Teenager Shot After Cutting Line To Buy Yeezys

(AllHipHop News) Sneakerheads are known to take their hobby very seriously, but one customer’s anger over getting jumped in line at a shoe store led to a teenager being hospitalized and another being jailed.

The New York Daily News reports 15-year-old Isaiah Martinez was shot in the left foot Saturday morning outside a Brooklyn Foot Locker. Martinez allegedly tried to cut the line waiting to get into the store to buy the Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezys.

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Witnesses say other customers told the teen to go to the back of line. Martinez then got into a verbal exchange with another person before the situation turned violent.

“I guess he tried to get tough with one of the guys he cut,” said Jayson Roque. “One of them left and came back with a gun and shot him.”

Police have a 14-year-old suspect in custody. He is facing assault and weapons charges.

Martinez was taken to a local hospital with a nonlife-threatening injury.

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  • Brick Soulja


  • Ryan Cole

    These are not sneakerheads nowadays. They’re hypebeasts. Dudes don’t even cop because they like the shoes. They cop because some rapper hyped them up. Hardly any of them have any intention on keeping them. They sell them on eBay. Nike doesn’t help the situation by making a limited amount, and on top of that, charging $250 for them. Foamposites were $200 just three years ago!

    • therealest1

      So true, accurate on all fronts coming from you as I’m legitimately into sneaks myself. But I don’t get everything since I’m that picky although I keep up with what’s coming out.

  • MrNoName2K

    Damn is it that serious? i dont know what the hell is going on but aint no way in the blue hell am i gonna risk taking a life bid over some damn Air Ye’s…f*ck that…catch me at the 1’s my niga..peace!

  • Michele Gardnerr

    Meanwhile Asians are studying all day

    • Live Well


      • johnblacksad


    • MrsOno

      Yeah, studying and doing a whole slew of drugs. Trust and believe, its an epidemic in the Asian community. Not just weed, but hard core drug use.


    BUT A MAN think like…ITS NOT THE PRODUCT ITS THE PRINCIPLE….and i feel him
    even if the product is illegal…….and only a fool think that’s gone every change

    • True!


        4sho got to have 2 educations out here the Asian kid in Asia in school
        all day only got 1 education ,and want to be street not the other way
        around…and at a certain age you can’t even get the (other education)
        no more…you can always stay or go back to day school…

  • Executive

    Smfh! Can’t wait till this sneaker trend is old news!

    • Sean Taylor

      It happened back in the early-mid 90s and it’s still going on. I doubt it will end anytime soon.

  • Executive

    People go harder for kicks than education.

    • Sean Taylor

      Isn’t that the TRUTH!!


    if kanye backed it, its gay

  • I remember dudes was getn jacked for starter jackets and j’s….I see nutn much has changed… least he didn’t die…14 yrs old…that’s ridiculous man

    • Dayum Yo! That was in the 80’z!

  • ruserious

    1st degree murder charge over a space in line…#fuckyolife #yougonlearntoday

    • JFQuinn

      Another nigga who can’t read!

  • Hood Oracle

    to think that people are dying from starvation and not having access to clean water and not having clean clothes to wear…and to read that a teenager has been shot for cutting someone in line for a pair of sneakers just makes me sick

  • brotha_man

    that is fugged up


      Did you read the story before you thru your unwanted two cents in? Nobody died dog face!

      • brotha_man

        hell naw just did, my fu*king co-workers keep asking for ish. just read it though…editcoming soon.

      • brotha_man

        dog face?

    • JFQuinn

      Nigga can’t read! Shoulda paid attention in school!

    • brotha_man

      sh*t never changes

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  • Stay Phokus

    that shit was in my hood 2 smh

  • JFQuinn

    Shoulda let him cut the line, then robbed his dumb ass after he bought the shoes.

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  • soyhiphop

    This is how consumerism gets the empty minds just like people fighting for items on black Friday.. You’re all sheep’s these rich greedy assholes like kanye and Jordan brag to them amongst each other ha they shooting each other over my product made some where in taiwan for the cost of 2 dollars…. Wake the FCK up

    • $28825362

      You need to wake up and learn how to write a proper sentence.
      Your point falls on deaf ears when you can not properly draft a sentence.

    • Guest

      Again you simply show how unintelligent you really are. Good job. I hope you feel like a tough guy now and it helps with your self esteem issues.

  • $28825362

    I hope in my lifetime I am able to bear witness to the Black American Enlightenment Movement, in which Black Americans once again built a Black Wall Street community, focus on education, create a secret Black militia that confronts Black rappers and others for putting out negative stereotypes about Black men and women. I would love to see Black America rise up and show what we are capable of. We as a people have done nothing since the 1960’s.

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  • redcons

    Somebody probably paid that little 14 yr old to take that charge

  • Son Dollars

    The illuminati would like to congradulate Kanye West once again for carrying out there seceret agenda!!!

    • Weedras

      how does this relate back to Kanye shit like this has been going for decades even before some of you started becoming sheep for the ‘illuminati’ bullshit smh… ppl used to get messed up for 8ball jackets etc back in the day nothings changed..

      • Son Dollars

        Im a wolf my nigga I eat sheep…. yeah we use to slap niggas for wearn 8ball jackets I bet u got one in ur closet!

      • Weedras

        lol! never had one never will… lol!

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  • I guess dude won’t be needing his Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezys in JAIL.

    By the time he gets out of jail his Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezys would have become an antique. LOL

    • BigHomie337

      I guess u didnt read the part where it said Foamposite Yeezys. They aren’t Jordan’s.