Death Row/Suge Knight Trustee Moves To Get Dr. Dre $3 Million Lawsuit Dismissed

(AllHipHop News) The trustee overseeing the Death Row Records and Suge Knight bankruptcy case say they should not have to pay Dr. Dre any money. According to Radar Online, the trustee is asking a judge to throw out Dre’s $3 million lawsuit filed against his former label.

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Dre sued for back payments from mechanical royalties, artist-producer royalties, and digital sales. He is seeking bonus pay for album sales as well.

The Death Row trustee’s motion argues that Dre already tried to collect the money and lost, and that decision is not subject to appeal. The court documents also state that the two-year statute of limitation has passed since the defendants claim they have not distributed any of the producer’s music since 2009.

The motion requests Dre’s suit be dismissed without compensation.

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  • MrNoName2K

    Damn statue of limitations…Dre gonna have to bite that bullet and take that L

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  • Black Jay

    Dre can’t win them all…. But he has a hell of a legal team. That’s how it’s supposed to be done. I hope you’re paying attention Suge.

    • Jayson C Williams

      Yo everyone hates Suge so much.. Just tell me why you do?

      • Black Jay

        I don’t hate Suge. I hate his ignorant behavior. Big difference.

      • Jayson C Williams

        What behavior? The man can’t walk down the street without being attacked? Which situation are you referencing?

      • Black Jay

        My comment was basically aiming at this…..If Suge had learned to run Deathrow the way Dr. Dre is running Aftermath, who knows what kind of hits we’d be enjoying right now…. Hell, Tupac might even be alive. My comment was just aimed at him learning a new way to deal. Judging from that weed shop incident there’s a lot of room for improvement.

      • Jayson C Williams

        My comment was magically erased. Suge was giving death row members 360 deals same as today. Puff nobody were giving those deals than because it gave the artist to much room to gross w/o the label. Fact is Suge was an illiterate brut with business savy. Ppl didn’t stop fuxing with Suge until he lost death row in ’08-09. But snoop, cube, Pac, snoop all stopped fuxing with dre for years. Dre had his name all over pacs all eyes on me and it was 80% produced by daz! Facts! Also Suge gets attacked because ppl wanna blame him for pac.. Welp blame jimmy henchman, puff and a few others. He gets attacked more than he attacked ppl back than.

      • Black Jay

        Bruh…. Business is the dirtiest sh*t on earth. What you’re saying might be true. But that doesn’t explain Suge’s behavior at all. It’s the same situation with Dame Dash. N*ggas need to learn some finesse. In the end the fist isn’t the most powerful or the most dangerous. It’s the pen that rules America. Fists are a last resort. For Suge fists were the first option. That’s all I’m saying. He needs to learn a new way.

      • Jayson C Williams

        These Jews trying to dick us! Suge fought for his financial freedom. Like he may seem like a bully but that’s half the medias fault and the fact he big and inelegant spoken..

      • Immortal

        Nah bruh he just can’t walk down the street and not get knocked out by some dude out of nowhere….but I don’t hate Marion, not at all lol

  • Stay Phokus

    you know dre don’t care bout that money
    he just wants to kick then while they down

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  • Mec-One

    Dre is a sucka because he could’ve bought the whole death row for 18 M back in 2009 which would have included all the music he produced there plus Snoop & Pac music while they was there. He could’ve made a lot of that money back by releasing those old tracks or the music pac didn’t drop ……..

    • Black Jay

      I doubt that homie. Do you know how many lawsuits are on the books for Deathrow Records? Nah. Dre made the right move.

      • Jayson C Williams

        He’s right bro dre didn’t want to purchase the catalogue because he didn’t want to deal with anything death row & he had the money

      • Black Jay

        It wasn’t that. He didn’t want to deal with Suge’s bullsh*t. Let’s keep it 100. It didn’t take a genius to see that Suge wouldn’t hold Deathrow for long. Why go up against the dude when he has lawsuits, the feds, Harris, and everybody else lining up? Just wait until the company goes into bankruptcy and get the money from the Trustee and the courts. Legal and legit. No thug sh*t needed. On the streets it was a p*ssy move but from a biz perspective, it makes sense. It’s about money. Not ego.

      • Jayson C Williams

        It’s funny dres from the streets. He was in bed with Suge!!! The whole time! He was co-CEO. Until Suge put him in his place he didn’t want to produce! So daz did and because of his name he was given credit! Dre ran with the snakiest exec at the time Ivine! So don’t prop him up to be a hero he’s just as responsible for death rows collapse because he cosigned suge. And stood there while the catalogue and his stuff was auctioned off or packaged and put out to stores like crap. He’s a bitch on the business side and friend side

      • Black Jay

        Bruh…. I ain’t propping nobody up. None of them n*ggas giving me a dime. Lol! But there’s a way to get money and do biz. Dre could’ve come from the same place as Suge. But what did Rakim say?
        “It ain’t where you from, it’s where you’re at.”
        There’s no excuse for permanent ignorance. Suge could’ve and should’ve learned by now.

      • Jayson C Williams

        But what ignorance bro? Tell me what way was Suge ignorant besides the fact he could barely read (from what ppl say)?

      • Black Jay

        Ignorance??? Try smacking up someone in a weed shop and not even having the medical credentials to buy weed in the first place! Ignorance? Try not going to court when you know good and damn well you have a court date and the world knows you’re Suge Knight.
        And that’s just recently…..
        Not reading and writing isn’t ignorant unless you know it and you do nothing to change it.

      • Jayson C Williams

        But did u know they invited him there? They wanted something from him and when they didn’t get it that got a reaction out of him to get publicity to their weed shop. Yo he’s a target now lol

      • Jayson C Williams

        Lol this whole blog section is just me n u lmao. Nobody cares about Suge..

      • Black Jay

        Ain’t that some funny sh*t? Hahahahaha…..

      • EVOLONE

        Daz sued Deathrow too.

      • JOMO

        I agree with you Black….but why is that considered a p*ssy move on the “streets”. It was a good business decision regardless.

      • Black Jay

        Because the “streets” love testosterone and up-in-your-face brashness. Some ignorant sh*t in most cases. But you’re right. It was the best move.

      • Lawsuit = Chess move for exactly that!

      • Jayson C Williams

        Right move? So why sue now? Cause you got punked by your buddy who he was in cahoots with skimming at the top. Suge ain’t drop dime on NOBODY! Thing is they all wanted suges spot. And he was a brut so he wasn’t haven’t it! You sign these contracts u should of read them! Dres puccy and hasn’t produced a classic in a while. Not to mention cube, Pac, easy, even snoop stopped fuxing with dre for years!!

      • Black Jay

        The $$$$$. Back payments and royalties.

  • Cloud Air

    i think dre should move on

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  • DjLarryLuv

    Rich people dont get to be richer by leaving money on the table.Fuck it.If u can get more,get more

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  • Clayton Bigsby

    I’m not sure if Dr. Dre has ever owned a vagina, but the entire Death Row deal royally f**ked him!

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  • Lisa Diamond

    Dr Dre Defo needs to get them checks lol…bac to
    Sponla . c0m

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