaper to keep her IMO

  1. Executive

    He sound like a straight up bitch, bitches get mad but they give no details of why they mad. These rappers are looking like bitches with this social media shit. Millions of followers and they still struggling to go gold should tell them something.

  2. RAMADAwhite

    This doesn’t mean they’re not having problems, as every couple goes through it sometimes, “but chill out on the wild speculations”.

    funny… obviously you aint chill on the speculations otherwise you wouldn’t have posted this…

  3. Mr. Mike

    first off TI you’re a grown up, stop typing like a mad 15 year old. second i think people do not quite understand the hashtag epidemic, not everything is going to be trending retard. 75% of the shit I click on with hashtags is blank becuase no one follows it

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