EXCLUSIVE: James Rosemond Jr Releases Statement About 50 Cent’s “Hold On”

(AllHipHop News) The issues between Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond have been well documented at this point, but 50 decided to address it further on his latest single “Hold On.” The Animal Ambition track includes lines referring to a 2007 incident where G-Unit’s Tony Yayo slapped Rosemond’s then-teenage son.

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The victim of that attack is now speaking about 50 and his new song. James Rosemond, Jr. of RoyalDream Music Group reached out to AllHipHop.com to provide the following statement:

First and foremost, when is it cool for four grown men in their 30’s to surround and hit a 14 year-old middle school kid? The incident in 2007 was a bad situation I didn’t deserve, and seven years later it’s now being made fun of in a record? What real gangster condones grown men assaulting a minor or a young man who has no involvement in the beef? Plus, these guys have kids of their own, and they should know better!

Secondly, who gets credit for trying to diss a man who is currently down and in no position to defend himself at this moment? It’s so easy to try to kick a man when he is down. What “real” street person applauds when a person is fighting against the same corrupt and prejudice system that has incarcerated a lot of black men? I guess that’s how some “gangster rappers” build their credibility… At the end of the day we are not catering to any negativity on our side and we have much bigger things to put our energy into.

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Rosemond Jr is CEO of RoyalDream. The company recently broke a million dollar deal between Polo Grounds Music/RCA and Cincinnati’s Easy Lantana.

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  • 1SOFLO1

    I approved this statement, spoken like a G. No respect for 50 on that one.

    • Johnny Baker

      put your hands on my child and we aint just fighting no dope case it would be a few murder charges too. Grown ass man shouldn’t be putting hands on no kids. That’s grown folks business. And for 50 punk Ass. He start this beef shit everytime he trying to put out some music. That’s a studio gangster, you all are fooled by him.PERIOD!!!!!

      • josephiend

        STFU. while i agree a bit with you. You know Jimmy Rosemond got the Pac shot in 94, right? You know he murked one of the dudes involved in his son’s slapping, right?

      • 1SOFLO1

        and your point?

      • josephiend

        My point is that Rosemond is a bigger POS than 50, bitch.

      • Johnny Baker

        I don’t condone nothing dude does. Kids off limit.

  • andone

    lol at the spin on this trying to make u forget ppl had $$ on their heads and feel sorry for jimmy… like he said they have kids TOO but the difference is they were/are (protected) not “off limits” when the wolves is out… and the reality of the streets/situation is it could have gone either way *FACT

  • Black Jay

    I spoke about this issue when it first happened. I think 50 might catch some heat for that one. Going at a grown man for grown man sh*t is one thing. Condoning attacking children is something else.

    • Jayson C Williams

      Better than talking about rapping a girl and she ain’t even know it! Lol bawse. 50 said that to bring more attn. But this lil kid forgets his pops was a fed ci. While game and henchman were claiming 50 was. But low an behold ya pops shooting at ppls mothers houses! Ya pops violated! He has to deal with his fathers sins now. So if I were him, now that he’s legal, I’d stfu

      • Black Jay

        Hold on… Hold on…. So let me get this right…… You’re down for violence against kids?! For real?! I mean, I got the fact that you’re a 50 Cent fan. Everybody can see that. But are you actually cosigning violence against children?! That’s some sick sh*t. No diss but I hope your kids don’t encounter that kind of drama. I ain’t down with nobody’s kids getting f*cked with. Rosemond’s a certified piece of sh*t. No doubt. But his kids don’t have nothing to do with that. That’s some b*tch ass sh*t right there.

      • Calico Joe

        He’s not a kid anymore. And like others on here said, when you beefing ain’t nobody safe. Anyone in your family can get it. If they can get you please believe somebody close to you will get got. It ain’t about cosigning violence against kids. Innocent bystanders fall victim, so why would they give a damn about your kids? I hope you never cross the wrong person the wrong way.

      • Black Jay

        He was a kid when it went down….. And that means if you condone this kid getting abused, you condone child abuse and any action against a child (pedophilia, physical abuse etc)… Any crime that harms an innocent child is a crime against the whole community. That’s what I’m about. I see what y’all seem to be about.

      • Calico Joe

        I feel where you coming from. I don’t condone it, but that’s just how sh*t goes down sometimes. Some n*ggas play for keeps and don’t care if you 1 or 100, male or female. I’m just saying.

      • superh8

        1st real shit u ever said

  • Jayson C Williams

    Foh ya pops a snitch. Kids will always pay for the parents sins. Deal with it. Ya pops been an informant for years. But he is right! Still don’t defend ya pops he ain’t shit either lol

    • BklynTommy

      How can someone be an informant if informants who snitch gets lesser time but Jimmy Henchman is facing life. If you follow his case on here you would see everybody snitched on him. Even Jimmy did some horrible things I dont think his son has be drag in it

      • Mec-One

        Cats like to jump on the bandwagon without knowing all the facts or doing their own research ….. smh

  • yesanditcounts

    It use to be a code to this (street) shit. Shit was handled man to man. Women and children were looked at as civilians. They were exempt. Ain’t nothing gangsta about a group of grown men beating a child. As far as his father he is what he is….a snitch. But you have to understand he has a different view of his father because he is his child. You can’t fault him for that, because our children will always see their parents in a different light that the world. Because of our place in their life.

  • acb87

    your pops a snitch and you a snitch too . sit down and stop playing the tuff guy you took the stand and snitched like your daddy


      ^^^^Says the Keyboard Coward typing this shit in his Aunts basement!!!!

      • acb87

        lol stop projecting our life failures onto others . wake up and get back to reality

  • Black Jay

    I just can’t believe the disgusting sh*t I’m reading from some of you cats on this joint today. Violence against kids?! What the f*ck?!
    Man… I’ll bet if 50 came out his mouth and said Adolf Hitler was dope, y’all fans would cosign it. Talk about the dumb leading the stupid.
    For real n*ggas?! Kids?! Rosemond is a f*cking dirtbag. But I would never attack a man’s children. That’s some sh*t against God.
    But maybe it’s a sign of the times. I was taught to step to dudes and do battles with fists. Y’all new n*ggas hide behind keyboards and talk sh*t and beat up little kids. Damn…. Soft ass generation…..

    • When it’s real beef you kill every surviving member of the family. Read a little history. You don’t leave offspring alive because they will come and get their revenge when they are older and stronger. I don’t know about play beef where you draw lines saying, “spare the women and children.”

      Yayo was wrong for what he did, of course. Is 50 wrong for taunting Rosemond, because that’s all it was, a taunt? Rosemond was/is a cancer on society, and his son is probably benefiting from his father’s corruption. If you choose to be a part of organized crime, you are the one putting your family in jeopardy. You don’t get to say that your family is safe while you hurt other people’s families. You sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind. You don’t get to control what the whirlwind touches.

      • andone

        ^^^THIS… and I swear u killed him wit the “read a lil history” line too, bj’s blood is prob boiling after seeing that… LM@O!

      • Black Jay

        I gotta give it to you cats. 50 Cent fans until death…. Until your baby ends up on the receiving end.

      • andone

        LOL @ u using the word “fan” as if its somthin to be ashamed of and then on top of that u still cant see that wat were speakin on applies to any and everyone… SMH, so miss me wit ur sneak dissin and wannabe lectures because u dont got the answers JAY, U DONT GOT THE ANSWERS hahahaaahahaaaaaaa!

      • Black Jay

        Homie…. I don’t have to sneak diss. I’ll tell you “F*ck You” to your face. It was never about that with me homie. I don’t do the dissing thing because that’s some 13 year old kid sh*t. Real men handle theirs. I just gave my opinion. If you feel a certain way about it that’s on you. It wasn’t meant that way.

      • andone

        bottom line “homie”… we dont believe u, u need more ppl!

      • Black Jay

        So be it…

      • andone

        its ur bed, now sleep in it… nuff said

      • Black Jay


      • andone

        thats wat internet ether does, leaves ninjas like u confused behind their so called “opinions” and sh!t… jus take it as a lesson learned and thank me later

      • Black Jay


      • andone

        in other words ur welcome, peace “kid”!

      • Black Jay

        You didn’t just use those last two words, did you?

      • andone

        of course I did, why wouldnt I?

      • superh8


      • Black Jay

        I have to ask you this…. And this ain’t no diss sh*t so don’t go getting all puffy on a n*gga. What do you know about war? Have ever been in a war? Have you ever caused a death or physical harm? There’s a few cats that have seen real sh*t but the vast majority are talking out their asses. You see, I don’t need to brag about nothing. But I’ve seen almost every level of conflict face to face. And none of those things involved THE INTENTIONAL HARM OF CHILDREN. Sure, you’ll have collateral damage. Maybe a stray bullet here or there that deads an innocent. But intentionally targeting a child is some sh*t I never heard of. And I’ve seen a lot.
        But if that’s your style, that’s your style. I have no idea what you’ve seen to make you think abusing children is cool.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Read my comment above. Stop watching MTV thinking u know g shi*.

    • superh8

      U soft 2 bitch.u really need 2 get a job talking bout some1 never left there computer room, bitch u on here every single day with a million + comments n ur st? Bitch u need more ppl.smfh

  • BklynTommy

    Who did Jimmy Henchman put in Jail to make him a snitch ? I’ve been following his case on here since his drug case and everybody snitched him. If he snitched he wouldnt be facing life in jail. If 50 said jump off the bridge I bet yall would do it lol

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Jimmy been a snitch, its just now so obvious, niccas is trying to front including his son. Ok you got some unfortunate things happen to you early in your life and yes it was wrong but some times real niccas do real things and by real I mean deep and hurtful things. You don’t become a gangsta off doing regular G shi*. sometimes it has to be disrespectful beyond belief. He a grown man now, so he better watch his mouth. QUEENS don’t play !

    • andone


    • Black Jay

      Just for book mark knowledge…. Do you even own a weapon other than your keyboard? Do you even know what war is? You sound so stupid talking about “G” sh*t and you’ve never left your computer room. There’s such thing as collateral damage, sure. But abusing kids? Y’all trippin’.

      • He’s from Queens & will Drag Queens whenever possible.

      • superh8

        Cmon og, we all no that bitch black gay aint dragging shit.

      • *Drag Queen = Dragging Queens

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Are you the Cops? Most likely nicca u are! War is something your non-NY azz weak sauce soft di(k in the booty azzzzz nicca know nothing about!

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  • ZUBU

    Not certain of all the details, but if Jimmy shot at Yayo’s mom’s house then everything after that is fair game. I don’t condone smacking around kids but, but once the line of mutual respect is crossed then all bets are off. Either way its not a good look. Lil’ Jimmy needs to distance himself from his pops legacy, or he will be fighting dads beefs for ever

    • andone

      well said.

    • Black Jay

      Y’all killing me today….. For real n*gga? Kids?!
      So everybody on here is basically down with child abuse, right? What’s the difference?
      For me, I’ve seen war. Half of the cats on here think war is some sh*t at the local club on the weekend or some sh*t on a 50 Cent record. They have no idea.

      • ZUBU

        Whatup bro, oftentimes we are on the same page. Though I think you may be misunderstanding some of our comments. For instance I started off saying “I don’t know all the details, but if Jimmy did xyz.” Then I also indicated that “I don’t condone smacking up a kid.” Having said that once someone breaks the the unwritten rules of war (street or military war) then all actions are fair. If Jimmy shot at his mom’s house where I’m sure there were innocent people who could have been hit, then Jimmy has to expect something similar to come home to roost. It may not be right but it is reality.
        Look at the tribal wars in parts of Africa and Asia; look at the gangland cartel killings in Central and South America, entire families are killed, politicans, judges, police chiefs, etc. are killed daily. From what I have read Jimmy was trying to live that hard, he should have took his family out of the NYC area.

      • Black Jay

        Bruh…. I feel what you’re saying. But this ain’t no tribal sh*t. This is n*gga sh*t. And whenever I hear someone cosign this dude for saying such idiotic sh*t because they have his album, that infuriates me. Not because of whose kid it is but because HE WAS A CHILD WHEN HE WAS ATTACKED. Now I ride with a lot of brothers on here, but this type of thinking is a big reason hip hop and the state of black people is what it is. No responsibility. I will not condone any child being abused. Not my child, not your child, not George Bush’s child (if he had a baby). Because it goes against God and it’s wrong. But that’s just me. I’m in the minority on this today. I guess you can’t win them all. But I’ll damn sure go down fighting for the kids because it’s Godly.

      • Immortal

        Bruh you’ve already won because you have some kind of code, a belief in discipline, and a sense of personal responsibility. But while you have that, you need to teach that rather than allow feelings to become involved. Besides most on here haven’t been where you’ve been, and vice versa. Teach positivity and educate; negativity will only eradicate.

      • Black Jay

        I feel you bruh… There’s a lesson for everyone.

      • Kid slap was first, then firebombing & shooting.

      • Immortal

        Bruh, been where you have, and no I do not condone child abuse by any means, BUT while I’m no expert on this whole case, if someone came by my moms and decided she was fit to die along with my son and neither had anything to do with the beef, then all bets are off. I’d much prefer that they keep beef between grown men, but once you crossed that line, there isn’t much you wouldn’t do as payback. I also think it’s a chump move to have someone else handle your business for you in this type of situation, but that’s just me being used to handling wrongs on my own with no crew to hold me up. Again I’m not saying that any of this is right because it wasn’t, but what we think is right changes when something tragic actually happens to us.

      • ZUBU

        Word ^^^^^^

      • Black Jay

        I feel you…. I just believe in the Godly path. Children are always innocent and shouldn’t be targeted. Like I said below, I may be in the minority today but I’ll fight for any person’s kids because it’s what I am. And that’s the Godly move.

      • andone


      • AnthonySmith

        They shot at the mom house after the son got slap

      • That shit so true when I came back to my hood from ‘you know where’ I tried to explain to them that we think the gangster shit we do on the daily is major….Nah bruh not even close. I don’t condone kids being harmed either bro, as a matter of fact it seems like I’m the only dude in my area that still watches his kids outside when they go out to play. I’m also a realist too my brother, these Lil teenie boppers is shooting folks with a voracious appetite for blood nowadays tho, and they could give 2 fks that you or I have been where we been. I know they getn younger and younger in my city.

    • Kid slap was 1st, them Jimmy retaliated.

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    They Shot Yayo MoMs House and She aint Writing No Statements ..Shit is Crazy on Both Parts

    • AnthonySmith

      Nobody is dissing her in a song years later


        You Right

  • Oknas

    sorry kid your pops was as bad as the oppressors themselves, extorting BLACK artist. No difference between him and the white man at power, your pops was a parasite, a tool.

  • Papi Peligro

    50 look mad Bitcoin for not saying what he saying when dude was on top. That’s weak to me and proves he a coward. The song dope though.

    • trilltalk1

      my man you in the mustard, 50 been dissing the
      henchman nigga. this beef goes back to game leaving the unit. listen to the mixtapes from around that time. it was real, game man got popped in front of hot 97 and all that.

    • LOL~N @ Bitcoin

      >>Went over many heads like a 747 with that.

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  • ihatefaggots

    I blame Jimmy henchmen for tupac not being here anymore.

    • #Exactly (*Indirectly, Big 2 )

      • The_Good_Life

        Jimmy is way outa fifty’s league. Dude almost got Pac bodied while still doing business with dre, jimmy and puffy. Even when 50 got shelved by interscope dude put out 2 game albums that didn’t sell all while moving a shit load of girl from east to west coast. When the feds got him both bad boy and interscope got rid of they staff. He couldn’t have moved all that solo. Plus his shooter H Jack robbed both Pac and puff. With all the beef you’ve never heard suge mention the name henchman. I remember irv saying nobody should beef wit fif cause he’s 5 o and everybody who beefs wit him end up in the feds. Jimmys tell all will be the illest if he decides to go that route. Stay in school kids…

      • ZUBU

        Bro I agree with a lot of what you stated, but I do not believe that Jimmy was moving that girl from the east to the west coast. Bro that didn’t happen the SA’s, MS-13, etc. (Mexican Cartels) got the west coast and most of the nation on lock. Most of the girl that enters our country enters via Calif, Ariz, New Mexico, and Texas. also the further you get from those locations the higher the price is. Jimmy’s services were not needed nor would they be allowed on the west coast. Anybody who resides in The Land (Calif.) will tell you that.

      • True, but he was moving West to East & sending $$$ West.

      • ZUBU

        Bro, now I agree with that 100%. Possibly the other brotha mis-spoke.

      • iNDEED, no way in hell Jimmy was supplying the SA fools!

        He would get beheaded on youtube for insulting them by trying!

        Jimmy was shipping keys, them boys ship Grand Pianos!

      • ZUBU

        “Grand Pianos” You speaking the truth….

      • Hahahahaaaa!

        Them fools doing it out West!

      • The_Good_Life

        Right. West to east..

      • *Son Of Sam Law = No Tell All

        But yeah, if he did, it would be insane, but he’s fighting the cases, so it won’t happen.

        Hell of a movie though “Hip Hip Hoodlums” or some ‘chet.

      • The_Good_Life

        Respect your check my dude but the feds been put out JH and HJ dealings to the public. They actually trying to shop a movie. Not sure how that would work though. They even talking bout puff touching boys and paying quiet money. I don’t believe it but its the feds though.

      • Diddy admits he slept with a 10yr old Usher.

        Youtube “Diddy Slept With Usher”


        Do the math on the age differences.

      • The_Good_Life

        I’m slow as hell I just got what you meant. Thought the reference was towards me.

  • Papi Peligro

    OH AND I DON’T WANT TO HEAR 32 BARS ABOUT HOW YOU SHOOTING AND IF SOMEBODY KILL YOURS YOU 1. Dude killed your people for smacking his son. YOU DIDN’T DO SHIST. NOT A RECORD. I MEAN A TWITTER STATEMENT. Oh but when yo album come out and he on life support. You waking out the project doors again. LOL. THAT’S SO LAME.

    • should he give u a play by play while they beefing

    • That is some punk shit….

  • Papi Peligro

    OH OH OH. You smacked his son but yo baby moms house got molotov on martini night with yo son in it.

    • BigHomie337

      50 sons mom house got burnt down by her because 50 told her she had to leave cuz she had a night living there. That shit happened b4 henchmen son got slapped. U should know that cuz everyone else knows that shit.

  • AnthonySmith

    yall need to do yall research. all the violence happen after Jimmy henchman son got slap.

    • Papi Peligro

      I know that’s why they through a molotov in 50 baby’s mom house. Then shot dude who slapped his son. So verses like crap on my dude crap on me sound silly. Lines like I shot up yo momma crib. Don’t go with what really happen. You don’t want to slap him again. You would have done it already.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    i agree with the lil homey but he has to remember his pops tried to take down 50cent by managing game and financing the gunot movement … basically trying to take homeys livelyhood … and thats just on the surface no telling what was going down behind scenes .. fif will be on his bumper even after hes 6ft deep mess around and leave a diss in his will for henchman lol

    • AnthonySmith



    50’s doing everything to generate hype for this new album!!! Same old BS!!!!

  • DJ7

    It’s obvious that a few cats on here are NOT street certified…never been to war (NOT BEEF) (whether it be for self or country) yet want to talk smack about sh*t they have 0 knowledge in…I don’t know what fairy land you cats come from b.u.t. listen…In war, nobody’s safe…you sleep on women & children and you will mos def get that head put to bed… permanently…trust when I tell you, they will let that thang go off just as quick if not quicker than a grown a$$ man…you’re the type of cats that would get everybody smoked trynna be diplomatic when ain’t sh*t up for discussion….fall back on this subject, you’re out of your element and it shows!!!

    • what if some grown man slapped you teenage child because the were “beefing” with your friend you’d be the first one hollering. who does that to a kid. if “street certified” means you’d hit kids and women thats just another way of saying “ignorant coward”….

      • DJ7

        You’re lacking in the reading comprehension department champ….work on that before commenting…good day

      • Yeah, he definitely needs to step his reading comprenhsion game up!

    • There are no rules to war, anything goes when your really about that life, gangster don’t care about they life so what makes anyone think they will have a heart when they step to u

      • Judah Nazayar


      • My shit gotta tripod homie so send them paramilitary boys on in….

      • Judah Nazayar

        when they send copter on yo ass then what?.. Youll be lookin stupid on channel 3 news at 6. with ya head down. Disappointing Black families statewide at dinner time. And the Father at every white family at dinner..pointing at the tv,,. and saying “see..just a bunch of stupid nigggers killing each other”
        But all this dont matter. The whiteman will still put his foot in yo azz..and throw u inna cage like a monkey.

      • Your heart seems to pump the coolest of Kool aid my brother. Don’t be scared of white folks man. I’m sorry that I don’t live my life with the same fears that you do, I seriously hope you get help or put the keyboard down for a lil while. No need to respond because this isnt really up for conversation. Paramilitary my a$$…step yo arsenal up and learn a few tactics ya self potna.

    • Eny Daboss

      lolll you so gangsta… where was 50 when his hommie got shot… jimmy didnt touch his kids or any teenager… but a grown man so i think jimmy is more gangsta than shitty, so when the internet gangsta comes wit the shit war never end or ppl on here aint got no street cred bish you on here postin real niqqas are on tha corner sellin dope and getting shot at the fuq is yhu doing on here kicking stupid knowledge… if yhu wait on a niqqa to get locked up to put a song out bout how you will do this n that … i call you a pusssy azz niqqa

      • You missed the whole point / warning.

        If they can’t get you, they’ll get the closest one too you.

        Wisen up for your loved ones sake.

      • DJ7

        SMH…another illiterate cat typing strong words…that hold 0 weight…on a keyboard… to a vet…..I can tell you’re wet behind the ears lil guy and campaigning for attention b.u.t. unfortunately my services would only infuriate a feeble minded numbskull such as yourself…Bit of advice tho…further your education & learn some respect…


        On that note

        bwahahahaha….This cat said “real street niqqas are on the corner selling dope and getting shot at”…REALLY???….hmm…Interesting!….Around my way we call them bait…turn that tv off it’s not 1996 and crack open a book…That comment alone confirms YOU ARE NOT ON MY LEVEL lil fella!!! You b _ ez slim

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        well the real street niggas is either in front of the gun dodging the bullets or behind the gun squeezing the trigger. but they sure ain’t committed to no sound booth rapping about their life struggles and talking as if their bullet proof behind a computer keyboard.

      • DJ7

        I disagree to an extent…street cats have cell phones and are on the net all the time b.u.t. I digress.

      • To be real most of the corner work got done in the 80 ‘ s fella…ask me how I know…

      • DJ7

        You preaching to the choir fam…I used ’96 as a reference to the youngsta I was addressing…

      • 10 4

      • Eny Daboss

        lol so now street niqqas are on the internet lol so you telling if street cred mean staying outside doing thing….. why u in the house you a house a nigga… you aint got no lvl go back on ya gta and sell more pixel dope you stay day dreaming bout tha gangster life

      • DJ7

        I’m a Grown man doing grown man sh*t lil buddy and can afford to be online whenever I feel like it…when I did my dirt you were still in your pops sack…by you referencing video games let me know I need to end this convo…good day lil guy

      • Eny Daboss

        its funny to see a 16 years old kid acting like he is over 40 lol good gurl we need more to believe …. you the type of lil gurl that trynna get a new swagg wit that tax money… snoop played gta as fifty and you know who else ??? ice t shit nigga you aint old u just 16 #byebabygirl

      • DJ7

        I see what you’re doing….you’re just trolling for a response…go play elsewhere lil buddy I will no longer entertain your fuc*ery….

    • Weedras

      Mofos need to turn on the news more often and see these kids all over the world fighting and have more bodies to their name than the average street thug… point is all is fair in love and war as Smedley put it…

    • AlbertoRipRon

      Speak the truth bruh. That’s just how it is out there. Yea its fucked up…but its not stopping them boys from dropping you no matter who you are, what sex you are or what age you are.

  • Elayorx El

    I think we can all pretty much agree that violence against children naturally, just ain’t wassup, but when all things are considered, that was actually pretty light. There have been whole families straight massacred behind some beef, as anyone involved with Omerta can tell you. This has gone back for since forever, which is why many move their families away, at least until the heat subsides. The way things are developing, it seems this is far from play play. The gangsta life has been synonymous with industry, since the birth of the “New Age”. I mean, war having rules nowaday, is about as believable as nations actually following the Geneva Convention. Unfortunate, but the grim reality is all too real. I truly believe it is about time for 50 to totally leave this part of his life alone, and really work more towards dealing with international issues, as his past does dictate he should be able to have the stomach for.

  • Answers to all of your questions: 50 Cent is the type. Your pops and him been gunning for each other for years. He is not gonna find no love just because he got knocked. If it was fuck him then, it’s fuck him now.


    This is the new world we live in: people are dead & his dad snitched! Now he’s on the media bandwagon talking crazy about everything except the fact that his dad IS a government informant that the government chose not to mess with. Meanwhile his entire crew gave him up in open court = he’s a piece of sh%&!!

    • AnthonySmith

      so how is he a government informant if he got snitched on? who did he send to jail? im not trying stick up for him but ive been trying to find out who he snitched on and cant find it or no one came out saying Jimmy sent me to jail

      • He tried to send his crew to jail, but lied about Lodi Mack, and lost his deal. The feds used his proffer, or offer to snitch, against him at trial.

  • David Gonz


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  • LexxBrown

    50Cent is desperate

  • KingNorbit

    I agree with this kid. Even though i dont think he should speak out. I’ve been searching for who Jimmy Henchman snitched on but cant find it. somebody would of came out already saying Jimmy put me in jail also documents would of came out showing he snitched

    • In this case he tried to snitch, proffered, at a “Queen For A Day” session, etc.

      He had a deal, but fugged it up by lying.

  • king

    This lame fifty is searching for anything to stay relevant but.. I am not surprised this is the same guy who burned his house where his son stayed also cursed his son out on social media.

  • Jared

    Well said…

  • youngplaya

    Who the hell is Jimmy Henchman? Is this nicca someone who did righteousness or just another self serving drug dealer? This nigga caught his lick like every other nigga in the dope game..so the fuk what.. When you got a enemy anything goes…ask the Columbian and Mexican cartels about that. Point is this..If you not into living the street life..live a str8 life because the rules you think you should play by, your enemy might not even play by.

    • Jahmal Johnson

      just stop what that shiet @ youngplaya. You a half a man for slapping up a kid. That’s sorry and you trying to condone it is laughable. We are NOT talking about his dad being a drug dealer, we are talking about them slapping up a 14yr. Bunch a f’n tough guys.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        he right though!! aint nohing fair in these streets. do I condone it? No but I live another day and keep it moving!

      • You’re only alive because you stay in your Momma’s basement using your neighbors wifi…since I locked your mommaz and told her not to give you the password.

        Now make me a sammich & bring it up to your momz room after you get my slippers out the dryer…and they better still be warm!
        P.S. Dinner better be ready when she gets off from work.

        >> Goes to sleep on his momz pillow.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        try again…………..

      • I wouldn’t condone putting a 14 yr old into grown man beef but nowadays these young guns in my city is shooting…..If they old enough to act gangsta give em what they want if reasoning won’t work.

  • Eny Daboss

    these niqqaz aint shit yayo mom’s house got shot and as yhu see jimmy wasnt looking to touch anybody’s kid cause he doesnt deal wit kids only the grown man like i always said shitty was never a rl gangsta just a lil drug dealer that got caught with a once of cocaine meaning you wasnt shit in the street hommie

    • You should look further into that beef.Jimmy may have involved kids

      • Eny Daboss

        where is the proof of wat you saying yall sitting here talking bout stories dat ppl dont even know about stop telling if you aint working wit the feds or was working with dude dont post shit like that we needs real stories…

      • Ppl do know about it,it was a big story,but ppl didn’t put it together at the time.remember when 50’s babymama’s house got set on fire w/ his son there?

      • Eny Daboss

        50 did it she blame 50 fn u know why cause she went back to her daughter’s father

      • That story been out in public.I’m not saying anything new that hasn’t already been out there

    • JLAWES

      This kid was used as a pawn by his father. Why would you let your kid wear a G-UNOT t-shirt outside of G-UNIT offices and run his mouth with grown men. The last time I checked 14 YR old buss their guns. Jimmy had Tony Yayo momma house shot up with little kids and old ladies inside now that gangsta? Get a life you just dont like 50. Thats all

      • Ja Sta

        At the time the kid had on a Czar entertainment (his fathers company) t-shirt. Try again. #fail

  • The_Good_Life

    Shorty had me till he started talking bout the “corrupt system” as if that had something to do with the hail of bullets coming from both sides.

    • $78232834

      my Aunty Grace got a nearly new blue Kia by working part
      time from the internet. look at this now C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

      • Judah Nazayar

        lol…. that sucks!!!

    • Mec-One

      He’s not talking about the streets, he’s talking about the criminal justice system that’s corrupt ……. because when it comes to that system the criminals seems to be just us …… but some of y’all won’t get that

      • The_Good_Life

        Some of us put ourselves there big homie, like in the case of these dudes. Real talk

  • Not entirely sure but I think this young boy’s statement kind of ethered the hell out of 50 Cent.

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  • hoeyuno

    fifty needs to step back from this situation..fif has been lucky with the handful of ish he has been involved in since becoming a star and not catching any cases..there is a handful of rats in this situation and I’m sure fifs hands wernt squeaky clean in the little war they had going on..

  • Brindle

    “corrupt system”, lil fool, your daddy’s a straight up criminal, gotta drive the lane you in

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  • Slick Blak

    Man fk this NIGGA Jr. Your bitch ass Hatian VODOO father probably helped in the killing of Pac and Big…your pops didn’t do nothing but ordered the killing of several people and you bawling bout slaps? PUSSYCLOTH in the islands 14 or 4 if the beef real niggaz would have shot you up!

    • Mec-One

      So if you have beef with somebody and they go after your family instead of you …… you’re okay with this?!

      • LaurynHernandex

        yes. You don’t kill a man you put em in a wheel chair. Make em suffer

  • Montezuma1

    The comments are more sickening than 50. And that’s pretty sickening.

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  • Ja Sta

    I 100% agree with him in the first paragraph. After that its all BS.

    • MsApollonia26

      You look like a little boy.

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  • hitmhard313

    The system he talks about is the prison industrial system which is allowed to convict you and i in a court of law using conspiracy instead of evidence to lock us up. Also their forgiving the crimes of the guy facing life in prison who they do have the evidence to convict/giving him immunity to testify against you the defendant hence Sammy the Bull/killed all those people but was givin immunity for those murders for his testimony.

  • Eny Daboss

    and DJ7 the internet wankster said :

    SMH…another illiterate cat typing strong words…that hold 0 weight…on a keyboard… to a vet…..I can tell you’re wet behind the ears lil guy and campaigning for attention b.u.t. unfortunately my services would only infuriate a feeble minded numbskull such as yourself…Bit of advice tho…further your education & learn some respect…


    On that note

    bwahahahaha….This cat said “real street niqqas are on the corner selling dope and getting shot at”…REALLY???….hmm…Interesting!….Around my way we call them bait…turn that tv off it’s not 1996 and crack open a book…That comment alone confirms YOU ARE NOT ON MY LEVEL lil fella!!! You b _ ez slim

    • Eny Daboss


      • DJ7

        To further illustrate your childishness you repost a comment for board placement instead of addressing the og thread as if you’ve proved a point…smh….you’re talking about me playing video games….I left those alone in the 80’s lil niglet….only point you’re proving is MINE….fall back

  • Pingback: Jimmy Henchman’s Son Responds To New Diss Record From 50 Cent | Hot 96.3()


    • Clover G

      ain’t no rules in the streets, that’s true but what Yayo did was str8 HOE move

      • I feel you, its never kosher when grown men go after kids but that’s the level some of these dudes are playing on and that’s why they eliminate rules… sad though

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  • Craig

    Damn 50 got hit with some conciousness, its good since the only thing he seems to raop about is money, 50 is another fool sucking up to he white man, hes my favorite rapper but he too old an sucessful to be making ignorant music only talking about money, when money is the only thing left to talk about it means u made it an its time to retire.

  • Zachary was white!?

    50 wack for this

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  • i’mreloaded!

    Well said young man.

    • LaurynHernandex

      F em…Jimmy and his son should die.

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  • Phatt Killah

    Smart lil dude

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  • MsApollonia26

    Wow,now that’s real TALK!

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  • Bigg Ton

    whats really going on and is he locked uo or not!???

    • Yeah, really locked, for life…..maybe death.

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  • chicagostyl

    smh at black men and their childish ways

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  • savage

    I still say he had tupac killed

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