EXCLUSIVE: DMX Rep Says Boxing Match Against George Zimmerman Not Confirmed

(AllHipHop News) Despite Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman issuing a statement saying that a George Zimmerman vs. DMX bout is set to happen, a representative for the New York rapper denies that X has signed on the dotted line for the fight.

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Domenick Nati of Nati Celebrity Services provided the following official statement to

The boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX is not officially confirmed. DMX has promised to “beat his ass”, but no contract or paperwork has been signed or agreed to yet. DMX will release an official statement if and when an agreement is made. ~Domenick Nati

  • Black Jay

    Uh-oh….. Sounds like someone with some basic sense got in DMX’s ear. Let’s hope and pray that they did because if he goes through with this, I’ll be the first person on deck to boycott the sh*t out of anything DMX does. Past, present, or future.

    • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

      Agreed and I even bought Undisputed out of loyalty to X. Not putting money in Zimmerman’s pocket. Only thing I would pay to watch is him get the chair.

      • Nana De Baus

        it’s not about the money it’s about him turning his life around. this whole fight is to tell the world stop the gun grime, Turn in your weapons.

      • anemia716

        you’re delusional.

      • Man u crazy as F*** what kinda space trees u smoke….I need to not try that s***.

    • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug

      Well it’s final, DMX is going to fight Zimmerman.

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  • Brindle


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  • DMX is a dam fool….It’s soooooo difficult for a black person to see negativity coming and not be a part of it….Why is it always black people that fall for stupid sh!t like this dam. Everybody else is ignoring this fool Zimmerman, DMZ just had to take the bait. #crackhead

  • The vibe from this whole deal feels wrong. Something’s not right, and endorsing Zimmerman as a celebrity??!!! I know for a fact if a black neighbor hood watchmen guns down an unarmed white boy WILL NOT be deemed a celebrity on any notion.

    • Nicolas

      who’s fault is that?


      That story wouldn’t make the news homie. Real talk.

  • Romia Blue

    X probably lookin for money out of this deal. All those kids, back child support? yeah…

    • Avril111

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  • dee

    I would rather see game beat his ass then after the fight watch BWS pack out on zimmerman face live on tv

  • John Q. Public

    I was 100% sure Game would beat that ass but I really don’t know who would win with DMX? sad to say but that’s how I feel

    • dee

      I feel the same way … maybe a young X then i would feel different


    Maybe I Miss something, I’m from Florida and I haven;t seen this on any News Channel. So the white Media not giving Zimmerman airplay but I”m Seeing this everyday on all The Black Hip Hop Web Sites. Something very wrong with this Picture. Shouldn’t nobody Black should fight him. Either way he wins.

    • John Q. Public

      I seen it on the cnn twitter feed


        Don’t like nothin about Cnn, They like a Larger version of TMZ.

      • John Q. Public

        true, they def going in that direction… Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations show is my sh*t on CNN tho.

  • s0rethumb

    It is a tremendous shame on Trayvon Martin’s birthday the murderer and his weasel boxing promoter made it a point to drum up publicity. I feel for Trayvon’s family.

    • John Q. Public

      yea u know they knew it was his bday… f’d up 4 real

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  • TruthSerum813

    It’s everybody watching’s fault this is happening. After the trial, people should have let this dude fade into obscurity, not make a news report every time he leaves his house. You kept his name alive in public forums and it was only a matter of time before he found a way to make money off of it. Whether he gets beat up or not is irrelevant, what’s it gonna do, hurt his image?? Either way he walks away with a huge paycheck and improves his state of living.

    And of course DMX would be the one to take the bait, dude is a failure at life. Smoked all his money away in a glass stem, has 11 kids he can’t take care of, and now volunteers to be the opponent in this travesty…… I almost hope he loses, just so he has to walk around with the shame of it forever…… He deserves it for even involving himself in this clown show


    And knowing how pathetic this society is, the numbers watching will probably rival the super bowl

  • Charter

    Let his money run out, removing any armed security he has and killing any ability he has to stay hidden. THEN, let the streets do the rest. This is a long hunt, a boxing match, even if X whoops his ass, it isn’t justice.

    • He will never be able to slide. I like that statement…long hunt. He selling 100k paintings to rich bigots tho bruh…..but I honestly believe Zimmerman gon get his in the long run like u say…gon get caught out of bounds sooner or later and get devoured by the wolves.

  • bigdoe6

    Allhiphop needs to stop posting pics or anything associated with Zimmerman. You guys are the ones making him a celebrity.

  • Cash

    D.M.X. bum ass will die to get a fix. His dumb ass might just get knocked out and have a seizure. He will make the whole black race look like rehab rejects. Punk A$$ rappers

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  • SözeCasavetti

    I will laugh when Zimmerman beats the shitt outta this junkie…..

  • eddieknucks

    This is straight b.s. Celebrity fight with Zimmerman? Really? Let his bum ass fade into obscurity. Plus what do we know about him? He must of had some type of martial arts training because he sound confident as hell. He gon mess around and knock somebody out.

  • Man nobody should make this fight….unless bruh get his whole head punched off his body…I won’t be tuning in for real…ion give a f*** who fight em. Clock need to be cleaned for all time if u ask me. Man DMX bet not do this s***. We already know he couldn’t beat a 17 yr old kid so what is there to prove?

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  • The reality is the hood cleaning company is suppose to report this, then the restaurant owner gets a letter saying they have so many days to have the problem fixed or sometimes an inspector just shows up and sees the non compliance issue and they report it.

  • Today it is a different world out there in this business than it was 20 years ago. Now the regulations are real, they are enforced on both the hood cleaner and the restaurant owner. The NFPA wants the fire hazards gone. They want the problems to be history. This is a good goal but the smaller restaurants took a hit in this whole thing some restaurants have issues with the codes yet the systems are still able to be cleaned properly. So in a circumstance like this, what happens?