Cam’ron Mentions Jay Z On “We Made It (Freestyle)”

(AllHipHop News) The complicated history between Cam’ron and Jay Z includes disputed decisions during the Roc-A-Fella Records era, accusations of orchestrated carjackings, and disses on wax.

Just last year Cam and Jay had issues again after the Brooklyn emcee claimed he helped make the Harlem native a millionaire on Drake’s “Pound Cake.” That led to Cam’ron’s response on his own “Come and Talk to Me” track.

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Well Killa Cam, dropped Jay’s name again on his latest freestyle over Drake and Soulja Boy’s “We Made It.” On Cam’ron’s version he shouts out some people he acknowledges “made it” like Kanye West, Kevin Hart, and even Jay Z.

He adds a few bars to address the Roc Nation boss specifically:

Okay Jay (we know he made it)/ I know he gonna say that he did it hisself/ This ain’t a diss or ain’t nothing bout wealth/ This is about how real n***as don’t tell/ And, you, Dame, and Big made it outta the hell

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Listen to Cam’ron’s “We Made It (Freestyle)” below.

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  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    Cam spit on this……….. but,,,,,

    Surely Jay didn’t do it himself. That’s been stated several times… Dame’s resume is nice but take Jay out of the equation and Dame’s resume would be uumm, yea. Not as nice.. Camron (Diplomats), Beanie, Freeway, Young Guns and a few other cats would not have placed Dame on the pedestal that so many ppl place him on today. Kanye is a casualty of war where he really got that big break from the work he did with Jay Z. Yes he did some work for some other artist here and there but nothing compared to what he did with Jay. From reports, Dame wanted Kanye down with the team and assisted in giving him that shot but what put Kanye in the spotlight was the work he did on Jay’s album. Wonder why he followed Jay and not stayed with Dame. Think about that. Jay is responsible for that. Call it what you want but Biggs is in jail and Dame is nowhere. After Jay left, Dame, Biggs and Camron’s careers were a thing of the past. Meanwhile, both Jay and Kanye’s careers skyrocketed…. Facts. No speculation…

    • johnblacksad

      There’s this saying in Africa that goes “ned tunda ned nyi nedda” which basically means “you gotta go through someone to become someone” or in other words no one makes himself by hisself…

      This has become laughable by now… ninjaz always tryin to come up with new ways to try to diminish Jay’s accomplishments… I’m sure someone gave Lyor, Ivine, Rush, Dame, biggs Jay, Cam etc… a chance at one point

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        just like dame was there to give kanye his shot he wouldnt been able to elevate his production career without dames cosign to rap …. especially when you find out how many different people didnt care to much about his raps and songs

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      for you to say dame is no where you dont know what your talking about … and @ the end of the day Dame still has rachal ray which is a pretty big thing … and just cause a mofo is quite dont mean they aint getting busy …. Dame has his own clothing manu warehouse and has been doing the prints for VAMP with jim jones … owns his own gallery in ny called poppington … dame is building mane and he still got cam under his wing … just cause you mainstream dont mean you doing better !! …………… and of course kanye was smart to roll with jayz HES AN ARTIST not an MOGUL … but!!!!!! where kanye is trying to go right now he might wanna get with the boy dame tho !!!!!!!! the only way dame would go mainstream is if he did it INDY on some Macklemoore ish ….. unless one of his brands go that far i doubt we will ever see him in the forefront again but that dont mean he aint living !!

      • Sgt. H. Jennings

        Dame having Cam under his belt is nothing compared to him having Jay under his belt. There is no comparing Jay-Z to Camron. Jay is on another level. A level Camron can only imagine. Hell a level Dame can only imagine at this point. I haven’t seen or heard much of anything from Dame. I mean, seriously I’ve heard nothing worth mentioning. I’m a fan of Cam but the overall aspect of all of their careers both in and out of the music business, Jay shits on both of them in and out of the music business. FACTS bro. I would love for them to reunite for something. The Roc empire is legendary. No denying Dame and Biggs played a huge role in that. But what happen to them after the Roc split? Out of all the reports surrounding both these cats, some of that shit is true… Biggs selling drugs, come on. you were suppose to be the mastermind behind the Roc empire. Dame can’t pay his taxes. Can’t pay the mortgage on a home. I mean countless negative stories about both of them. Surely with all the social websites and media outlets someone can point out something positive about these cats. Face it, they are washed up. Until I see otherwise they are just that. Has-beens… Show me something bro. A website or something. I couldn’t find anything. But Cam is dope artist.. lol.

      • Nemo hos

        It’s not what you’s who you know…from my pov only the rich white fags put gay z on to the extra funds

    • brooklyn

      if it wasnt for dame jayz wouldnt b shit….. “OK so make another Hov” he did his name is kanye west… #FactsOnly

      • Nemo hos

        Now they together best friends

      • Celz

        Dame didn’t make Kanye. He helped him out in the beginning of his career. Dame was way more influential in Jay-Z’s career and his main business partner. Kanye was schooled by No ID more than Dame.

  • Black Jay

    You can’t really take anything away from HISTORY. Everyone knows Dame’s contribution to the make up of Rocafella. But there’s some sh*t people need to be honest about….

    Jigga has made millions AFTER the break up of Rocafella. It seems to me if all of those dudes were really responsible for Jay’s career as they constantly say, why is it that none of them are making loot?

    Second…. Why is Cam’ron speaking about Rocafella? He’s behaving like he had a part in it. His impact was minimal at best. He was an artist that got elevated to a role he should’ve never been promoted to. He didn’t do sh*t for Jay. He did sh*t for the Diplomats. He was a worker. Want proof of Cam’ron’s business savy? Ask him about his Cape Venture.

    Lastly….. Jay Z, Dame, and Big made history together. H.I.S.T.O.R.Y.
    As much as they want, they can’t bring the old days back. You don’t see Dr. Dre constantly reminiscing about Deathrow. Snoop ain’t doing it. These dudes need to seriously move on. Because now they’re looking like disgruntled b*tches crying about their ex.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      cam was the only artist beside jayz to go plat on the roc … !! then the dips as a collective dropped a classic ijs had the ship didnt sink right after that … stateprop might of been an after thought on rocafella … imo thats prob what caused the prob cause the guys jayz recruited were getting shitted on work wise compared to what cam and the dips did for the short time on rocafella …

      • Cam definitely was the first to bring a platinum plaque to rocafella besides jay

      • Black Jay

        I didn’t say he didn’t sell. But he didn’t build sh*t at Rocafella. And that’s the truth. That machine was in place long before he showed up. And it was off the back of Jigga.

      • Black Jay

        As I said before, nobody’s saying that Cam didn’t sell. He was an artist. But the machinery was in place long before he or his crew showed up. To act like he built it or that he was even on the same level as Jay, Dame, or Big is a lie. He was an artist that benefited from the machine after it was constructed.

      • Antwon Grant


    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      jayz is corporate & mainstream so it may “SEEM” like hes winning … dame aint broke and hes more about the indy grind .. thats like saying Tech n9ne aint doing nohting major simply because hes not as visibble as lets say an Rick Ross … but i guranteed aint a thing or place that rick can go to that techn9ne could also go to … just cause a mofo aint visible dont mean they aint bringing back some Ms every year … dame is doing what he wants to do … and imo thats true HAPPINESS !! being all over tv and in the mainstream doesnt always = IM DOING BETTER !!!!!!!!!

      • Black Jay

        Let’s keep it real here. Dame will tell you this himself. He is about paper! Period and point blank. Don’t try to act like he is all about the Indie route because that’s disingenuous. Dame is where is he because he sh*tted on so many people. And that’s real. If Jay Z were to pick up the phone right now and offer him a multi million dollar package to be a part of some mainstream corporate sh*t, Dame would drop everything and be about it. So don’t get it twisted homie. Dame is absolutely not doing what he loves right now. He’s doing what he can. He’s in survival mode.

      • dee

        And you know this about Dame how? You sound like you was right there watching him fuk people over. I guess jay did no wrong.

      • Black Jay

        Oh…. Jay got some f*ck ups on his resume too. Don’t get it twisted. He definitely f*cked people over. But he has more political skills than Dame. And therein lies the difference. Dame was an attack dog. Jay was smooth with it. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have sh*t on his shoes too.

    • ur right about everything except for Cam’s business savy…. dont ask him about his capes.. ask him about the 10 movie deal he secured with netflix for millions… Cam dont never have to rap again to be honest.

      • Black Jay

        Last I checked Forbes had him clocked at $8 Million net worth. I don’t know what numbers you’re looking at but in this day and age, I don’t know of anyone that can chill for the rest of their life off of $8 Mill. Rich or poor.

      • chill for the rest of their life? I said rap again… and 40,000 a year for 40 years equals 1.6 mill… but you couldnt live off of 8 huh… talking bout numbers n shit… smh.

      • Black Jay

        Do the math dude….. Cam isn’t by himself in this world. Last I checked he had family. Factor in that, cost of living increases over the next decade, healthcare, etc….. Also factor in the fashion factor because Cam is known for that sh*t.

        Adjust your numbers dude. Your factoring is looking suspect. Like I said before, the average person won’t be able to live comfortably on their ass off of $8 Million and chill for the rest of their lives. Hell, the average person with a spouse working 40 years brings home a little over $5 Million with benefits and sh*t. And we’re talking about CAM. King of stuntin’. Come on….

        Smart investing plays a factor. Judging from Cam’s Cape Company investment, I’d say my original statement is dead on.

      • 8 mill is 200,000 a year for 40 years…. if ur not making 200 grand a year, which I know ur not… you can live off of less…. stop playing yourself man….

      • Black Jay

        Reading is fundamental…… How much is $70,000 x 2? That’s $140,000 a year for a family. How much is $140,000 x 40 years? That equals 5.6 Million. Which is what the average family makes over a lifetime. Cam has 8 milli, which is slightly more. But factor in your inflation, family expenses, child care, health insurance, and luxury expenses…. how much do you think 8 million will stretch him? We’re not talking about me. We’re talking about Cam, THE CAPED CRUSADER. Stunt king. Pay attention! Try again homie. You are playing YOURSELF. Sit on his ass for the rest of his life? Nah.

      • Terrance

        Ok. I see you…

      • Terrance

        @seendadream got you on that Homie…

  • Guest

    Dope track Cam but Capes my dude? I guess whatever works if it’s working. Money destroyed the ROC! These cats have made their mark in Hip Hop, but it is time to move on..I think Jay showed us how much love he have for these cats by doing what he did to Freeway (awkward pic moment lol).

  • MrNoName2K

    Camron need to drop some new sh*t.. dude aint lost a step

  • True_Fan

    I’ll Purple Haze up against a lot of albums, CLASSIC.

    • Joe L. Garcia


    • brotha_man

      among what classics? this i gotta hear * grabs popcorn and takes seat in the front row*

      • KILLABL4CK

        LOL have you ever heard a rap album faggot?

      • brotha_man

        here we go lame a$$ troll. go read a book an sit down somewhere. who is the last person u killed, killa Bl4ck?

  • Antwon Grant

    moving on…Cam u should do the same

    • Loon313

      did you even read the article? He didn’t diss him.

      • ZUBU

        Exactly, he prefaces the Jay statement by saying this ain’t no diss.

      • dee

        You cant tell jay stans nothing

  • ZUBU

    Cam had some catchy lines on that joint.

  • majesticking

    I could stretch 8 million for a lifetime. When you never had money like that and you acquire it wise people make wise choices causing their funds to grow wisely, only a fool will run out and spend it up on material things that depreciate in value. Unfortunately the world is full of them.

    • Black Jay

      Cosign bro. I could too. But we’re talking about hip hop. There’s a reason there are only a few Jay Zs and Dr. Dres out there. These brothers aren’t schooled about money management. And so, the end result is a Dame Dash, Suge Knight, MC Hammer…. aw hell I could go on and on…..

      • redcons

        There are more Camrons, Nas, Outkasts, Tribe Called Quests, Shorty Los, Mainos, Snoops, Master Ps, etc. etc. that are still wealthy may not have JayZ and Dre money but still living comfortable, can live good off of performing old songs a few times a yr. Hip Hop has and does provide opportunities for brothers to permanently get themselves out of poverty.

      • dee

        You think Dame, Suge dont have money? Every time TMZ show Suge he in a new truck and you dont think dame have millions put up.

      • Black Jay

        It’s not that I don’t think they have a little something. But they running strong in the news for some IRS sh*t. That means, legally, you ain’t got it. That’s just a fact. Now what kind of “hood” bankroll he has stashed is up for discussion. But on paper? They are broke.

      • brotha_man

        if cam move forward with that cape wardrobe idea HE WILL BE BROKE….thats if he invest too much into it

      • Casor_G

        It’s ignorant folks like you, who think cars and isht = money. Dude probably dodging the repo man left and right

      • Frank

        word up. They played Dame in the (I think it was) Vibe interview he just did.

        Yeah, he might have been $40M Dame. And maybe now he’s $1M or $500k Dame. Sitting on it. Cash. He doing a lot better than most people. And he got the little star power. Instant connects.

      • wickedjones

        “I never count another man’s money.” Don King

  • majesticking

    Hell I could stretch 1 million or even a half for a lifetime. Wise decision making determination, discipline and sacrifice towards a given end results in success.

  • David Gonz


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  • dee

    Bunch of jayz stans its funny how people weigh his money/success over any wrong doings the man does. These jay fans are so die hard if he was to spit on some kids they will find a way to back jay up.

    • brotha_man

      do tell?

    • Celz

      Damn bro did the nicca cheat on you?

  • トラップの神々TRAP GODS


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  • dbfromdc


    • brotha_man

      a tru-life reference? 3 pts awarded to you, sir

      • dbfromdc


      • KILLABL4CK

        shut up bitch boy killa cam murda tru-life,

      • brotha_man

        get yo suburban a$$ of dis site and finish watching Good Morning America with ur mom duke

      • dbfromdc


  • Malik

    Jay this, Jay that…grown men swallowing PR crap like they have no fvcking brains.
    There’s a reason the bulk of Jay’s expenses is to his PR handlers.

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