50 Cent Leaves Interscope Records, New Album Coming June 3rd

(AllHipHop News) The end of an era has occurred. 24 hours after Dr. Dre and Eminem recreate the iconic 2002 XXL cover with Jimmy Iovine instead of 50, 50 Cent has announced he and G-Unit Records has left Interscope Records and signs with Caroline/Capitol/UMG.

The deal places 50 Cent and G-Unit Records in Caroline Records, the independent service division of Capitol Records, making 50 Cent an independent artist for the first time in over 13 years. Former boss and current friend Eminem spoke on 50’s new signing in a press release statement:

Both myself and Shady Records are grateful to have had the chance to play a part in 50’s career. Shady simply would not be what it is without 50 Cent. I’ve developed a great friendship with 50 over the years, and that’s not going to change. We know 50 will have success in his new situation, and we remain supporters of both him and G-Unit.

50 Cent’s first project scheduled to be released through his new label will be his highly anticipated and often delayed album Animal Ambition which is set to be released June 3RD.  The album can be pre-ordered on March 18th and those who do will receive two new tracks. 50 Cent will release a song and video each week until the June 3rd release date.

50 Cent has a long history with almost signing with Capitol Records. Back in 2001, Capitol Records A&R Joe “3H” Weinberger attempted to sign 50 Cent, but was denied by Capitol Records execs over 50’s aggressive persona. Back in July of 2010, Capitol Records’ National Director of Urban Promotion, Craig Davis announced that 50 Cent and G-Unit Records had already signed to Capitol Records. However, less than a week after that announcement, 50 Cent released a statement calling Davis an “idiot” and saying “out of nowhere he comes out, and you can tell he’s drunk or some sh*t.”

  • Guest

    This is the best thing 50 could have done, after all these years he’ll finally be able to release his shit without Interscope fkcn him up

    • Guest

      Yep, definitely the best choice, now I see why 50 hasnt been dropping music for a while

    • Jayson C Williams

      But to bad nobody really wants to hear it..

      • Live Well

        That could change though.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Hopefully but seldomly do you actually find a heavy weight come back with the type of thrust they use to have esp having taken a musical sabbatical for years.. Fat joe surprisingly did it after pun died. Can did it with dipset (but returned with a crew not really solo) Norega switched to reggae tone.. Can’t really point on any rapper that’s taken a long break from rap to come back with hits besides the white rapper and the super producer who doesn’t produce.. Dre.. But please give examples I’m sure there are a few and even fewer in the last ten years

      • Live Well

        I can’t give you any examples of a heavyweight coming back to platinum status after an album layoff like this but we have seen several respectable comebacks. Raekwon has reinvented himself nicely and so has T.I. Ice Cube is a guy who always does well as an independent heavyweight too. The thing 50 has going for him is he’s never become irrelevant to the culture because of his constant business activity and his website. Plus, he never stopped releasing new music or touring. He’s got a huge international following and deep down, everybody wants the underdog to win. People seem to be growing a little bored with this weak, safe rap that doesn’t challenge the status quo. It could be the perfect time for some animal ambition.

      • Jayson C Williams

        I like where you went bro. I was thinking of Chef the whole time I wrote my first response to you. But even he didn’t go plat or gold but he made his 1990’s flow relevant again to today’s music. Fif can do it, if anybody is too. But he’s going to have to dig deep and swallow some pride and that’s something I think is the hardest thing for a man like that to do..

      • Live Well

        I agree 100% on that. He’s gonna have to give his real self instead of his ego to make his music connect again.

      • Elayorx El

        I read this, and said, “Lemme dap fam on a great post”. My sentiments exactly! I don’t think people are factoring in also that 50 is not to be controlled to the extent of your average artist. He made enemies, but everyone deserves another shot. Hopefully now, he’ll broaden the subject matter some, and as you’ve stated, dabble with some reinvention. Peace.

      • Live Well

        No doubt. I’m pullin for 50.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      lmao, you think this is 50 decision?

  • SleepyTheGreat

    IDK what to make of this……It’s good because 50 can now do what he wants and retain all his investments, he has the money to promote himself. Its bad because it seems like a step backwards…. The man used to run Interscope with a platinum fist……

    • Guest

      Im sure he doesnt care if its a step backwards, he just wants his music to be released, I mean he doesnt need to sell hes done 30mill and he doesnt need the money…Hed definitely sell more if he was still on Interscope and im sure he knows that

      • SleepyTheGreat

        Yeah Im sure Rap is just a beneficial hobby for him now. But I would of liked him to take a VP position

    • Shawn

      50 never ran Interscope, Jimmy & his bosses ran Interscope. 50 was just able to act like that because, at the time, G-Unit could do no wrong. There was a time when Suge “ran” Interscope too.

      • SleepyTheGreat

        Yeah but if you have the ability to effect your bosses decisions and effect other people’s album releases. Your running the show.

  • Black Jay

    On the real, Interscope has been in decline for a minute. But now that they’ve acquired TDE they may be on the upswing.

    But let’s keep it real here folks. This ain’t no move about what’s in 50’s best interest. This is about 2 factors.
    1. The XXL Magazine debacle
    2. The outright disrespect shown by having his music removed from School Boy Q’s album.

    I can’t front. I would’ve left too.
    But 50 kinda did this to himself. And no matter what people will say, Independent for 50 is bad.
    As a matter of fact, didn’t 50 clown Cam’ron when Cam’ron made the independent move (Curtis…..Curtis….Curtis)?
    Independent usually works good if you came into the game on that. You know the inner workings of the machine because you built it from the ground up. But to move from a major to a minor rarely works. Especially on the scale that 50 was as an International Superstar. Now he has to rely on “connections” and “relationships” that he’s built over the years. The prospect wouldn’t be too bad if 50 hadn’t dissed the entire hip hop community. Now who is going to want to help him?
    This is bad for 50. Tremendously bad. In fact, I predict he’ll retire after one album attempt.

    • True_Fan

      What happened with the XXL debacle?

      • Black Jay

        50, Dr. Dre, and Eminem was supposed to be on the cover. Instead they put Jimmy Iovine, Eminem, and Dr. Dre there.

      • True_Fan

        Ok that’s definitely shade, it seems they been fading 50 out for years.

      • IsiahZeke11

        Like you said, you can’t blame him for feeling disrespected and just finally leaving… But he sort of brought it on himself!

    • Knickfan4life

      It’s technically not independent

      • Black Jay

        Sweeten it up all you want….. It’s not major.

      • Knickfan4life

        It’s the same deal as interscope.lol interscope started independent and was bought out by a major .so is bad boy .im not a big 50 cent fan but he is still on major ,this is not like going to Koch records.

      • Black Jay

        Mark my words…. One and done. 50 will release one album and it’s over.

      • Word7

        He sign a distribution deal so it is independent you need Caroline/Capital/Umg to get your records in territories outside of the US not everywhere is ITunes and Google Music.

      • Jonathan Bacher

        Uhm, yes it is everywhere.

    • TheAfroRican

      Interscope was never on the decline. They were making money with pop acts (Lady Gaga, Black Eye Peas, etc.)

      • Black Jay

        Did you check the album sales for both of the acts you just named? Gaga’s album flopped. BEP’s album was unsuccessful. And don’t get me started on what they did to Wale. They were clearly on the decline.

      • Immortal

        That ish with Gaga cost some dudes their jobs. All is not well over there.

      • Black Jay

        No doubt! How do you go from selling millions to barely moving units? About 4 or 5 people got canned on that one.

    • Chris

      Preach, bruh.

    • IsiahZeke11

      Well said Black Jay, even Marshall’s Shady records isn’t what it once was. Not to mention I recall Lloyd Banks stating that all the silly beefs 50 started sort of getting invites to guest appear or even invite other hot or relevant artists to work with him. Sort of like he wasn’t allowed to go play/work with the other new cool kids in the game.which we all know is sort of important these days to get the coveted hot radio singles. In my humble opinion ever since he went at it with Rick Ross and resoundingly LOST musically (Deeper than Rap SMASHED that wack azz Curtis album bs) he’s been in a downward tailspin ever since… Not to mention directly trying to copy/compete with Dre Beats wasn’t a wise career move either!

  • I played GRODT in my Walkman till that mfcka broke… 2003 shit.

    • johnblacksad

      No diss but… you had a walkman in 2003?

      • andone

        lol no shame in that but im sure he is referring to “discman” i dont think they were still pressing tapes post y2k?

      • Non taken but hell yeah. I upgraded to that pendrive type mp3 player that year though. Still was young lol

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    i been seen this coming. 50 served his purpose and that was to destroy street rap. mr interscope did “they” bidding and tried to go pop with ayo technology but bombed. i STARTED to say this yesterday on the suge article so ill say it now. what suge is now is what 50 will be. “they” was scared of 50 when he had the “keys” to go anywhere he wanted. but he aint the same 50 and dont have the same power and now its safe for “them” to make moves like this cause the allure of the crack rapper from queens who was shot up and survived is no longer. the boogie man that 50 was is dead

  • Dadon850

    50 newest sh!tty album will go triple plastic. Dude is finished.

    • killingignorance

      Ignorant moron

      • Dadon850

        Take 50 d!ck out ya mouth dude. He garbage, get over it.

  • Knickfan4life

    I think people are not understanding what a major independent is he is still getting major label input from Capitol records.the difference is they take different routes in promoting your music,you will hear a lot more of college radio playing 50 cent where before they were not.not much is going to change for him he will still sell records. And still get major input and money.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      probably has ab etter point value also that translate into more money from each unit sold versus being under interscope. could be the difference between 5 dollars per unit to 9 dollars per unit.

  • pauleyPee

    50 Cent was once a juggernaut… Now he’s just naut. G-Unit is over. lol

    • killingignorance

      Trust me fella you’re an Idiot

      • pauleyPee

        Come on fanboy… Why can’t I have a little fun?

      • MediaVybz

        you callin the guy a idiot where is g-unit? or 50

  • DC King Of Hearts

    G-G-G-G-Gee you fell on hard times, bruh

  • Slaughtr

    It’s amazing some insight some brothers talk and really don’t know shyt…just sit back and watch stop all the analyzing shyt. Either way 50 will get his regardless. New situations are helpful sometimes not just watch and save the yappin.

    • andone


    • Da Ledgendary

      Exacly! People love counting other people’s pockets

  • dee

    Let pharrell do the album 50

    • andone

      HELLLL NAWWWWW… get sha money on the phone!

  • bigdoe6

    Come on man this guy is rich. He doesn’t need Interscope or needs to put out music anymore. He will be good until he goes to the grave. He made his money.

    • Jovaughn

      Why do people assume that someone who has wealth does not need to make money anymore. Why do drug dealers continue to sell drugs, why do ceos continue to go to work, more importantly why does everyone continue to work everyday. Because we all have bills that need to be paid like everyone else. Just because you have millions does not mean you do not have bills anymore….

      • dee

        Thank you

    • Jovaughn

      Why do people assume someone who is rich does not need to work anymore. Why do ceos go to work, why do stockbrokers go to work they are no different than. They all have bills just like. Their bills may not be on the same level as the average working person but their bills need to be paid. Granted if you have a billion dollars in cash not assets you van live without ever working again depending on the lifestyle you choose. There are only a few people who have the luxury of living a lavish lifestyle and never working again. I doubt 50 is one of them.

    • MediaVybz

      remember! DMX was rich as fuk too…

      • IsiahZeke11

        DMX NEVER had money like 50 cent which a lot of his money was generated outside of music, 50 is actually a pretty decent business man folks…

      • DLOUPO

        He hasn’t did a relevant business move in awhile and good business men don’t go around making enemies of everyone

      • Blaq Gavin

        Word to Dame Dash…. But you’d be quite naive to believe that these ” rap beefs” are real. All this shits wrestling…

      • MediaVybz

        ok i can tell you dont know much about the game..lets not use DMX…Master P was the richest at one point with over 600mil with lots of business…proclaim hustler!

      • Master P is dat dude!!

      • Da Ledgendary

        What that got to do with 50? Master P’s business decisions having nothing to do with 50’s business decisions

      • IsiahZeke11

        I know plenty about the game as well as proper English comprehension… I just stated the fact that DMX never had money like 50 so it was an invalid analogy, likely his whole career didn’t equal what 50 grossed from just the vitamin water deal! Indeed master p as untalented as he was made plenty of money, but it’s still irrelevant to your DMX and 50 comparison.

  • The_Good_Life

    Jay looking more and more like a genius. 250 mill for rock nation re-up.

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  • who exactly is in G-Unit now? isn’t it only Precious Paris?

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      Kidd Kidd reps but i dont know if they did paperwork

  • David Gonz

    .IN HIGH SCHOOL you was the man homie..

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  • Yayo on Instagram pouring out his heart right now.. this shit is sad….

  • Props to Fif for shaking up the dynamic. He’s good regardless.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    The money is dried up lol. Have fun maintaining the rich lifestyle lol. Don’t spend more than what you have coming in. lol

    • Shawn

      50 is good financially. His royalties off of “In Da Club” alone, as well as GRODT will make sure he never goes broke. Then his other endeavors. I don’t think music has been his major source of income for awhile now.

      • DLOUPO

        No no he sold his publishing look it up

  • Shawn

    Did 50 leave or get dropped? I know 50 said that the G-Unit label got “dropped”, but 50 owed them one album & a compilation if I remember correctly. I didn’t hear anything about 50 paying Interscope to buy out his contract like Jay-Z did for Blueprint 3.

    • SleepyTheGreat

      Exactly! unless the contract expired. He definitely owed them one more album. That’s why im shocked

      • Shawn


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  • Brindle

    so thats why schoolboy got rid of that song w/ 50

    • Freebe Jackson

      yep…50 left interscope…interscope told Q that record wasn’t gone on the album


    lol look at this monkey wit a fitted on wit his collar over his blazer where they do that at oh I forgot in the 70s, get ready for more pushed back music. Ross march 4th

    • rick ross real name is william roberts, that nigga tattoo’d another nigga name on his hands LMFAO.. when he wake up n brush his teeth he sees another nigga name… when he jerks off he sees another nigga name… ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… that shit is hella funny

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    Carolina records lol are you kidding me he should be on karma records what this monkey said about camron being on independent records

    • its like u like camron or sumpin? go listen to that booby scoobie dooby rap LMFAO

      • DLOUPO

        Go record urself twerkn in ur mamas room

      • camron would be mad that nothing in your comment rhymed with poopie or scoopie lol

  • Montezuma1

    Same people you pass on the way up you pass on the way down.

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  • Freebe Jackson

    50 will get more money per copy and more than likely sell less copies but it will pretty much even out …. 50 has quite a few other financial ventures so Im sure he will be ok

  • trilltalk1

    lol niggas love to hate, how a nigga going broke and selling the shit out of his headphones and got a boxing promotion company. far as the music go he def done selling millions of copies, but these days who is selling millions with the exception of a few.

    • Immortal

      But some forget the other venues 50 is in like with NASCAR. He’s going to be a rather unwelcome guest due to his attitude and antics, but as a businessman he’s taking cue’s from Jay. 50 will still be around long after the rap career is fully over. Rap in finite and most don’t last into their third actual album, let alone sell a third of what he’s already sold. Get in, make some money, hopefully make some good music or even a classic if you’re lucky and bounce. And honestly I’m no stan of his, but I think in some ways mentally, he’s progressed forward from when “In the club” was out. Just my own opinion; stinks like everyone else

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  • John Q. Public

    I know zero people who listen to “GUnit”

    • thats cause u roll with a bunch of drake fans ahahahahaa

      • John Q. Public

        … ahahahahaa


      • u kno its true!! lmfao

      • superh8


  • dbfromdc


  • As far as music 50 cent is finished…..We all know his method of selling records, and that’s through beefing and scandals……When your name becomes bigger than your brand people expect a whole lot more……now he can finally stop calling himself “50 Interscope Jackson” because we now see that he was not a boss, just a worker.

    • Blaq Gavin

      260 million$ and over 20 million units sold. If that’s not a boss what is?Rappers get deal, rappers lose deals, rappers get out of their deals. You can criticize his music lately sure, but with millions and his own distribution , you can’t call ’em a worker. No hate, no love just observation…

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  • Elsa

    Why doesn’t 50 cent just start his own label? That sounds like the most logical thing to do in order to satisfy his obvious desire for the entrepreneurial side of things. Make a label, sign G-Unit, then scout for more talent and make money whenever his artists’ make money. Sounds a lot better than starting off on an independent label himself. Then again, he’d probably be too busy running the label to actually make music. Tough call all around.

    • Da Ledgendary

      50 had G-Unit Records since 2003 and G-Note Records since 2010. boutique record labels are normally distributed through either a major label such as Interscope, Def Jam, Atlantic; or an independent distributor such as E1 (formally Kotch), Nature Sounds, Amalgam Digital. 50 moved his labels to a indy distributor that happens to be owned by a major label which mean that 50’s 2 record labels can operate as independents while having access to major label dollars which is the best of both worlds. More money on the back end for 50 while still having access to major label dollars.


    This how bad it was they didn’t even want the last album they just told him bounce lol 50 the only nigga in music history to sell diamond twice and then dropped off the label

    • Da Ledgendary

      50 didn’t get “dropped. He fulfilled his contractual obligation to Shady/Aftermath/Interscope and decided it was time to move on.

      • DLOUPO

        He had one album left do ur research, check the 50 is blackblad he does a song wit chief keef, keef don’t even show up for the video 50 was running around talkn he’s on schoolboy q album they told school boy naw that can’t happen 50 still dont know he’s not on the album now he’s been dropped off at Carolina records lmfao it’s funny he decided it was time to move on but couldn’t drop that bs street kings cause his boss jimmy told him no then his boss came to his senses and said u know what forget it let him go he’s finished anyway. From 10 million sold to being left in the hot ass desert alone by chief keef lol this is the greatest American tragedy I ever seen think about that and know what he did it to himself

      • Da Ledgendary

        You’re right, I checked and he owed Interscope one more album. But 50 was trying to leave the label for several years now and according to him, they let 50 out of his contract without him having to fork over any dough. Nobody is selling 10 million records anymore. Those days are long gone. Plus His new deal is more lucrative anyway. He doesn’t need to sell millions anymore. He can sell less records but make more money. And what did he do to himself? Milk the music industry and flipped it into several other successful businesses? The vitamin water deal, film company, the boxing promotion company, the headphones, etc. 50 doesn’t need to rap anymore. He makes millions from his other ventures. People make it seem like because 50 doesn’t sell records like he used to, he fell of and went broke. That is ridiculous!

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  • Isaac Hayes

    Respect 50 he hustled this music business made a lot of money time to face facts you not hot in these streets. Keep making your movies and get behind Kidd Kidd

    • trista niap

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  • It’s funny how people become experts in business management and critic others. If you’re so good at running a business I suggest setting one up and making a success out of it.

    Honestly, some of you sound like sports commentators who think they could do much better under the same circumstances.

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  • LastMinute

    phase2 of G-Unit

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