Rick Ross Says Dr. Dre Gave Him Detox Track For Mastermind

(AllHipHop News) While some music watchers still wait for the third installment in Dr. Dre’s solo album discography known as Detox, one of the cuts originally slated for the producer’s long-delayed album made its way on another recent project.

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Rick Ross acknowledges that his Bink!-produced track “Mafia Music III” featuring Mavado and Sizzla was supposed to be on Detox, but he says Dre let him have it for his own recently released album Mastermind. The Maybach Music Group leader shared that information on Twitter.

Bink told XXL that he and Dr. Dre made the beat together over a year ago, and Ross was hired to write lyrics for Dre. He also stated that he got clearance from Dre to pass it on to Ross, but he had not heard the final version of “Mafia Music III” that ended up on Mastermind prior to the album’s release.

“When I heard it, it was just Ross and Mavado, but now they added Sizzla to it,” said Bink. “There’s a serious disconnect, to be honest with you, with the music. It’s not like it used to be.”

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  • Dadon850

    So basically Bink is saying Ross version is trash.

  • MrNoName2K

    Eh the track was one of the “ok” ones…mediocre at best…still a pretty good album though

  • johnblacksad

    Yeah… he also said that wasn’t him on the picture… sure

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Nicca u not from here or anyone relative to HIP HOP! STOP and go get Towered by two white boys, u reverse oreo azz nicca!

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    • SleepyTheGreat



    so what?! porkchops(pig ross) got a throwaway beat from the ‘love to be pounded in the ass’ dr….tfoh

  • .stillnotsoft.


  • Jakne

    Mannnnnnn, I don’t know if william lying for some attention…….but ya’ll know he’s one of the biggest liars in the game.

  • Jakne

    Then why share his so called bank acct info, then to mention later in a song he has 8 car notes. That was a Sucka Duck Move. And why even put those bum ass dope basic bitches talking on the lp.

    • Eny Daboss

      nobody heard of it so where did you get that info please show me your source

      • Jakne

        So your one of them? Believe anything these rappers say…….Guys don’t tell their girl about whats in the bank acct , let alone tell thousands of ppl on a album, C’mon Mannnn! By william doing that, only opens the door for more snakes to pay william a visit. Jay said it best, “I’ll let you look, but it’s going to cost you”, and he was only offering a peek. “Right after that” Lol

      • Eny Daboss

        give me your source since you are so informed? jay said he never settle for less than 250 mill he didnt get 250 for the rocnation and live nation deal? so im waiting on your source… ross never has the problem of showing ppl his account when he was dead broke lol so why now

    • Truth Powell

      That bank account intro is dope. As a matter of fact the Mastermind album has classic lil interludes and intros. Reminds me of old albums from the 90s where people would quote and remember the skits as much as the songs.
      HOWEVER…..those two bitches talking about basic bitches(when they’re obviously basic themselves-not being basic isn’t about having money) was corny as hell and Ross sounds like he’s on 2 xaney pills on that Movado and sizzla track. That track is boring and doesn’t even fit on the album or with the Maybach Music series. It sounds like a demo.

      • Jakne

        Mannnnn who put out their bank acct amount info to hundreds of thousands? Guys don’t even let there girl know their bank acct info.

      • Truth Powell

        well not every guy has “millions of power” hahahaha

      • HateFake1s

        Naw you just a suka ass nigga who likes sucka ass things

      • Truth Powell

        I’m going to write this in a way you can understand: ur moma.

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  • Executive

    It ain’t a Dre beat tho, ol fat ass ricky can flow tho.

    • Jayson C Williams

      Because dre doesn’t produce lol. S/O to bink!

      • Executive

        Shut up, the man is a legend.

      • Jayson C Williams

        No talk what you know bro be respectful too we’ve conversed before and you weren’t this rude

      • Executive

        My bad man I ain’t mean it in bad way, what’s good pimp?


    dre aint never made a beat by himself, yella, daz, mail man and em made all the beats and all he said was “HELL YEAH”

  • HateFake1s

    I kno u ppl not feeding into this CORNBALLS LYING ASS… Rozay is the FAKEST NIGGA EVER IN HIPHOP

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