Lyor Cohen Teams Up With Twitter To Find Next Star Via Tweets (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) One of the most annoying practices on social media may have just became upcoming artists best way to get signed. During his keynote at international music conference Midem, Cohen announced that his independent music venture 300 will partner with Twitter. 

The former Def Jam president and 32 year music industry veteran highlighted the growing change in the landscape of music consumption and a need for those searching for talent to adapt accordingly:

In the modern A&R business we are all looking for talent in various places, and certainly Twitter is a terrific place to look at talent. If you want to get signed, you have to engage with Twitter, and of course YouTube, and we’ll be looking to try and develop tools that the rest of the music community can utilize.

In an interview with Billboard, Cohen explains that the partnership with Twitter will last a year and will give his music venture 300 “access to the data and building tools for artists in the creative community for them to be discovered and amplified.” No artists are signed yet, however Cohen says that he is open to signing an unknown artist with an enormous social media presence.

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Twitter’s recent business moves in the music industry coincide with Cohen’s goal of a creative hub connecting artists, agents, mangers and fans for artist development. Back in January, Twitter partnered with leading music data service Gracenote which implemented Twitter Verified Artists in its video and music database. Gracenote powers the information retrieval in iTunes and XBOX Music. With this partnership would allow fans to view and interact with an artists’ Twitter feed without leaving their Gracenote-powered music service.

Check out Cohen’s full keynote speech as he explains the partnership with Twitter and more below:

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  • Nana De Baus

    great way to reach out to the unsigned

  • Montezuma1

    Lyor your time is up. All of these press releases. Just build something from the ground up. Wait. You don’t know how to do that. My bad. Fukking parasite looking for a new host. All that money and still can’t figure out your next move. You ain’t so smart aster all huh?

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  • I just wish that these unsigned artists realize that record labels are a thing of the past, promote your own, sell it on your won, and own all the rights…It’s a new day

    • Many unsigned artist do promote themselves, it’s not their fault if payola is the controller of the game. Cash is King. So lets not blame the indie artist for their struggles or lack of investors to pay radio, djs, etc., lets support the indie movement by going to iTunes or any other outlet and download music from a hot new act in ur city thats unsigned. There’s a reason Macklemore won 4 Grammys as an independent artist over Kendrick, it’s called support, buying power #thenumbers game…we got to stop complaining and let our buying power do the talking ; )


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  • Great interview!!! I really admire Lyor, I remember seeing an interview where he said, he would go to the hood to scout hot new acts like DMX and Redman. Now a days these lazy a&rs just sit behind their desk scouting YouTube and twitter for the next hot thing, just to get a one hit wonder, cough Trinidad James amongst many. Hopefully his new team ain’t recycled a&rs and execs that already damaged the industry by the lack of quality artists they put on.


  • jdubba

    Maybe Kevin Anthony can get famous, get off soundcloud and stop with the annoying self-pimping comments

  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    none of these labels and execs want to develop talent anymore…. they want the full package already pressed up and ready to go. why the fluck would we sign when we can just continue to be independent. if you looking for artist with a huge internet presence already then chances are they dont need whatever bullshit 360 deal these labels and execs are offering.