Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj Does Right By Malcolm X

I don’t know what happened over the last few hours, but Nicki Minaj has removed offensive single art that included Malcolm X. The single for “Lookin’ A$$ Ni99a” was released and it caused a huge furor because the art featured a famous image of Malcolm X looking out the window. That image has been popularized, but also, it distorts the reality of Malcolm too – that he was some gun toting radical. The facts are quite different.

Behind the scenes and even in social media, there was a furor growing. With the anniversary of Malcolm’s death coming, I can only image it was going to get really bad for Nicki. Ultimately, why she decided to pull it, nobody knows. We’re just happy she did. ANYWAY…we won’t promote it any further since its now gone.

There was no controversy when KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions did this. I wonder if they could get away with it creatively today. I think so because the content was so different. They didn’t even use the word ni99a back then.

Even thought it has been taken off IG, there is no word on if that means she’s killing it completely.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • MrNoName2K

    That Malcolm X picture is some powerful sh*t..dont get no realer that that

  • Papi Peligro

    LOL. NO WAY. This gotta be fake.

  • Cory Evans

    Excuse me there WAS controversy when KRS did that.

    • ZUBU

      I had that KRS-1 album on cass back in the day, I don’t recall anyone Black having a problem with what KRS did. He was showing respect to Malcolm and the revolutionary movement of that era. KRS was teaching people about what goes on in society, a later album he named Edutainment. He was aligned with the views of Malcolm, Malcolm has an older AK-47, KRS has a Tec-9. KRS was just reflecting the same struggle from a moderen perspective. There is no comparing what KRS did and what this stank batch did, none!

      • Cory Evans

        I am fully aware of KRS and I definitely had all his music. But you are mistaken about some people complaining. Everyone was not conscious of conscious Hip Hop at that time. So on initial viewing of that cover there were complaints. I am not comparing Nicki to KRS because the don’t make the same music and her use of the picture was different. However, KRS and BDP DID get flack from the cover.

      • ZUBU

        Bro, I don’t recall but I was so buried into the culture and the whole afrocentric movement at that time I may have tuned the naysayers out bro. I can’t remember all the groups that were on the pro-black thing at the time KRS was me fave, I did like the jungle brothas, obviously public enemy, etc.
        But you very well may be correct. Also bro I know you did not compare KRS and Nicki that was directed at someone above that commented prior to you. Peace….

      • Cory Evans

        Peace. The prior album cover, Criminal Minded, had KRS and Scott La Rock holding guns and had more of a street edge. Still not violent but many wouldn’t say conscious. After Scott was killed, KRS switched gears and became positive. As you referred to them some of “naysayers” were not only naysayers to KRS, but to Hip Hop in general. Some knew of the 1st cover but not the transition and they labeled him as a thug. This was also the case with PE and fight the power. Some older people just didn’t get it. They had everybody lumped together. I was caught up in the culture too, but maybe because of how elder blacks, and esp. white people in my city responded to Hip Hop at that time, I had no choice but to notice. Today’s artist, not only to single out Nicki are no where near what KRS and PE, etc had going on socially.

      • ZUBU

        I concur bro the masses were critical of hip hop in general. When KRS-1, PE, etc. really started gaining national attention I had just moved back to the east coast, and I was really feeling all of the positive pro-black energy and the intellectual strength projected by those brothas. I guess it was our era’s version of some of the stuff that went on in the 60’s, when artist like James Brown were singing “SAY IT LOUD I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD.” On a lighter note I think on “Fight The Power” I think Chuck D pissed a lot of white America off when he called out both Elvis and John Wayne as racist. I laugh everytime I hear it or think about it…….
        The “Self Destruction” song and video was very inspiring and a very good song as well. Akin to hip hop’s version of “We Are The World.”

  • Romia Blue

    the fact that it took outrage for her to see how phucked this plan was shows how little respect she has and how tardy her camp is around her to co-sign and think that sh!t was cool in the first place…let the downward spiral commence

  • Musa Musaaid ✊

    x was born in OMAHA for yall that think blacks don’t live there, fvck NM, fake ass and I mean fake ass

    • Jared

      He was born there but not raised which puts you back at square 1, lol…Also the snitch Rico from Belly was from there so we know…LMAO

      • Celz

        Ol’ outside banana eatin in the middle of the day ass nicca.. lmao

    • John Q. Public

      Yo… your zoo is way overpriced

  • Action Jackson

    I’m certain there’s a machine bigger than Nicki Minaj behind this mockery. The fact this even saw the light of day shows how low some of us will scoop for money. When KRS did it his album reflected the views of revolutionary…Her song is titled “Lookin Ass Nigga” nuff said.

  • I highly respect Nicki, but this was a no bueno. This is Malcom X and if it wasnt for him and many civil rights leaders, Hip-hop n overall the black culture would not have been, period. OAN I would definitely like for her to tap into some originality. “Looking Ass Nigga” was original done by Hotstylz same concept, same hook. “Boss Ass Bitch” originally done by PTAF, same concept, same hook. I’m not mad at Nicki but I’d love some originality and creativity. then again she definitely giving these artist some light. But if ur pass two singles are remakes of other people stuff n these are album materials…idk, #NoShade #imjustsaying #Power2thepeople


    • God Body

      I reckon this was the plan all along. Do something stupid to get people talking about her and then pull it and act like she’s sorry. she ain’t sorry she got what she wanted from Malcolm X’s message and pissed all over it degraded it. She knows she’s influential on young minds and now as a parent I gotta go explain to my kids why this is some BS. And then she gonna try walked away like she didn’t do it. She gets no support from me. I hope the whole thing backfires in her disrespectful plastic ass/face.

  • John Q. Public

    its a lil different to pose in a similar way like KRS did, compared to just straight up using Malcolms picture and putting the name of your wack song plastered on it.

    Not to mention the whole civil rights movement he was part of and your song is called “lookin ass n*gga”

    (not sure why this is a “rumor” either)

  • Dubz

    Just curious. What was the controversy? I aint trolling…I truly want to know why some people was pissed off.

    • Action Ant

      The controversy is because he was a leader that stood for progression in our communities, culture and rights. She’s using his image to promote a digressive concept geared towards belittling black men whilst calling them “niggas”. I think the larger controversy is the ones not seeing the problem. During black history month, no-less.

      • Dubz

        ” I think the larger controversy is the ones not seeing the problem”

        Naw, not everybody is as sensitive as you.

      • Celz

        Naw, not everybody is as sensitive as respects themselves as much as you.

      • Jayson C Williams

        U sound ignorant dubs not even taking shots at you. I think you need to step up your understanding of the rhetoric to fully get why this is wrong and what your peers are trying to say. You can do it. But you have to open your mind to the other side. Can’t stay blinded to the facts for much longer or it’ll hit you hard.

      • Dubz

        Naw, I’m very educated. That Zimmerman v DMX shit. Now that’s controversy. This? Is nothing…people will have their opinion about it. I respect it. Just didn’t see what people was up in arms about. Niggas use metaphors in their records all the time…she did it visually.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Metaphors or restricted to written content. This visual wS poor in taste disrespectful to one of Americas leaders in civil right.. and just classless! You have to see it like that if you don’t you’re playing for the wrong team bro. Malcolm X deserves more respect than to be called a nigga or even have that word mentioned in the same topic as him. He fought for us bro you owe him respect!

      • Dubz

        You talk like Malcom X was a soft dude. Like he never used the word. He deserves our respect just like any other civil rights leader…But this is nothing….I guess in my view. I respect your opinion though. I don’t think very many people know what that picture represents and saw the metaphor behind it…they just jumped on her for it. But to each is own.

      • Jayson C Williams

        The picture represents his turmoil! He was being threatened and needed to watch over and protect his family from opposing political factions that wanted him dead and eventually succeeded! So what the fux is her excuse? Who cares who said the word nigga in their day the fact remains u have to RESPECT him point blank period. And you obviously don’t understand that so no longer will I waste my characters think what you want but honestly you’re being ignorant just for the sake of it. You don’t want to do what’s right! You’d rather do what you want to do and that’s fine. But don’t expect moral respect form others cause you won’t get it! At least not here. And to me I rather be respected than to just have my own opinion. And you know what they say about opinions? They’re like assholes! Everybody has one! Good day. You may not be sensitive but naive and narrow minded does come to mind all due respect.

      • Dubz

        The funny shit is…he was protecting himself from…guess who…”niggas”…so yea I don’t see whats wrong with the metaphor. I look at reality…not some made up story to help me sleep at night. Malcolm X was a real dude…he will always get my respect for that. But yea I don’t get this BS outrage. I’m not worried about your respect or others on here…no need to get upset about it…its just convo.

      • You have a good understanding Jayson Williams. Salute!!

      • King Alvarez

        this is after the fact the game had an album cover with a disrepectful picture of jesus christ??? nice double standard my friend.

      • Action Ant

        In order for me to have a double standard, You would have to know my stance on that or that album art would have to also be in question in this particular article. Nice try though.

      • 5% Hov

        Christ is a fairy tale. Snap out of that slave shit.

      • The_Good_Life

        “We profess to live in the atmosphere of Christianity, yet our acts are as barbarous as if we never knew Christ. He taught us to love, yet we hate; to forgive, yet we revenge; to be merciful, yet we condemn and punish, and still we are Christians.” Words from the honorable Marcus Garvey.

      • Brother Garvey was pointing to the hypocrisy of Christianity in America. He was NOT a supporter of this European slave master religion. I do believe he understood that people
        had been brainwashed with this forced Eurocentric religion so he had to use strategies of common sense to reach and save his people.

      • The_Good_Life

        I agree. That’s why he help founded the African Orthodox Church.

      • The_Good_Life

        Sadly, most in hip hop hate Christ and the church. But they have no problem with some of the madness portrayed in the lyrics.

      • Sadly, most in the church hate Hip Hop and realistically hate the Christ too. They portray him falsely on every level. The Europeans had no problem placing instructions to slaves in Ephesians. It Was Written as the lyrics of the bible…smh

      • The_Good_Life

        I guess I shouldn’t have generalize since I love hip hop as well as the church. Some churches are in error just as some hip hop are in error. By the way, Ephesians was written by Paul (or his scribe) a Israelite/ Jew, not a European. They were slaves before Rome made them citizens. When Paul was put on trial for preaching in Rome, they mistook him for an Egyptian which meant that he most likely had, you guessed it, DARK SKIN.

      • Willie Lyched to the core….talk about Soul On Ice #EldridgeCleaver, smh

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        its not even the n*gga part she could of called it LOOKING AS DUDES with pick of malcom looking out the window and it would of had the same impact ….

  • Cory Evans

    WHo Nicki or KRS ?

  • scullyson

    Right the content was very different.

    • 5% Hov



    You sitting on Allhiphop, your life is passing you by. You keep procrastinating, maybe I’ll listen to this track today maybe tomorrow. No do it now.

    you tube . c0m (/) watch?v=kwNyl_uWQfY

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  • Jovaughn

    I am convinced, there are several proofreader openings at this website.

    • 5% Hov

      you can’t apply nigga.

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  • Bryan Kyser

    Nicki don’t like NIGGAZ !!

    • $18916246

      Though I see where you were going young blood, Black does not mean n*gga. Bleaching is a sad alternative to loving ones own black skin. I hope Nicki recognizes the many dangers of hating yourself and or who she is racially, Bleach can never truly change who you really are.

  • jball8

    I took it like she was implying that Malcom X was also a “looking ass nigga” because he’s looking hard out that window. Malcom X wouldn’t have stood for a woman calling him a nigga. Real shit.

    • Bryan Kyser

      That’s EXACTLY what she was doing – just using Malcom X as nothing more that a visual pun to her GARBAGE music !!!
      Then tries to flip it around and say she was talking about the people out the window when everybody calls her on her fuckery!!!

  • $18916246

    KRSone’s imagery complimented Malcolm’s social objective. Nicki’s objective does not. I commend her for seeing this too.

    • Mec-One

      Commend her?! She should’ve saw it before it was posted! foh

  • Did you seriously compare KRS One emulating Malcom X to Nicki using his image with “Looking As N****” written next to him? SMFH!

    • D_Ably

      It’s like comparing a statue carved by an artist to a paper mache fruit bowl by a school kid.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I wonder if before that picture of Malcolm was taken if he was like ” wait, wait……lemme point this gun upward and look out these curtains…….alright perfect…..take the picture.”

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      That’s funny but its an actual thought, how did they take this picture? was he actually looking out the window for those making threats toward him or was this a pose for the Ebony magazine photographer?

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        No idea……You just taught me it was from ebony magazine.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      most likely was the case ….. it was a pic for mag ?????

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  • biafra

    My verdict is, our reaction simply shows how sexism has pervaded our minds. Not in support of what nicki minaj did but if it was a male rapper, would he get this level of criticism? what happened to the video making fun of Harriet? In my opinion, she was more active than Malcolm x in every level, she put to work. What did we do to Russell Simone?

    • jball8

      She was more active than Malcom X? Maybe at rapping but not even close when it comes to civil rights and black history. Nicki Minaj pretty much just hated on everyone in that song and in particular her own people..

      • biafra

        Read my comment again, i wasn’t comparing nicki minaj to malcom x, that would be a dumb thing to do. i said Harriet Tubman. I wish we can hold the male rappers accountable for the way the demean the women. I think the reason why people were infuriated was because of the content of the song, not really about Malcolm x. Malcolm was the straw that broke the camels back. We keep inventing all types of demeaning names for women, now it’s thot, that’s the new thing. This patriarchal bullshit is played out seriously.

      • Harriet Tubman cannot be compared to Malcom X or vice versa. You have no mental right to conclud anyone put more work in. It’s completely ridiculous because comparing them is like
        comparing an apple to an orange. They are both fruit but completely different. They both fought for the liberation of African people but one was freeing groups from chattel slavery while the other fought to free a nation from psychological slavery. There is a big difference. Your comments don’t follow a logical process. An the comment about patriarchal material is not even
        relevant. Rap has always created slang that categorizes men and women.

      • Blue Skies

        I love hearing men talk smart. It’s sexy. Excellent point King!

      • biafra

        Truth is, malcom x didn’t free anyone from any mental slavery. He processed things from his ego and created more problem than he wanted to solve. it was his ignorance. His focus was violence, the law of attraction was set in motion, he died violently. Who did he free from psychological slavery? Nobody.

      • jane

        Are you kidding me. Before Malcolm we allowed someone else to call us negro and colored Malcolm broke down the term Black and made us see that it wasn’t something to be ashamed of or associated with evil or something negative. He flipped that script not only on those answering to negro and colored but to white folks as well. Hear. That. Lower level of mental slavery, elevated……

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        wrong discusssion lol

  • RealSpit

    Wow!! How stupid is this writer!! The KRS picture with “By All Means Necessary” is a complimented, compared to Nikki Minaj’s picture with “Lookin ass nigga”. KRS One stood up for the cause, while Nikki stand for mindless BS!!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      if you read the article you would know they agree with you thats why they posted it

  • Bryan Kyser

    KRS1 was paying homage and furthering Malcom X’s legacy. Sicki Garbage just used Malcom X as a visual pun for her song because it matched and she knew it would get people talking !!!!
    HUGE difference!!!
    This blogger needs to be shot multiple times in front of his family for disrespecting Malcom X like this !!!!!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      where this new just MAKE THEM TALK marketing went wrong … this is similar to straight people playing with gay fasion or lifestyle to generate a buzzz and they aint really gay …. i mean its better than robbing a bank or knocking over an old lady for $$$$$$ but still got folks shaking thier heads like WHYYYYYY lol

  • John Jay

    Malcolm rolling in his grave…all these fights for that…

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    the fact that nicki let it get to the point that she posted that ratchetness … shes needs to really evaluate herself and the folks around her …… ijs …… lets up lift our former leaders !! lets not downplay or use thier image in any way shape form or fashion to degrade or downgrade what they did JUST TO PROOVE or PUSH AN AGENDA or PHRASE !!!!!!!! that really has no real moral or social impact ….

  • Pierre Elliott




    The Dream Society—— we are based in NYC but we are GLOBAL.



  • This bish said “The word ‘n**ga’ causes so much debate in our community while the ‘n**ga’ behavior gets praised and worship. Let’s not.” And mofos really think she “slam-dunked” w/ that comment. This broad is the most coonin-est female rapper in history, wearing Blonde wigs, calln Black women chimpanzees & nappy-headed h0es. The only ones rewarding her are the puppeteers who put her up to this type of ish, the ones who determine what kind of music will be played..she is worshipped for her “n!gga behavior” and justifies it, blamin’ it on Black folk. So Black folk can’t call her out for putting “n1gga” and Malcolm together b/c Black folk use the word? This bish is WHITE in her ideology, the same as white folk who give Zimmerman and other murderers a pass cuz “Black people kill other Black people, what’s the big deal?”
    To conjure Brother Malcolm’s image and put the word N1gga beside him, then try to pretend you referring to the people that aren’t shown in the picture outside the window?
    Brothers, please don’t think real women are praising this broad cuz she tried to pass off the defamation of Brother Malcolm as feminist & empowering.

    I dissed her in 2012 for her house-n1gga statements, soundclouddotcomslash adopefemalemc. Paradoxical Diss-Did It On Em is what it’s called. Black men & women out here getting murdered for knocking on doors, tryna get help after a car accident, for playing loud music, for walking home from the store, and this bish defame Malcolm?? She need her @ss beat, simple as that.

    Her legacy will reflect a coon @ss broad who bleached her skin and her lyrics will be forgotten.