Tony Yayo Says He’s Done With Music & G-Unit Is Over

(AllHipHop News) The G-Unit was once one of the most successful crews in Hip Hop with rappers representing the East Coast, West Coast, and the South all on one team. Now, one of the last remaining members of the group has made it clear he is ready to officially move on from his association with G-Unit.

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Tony Yayo took to Instagram to voice his feelings that he, 50 Cent, and Lloyd Banks are over as a collective. In a series of comments addressed to fans, Yayo stated that he is “done with the music industry” and he wanted to “try new things and the unit not together.”




“To many b***h ass n***as n***as want you to brown nose all the time homie,” writes Yayo. “50 ain’t rocking with me and Banks the same. I layed my life down for the unit but you live and you learn.”

This comes as a big change from just a week ago when Yayo posted a Throwback Thursday picture of him, 50, and Banks with the caption, “TBT just spoke to Banks we working. And @buckshotz we working the unit.”


Despite 50, Game, and Young Buck all stating that a full G-Unit reunion is not likely to happen, Yayo had shown his support for Buck recently. Buck even suggested that he would be open to working with Yayo again during an interview last month.

While Buck and Yayo may still be on good terms, it now appears the last three G-Unit members reuniting for another run is unlikely.

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  • 7yoyo7

    It’s not like he has ever put a classic album though.
    He went gold by surfing on the G-Unit/prison stint wave…

  • Executive

    Sounds like a subliminal message to 50 cent.

    • CJ MAC

      No shit Sherlock.

  • Executive

    The Unit did their thing back in the days.

  • Executive

    50 blackballed them, damn shame. Banks could of been huge with the right push, but the leader wasn’t gonna let the most lyrical one of the group out shine him.

    • Realist4200

      It’s like 50 held Banks’ head under water when the industry and fans saw value in him outside of g unit. It’s like they came up asking “50, I heard this kid Banks – he has talent.” (50 drowns him) “Nope, that was all me, never heard of him. point your camera my way.”

      • SleepyTheGreat

        Right! I’ll never forget Jimmy Ivonie calling 50 asking him “What do I have to do, to re-sign Banks” after he heard Beamer, Benz or Bentley. 50 aint on the best of terms at interscope either. I knew it was a wrap with the Sha Money XL deal fell through at Def Jam for Banks.

      • Guest

        Jimmys a clown which is why 50s left interscope, G-Unit was dropped from Interscope a long time ago too…Jimmy stopped caring about 50 when the vitamin water deal was done

      • SleepyTheGreat

        I think contractually 50 owes Jimmy one more album before he’s completely done. I think he’s trying to let the contract expire, and that’s the reason for no music.

      • Guest

        Nope, check the latest news, hes left…Was known since last night

      • SleepyTheGreat

        Damn I just peeped it…… It all makes sense now.

    • Guest

      Banks got the most he couldve got from anyone, hes simply not the selling type of artist, no one could have given him more than 50 and thats a fact

      • Jay

        Exactly, and 10 years later people are still expecting 50 to father G-Unit…Banks and the others are to blame for not blowing up, they just expect to 50 do all the work after all these years

    • Afi Keita James

      is just like fat hoe and the rest, he used them and threw them away, except these 5-0 support this anyways.

  • It was fun while it lasted, time to grow up and focus on other things. Thank you for the memories

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  • Erk

    It’s funny buck the one holdin up karma a bitch

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    when 50 sold that vitamin wata for all that money, and went into acting etc. – he outgrew making music with them – like dr. dre outgrew making music with people – but on a lesser scale

  • Slaughtr

    The music game is a nasty slave and until you are in it some will not understand the full scope of being prostituted and pimped. With the integrity of music these days it has become diluted and a need to recycle the same bs sound. Once doe enters the picture most loose their soul and those who are around them reep that bs.

  • Obi Won

    The Unit had a good run and ended like every other rap crew, nothing new

  • Black Jay

    I think everybody knows who Yayo is talking about when he says “brown nosing”. He’s talking about 50 Cent. And I’d have to agree. The way 50 came out at Banks was on some “I made you n*gga, do what I say” type of sh*t.
    In a crew, you have a boss. But you have a “fair” boss. Someone that not only lays down the law, but is not afraid to perform whatever orders he’s barking out. A “get your hands dirty” type of n*gga. 50 Cent got his vitamin water deal and straight sh*tted on his whole crew.
    Now me personally, I was never checking for Yayo. He was wack as f*ck to me. He never was a hip hop artist. But if we’re talking about crew, 50 helped those cats a lot, but the favor was definitely returned. For him to treat his whole crew like that was some f*ck sh*t. Because contrary to what everybody thinks, your crew is only as strong as your weakest man. But what do you do when your weakest man is the leader?

    • Jayson C Williams

      Since when has any boss been fair? At that a wealthy one…

      • Freebe Jackson

        The difference is these nggaz was friends first… in that situation the boss should be fair…I sided with 50 when it came to Buck and game because that was business….but Banks and Yayo was day 1 nggaz so if 50 was on some bs with them thats crazy

      • Malik

        “…these nggaz was friends first…”


        And therein lies the problem, friendship and business don’t mix…never have, never will.

        Reason why Little Brother broke up, to preserve their friendship.

      • Jayson C Williams

        one business man sitting at the table making all the business happen you’ll always come out on the bottom. He knew not to educate these guys. Cause he looked at them as earners and not equals. If there’s 3 ceo’s 3 bosses than it ends up more like Kevin Liles, Russell & Lyor Cohen. The unit compares to Biggs, Dame & Hov but very slightly. At least All 3 were bosses and dame has rich nigga problems.. His brown nosing will get him money a label deal at least.. Yayos brown nosing won’t do shit but attract a few features. Reality. It’s who you are not who made you. They let a nigga that help make them decide their futures! Smh dumb asses

      • LD51

        Little Brother! True enough. Ah man its lunch time, let me go get some of that good Carolina Little Brother soul food!

      • Jayson C Williams

        Exactly he wasn’t a good friend or leader. Maybe a great business man, or great at furthering a brand. But that won’t keep ya team hot. 50 made calculated moves to just keep him hot and bolster himself. That’s what it looks like outside looking in especially with the recent news of yayo, his street muscle!

      • Malik

        “50 made calculated moves to just keep him hot and bolster himself.”


        Same with Jay & Diddy, so what else is new

      • Jayson C Williams

        Nothing at all. Ppl still get it confused and think these clowns are really about the team.

      • Afi Keita James

        except at least jigga, fat joe and diddy have no real fans, 5-0 stans will continue to support him.

      • Black Jay

        Like it or not, most bosses are fair. Most rule by 2 things. Production (the amount of money you’re bringing in to the company) and loyalty. Nobody’s saying you don’t have to prove yourself first. But most “Good” managers are fair. 50 was not a good manager or boss.

      • Jayson C Williams

        I disagree. As long as we have bottom-lines bosses will never be fair. As long as there’s capitalism they’ll never be equality. You get it? It’s just one of those things bro. Now you can reword it switch things around how ever you choose you’re a smart guy that’s something you’ll figure out. But no boss is fair due to the bottom line and that’s money or some form of it production. It may not be a workers fault why their band sucks, but the lead singer will go solo anyway, cause bottom line, bosses can do bad all by themselves but workers can’t.

      • Black Jay

        I get what you’re saying…. Maybe I should’ve been more on point and said GOOD BOSSES. Those do exist. But you ain’t never lied. Most bosses are pretty much sh*t. I stand corrected. Good looking homie.

      • The_Good_Life

        Bosses get bread, workers get the crumbs! Yayo should have flipped his paper years ago.

    • SleepyTheGreat

      I agree with everything you said. Banks seems to be trying to have a life outside of G-Unit. 50 always did treat him like a lil nigga, but Yayo and Banks was living with 50 in Connecticut, 50 was giving them all those hooks, and 50 pretty much managed them niggas. 50 said in numerous interviews he felt he over extended himself for Banks and Yayo . So maybe Yayo just salty he not getting that Jay/Bleek treatment.

      • Jayson C Williams

        I don’t think bleek ever lived with jay.. At least the jay dating beyonce… So idk. But if you don’t sharpen your team and inspire them than you’re not really a good leader. You’re just a boss.. who’s really checking for fif now? Nobody. Shit he just got left off Schoolboy q’s album!! Whose parent label fif use to RUN! They use to hold deadlines for him. On the surface ppl may say he enabled the unit and this doesn’t affect 50 but that’s all lies. He’s going to be alone with no support because he got to big for everyone! Now he’s on his political agenda by befriending everyone he alienated but it won’t help much because we don’t wanna hear him. And I love 50 before and after his prime but he’s brought this downfall ok himself and brought it on his team as well. Nobodies successful out of gunit besides SHA money.. And whoo kid has a couple jobs here n there satellite radio etc. 50 destroyed the latter era of my generation and paved a way for this corny clowns to just make records and they’re good to go, with stardom along for the ride.

      • SleepyTheGreat

        You absolutely right. Q can say that the record with 50 wasn’t the “right record” but it all boils down to politics. 50 been on bad terms with Dre and Jimmy since Curtis. The SMS Audio headphone deal that directly competes with Beats Audio is another example. Em wont even give him that look anymore. 50 name is mud over there. I don’t understand why he didn’t let push them guys to be more business savvy. To my knowledge none of them have businesses outside of music. All those endorsements 50 had in 03′-06′, I don’t remember the unit having a role in none of those. And they all had platinum plaques.

      • LD51

        Agreed. No offense to Yayo but I don’t think I have ever heard him rap, ever. I mean, I know I physically heard him because Ive listened to G Unit but every time he raps its like my brain goes into auto pilot mode “should we have an aneurysm? nah hold on, he’ll be done soon.” So for him to be done with music…ok? But to me the worst part of this whole situation is Lloyd Banks. He always came correct on the G Unit joints but it wasn’t until I copped his mixtape that I realized just how much of a BEAST this guy is. I HAD NO IDEA. Then V5 – V6, all of the Cold Corners and I gotta say he is one of the best to ever flip words for hip hop. I’ll stand behind that. That being said, HOW do you have THAT much talent and have it squandered to the point where the rest of the world (most) categorizes you a has been or never was. Promotion, politics, 50, whatever it is, its just a damn shame.

      • SleepyTheGreat

        Damn bro, I felt everything you just said. Its like if you weren’t going out of your way (searching blogs, following his social media, etc) to listen to Banks, You’ll think he just died out after the “Cake” Single in 05′. I was even salty when Buck left because his gritty, rough around the edges style complimented Banks lyrical prowess.

      • LD51

        Yea fam, exactly!

      • Afi Keita James


        and not only that, he has completely turned U.S. Rap and hip-hop into now the most hated and number #1 rogue genre on earth and it will never recover.


        Take your bit-ch a$$ back to Africa!!! “50” turned U.S. hip hop into the most hated??? I guess Lil Wayne is the savior of hip hop???


        R U serious??? All of the bullschitt coming out of the south, and you’re going to blame “50” for phukkkin up the game???

    • Afi Keita James


      and they also ruined the image of this genre forever, I am so glad that this shitty group is finally over

      5-0 and his stand completely destroyed this generation of rappers everywhere and also dismantled the legacy of the late tupac shakur forever as well.


        Stop sucking PAC’s dikkk!!! I bet you would’ve smoked PAC’S ashes right along with the “OUTLAWS”!!! That was some retarded schitt!!!

  • MrNoName2K

    G-Unit had a nice little run and i see where he comin from.. I aint mad at him though, shit was good while it lasted.

  • Live Well

    50 got 700 businesses. Of course he ain’t rockin with Banks and Yayo the same. Those cats didn’t run with the brand like Whoo Kid did. Loyal cats, but not very enterprising.

  • Guest

    Yayo does say this kind of shit quite often actually, then he gets back on it so I wouldnt take it seriously right now, Ive noticed hes been a bit bi-polar these past couple years….Shit, 50 just left Interscope and signed a new deal with himself and G-Unit so we gotta see

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  • Montezuma1

    This clown is crying for help. 40 yr old sondu. Jumped out there for 50 and now you’re broke facing the music by your lonesome as your mans get smashed all around you. Yayo is a sucker. A modern day Shyne. Only difference is his story won’t end the same. It’ll be worse. Where’s Badja and all the “friends” you bought with 50’s fame. No fool like an old fool.

  • Suspected Spam

    11% tho? Charge yo battery nigga.

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  • LD51

    This must be one of those “5 years ago today” articles. Yea nigga, we know.

  • keepit1hunnit

    check fa trazsh man and trazsh_man on every social media site. this kid is different.

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  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    more like music is dont with Tony yayo…. been done!!! he did have some crazy beats tho….

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  • Elayorx El

    Obviously, Yay is at a crossroads in his life, perhaps, and hopefully he can turn it around, and make something else happen. That being said, the apparent outcome here is not surprising, seeing how they made their entree into the game, building a foundation of beef, and seeming hate. A structure cannot last on a bedrock of such material, and this may sound corny, but now it is time to regroup, and build a new one based on love, the most powerful force in the known Universe. Yay is right, we live, and learn, and it is no stretch to think Bang Em is on the isle of TNT loving this right now, but I remember him calling this many years ago. In closing, I can relate to both sides here, with Yay maybe feeling 5if has no more time, because of schedule, life changes, and 5if maybe feeling like he has done enough, and maybe told ni@@as what to do, and maybe it didn’t get done. Either way, if you fam, and ya’ll are broke, get rich, and I dunno, somehow become broke again, your always supposed to stay fam, and not for nothing, I’m from 40, and that’s how we was raised. Keep ya head up Yay, there could still be a book deal. One L……..

    • DLOUPO

      Lol yo have u seen 50 checks lately he can’t afford to take care of these niggas no more yo yayo what my nigga BIG said ups is hiring

      • Elayorx El

        Aww man, you ain’t right for this one:-)

  • dbfromdc


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  • OSBKE3000

    nobody was missin Tony Yayo music … he had one hot line … an I can’t even remember what it was hahaha

    seriously … I think music moved on from Yayo a LONG TIME … music wasn’t waitin for no Tony Mayonnaise.

  • Jonathan Cayol

    Man yall be tripping here we are awaiting the 2nd coming of Jesus to take His saints & destroy the world & you think Yayo & 50 was gonna last what makes them any different than any other rap crew ? Rap crews aren’t real , that stuff is entertainment . Look at Roc Familia , look at Wu Tang them dudes will tell you they’re self all of them don’t communicate like that don’t fall for the hype , you got certain dudes in the Wu who just simply connect with each other & vibe better than with others plus they’re a gigantic crew well beyond 9 if you wanna get technical & they keep fighting to look tight but crews disband it is what it is , Jim Jones & Cam’ron went years without speaking , look at NWA , look at how Kurupt left Daz to go back to Suge , look at how CNN aint together , look at how the Infamous Mobb split up from Mobb Deep , look at the Geto Boys how Bushwick got jumped even if they did reunite , look at how the Clipse has a brother living for Jehova the Christ who is to be reverenced ( amen ) look at how Ruff Ryders aint together or Cash Money or No Limit or the Hit Squad or State Property or Mc Gusto & his homies of the sensational group CB4 man yall really gotta wake up man , they’re about to start putting computer chips in people’s hands & it will serve as money to purchase or to sell read Revelations 13 : 16 – 17 & Google R.F.I.D chips I’m sure many already know but dig this …….How you gonna make it rain with a biometric chip implanted in your hand ? How you gonna stunt with stacks ? Nothing last forever repent Jesus is Lord yeah I said it , don’t get mad at me get mad at the devil he’s the one who has deceived the world & distracted they’re minds for one cause so he can brew up whatever it is that he is brewing up next so you can get caught up in some 40 year old rapper or a rapper pushing 40 with mediocre gangster rhymes & alot of diamonds to imply that he’s not broke . Good night Washington , home of go go gangsters & politicians .

    • Isaac Hayes

      Man sit yo dumb azz down!!

      • Jonathan Cayol

        Did I say something that was dumb ? I’m lost .

  • Isaac Hayes

    First the Fat Boys break up now this Damn!!!

    • Afi Keita James

      At Least the fat boys made much better music, gay-unit aka g-unit’s music was trash.



      • Afi Keita James

        Really, it’s the truth, I’ll take fat boys all you can eat over any of the b.s. gay-unit has done.

  • jdubba

    Breaking Newws: JFK was assassinated.
    Who gives a rats ass, 50s been done, he still talks about every new album like it isnt going to flop, Yayo was one of the worst rappers of all time, and Banks can spit, but he doesnt wanna move past bein a mixtape rapper.

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  • Next. Without 50’s support nobody would have ever bought a CD
    with him rapping on it. Tony Yayo should have made his money.
    Or he donated it on luxury cars. Hope not, so he should have
    enough to retire. He should just relax.

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