EXCLUSIVE: George Zimmerman Says Rapper Game Is "Perfect" Opponent For Celebrity Boxing Match

(AllHipHop News) George Zimmerman is still seeking an opponent for his upcoming boxing match and is open to all challengers, despite reports that rapper Game has been ruled out as a potential candidate to fight the acquitted murderer.

In July of 2013, George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in a controversial case that included issues involving racial identity, gun-rights and civil rights, during a trial that captured the nation’s attention.

Last week, George Zimmerman agreed to a celebrity boxing match on March 1.

So far, rappers Game and DMX have stated that they would be willing to scrap with Zimmerman.

Game appeared on TMZ Live and said that over 4,700 people had applied to fight Zimmerman and that he was ruled out because Zimmerman feared his 6’5 height and 240 pound weight.

But according to Damon Feldman, the promoter of the event who has 55 celebrity boxing matches under his belt via his Celebrity Boxing Federation (CBF), George Zimmerman believes Game is the best opponent.

“He [George Zimmerman] is open to any challengers that make sense, but he is training hard and he said ‘Game is the perfect opponent,'” Damon Feldman told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview.

Game said that he would be fighting George Zimmerman for Trayvon Martin’s legacy and to “show him you can solve your disputes without a weapon.”

DMX told TMZ.com that he would step in the ring with George Zimmerman on behalf of black people and then he would “piss on him, right in his muthaf**kin face.”

Feldman told AllHipHop.com that Zimmerman has definitely signed his contract, but so far, despite the bravado and boasting from both Game and DMX, neither has officially signed any document binding them to the boxing match. 

“Zimmerman is signed now,” Feldman told AllHipHop.com. “If anyone still wants the shot at it, you can email fightgeorge@hotmail.com.”

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166 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: George Zimmerman Says Rapper Game Is "Perfect" Opponent For Celebrity Boxing Match”

  1. Joey Joe Ramos

    I just HOPE… That Zimmerman don’t Come out there With mad Defense and knocking people out…. On some Tyson Mayweather shit… I’d be beyond tight…

    • Sc0p

      He probably has been doing some boxing training.

      I say have him fight Phoenix Jones. PJ is a legit MMA fighter that’s undefeated in the octagon.

  2. Andrew Dyson

    Pissing on his face would make Zimmerman the winner, again. Trayvon learned a hard lesion that night, don’t racially profile and attack someone with a gun.

    • Sc0p

      Zimmerman was the one profiling people that night. Following people around and calling them a-holes that always get away? Profiling.

      Also, Trayvon had a right to defend himself. Last I checkd, Trayvon was running away when Zimmerman chose to leave his truck and run after him.

      Last I checked, the flow of the fight moved 40 feet toward Trayvon’s home. Seems like Trayv was trying to get away from GZ before they his the grass where he was shot and killed.

      • Richard Smith

        “Profiling people”? Profiling is right (Thugvon was a wannabe murderer stopped dead cold), people Thugvon ain’t.


        What the phukkk is your problem??? I bet your punk a$$ has a lot to say on the computer, but won’t say schitt to a person’s face???

      • Edmund Jr.

        I don’t disagree on the profiling portion, but you have the facts of the fight wrong. It was without a doubt a willing fight for Trayvon, probably for George too. The real question is whether a fist fight justifies pulling and using a gun. Which, sadly, none of us will ever know. Only George and Trayvon knew what went on there.

      • Sc0p

        “It was without a doubt a willing fight for Trayvon, probably for George too.”

        I disagree with that. If Trayvon were so-called willing to fight, he would have ended the phone call with his friend and the flow of the fight would not have moved 40 feet toward his home. Nor would he have been asking questions.

        “Only George and Trayvon knew what went on there.”

        It’s easy for two people to keep a secret if one is dead.

  3. water_ur_seeds

    If Game lost his career would be finished… Risky fight…

    Anyway what a disgrace that Zimmerman is being considered ‘a celebrity’ for killing Trayvon, anyone including Game gets a SMH for giving this piece of schitt any more media coverage and making him famous…

    Trayvon being murdered by him and him getting off is bad enough, but for this cu*t to be making money from murdering Trayvon is disgraceful…

    RIP Trayvon…

      • water_ur_seeds

        I actually box, it doesnt matter who you are, one punch off anyone can knock anyone out. Games career would never recover from that loss…

        But thats besides the point, like I said, the only thing this is doing is making Zimmerman more famous…

      • Edmund Jr.

        Very true. If Zimmerman really has been “training” and Game just walks in cold trying to brawl, he could be in trouble. Would not be a good look for Game.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        nah you wrong too – zimmermans’s short stubby mexican body could not improve no matter how much traing – can’t change genetics

      • AlbertoRipRon

        lol yea, the way you talk, exposes your inexperience in fighting period. water ur seeds got a point. Anybody can catch that right one nicely and sleep peacefully.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        your wrong again – one punch from anyone could Not knock anyone out

      • water_ur_seeds

        Yes it can, especially someone your weight or who weighs as much as Zimmerman…

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        wrong again, – I feel silly responding to this but you don’t know my weight – even if you did – your just talking stupid – I don’t like telling you this – but I’m a first degree black belt in Korean Martial Arts with Hapkido as my base – I’m “only” 6 foot 185 – and I’d bet I can defend punches against anybody – if that slow, short, stubby mecican swong on me – in the next seconds he’d been having his arm snapped in a reverse arm bar

      • water_ur_seeds

        Your an idiot… And when I say ‘your own weight’ I clearly mean someone the same weight as you… Just go away…

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        come try to send me away – your dumbass don’t know either one of their weights

    • Richard Smith

      No murder there – stupid ghetto trash thought he can take out the fat f*g (that’s what Traygone’s retarded GF thought he was) and he got sent six feet under, where all wannabe thugs belong.

      Traygone wanted to be a murderer, yet all he could accomplish was to die and that rot like a violent fool.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish.


  4. DiscoverDior.com

    This is why Hip-Hop is no longer a strong force as it used to be, not just because of the lack of quality music but because rappers are so desperate for attention and money that they would do anything…This Zimmerman guy should be ignored and left alone, rappers have no morals, integrity, respect for anything…It’s a dam shame how rappers act like every thing that is being offered to them they have to accept it. #fail

  5. W.E.B. Du Bois

    once the producers and legal people get thru wit this, – it’ll only be a money grab, and not the street quadraphelic resulting beatdown for “zimmerman” that it should be

  6. bigdoe6

    Ignore this dude man. Why give him the time of day? Allhiphop shouldn’t even brand or promote anything that has to do with Zimmerman.

      • TruthSerum813

        He may not lose, you never know….. If I had as many people hate me as this man does I’d be practicing Kung Fun 12 hours a day

  7. shockdaworld29

    At this point, he might knock DMX out.. I would love to see Game beat the shit out of this dude. He shouldn’t make a penny from this event either. How bout they let DMX and Game whoop his ass… and whoever else want a shot.

  8. Colombian King

    Yo, F*CK this German-Peruvian piece of sh*t. I hope who ever does get a piece of this muthaf*cka knocks his a$$ out so hard he gets a brain aneurysm or hemorrhage and dies. One thing I don’t get is how the f*ck is he a celebrity for shooting an unarmed young man??? RIP Trayvon

    • Richard Smith

      Unarmed? Piece of garbage responding to the name Trayvon thought he could earn some street cred, you feel me?, by murdering an innocent man. He was sent all the way back to Malcolm X and the rest of the trashy contingent. Traygone is restin’ alright, but not in peace. The worms had a feast.

  9. AlbertoRipRon

    Not paying attention to him just doesn’t make him go away. That’s the same bull they spit to black folks about racism. Let Game beat the breaks off dude.

      • David_Smith

        Not even close. Smart people ask, stupid people make wrong assumptions. Now we know which one you are.

      • AlbertoRipRon

        LOL how long it took for you to come up with that half wit response? Now that we know what you are, it makes your response even worse.

      • David_Smith

        I’m the guy you don’t ever want to see. Go back to smoking dope, jerking off to porn, and PRETENDING to be a tough guy behind your keyboard.

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Sound like you watch too many movies. Nobody wants to see you David. And it isn’t out of fear. Even you’re pops mad he didn’t throw you in a condom instead of in your mother.

  10. Rachael

    He was NOT proclaimed innocent by the legal system. Our legal system does NOT proclaim innocence. One is either “proclaimed” guilty or not guilty. No one is ever “proclaimed” innocent. Just because a verdict of not guilty was made, does not make him innocent. Juries never find defendants innocent. They cannot. They can only find them “not
    guilty.” If you don’t know what the difference is, look it up or take a law class, but not guilty does NOT mean innocent.

    • Robert Riversong

      When a jury has any reasonable doubt, they convict on a lesser charge. That all charges were dismissed, and because the entire defense was based on self-defense, indicates that the jury effectively determined Zimmerman innocent of any and all crime.

      Furthermore, by accepting the self-defense defense, the jury effectively convicted Trayvon Martin of assault and battery.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        nah – the jury can do whatever they want – as long as they all agree to do it – in this case – they all agreed, that since no one knew who they are, they made the sinister move to let this guilty person go free

      • Robert Riversong

        The only thing “sinister” is your malicious distortion of the jury’s deliberation process and verdict.

        There was no other possible verdict based on the evidence.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        your comment Proves your a dumbass – the evidence is trayvon stood his ground from a follower that reached arm’s length

      • Robert Riversong

        “your comment Proves your (sic) a dumbass”

        A “dumbass” is one who can’t even spell.

        A bigot is one who sees reality through the distorted lens of his bias.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you TYPICAL white dumbass – you use stupid comments because you Never have anything smart to say

      • Robert Riversong

        When you learn to spell, perhaps you’ll have something to offer the world besides stupidity.

  11. Minnie

    umm why is he still relevant?? He couldn’t beat a 17 year old boy! He had to pull a gun out and kill him. Wouldn’t fight him in Florida. He may get away with murder again.

  12. Afrika27

    You people really believe this hype lol, there is not going to be no fight with Zimmerman, this just a distraction and many of you have fell for the trick as always, this is media propaganda SMH!!

    • lannyspal

      It’s not so much media propaganda as Zimmerman propaganda.
      It’s tough for him to grab the spotlight having to compete with the likes of Bieber.
      Feldman has been charged in the past for fixing the celebrity fights he promotes. This wouldn’t be any different.
      It’s a scam!

  13. Angie500

    Game don’t let this Child Killer fool you, He had been in training for a long time, and why would they have a fight in March , they not giving the other person enought time to train. I would like for Apollo fr Atlanda HouseWivies to fight him.

  14. David_Smith

    Weird that you would bring that up but I have the FBI statistics right here and it clearly shows under ‘Offenses against the family and children’ for 2012 that PER CAPITA blacks were the highest racial group of offenders. See they only make up 12.6% of the U.S. population by they committed 31.4% of those types of offenses.

    Oh and smoking dope doesn’t make you smarter pothead.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      I accept Nothing someone gave your dumbass to read – every city holds fake child-for-sex stings – and they all have to stop after one hour – to process all you whites that show up to have sex with a baby


      And like people are suppose to believe the lying a$$ government or FBI??? They are known for inflating statistics. and white people are more like to commit a molestation crime than any other group!!! You want to talk about stats, well take a look at history!!!

      • David_Smith

        I proved the exact opposite to you. But hey I understand you’re in full retard mode and I don’t have anymore time for a dirt bag like you so I’m dismissing you. You are dismissed.

      • Shut Up Stupid

        That’s what people say when they run out of things to say. You tapped out THIS early?

  15. MIIHP

    Why would you do anything that puts money in the pocket of this Child Killer? Now he’s a celebrity? We fall for anything…

    • Creent1978

      мʏ ɴ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ιɢнвօʀ’ѕ ѕιѕт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ-ιɴ-ʟαա мαĸ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ѕ $89/нʀ օɴ тн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ƈօмքυт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ. ѕн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ нαѕ в­­­­­­℮­­­­­­­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴ υɴ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­мքʟօʏ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɖ ғօʀ ѕ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʋ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴ мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ քαʏ ƈн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ƈĸ աαѕ $1з284 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ƈօмքυт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. ʀ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­αɖ тнɛ αʀтιƈʟ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ fox800&#46­com


        “Sticky Fingaz” didn’t lose that fight!!! I saw that fight on MTV, and the white kid was hugging the entire fight until “STICKY” knocked the schitt out of him one time!!!

      • golder1

        I watched the fight too. Sticky fingers didnt lose but he didnt win either. Sticky didnt even know how to throw a proper punch. Showed his fight game is laughable. Being tough doesnt mean you can fight

  16. ILL Will

    Media need to just leave Zimmerman out of the media, I wish someone would just smoke this fool already, he couldn’t even beat up a high schooler and now he wanna box. Gtfoh don’t even give that guy anymore press. He doing too damn much and should be erased.

    • golder1

      Game does have a choice… dont do it. dont put any money in the pocket of Zimmerman. He is getting paid big money to participate in these publicity stunt. The nature oder ofthings will take care of Zimmerman

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