RZA Says New Wu-Tang Clan Album Should Have "No Money or Business Involved" + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) RZA is Bobby Digital, an Abbot and apparently a world class music marketer ready to change the industry. During his interview on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, RZA explains how he came up with the same idea Beyonce used to release her Beyonce album, 15 years ago.

When the world at large reassembled their senses after being shocked that a Beyonce album was released without warning, they were greeted with not only [ ] but also 14 music videos. According to RZA, he told then-Def Jam president Lyor Cohen about this very same idea…back in 1999:

I remember telling Lyor Cohen, I was like ‘yo, let’s just go and instead of spending $1 million dollars on music videos, let’s make mini-movies to go with our music. Sell it  in a format, whether it’s double sided disc or something that you put into you car. You listening to it and your seats are bumping.’ Nah, they didn’t think it was a good idea.  Here it 2013, Beyonce basically does that. Years later. I told them that back in ’99.

He also made sure to address Raekwon’s gripes with the  management of the album and stated that Raekwon has informed him of his list of demands that need to be met before he works on the album. In the past, Raekwon has stated that complications on the business end is what has held him up. According to RZA, the magnitude of their history should supersede any business aspiration:

Nas just celebrated Illmatic at Coachella. Brings out Lauryn Hill. Brings out Damian Marley. He’s celebrating all week. He’s celebrating all week, kid. He’s going to celebrate all year. Why? Because, that’s history, kid. So, this is a chance to celebrate ourselves. It really shouldn’t be no money or business involved if it’s something for yourselves.

Check out the full The Breakfast Club interview below:

  • HungWhiteBoi

    All of this fighting is making me cry *sniffs*

    • This Ninja is off the chain…AGAIN!

      • HungWhiteBoi

        I know, I’m really sad about it.

      • tyraydiggins@gmail.com

        Some niccas selfish there is no I in team thats just like bone thugs krayzie bone a beast and legend was jie hatin on that art of war 3 flesh lay n bizzy mainly on it he was kinda jie downing it cuase he only was on like 3 songs my point is u ant never goin be bigger than the group anyway

  • Brick Soulja

    This negro says this after him and Power made the majority of the money off of the Wu lol.

    • Ninjaz wouldn’t have had the chance to make anything without them. They went from chipping in to smoke a blunt in pissy staircases….to Rae bragging about eating $500 meals while his baby momz in NC is calling him a deadbeat, etc.

      ( Would pst the link from AHH, but since the new upgrade, etc…..)

      *Still has it’s benifits though, but..
      Meth with movies & he released them all out their contracts…?

      When I say “it’s business”, you say “WE Family” …when I say “We Family” you say “it’s business” type ‘chet applies here.

      Rae dissing RZA publicly may sour the future market, like what happened with Mobb Deep!

      • Brick Soulja

        RZA and Power just don’t won’t to give everyone an equal percentage, which is their right since they started the company.

      • Scroll up, i have the solution.

  • I feel both sides, but business is business, they should settle for an equal split of the proceeds.
    Ninjaz dropped the 1st album for free & ate off the back end, they can do the same now.

    Are some worth more than others? yes, but it is also because of the others, The Wu as a whole.

    Sometimes, on some tracks, it’s hard to tell who is the best, even though Meth, Rae & RZA are the most visible.

    GZA’s “Breaker Breaker” went HAM!

    RZA needs to make it a Triple CD 18 songs of each member dropping a solo & single of their upcoming album & 18 songs together, as the WU.
    Fugg it, maybe wait untill the 25th anniversary & sell it for $25 & call it :
    “Returning To The 36 Chambers : 25 Years Later” or
    25 After 36, 25 Of 36″, etc, some type of play on that!

    Release the solo & upcoming single as singles ( 9 singles with B Sides ) $2
    & sell the triple disks individually for $10 in 4 units.

    1 has 9 solos, 1 has 9 singles, 1 has 9 group songs that are really 9 group singles for each member ( They have the longest part, & it’s like their feature ) & the 4th disk is basically a Wu- Album, with videos basically rocking their Wu gear, rocking a party bringing in the New Year, giving the industry a new fear, bail Shyhiem out & get him on there for the bonus track, along with ‘ole boy that cut his 4-9-3-11 off!
    ( #IJS)



      Damn Bro you broke that all the way down, lol, but i like it. That would be dope!

      • *Did business & marketing.



        Yes, and it’s shows. Maybe you need to submit it to RZA. He’ll probably claim it was his idea.

      • He’s reading the comments.

      • Smart Man, We would’ve thought the same

    • johnblacksad

      bong bong!

      • Hahahahahaa!

        >> In Denzel’s Training Day Voice :

        “My NinjaaAAAHHHhhh!”

        ( * That one was definitely worth 1,000 words! )

    • Bail shyhiem out…..too funny

      • Check JB’s comment below yours…now that ‘chet was He-Larry-Us!

  • Eli Pinilla

    Nggz don’t understand business…I created the label. I produced the beats, I executive produce the album as well….I’m supposed to make more money then you. All you do is rap!!!!…..that’s me in rza mind.

    • Yeah, but…that opportunity was Golden, as opposed to demanding payment upfront, not getting it & going back to chipping in on a blunt & getting shot on the way to the weed spot.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Im wit rza on this one. Business gotta be right, But you gotta understand business too. He put all the money up front and put in the most work as an artist and all these Nggz did was rap….method ain’t complainin cuz he getting paid. He worked his brand. The rest of the dudes who’s complainin bout how much more the rza got don’t get business.

      • Right, that is true, but even split for the Anni Album….and RZA owns the W, so he still eats & peep my idea in the comments, it could be huge.

      • Cant argue most of that…but all they did was rap? Do you think that album would have been a classic as an instrumental? Also, Rza woulda been better sayin what you just said, not some bullish that money dont matter. He comes off as a liar sayin that.

      • Eli Pinilla

        They woulda been classic instrumental albums. As an art form they rapped their asses off and are legends. Business wise, they just rapped. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t matter if rae dropped a classic verse, he still getting Paid the same.

      • Ok. Name one classic hip-hop instrumental album pre 1994. Also, so you are sayin that the words “cash rules everything around me” or ” m e t h o d man” added nothing to those beats? FOH.Wu has always been about more than Rza; as much as I love Dilla, Fantastic Vol 2 wouldn’t have been close to the same without Baatin and T-3, 9th Wonder’s beats were dope but Phonte & Big Pooh made “The Listening” classic.

        The Rza, The Gza, Old Dirty Bastard, Inspecta Deck, RAEKWON THE CHEF, U-God Ghostface Killa & The Method Man (thats from memory…)made 36 Chambers just as much as Rza & if he thinks otherwise, perhaps Wu Tang should just end.

      • Eli Pinilla

        You sound like a wu tang memeber smh….His shit woulda been the first. Those albums are classics cuz of production and lyrics. But you put other rappers over those beats and their still classic beats….artistically, yes, the words obviously matter. Business wise?!?!?! Their just words. And all your doing is putting words down and gettin paid for it. Your not producing. Your not marketing. Your not doin shit but rappin. So you get paid for being a rapper. Rza rapped and still did everything else on top of that. Ain’t no label paying you more money cuz you rapped nicer than anyone else. Just doesn’t work that way. …….dilla is a perfect example since donuts, an instrumental album, is a classic. See, u gotta separate artistic expression from business. Little brother is another good example. They wasn’t making money together and they were dropping classics imo. Now phonte is doin the foreign exchange thing, all independent and in house, and is making the majority of the profits off of his work which also imo isn’t as good as what he did with little brother. That’s business not artistry……

      • So I sound like a member because I recognize the collective is greater than each individual? Ok. And you still didnt list just one hip-hop instrumental classic pre 1994, since 36 Chambers came out in 93.

      • Eli Pinilla

        No, you sound like a wu tang memeber cuz you not understanding that rza put in more work so he should be getting paid more…..how he look doin the majority of the work, all the Nggz doin is rappin, and he splitting everything equal with them?!?!?!?! And he’s doin what they doin but they not doin what he doin?!?!? Naw, that’s backwards homie.

      • Flip side is…if business is business, then pay them their market value they are asking for.

      • I see it like a national Team. You may make more money playing for the Lakers, but when the world championship is happening you should do your best to represent your country. All this bitching around is probably also the reason why no African soccer team ever won the world cup. All the big players would not leave Europe to come home for world cup training. They feel they loose money.

  • drac215

    Really, theres no money in record sales for a group like wu-tang(9members) in 2014!!! They should just live off the legacy(shows,merchandise,food, etc) then they can get paid. Set up the this is it, 20 year final tour and sell out, do it again every five years(like rock groups)!!! Peace God bless

  • RichFromBX

    or you could just cut a deal that splits the pie even across the board – forget who made the beats, who’s the exec producer, who’s on more tracks…if 9 people are contributing to the album then the money gets split 9 ways.

    the RZA’s production was no more the reason for the Wu success than the cats who rhymed over them – back in the day no one was checking for these dudes when they rocked solo. RZA knows no wanted anything to do with Prince Rakeem…

    • TruthSerum

      what your saying is ridiculous bruh.

      So RZA, who makes all the beats, handles all the business and pretty much organizes the whole thing should get the same cut as U-God who will probably have, at most 8 16 bar verses on it???

      By that logic, the manager of a business would be getting paid the same amount as a janitor, and if that’s the case, why would anybody wanna take the time to be the manager and do all the extra work if your payment doesn’t reflect it??? Nah man, I don’t cosign that, every man should get what their worth, nothing more.

      • johnblacksad

        “stick with the Truth Serum, who sent’em? arrest em before my charge is ended, designated hitters flow split the transistor, kinetic globes lights when it shines, burns your retina, urban journal, plus eternal broadcaster, before and after, I be self lord and master”
        -Rebel INS

      • RichFromBX

        in this specific situation, yes, all participants get paid equally – it’s not a model that applies to everyday life but if it’s, as RZA says, a chance to celebrate themselves then throw all of that other crap to the side and do it for the love.

        He’s the one saying “shouldn’t be no money or business involved” – unfortunately, some aspect of money and business will be involved but the easiest way to mitigate that would be an even split.

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  • I bet Jerry Heller and Eazy told the rest of NWA the same thing.

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  • HalfPast7

    Didn’t Jay kinda had the Beyoncé album idea first when he dropped Streets is Watchin?….interesting

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  • atle fjeldstad

    So a guy that spends a couple of hours writing and spitting bars should get the same amount as the guy who spend days producing and mixing the project? Riiight..

  • johnblacksad

    I just wish Rae is on the album period… dunnon what’s goin on behind… definitely money issue… I believe RZA is a righteous brotha tho… he’s too much on the path of righteousness to be pulling shady sh!t like that… why is Rae the only one having issues with the album? is it that everybody else was satisfied with what RZA was offering?

    Not to knock down The Chef, but the WU is just much bigger than the sum of its members… I just wish they would be able to keep the dirty laundry within fam.

  • Didn’t look at the vid but just going off the title, did rza really say that? If so that nigga crazy, no money and no business? So Rae sposed to not ask for what he’s worth? Iunno man but the title sound dumb as fk in my opinion. You gotta pay the man what he worth bruh, niggaz can’t feed the fam off of friendship.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      watch the vid

  • The_Good_Life

    Rza been hanging round white corporations too much. He starting to sound like a colonist. BTW, Nas ain’t doing ish for free.

    • The_Good_Life

      Saw the interview, the headline is misleading. Rae wants a check and probably points just to come in. Rza wants to cut checks and give points based on what the completed project generates. They both make sense. Hope the find middle ground.

      • Live Well


    • anemia716

      “It really shouldn’t be no money or business involved if it’s something for yourselves.” -RZA

      not in the slightest.

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  • John Mazzo

    There like exposed starving artists. They can’t go Public cause laws dont permit hip hop to be on the Radio, record stores dont even sell music anymore, they sell books