KRSOne Big up NY

KRS-One “Big Up New York (jaguar Skills Remix)”

KRS-One “Big Up New York” is a lost gem that KRS-One recorded in 1995 in the midst of producing tracks for Reggae/Hip-Hop artist Mad Lion. It was discovered by UK mixmaster Jaguar Skills in the course of dusting off and polishing master reels from the Nervous Hip-Hop vaults. The result packages the gritty flavor of 90’s east coast hip hop with a fresh beat courtesy of the masked beats ninja Jaguar Skills.

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  • ShortDogg

    Nasty Beat…Nasty! One of the great ones right there KRS One. Dude killed!

    • Imagine how fresh he is now, he wrote those lyrics 20 yrs ago!

      • ShortDogg

        i just miss those days dearly! Sounds iwere pure, dog!

      • They are still pure today, it’s just they are pure Doo Doo grits.

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  • Ray

    I’m a kid from the BX and huge a krs fan but ish was trash, this would be filler on an album compiled of the wackest songs ever made.

    • Mos High

      Come on, filler on a wackest songs ever????, stop the crazy talk. Music is really to each his own. But I thought it was refreshing, listening to KRS is always refreshing to me . The art of Mcing, not rapping only about, money, hoes, slanging dope etc. Lyrics content.

      • Ray

        Alright I admit I might have went overboard with that.

  • hoeyuno

    I remember those nervous records slip mats and t shirts were dope..